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High Testosterone in Women: Causes, Symptoms and What to Do

High Testosterone in Women: Causes, Symptoms and What to Do: Excessive testosterone in girls could cause a variety of signs like extreme physique hair, temper adjustments, pimples, and issues together with your reproductive system. A hormonal imbalance in your physique can imply that testosterone ra

High Testosterone in Women: Causes, Symptoms and What to Do
High Testosterone in Women: Causes, Symptoms and What to Do

High Testosterone in Women: Causes, Symptoms and What to Do:

Excessive testosterone in girls could cause a variety of signs like extreme physique hair, temper adjustments, pimples, and issues together with your reproductive system. A hormonal imbalance in your physique can imply that testosterone ranges in girls change into abnormally excessive. Realizing find out how to decrease testosterone if you’re displaying any of the signs can enhance your high quality of life.

There may be many causes for some girls having an excessive amount of testosterone. For instance, excessive testosterone in girls generally is a results of dysfunction together with your adrenal glands, thyroid points, excessive blood sugar, carrying round an excessive amount of weight, and lack of train. Pregnant girls additionally produce small quantities of testosterone throughout being pregnant.

On this article, I’ll take a look at among the well being points that may increase testosterone ranges in girls. Additionally, you will discover out what you are able to do to lower testosterone in females naturally.

What’s Testosterone

Testosterone is likely one of the androgen hormones and is linked with how male sexual traits develop. Medical doctors from MedicineNet say that testosterone impacts physique hair, voice, muscle tone and bone mass. For males, excessive testosterone ranges promote good well being and defend towards cardiovascular illnesses.1

However, you might be asking if testosterone is a male hormone, why would girls have excessive testosterone ranges?

Why Do Girls Want Testosterone?

The ovaries and adrenal glands produce small portions of testosterone in girls. In accordance with Dr. Jennifer Robinson, who’s an professional within the epidemiology of power illnesses, estrogen along with small ranges of testosterone in girls are intercourse hormones which might be concerned within the development and restore of reproductive tissues and different physique tissues and bone mass. If testosterone ranges lower or rise, this will have an effect on intercourse drive.2

For instance, in the course of the menopause, ranges of estrogen lower in addition to testosterone. Dr. John Randolph from the College of Michigan Medical College says that there are hyperlinks between hormones and sexual conduct. Ranges of testosterone are one of many components which might be linked to emotions of need and sexual conduct.three

What are Regular Ranges of Testosterone in Girls?

Now that we all know it’s regular and vital for girls to have small quantities of testosterone hormone, what are regular feminine testosterone ranges?

Hormones are measured in ng/dL – nanograms per deciliter. Medical doctors from the Mayo Clinic say that the traditional ranges of testosterone in girls are as follows:Four

  • Age 10-11: <7-44 ng/dL.
  • Age 12-16: <7-75 ng/dL.
  • Age 17-18: <20-75 ng/dL.
  • Age over 19: Eight-60 ng/dL.

For males over the age of 19, the traditional vary of testosterone is 240-950 ng/dL.

Excessive Testosterone in Girls

For ladies, excessive testosterone ranges can imply adjustments of their look or physique that may trigger distressing signs.

For instance, if women who’re approaching puberty have ranges of testosterone above 44 ng/dL, they could tackle a extra masculine-like look.

Grownup girls who’ve excessive testosterone in extra of 60ng/dL might discover that they develop signs which might be widespread in males. For instance, docs from the Mayo Clinic say that male-pattern baldness, enhance in facial hair, cessation of durations, and even infertility may be among the upsetting points that prime testosterone in girls create.Four

Extra intercourse hormones like testosterone are additionally known as hyperandrogenism.

Causes of Excessive Ranges of Testosterone in Girls

What might be among the potential the reason why you might be displaying among the indicators of an excessive amount of testosterone? Let’s take a look at what medical analysis says about abnormally excessive testosterone ranges in girls.

Excessive blood sugar

One widespread motive why a girl would have increased than regular testosterone is having excessive blood sugar.

Analysis into the problems of diabetes has discovered that insulin resistance can lead to an extra of androgen hormones in girls.

For instance, the journal Diabetes Metabolism Analysis and Opinions discovered that prime serum testosterone is widespread in girls with type-2 diabetes. The elevated ranges of testosterone may additionally trigger different complication that impacts fertility like polycystic ovary syndrome. Researchers mentioned that reducing testosterone ranges in girls affected by hyperandrogenism is important to guard towards metabolic issues.5

It’s essential to know the warning indicators of diabetes to stop growing type-2 diabetes. If you have already got diabetes, then a few of these meals may also help to regulate type-2 diabetes.

Hormonal imbalances

You may want to search out methods to decrease testosterone naturally you probably have hormonal imbalances in your physique and also you undergo from temper adjustments earlier than your interval.

Hormonal imbalances are a significant component inflicting premenstrual syndrome (PMS) in many ladies. Researchers have discovered that many ladies who present indicators of PMS have increased testosterone in the course of the luteal section, which happens after ovulation and earlier than the beginning of your interval. They concluded that increased than regular androgen ranges trigger premenstrual irritability and nervousness issues.6


Dysfunction of your thyroid gland might be a motive why you might be displaying indicators of an excessive amount of testosterone like balding, extra physique hairs, or pimples.

Your thyroid additionally performs a task in controlling hormones in your physique. An underactive thyroid, or hypothyroidism, has been linked to signs of excessive testosterone.

Dr. Bernard Kernath within the journal Evaluate of Medical Indicators says that hypothyroidism can disrupt the intercourse hormone-binding globulin and enhance free testosterone ranges in girls.

When you undergo from hypothyroidism, please learn my article about pure cures to spice up thyroid perform naturally.

Adrenal gland dysfunction

Your adrenal glands produce small quantities of the androgen hormone testosterone, and any dysfunction with them may create imbalances of testosterone, estrogen, and progesterone.

Issues together with your adrenal glands or tumors in them can enhance the extent of androgens which might be secreted. The journal Dermato Endocrinology says that prime male intercourse hormones in girls may be the results of congenital adrenal hyperplasia, which is a bunch of genetic issues that have an effect on the adrenal glands. A few of the signs of the rise in androgens in girls embody a lowered skill to conceive, enhance in facial and pubic hair, and pimples.

Together with displaying indicators of excessive testosterone, adrenal gland dysfunction can increase your cortisol ranges and trigger hypertension, digestive issues, or hassle sleeping.

Being chubby

Being chubby or overweight might be a motive why you’ve excessive testosterone together with excessive blood sugar ranges and develop signs of elevated testosterone.

Weight problems can have an effect on hormone manufacturing in each women and men and make it tough to shed extra pounds. In accordance with analysis revealed within the journal Fertility and Sterility, girls who’re chubby usually present signs of elevated testosterone. Hyperandrogenism could cause metabolic syndrome that causes extra fats across the waist, hypertension, and excessive ldl cholesterol.

If it is advisable kick begin a weight-reduction plan plan, you’ll be able to attempt these 12 easy tweaks for weight reduction. Even simply growing strolling may also help to shed additional kilos and may have a optimistic affect in your well being normally.

Lack of train

Having a sedentary way of life and never getting sufficient train may trigger testosterone ranges to rise above regular for girls.

The explanation lack of train impacts testosterone ranges is the affect train has on insulin sensitivity. As already famous, blood sugar ranges can have an effect on ranges of feminine testosterone. Data revealed within the Worldwide Journal of Sports activities Drugs reported that train is one option to scale back blood sugar ranges.

Additionally, common train can have a helpful position to extend libido and construct muscle mass. For instance, a research from 2001 confirmed that higher physique fats could cause free testosterone to extend and scale back ranges of sex-hormone binding globulin. It was found that common exercising helped to control testosterone concentrations.

You may attempt a few of these workouts to get a flatter tummy, these plank workouts, or this 10 minute exercise to remodel your physique. You will discover many different workouts to focus on different areas of your physique you can simply do at residence, equivalent to these workouts for butt and legs, internal thighs, jiggly arms and chest workouts.

Being pregnant

It’s pure that your physique produces increased than ordinary testosterone ranges throughout being pregnant.

The American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology reported that testosterone continues to rise throughout being pregnant. Nonetheless, there’s a vital rise in testosterone on the 28th week. Medical doctors assume that is one thing to do with the rising fetus.

Signs of Excessive Testosterone in Girls

How are you going to inform for those who probably have increased than regular testosterone ranges? Let’s take a look at among the signs that will point out that it is advisable decrease androgens in your physique.

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Polycystic ovary syndrome

A number of cysts in your ovaries are known as polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS) and is a standard symptom of getting an excessive amount of testosterone.

In accordance with the journal Medical Drugs & Analysis, an excessive amount of testosterone in girls is usually linked to the ovaries. Ovarian cysts can have an effect on hormone secretion and trigger an excessive amount of testosterone hormone to be produced. Medical doctors report that prime ranges of testosterone in girls with polycystic ovary syndrome is <150 ng/dL. This leads to PCOS signs like irregular menstruation, infertility, hirsutism (enhance in physique hair), and pimples.

A few of the methods to naturally decrease testosterone talked about on the finish of this text are helpful for treating PCOS naturally.

Weight achieve

Weight achieve can each be a trigger and a symptom why some girls have increased testosterone than different girls.

Researchers within the Journal of Medical Endocrinology & Metabolism discovered that weight achieve normally accompanies polycystic ovary syndrome. When testing hormone ranges, docs normally discover girl has elevated whole and free testosterone ranges. This leads to an accumulation of fats tissue across the stomach.


Many ladies with extra testosterone often undergo from frequent outbreaks of pimples and facial pimples.

Though there are various the reason why youngsters and adults get pimples, hormonal imbalances are sometimes guilty. The truth is, the Journal of Investigative Dermatology reported that pimples is a standard signal of hyperandrogenism. The truth is, in some girls, pimples will be the solely symptom of excessive testosterone.

There are numerous pure methods to do away with the seen indicators of pimples. For instance, tea tree oil incorporates antimicrobial properties that may assist to clear your pores and skin of acne-causing micro organism, and is likely one of the greatest important oils to deal with pimples. You may as well attempt these efficient do-it-yourself pimples face masks.

In fact, if excessive testosterone is guilty to your pimples, it is advisable stability your hormones to deal with the underlying trigger.

Hair loss from scalp

Male-pattern baldness in girls or thinning hair is likely one of the most distressing signs of hyperandrogenism and excessive testosterone ranges.

The Worldwide Journal of Endocrinology Metabolism reported on the connection of hyperandrogenism and feminine hair loss. It was discovered that hair loss due to hormonal imbalances usually accompanies different signs like PCOS, pimples, and irregular menstruation. Therapy to decrease testosterone is likely one of the methods to deal with feminine hair loss.

Curiously, as a result of testosterone additionally stimulates hair development, some methods of reversing hair development embody implanting testosterone underneath the pores and skin of the scalp. One research reported that simply over 60% of girls, who had been androgen-deficient and handled with testosterone, elevated their hair development.

Extreme physique hair

If in case you have hair rising in locations the place males’s hair normally grows, like on the face, chest, or again, it might be an indication that it is advisable lower testosterone ranges. It is a situation known as hirsutism.

In accordance with researchers from the College of Maryland, excessive testosterone ranges are guilty for round half of circumstances of hirsutism. Together with undesirable hair in your breasts, face, and higher lip, you might need different signs like an irregular menstrual cycle, enlarged clitoris, or bigger shoulder muscle tissues.

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Temper adjustments

Hormone ranges drastically have an effect on our temper, and having an excessive amount of testosterone and too little progesterone or estrogen could cause temper swings.

A survey taken amongst girls displaying indicators of hyperandrogenism discovered that many reported emotions of frustration, despair, extra nervousness, and aggression. Curiously, girls whose testosterone ranges had been solely barely elevated reported essentially the most extreme temper signs. These girls who had regular or extraordinarily excessive testosterone had much less extreme signs.

Whereas taking steps to decrease testosterone, you may wish to take some steps to cut back your stress and nervousness equivalent to these important oils which might be pure temper enhancers.

Excessive Testosterone & Being pregnant

A complication of excessive testosterone degree is that it could actually have an effect on your probabilities of changing into pregnant. The primary motive for that is that prime ranges of androgens could cause polycystic ovary syndrome.

Medical doctors from the Mayo Clinic report that among the indicators and signs of polycystic ovarian syndrome are irregular durations, longer durations, extra facial hair, and ovarian cysts. Nonetheless, excessive testosterone could cause problems with being pregnant. For instance, you possibly can change into infertile, have a miscarriage, or give beginning prematurely.

How Girls Can Decrease Testosterone Ranges Naturally

Let’s take a look at among the pure cures that may assist to cut back extra testosterone in girls.

Vitex agnus-castus

Vitex agnus-castus (additionally known as chaste tree or chasteberry) may also help to deal with menstrual irregularities and stability your hormones naturally.

The Worldwide Journal of Fundamental & Medical Pharmacology reported that research into vitex agnus castus have proven that it could actually assist reverse hormonal imbalances. Scientists discovered that agnus castus helps to stability follicle stimulating hormone and testosterone. This was discovered helpful in treating the signs and causes of polycystic ovary syndrome.

You may as well use vitex agnus castus if it is advisable enhance progesterone ranges.

Chinese language licorice

One other pure treatment for decreasing testosterone and treating hirsutism or PCOS is Chinese language licorice.

The journal Steroids reported that research into the impact of licorice discovered it efficient in treating hyperandrogenism signs. Girls got three.5 g licorice day by day for two menstrual cycles. After the second month, serum testosterone ranges had been considerably lowered.

Spearmint tea

Spearmint tea is one other residence treatment that may assist to naturally lower elevated testosterone ranges and deal with its signs.

Scientists found that natural spearmint tea has anti-androgen results. Within the research, girls consumed 2 cups of spearmint tea a day for a month. In virtually all the sufferers, free testosterone ranges had been considerably lowered. It was steered that spearmint tea is a doable pure therapy for hirsutism in polycystic ovary syndrome.

Different Methods to Decrease Testosterone in Females

There are extra typical methods to decrease testosterone in females that many docs suggest.

Contraceptive tablet. One of the crucial widespread methods of regulating the menstrual cycle and feminine intercourse hormones is by the oral contraceptive tablet. PubMed Well being experiences that mixed oral contraception decreases whole testosterone and free testosterone.

Glucocorticosteroids. Medical doctors typically prescribe glucocorticosteroids to deal with hirsutism in girls. The Journal of Endocrinology and Metabolism reported that glucocorticoid remedy lowers testosterone in girls with power hirsutism.

Metformin. It is a drug to regulate the signs of sort 2 diabetes that may additionally assist to lower testosterone. The Worldwide Journal of Well being Sciences reported that when utilizing metformin to deal with PCOS, there’s a marked decline in testosterone. Regardless that it has some unwanted effects, it could actually deal with the signs related to PCOS like pimples, extra hair development, and extra weight.

When to See a Physician

A easy blood check can test for prime ranges of testosterone in girls. If in case you have any of the signs related to excessive testosterone like extra facial hair, menstrual irregularities, issue reducing weight, or can’t conceive, it is best to go to your physician.

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