Our Comment Policy

Our Comment Policy

The “RecentlyHeard.com Comment Policy” is here to ensure a positive conversational environment between writers and readers. Please read the rules below thoroughly to understand what we expect from anyone who chooses to comment:

We manually approve all comments which means that your comment will never show up on the site immediately.

Comments that are derogatory or inflammatory will not be approved.

Comments that contain any offensive words or terms will not be approved.

Comments that are deemed to be outright bullying against staff or other readers will not be approved.

Spamming the comments of either a single or multiple articles will result in automatic banning.

The comment section is for readers and staff to interact and engage in polite conversation and debate about the articles. However, the comment section is not a place for readers to post hurtful comments directed at writers or other commenters.

RecentlyHeard.com is meant to foster conversation about the latest entertainment news and at no point will we accept criticism from commenters that does not directly address content. This includes comments that unnecessarily criticize, in a harmful and confrontational way for the sake of degrading or bullying others, the writing, personal appearance, lifestyle, opinions, etc., of others. Comments that contain personal attacks against writers or other commenters will not be tolerated or accepted under any circumstances.

Repeated violation of our terms will result in an automatic banning. We do not provide warnings before we ban you because we shouldn’t have to tell you to be nice.

If you ever have a problem with something in the comment section because it violates our “Comment Policy”, the best thing to do is to flag it so that we can take further action. Please do not reply to it as this will only incite further discourse and unnecessary arguments.

If you ever have a problem with something that we’ve written, a writer’s opinion, the appearance of the site, etc., please send us a respectful e-mail. The comment section is not the place to air your grievances or tell us how much you hate ads. We all (staff and readers) are adults here, or at least mature teenagers, and we expect that everyone will be treated with dignity, respect, and kindness.

We reserve the right to change and modify our “Comment Policy” without prior notice.