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Magnesium Citrate for Weight Loss: What Science Really Says About It



Magnesium Citrate for Weight Loss: What Science Really Says About It

Magnesium Citrate for Weight Loss: What Science Really Says About It:

Many individuals declare that magnesium citrate is nice for weight reduction and may help in shedding stomach fats. After all, magnesium is an important mineral that offers us vitality and retains our our bodies functioning correctly. Nevertheless, can taking magnesium citrate, or different types of magnesium to drop extra pounds actually work?

There may be some proof pointing to the truth that magnesium citrate will help to drop extra pounds. The explanation that many use magnesium to assist shed additional kilos is that it acts as a laxative. So, in essence, magnesium citrate will help to lose water weight or stool weight. Nevertheless, in case you are severe about weight reduction, you additionally understand how vital it’s to lose physique fats weight.

On this article, I’ll have a look at what science actually says about magnesium citrate for losing a few pounds. You can see out how magnesium helps to offer you extra vitality and cut back blood sugar ranges – all important components if that you must drop extra pounds. I may also look at if there are higher methods of eliminating extra physique weight than utilizing magnesium citrate.

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What Is Magnesium and Totally different Sorts of Magnesium

You want magnesium as a result of it helps regulate over 300 completely different biochemical reactions within the physique. Amongst these are controlling blood glucose, ensuring muscle mass and nerves perform correctly, and regulating blood strain.

In accordance with the Nationwide Institute of Well being (NIH), magnesium is intently linked to vitality manufacturing, breaking down glucose, and bone growth. With out correct ranges of magnesium, it will be tough in your physique to soak up calcium and potassium. Magnesium can also be vital for DNA and RNA synthesis and it acts as an antioxidant within the physique.

Taking magnesium in your well being is vital as a result of many individuals are unaware they’ve a magnesium deficiency. For instance, based on Dr. Mary Guerrera from the College of Connecticut College of Drugs, about three-quarters of individuals within the U.S. have low ranges of magnesium.

There are a selection of various types of magnesium dietary supplements which are bought. In accordance with the NIH, among the most typical magnesium dietary supplements are:

  • Magnesium citrate
  • Magnesium oxide
  • Magnesium chloride
  • Magnesium glycinate
  • Magnesium hydroxide

Not all forms of magnesium preparations are the identical. For instance, the Journal of the American School of Vitamin reported that magnesium oxide is poorly absorbed by the physique. Nevertheless, magnesium citrate has extra bioavailability and is extra soluble.

What’s magnesium citrate?

Docs from WebMD say that magnesium citrate is a saline laxative. It really works by growing fluid within the small gut and normally causes you to cross stool in half an hour to three hours. It’s generally utilized in medical follow to flush the intestines earlier than a process.

How Magnesium Citrate, in addition to Different Types of Magnesium, Can Assist with Weight Loss

Let’s look in additional element if science backs up among the claims that magnesium citrate or different types of magnesium will help drop extra pounds.

Acts as laxative

One of many ways in which magnesium citrate will assist with weight reduction is that it’s going to assist eliminate stool and cut back water weight.

Within the forms of laxatives which are used to assist with continual constipation, the journal Proof-Based mostly Drugs mentions magnesium citrate amongst them. Additionally, the World Journal of Gastroenterology studies that magnesium citrate is usually given with different preparations for colon cleaning earlier than colonoscopies.

Nevertheless, there are some unwanted effects other than unfastened stools that magnesium citrate causes, and it could work together with some antibiotics. It is usually not advisable to take magnesium citrate as a laxative for longer than every week.

Will increase vitality manufacturing

One other manner that magnesium citrate and different forms of magnesium will help drop extra pounds is that it will increase vitality manufacturing.

Magnesium has a direct impact in your metabolism which will help velocity up weight reduction. Magnesium achieves this by affecting ATP-utilizing enzymes. These are the principal enzymes that retailer vitality metabolized from mild and meals. The journal Magnesium states that magnesium has a job in vitality manufacturing.

Taking magnesium may assist to make exercising extra productive and thus burn extra energy. In accordance with a examine printed within the journal Magnesium Analysis, a magnesium deficiency can impair train efficiency.  This ends in extra oxidative stress within the physique. Additionally, magnesium is excreted in sweat and urine, and due to this fact strenuous exercising can intensify a magnesium deficiency.

Nevertheless, it’s clear from the analysis, that magnesium citrate alone can’t result in weight reduction. These research have proven that magnesium will assist increase your metabolism and assist burn fats faster when exercising.

Lowers insulin resistance

The flexibility of magnesium to assist decrease insulin resistance can also be vital relating to desirous to drop extra pounds rapidly.

Insulin regulates your metabolism and helps your physique break down carbohydrates, fat, and protein. It does it by absorbing glucose from the blood and turning it into fats, muscle, and liver cells.

In accordance with the Journal of Lipid Analysis, insulin resistance is when you’ve gotten an excessive amount of insulin and your metabolism doesn’t work correctly. Which means that your physique can’t burn fats as effectively.

Research have proven that magnesium is crucial to decrease insulin resistance. The journal Magnesium Analysis discovered that correct ranges of magnesium are wanted to make use of glucose effectively and enhance insulin ranges. This will help to stop or handle sort 2 diabetes signs and enhance blood strain.

Insulin resistance could make it very tough to shift cussed stomach fats and may improve cravings for carbohydrate-rich snacks.

Improves sleep patterns

One of many ways in which magnesium dietary supplements may assist drop extra pounds is that it could assist enhance your sleep patterns.

In accordance with analysis on sleep and weight problems, many researchers have recognized a hyperlink. Research printed within the journal Environmental Well being Views present that not getting sufficient sleep can hamper a person’s weight reduction efforts. In actual fact, lack of sleep has been linked to metabolic syndrome – extra stomach fats, coronary heart illness, excessive ldl cholesterol, and insulin resistance.10

How can magnesium make it easier to sleep higher? People who find themselves magnesium poor usually have hassle sleeping. A examine printed within the Journal of Analysis in Medical Sciences discovered that magnesium supplementation helped folks sleep higher and cut back insomnia.

After all, in the event you don’t have a magnesium deficiency and also you already get pleasure from a great night time’s sleep, growing magnesium consumption most likely received’t have an effect on weight reduction.

Why Magnesium Citrate and Different Types of Magnesium Could Not Assist You Lose Weight

As medical analysis has proven, among the claims about magnesium citrate and weight reduction have some scientific backing. Nevertheless, there are various explanation why taking magnesium itself received’t make it easier to drop extra pounds and isn’t an efficient long-term resolution. Why is that so?

The laxative impact. Laxatives will not be a secure option to drop extra pounds. At greatest they solely assist lose water weight by pulling fluid out of your physique to your intestines. Sadly, you’ll normally put this weight on once more pretty rapidly. In accordance with the Annual Evaluate of Drugs, utilizing laxatives long-term can result in electrolyte imbalance and dehydration in addition to different well being issues.

Boosting metabolism. There are lots of components that have an effect on your metabolic charge and a magnesium deficiency is only one of them. For instance, the Journal of the American School of Vitamin discovered that common train and vitamin C additionally assist to extend metabolism and assist burn fats effectively.

Insulin resistance. Insulin resistance is a fancy matter and is linked with extra components than only a magnesium deficiency. In accordance with Dr. Melissa Conrad Stöppler on MedicineNet, insulin resistance will be attributable to stress, inactivity, extra weight, excessive ldl cholesterol, and being pregnant. Addressing these points is important to assist decrease insulin resistance and assist stop sort 2 diabetes.

Enhancing sleep. Though magnesium is linked with higher sleep patterns, it could solely assist you probably have a deficiency. There are lots of different pure methods to go to sleep rapidly. For instance, some pure herbs will help to fight insomnia, in addition to some meals and important oils.

Can Magnesium make it easier to drop extra pounds?

What’s the backside line on magnesium citrate and weight reduction? Though there may be some weak proof that magnesium citrate may assist in shedding some weight within the type of water weight, magnesium received’t make you drop extra pounds long-term.

In actual fact, based on a examine printed within the Journal of Analysis in Medical Sciences, magnesium dietary supplements could not have any impact on burning fats. The examine used two teams of people that made life-style adjustments to drop extra pounds. One group took magnesium dietary supplements and the opposite group placebo. On the finish of the examine, researchers discovered that each teams had misplaced about the identical quantity of weight.

The researchers concluded that the burden loss was from life-style modifications moderately than magnesium dietary supplements.

Higher Methods of Dropping Weight

In actual fact, you might not must take any magnesium citrate or different magnesium dietary supplements to drop extra pounds in any respect. In accordance with the NIH, it’s best to get most of your dietary necessities from meals which have important nutritional vitamins, minerals, and dietary fiber.

Let’s have a look at some wholesome and pure methods of losing a few pounds and holding it off. You’ll discover that each one of those weight reduction strategies are backed up by robust scientific assist.

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Improve fruit and veg consumption

Among the finest methods to drop extra pounds safely and get sufficient nutritional vitamins and minerals (together with correct ranges of magnesium) is to eat extra fruit and veggies.

The journal PLoS Drugs reported that consuming extra fruit and veggies will help get and preserve a wholesome weight. Researchers comply with a bunch of individuals over a 24-year interval and located that growing the variety of fruits and non-starchy greens in a weight loss program resulted in long-term weight change. The optimistic adjustments to weight loss program additionally decreased the contributors’ danger of sort 2 diabetes, coronary heart illness, most cancers, and different sicknesses.

In case you are interested by stopping a magnesium deficiency and losing a few pounds on the similar time, the NIH says that one of the best meals containing magnesium are:

  • Almonds
  • Spinach
  • Peanuts
  • Avocado
  • Breakfast cereals fortified with magnesium
  • Salmon
  • Hen breast
  • Lean beef

Consuming extra multi-colored greens and fruits may additionally make it easier to get extra antioxidants and assist defend in opposition to varied illnesses.

Scale back energy consumption

The easiest way to drop extra pounds naturally and safely is to scale back the common variety of energy you devour in a day.

The New England Journal of Drugs reported on a examine that confirmed calorie discount is one of the best sort of weight loss program to drop extra pounds over a 6-month interval. The examine comprised of four teams and the diets different in protein, carbohydrate, and fats content material and proportions. The one widespread issue was a discount in complete day by day energy. On the finish of the trial, everybody within the examine had misplaced weight no matter which weight loss program they adopted.

A number of the different advantages have been that each weight loss program had a optimistic impact on insulin resistance.

The researchers concluded that reduced-calorie diets have been scientifically confirmed to lead to weight reduction no matter which macro-nutrients they emphasize.

Train extra

Common bodily train will help you drop extra pounds and likewise hold the burden off for good.

The advantages of exercising and weight reduction have been reported on within the journal Progress in Cardiovascular Illness. Researchers discovered that even and not using a weight loss program program, folks can anticipate to lose round 2 kg. Nevertheless, to make sure that your train program accelerates weight reduction, it ought to be mixed with a discount in calorie consumption.

Nevertheless, in all circumstances, intense common bodily train resulted in cardiovascular advantages for all individuals and will help increase insulin metabolism, cut back fats, and cut back ldl cholesterol naturally.

Have eggs for breakfast

One option to drop extra pounds by growing your feeling of satiety is to eat extra eggs for breakfast.

In accordance with the Worldwide Journal of Weight problems, having eggs at breakfast time enhances weight reduction. The examine discovered that consuming 2 eggs for breakfast whereas lowering energy on the similar time helped to spice up weight reduction. It was discovered that eggs for breakfast assist hold you full for longer and decreased the tendency to snack.

The researchers concluded that an egg for breakfast will help increase weight reduction.

For extra info on why we should always all be consuming extra eggs, please learn my article on the well being advantages of eggs. You is likely to be shocked to study that consuming an egg or two a day doesn’t have the unfavorable impact on ldl cholesterol that you could be suppose. Eggs are additionally a great supply of magnesium.

How A lot Magnesium to Take

How a lot magnesium must you take day by day to stop affected by the signs of a magnesium deficiency? In accordance with the NIH, the advisable day by day magnesium allowance for youngsters and adults is as follows:

  • 14-18 years: Boys – 410 mg, women – 360 mg
  • 19-30 years: Males – 400 mg, girls – 310 mg
  • 31+ years: Males – 420 mg, girls – 320 mg

In case you are pregnant or breastfeeding, then the magnesium RDA is elevated to 350 mg.

Well being dangers of an excessive amount of magnesium

The principle aspect impact of taking magnesium in giant doses is diarrhea. This may be accompanied by stomach cramping and nausea. Nevertheless, the NIH says that there are not any well being dangers from an excessive amount of magnesium from meals sources.

Continuously Requested Questions

In terms of utilizing magnesium citrate for weight reduction, you might have different questions relating to the impact of magnesium on weight.

Can magnesium deficiency trigger you to achieve weight?

In accordance with the journal Vitamins, a magnesium deficiency may not directly result in weight achieve and different well being issues in folks already overweight. Not getting sufficient magnesium can hinder the expansion of lean physique mass and likewise have an effect on metabolism.

The journal Nutricion Hospitaliaria says that magnesium deficiencies in postmenopausal girls may put them at extra vulnerable to weight problems and osteoporosis.

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Can magnesium assist with bloating?

Sure, magnesium will help with bloating that’s related to premenstrual syndrome. In accordance with the Journal of Caring Sciences, girls who supplemented their weight loss program with 250 mg magnesium dietary supplements discovered that it helped their premenstrual signs. This contains much less stomach bloating and water retention.

So, though magnesium dietary supplements could not assist drop extra pounds, it could make it easier to look thinner earlier than your interval as it could cut back bloating.

What nutritional vitamins velocity up metabolism and weight reduction?

You shouldn’t want to make use of nutritional vitamins or mineral dietary supplements to hurry up metabolism and weight reduction. As already talked about on this article, medical doctors advocate that our dietary necessities are met by maintaining a healthy diet, well-balanced weight loss program.

If nevertheless you comply with a restrictive weight loss program that excludes a number of meals teams, you’d higher meet with a dietitian to assessment your weight loss program and see in the event you could lack some vitamins.

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Top 5 Natural Face Packs To Remove Wrinkles




Here are 5 amazing homemade face packs that will help to reduce wrinkles from your skin. Have a look.

  • Homemade Lemon Juice And Egg White

By tightening the skin, the protein present in egg whites reduces wrinkles and improves its elasticity. Break an egg in a bowl, remove the yolk and mix the egg white for 5 minutes. Then add one teaspoon of lemon juice to the egg white. Apply this face pack on your face gently and rinse it off from your face using warm water after 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Homemade Apple Face Pack

Vitamins A, C & E are some of the antioxidants which are found in apples and these play an important role in our quest to achieve younger skin. Premature arrival of wrinkles is also prevented by these antioxidants. Boil an apple and allow it to cool down, mash it after removing the seeds and make a paste, and the add milk powder and honey in the paste. Apply this pack on your face and wash it with cold water after 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Homemade Honey And Papaya Pack

Vitamins A, C and E are found in abundance in papaya. You can reduce the signs of ageing like age spots and freckles by using a face pack of papaya and honey. Make a paste of papaya by mashing and then add some honey into it. Apply the paste on your face and wash it with water after 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Homemade Lemon And Honey Face Pack

Lemon juice provides nourishment to dry skin and a healthy, natural glow. Honey is known for increasing skin’s capacity to preserve moisture. Mix a tablespoon of lemon juice and honey each and apply on your face, then wash it with cold water after 15 to 20 minutes.

  • Homemade Cucumber Face Pack

The antioxidants present in cucumber will help you to fight wrinkles. Take a fresh peel of cucumber and grate it properly, then pour 1 teaspoon lemon juice and 1 egg white into the bowl of grated cucumber and make a mixture. Apply this mixture on your face and wash it with warm water after 15 to 20 minutes.

Wrinkles and fine lines develop commonly on our face due to reasons such as ageing or exposure to ultraviolet rays coming from the Sun. Nowadays, you can easily find many beauty products & creams being sold in the market that claim to reduce the signs of ageing.

However, if used in the long run, then many of these beauty products could have a negative effect on the skin. Apart from getting skin treatment, you can also opt for natural remedies to achieve healthy, glowing and youthful skin.

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3 Aesthetic Beauty Tips For Achieving and Maintaining a Youthful Rejuvenated Skin




As we age and are exposed to free radials from the sun, environmental toxins and the aging process, our smooth, soft, vibrant and tight youthful appearance often evolves into fine lines, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation spots, sun spots and often enlarged pores with a rough and dry skin texture. It is easy to be confused by all the anti aging skincare products and claims for breakthrough anti aging treatments.

These 3 tips will help you to understand your options for skin rejuvenation and a total facial renewal without invasive procedures or using products that can actually cause more damage in the long term.

Aesthetic Beauty Tip #1:

Medical grade skin care products are your safest and most effective choice. Many products are not carefully regulated by the FDA and include ingredients that can actually harm your skin. Choose only skin care products made with all natural ingredients that are selected for your specific skin type and needs. This should be determined by a qualified aesthetic practitioner after a careful skin evaluation. Product lines like Obagi Skin Care products and the AFA Amino Acid line by Biopelle are excellent choices.

Aesthetic Beauty Tip #2:

Non-invasive laser skin care treatments can be a remarkable anti aging solution for tightening and rejuvenating the skin. This safe, comfortable technology can be used on the face, neck, hands and other areas of the body and has many applications for anti aging and other beauty treatments, many of which are not offered by cosmetic surgery procedures and injectable fillers such as Botox. Laser skin care treatment offers dramatic anti aging benefits including skin rejuvenating color correction, skin tightening and wrinkle reduction. Laser treatments correct uneven skin tone and eliminate such imperfections as brown spots, sun spots, age spots, red blotches, multiple freckles and rough texture. Other improvements include clearing of problem acne and reducing the flushing red, ruddy complexion of Rosacea. Laser skin treatments can reduce broken capillaries, spider veins of the face and other vascular-based conditions. After a treatment regimen that may range from 5-7 treatments, sun damage and visible signs of aging are significantly reduced, restoring a youthful, clear and radiant complexion.

Aesthetic Beauty Tip #3:

Self treatment for anti aging and skin rejuvenation can limit your results and lead to more problems later on. This is why careful evaluation by a skilled aesthetic professional is highly recommended. With advanced equipment and examination techniques, a trained practitioner will determine the best course of treatment that is likely to produce the best results for achieving your goals. Sometimes skin care products alone are enough while other times your needs will be better met with a combination of laser treatment and a regimen of pharmaceutical grade skin care products.

Before you reach for that product on the shelf, consider finding a reputable skin care professional who can offer you the safest and most effective skin care technologies, techniques and products for reclaiming your most youthful and beautiful skin.

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Wellness Is a Business Decision




No matter how what industry you are in, your people are an asset. I would be willing to bet that your people are your most valuable asset. Where would your business be without your people? What would happen to your business if all of your people disappeared? Worse yet, what would happen if you didn’t take care of them and they broke down?

This question may sound ridiculous, but think about it this way:

You have a maintenance plan for your equipment. You know that if you don’t take care of your equipment, it will break down. You also know that it is far more expensive to do major repairs or replacements than it is to keep up the routine maintenance of your equipment. People are no different. It is far more expensive to wait for major health issues and fix your employees than it is to help them with their own routine maintenance.

The fact that people make businesses go is not a new concept. What’s new is the approach that businesses are now taking to make sure that they are investing in keeping employees running smoothly rather than waiting for problems to fix. The concept has been in place with equipment and machinery for years, but now companies are seeing that their employees are even more valuable than the equipment they are using. They are skilled and able to use things with precision for your business if they are healthy. If they are not healthy, they are not able to do their jobs and therefor the equipment they are using is less valuable.

Not only is an employee far more valuable because of their skills, but they are far more productive when they are at full capacity. Just like the machine that hasn’t been cleaned in a while, employees slow down when they are not “maintained”. Now, many would argue that it is up to each employee to maintain themselves, but the environment they are in is a major factor in how they are able to do that.

Speaking of environment, there is one thing that everyone in your workforce has in common. They are using a valuable and very expensive resource that your company has generously provided. That resource is the benefits plan. They have health insurance to take care of them and to take care of their families. This is not a free resource to most employees in this day and age, but it is still a heavy burden for any company to provide benefits for employees. There are few things you have to do in order to make sure that your health plan (or any system) is as effective as possible:


Teaching employees the best ways to use the plan so that it is cost-effective for the company and for the employee is a smart way to operate. You wouldn’t turn someone loose with a new piece of expensive equipment with our proper training. Why do we provide health benefits without proper training on how to use it?


When you train employees, you are holding them accountable for their actions. When an employee’s actions have a negative impact on the company, there are consequences. When you know very clearly that something will cause a negative result in your company, you communicate very clearly so that people are not doing it and if they do they are going to be held accountable. You wouldn’t sit by and watch employees cause damage to any part of your business and cause costs to increase. You would train them not to.

The Connection between People and Business

Wellness is simply the training that your employees need to keep the health plan running smoothly. Wellness mitigates risk and future costs. Wellness is what your health plan needs in order to stop the steady increases each year. Employee health has a direct impact on the plan and the costs, which makes this a serious business conversation. Employees want to live healthy and your company can support them and see positive results on the bottom line and in many other areas, which makes this a people conversation as well.

Health and healthcare are all about your people. You provide them benefits to help them in their personal lives. You provide benefits to keep good people employed and seeking employment at your company. You provide benefits, for the same reasons you do everything else in your business. You want results.

You get many results from your benefits. Those results all depend on what you invest. If you invest nothing other than premiums, you get claims and you get to pay premiums again next year. You are likely paying more each year too. If you invest in employee health, you are able to see improvements in employees, reduction in claims and in turn, your company benefits in multiple ways.

In other words, wellness provides you with results that affect both your employees and your company as a whole. In fact, they are intertwined. As you help your employees reach their goals, they are becoming more engaged, productive and seeing results that make them feel and perform better. As these changes continue, you are seeing better use of the plan and fewer health issues which leads to decreased costs. Wellness is a people decision with business results. Meaning, your health plan and how you manage it is a serious business decision.

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Free Beauty Tips




Hair products, lotions, potions, cosmetics can really put a dent in your wallet. We all want to look our best, but are there ways to invest in our appearance without breaking the bank? If you’re looking for some free beauty tips read on – you’ll be amazed at some of the things you probably already have in your kitchen that can really boost your beauty quotient.

Salon-quality shampoos and conditioners are expensive, and generally for good reason. They contain high quality ingredients and many are made from organic or natural plant sources. Cheaper brands are certainly an option, but some can dry your hair or strip your colour faster. Do you know you can actually make your own shampoo at home? You need to invest in some liquid castile soap, but other than that, you likely have the rest of the ingredients in your kitchen. A good basic recipe is: ¼ cup castile soap (unscented or choose your favourite scent), ¼ cup distilled water, and half a teaspoon of olive oil. Keep in a plastic bottle and shake before using. If you want to add essential oils, put a few drops in before use. Your hair will feel wonderfully light and soft.

A terrific homemade conditioning treatment is also easily whipped up at home. Scoop out a ripe avocado and add a small jar of real mayonnaise and mix them (use your hands!) until blended. Work it into your hair from root to tip, and cover your head with a shower cap. Putting a warm damp towel over the shower cap intensifies the conditioning. Leave on for about 20 minutes then rinse with warm water. Doing this once a week or so will nourish and strengthen your hair.

Applying honey or plain yogurt directly on your skin makes an excellent anti-bacterial face mask. Rinse gently with warm water and you won’t believe how soft and supple your skin feels!

Speaking of water, here’s the easiest free beauty tip of all: drink more of it! We all know we should, but it’s easy to forget our 8 to 10 glasses a day. I know that it’s been said lately that we don’t actually need that much, but I really notice a difference when I’m drinking a lot of water. I feel so much better – probably because I’m not reaching for another cup of coffee when I have a glass of water in front of me all the time. Now that bottled water is passé I keep my stainless steel drinking bottle with me all the time. I refill it wherever I go and just having it there helps me remember to drink. I’ve found it reduces my desire to snack, as it is really filling. My skin feels and looks better, and it also really helps with bloating. Your body doesn’t retain water if its getting lots of water, ironically. When you’re feeling puffy drain a few glasses. You’ll notice the difference.

I hope these free beauty tips help you save a bit of money without skimping on quality treatments for your hair and skin! Treat yourself to organic, natural products that you can easily make yourself, and you can control what goes in and on your body.

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Beauty Tips for Luscious Lips




The last step in your makeup regime is lipstick application. Some women say if they could have only one beauty item it would be lipstick. Lip color brings the whole look together to create harmony. To keep your lips looking perfect, have lip color with you at all times and reapply when needed.

When you select a lip color take in consideration your clothing and blush colors. The color of your clothing and blush should complement your lipstick but doesn’t have to be perfectly matched. However, the colors should be in the same intensity and range. Wear cool colors together and warm colors together. Pink lipsticks go with blue and pink colors and corals and russets go with clothing that falls in a yellow/orange range.

Steps to apply lip color:

1. Prepare your lips by applying foundation over them (this will extend the wear).

2. Outline and define the shape using a lip pencil that has soft, pointed top. Start at the V in your upper lip drawing down to the corners. Then, starting at the middle of the bottom lip draw a line to the corners. To help lipstick stay on longer, use your pencil to cover the lips entirely.

3. Fill in upper lip with lipstick or you can use a lip brush.

4. Fill in the lower lip and then blot with a tissue and reapply.

5. Dab gloss in the centre of your lower lip to create a fuller more glamorous look.

When defining the lips with a lip pencil be sure the pencil and lipstick colors are very close. The lip liner should not be noticeable. Lip liners are meant to keep your lipstick in place, keep lipstick from bleeding, define the shape and help them look more natural. Do not try to change the shape of your lips by going outside the natural line.

* Dark lipsticks will make small lips appear smaller.

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Summer 2012 Make Up Trends




This summer, the warm months will bring with them make up trends that are fun, feminine and energetic. We’ll see colors like coral, orange, pastels and metallics making their appearance on the runway and amongst celebrities and other fashion icons. This summer, you’ll see lighter colors on the lips paired with dark smokey eyes. Be ahead of the game and get your summer beauty essentials early. Below are a few make up trends you’ll see making a big his this summer.

Pastels: Pastel shadows will be popular this summer, with colors like baby pink, blue and purple. Pastel eyeshadow with a little shimmer is best, and looks better and stays on longer when applied on top of primer. Pair it off with just a little liner for a complete look. Get your pastel eyeshadow from a wholesale cosmetics retailer so you can get a large selection for a fraction of the cost.

Flushed Cheeks: Summer make up trends of the past have been bronze and tinted cheeks, but this summer say hello to more natural pink hues. If you have darker skin, you can opt for a darker blush, but still try to still to a color in the pink family. If you want to add some color to your face, use a tinted moisturizer and apply the blush on top. This will give your face that warm summer glow and will keep the blush on longer. You can also add a little shimmer to your cheek bones for a night out.

Metallic Colors: Have fun with your eyes this summer and explore metallic colors in silver, gold, green, blue and purple. Adding these gorgeous colors on your eyes with shadow and liner puts all the focus on your eyes, so go easy on the rest of your face with softer lips and cheeks. Like the pastels, these are great cosmetics to get wholesale so you can order a large selection and have fun mixing and matching the colors.

Orange and Coral Lips: Coral is a beautiful neutral shade that works great with dark eye make up. It comes in an array of tones, so find one that’s right for your skin tone. If coral is a little too neutral for you, or you want to opt for darker lips and lighter eyes, then go for orange lips this summer. You’ll see bright matte orange lips making their big debut this summer, paired with a little orange shimmer on the eyes and cheeks. Bright orange is great for all skin tones.

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Young Sexy Lovely: Yet Another YSL Perfumes Masterpiece




Chic, fresh and light, ‘Young Sexy Lovely’ by Yves Saint Laurent (YSL) is the ideal perfume for the woman of style and fashion. Oozing with the usual YSL perfumes’ quality, this scent is sure to bring out the most feminine side of any attire. Named after the Algerian born designer Yves Henri Donat Dave Mathieu Saint Laurent, this house of fashion, beauty and fragrances has been offering quality items to the elegant, feminine, chic woman for over fifty years now.

Embracing and depicting the values and principles of Yves Saint Laurent, youngest designer to ever run a house of fashion and tyro to Christian Dior himself, YSL’s purpose has made appointed efforts to heighten female looks with elegance and modernity.

This time, and with this perfume, the fashion and beauty house has again excelled. Embodied in a flat, clear crystal bottle with the trademark gold details of Yves Saint Laurent; this glamorous scent is marked with a note of Italian mandarin orange and exotic Nashi pear. The vivacious combination of fruity spirits renders ‘Young Sexy Lovely’ a playful, energetic perfume capable of drawing an air of self-confidence that the entire room will notice.

This great fragrance, regardless, slowly morphs into a slightly serious one thanks to the magnolia and cherry blossoms included into the mix. As the day passes, this fragrance peaks with freshness and ends with a soft light-woods and a whiff of fern.

The key to the YSL perfumes’ stylish rests on the history of the brand itself. It is said that Christian Dior, the fashion genius whose name has too been immortalized on a fashion brand, was so impressed with Saint Laurent’s fashion brilliance that the man became his right hand soon after joining his fashion house at the age of eighteen. Yves’ genius, humility and integrity were such that Dior took to affectionately call him ‘mon dauphin’ (my dolphin), a nickname previously used and exclusive to the heirs of the throne of France.

Yves Saint Laurent was a man who lived by this motto: ‘It’s better to have honor than to have honors’. That was translated in professional, devoted work marked with humbleness in an industry where vanity and pride reign. Regardless of him coming off as more quiet and shy than witty, his genius was such that he was the first (and, to this day, only) fashion designer to have his work shown in the Metropolitan Museum of New York. Such is the man and spirit behind every YSL fashion piece and perfume.

Following the vision of the house creator, Yves Saint Laurent’s creative staff once again develops a fragrance that provide any woman with grace and sensuality with this discreet yet stunning scent.

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Womens Health For Longevity




When we refer to women’s health it covers a wide spectrum of issues. For the purpose of this article we are going to share some specific tips to help you improve your quality of life by addressing diet and exercise and by touching on the subject of prevention.

Prevention in actual fact is very much related to diet and exercise but it also involves getting routine checkups to make sure nothing has gone astray. With routine check ups you may catch a disease in early development which will improve your ability to cure it.

In relation to diet you need to drink plenty of water. The vast majority of the human body is made up of water, in actual fact about eighty percent of the brain. As a result of this your brain needs to be hydrated. If there is a lack of water it can trigger stress hormones which over time will have adverse affects on your health.

As for food, its funny but eating less can actually help you to have a longer life. To achieve this goal, slowly change to smaller portions, then eat foods and drink liquids with less calories. In effect you want to increase nutrition and reduce calorie intake.

When it comes to foods and diet we often hear that you need to eat less fat. This is not necessarily true, when it comes to fats its like anything else, there are good fats and bad fats. Good fats in actual fact can help you to lose weight. Omega fatty acids help with the cell functions in the brain. Brain function is extremely important because as you know, a healthy mind means a healthy body.

Next up are antioxidants. Antioxidants can be found in fruit and veggies, these antioxidants help in the battle against free radicals and free radicals when produced in toxic amounts are bad for you. You can find antioxidants in fruits such as berries, and vegetables such as spinach.

Women face a variety of health concerns that are exclusive to them. That is why, in order to live a long and healthy life, women must take special care of their bodies. Probiotic supplements for women are a good option in maintaining good health because they aid in the regulation of vaginal pH, digestion, and urinary tract health.

Nutrition which is the study of foods and nutrients is essential. The balance between carbohydrates, protein and fats will result in optimal health. Once again you need carbs and there are carbs which are good for you and there are carbs which are not. When referring to balance it basically means the right portions of each type of nutrient and food. Remember everything in moderation, and keep it simple.

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Why Do Some Women Show More Scalp In Their Part Line?




I recently heard from a woman who told me that over the last couple of years, she had noticed her hair’s part line widening. In fact, she said that if she compared photos of herself from a few years ago with photos today, her scalp showing through her part line was much more noticeable in the recent photos. She asked: “now that I suspect there’s an issue with my part, I’m starting to notice that some women just show more scalp in their part line. Why does this happen? Is it normal? Should I worry about it? I don’t like how it looks and I worry that it will be very noticeable in the future.” I’ll try to address these concerns in the following article.

Some Women Naturally Have A Wider Part Line: Your part line is that area in your hair right on top of your head where your hair parts and falls on both sides. This doesn’t happen if you pull your hair straight back or put it in a ponytail, but most people see their part line unless they purposely style their hair in a different way. If your hair is thicker and you have more of it, your part line will often be quite thin or barely noticeable because there are a lot of strands pushing up on both sides. But, if your hair is thinner or more sparse, you may well have a wider line because there is less hair on both sides.

Some women just normally have finer textured hair or less strands and this has always been true for them. In fact, many women can look at photos of themselves when they were a child and will notice that their part looks similar then to the way it does now. In this case, you may not be talking about a hair loss, hair thinning, or androgenic issue because the part that you see now is the one that you have always had and this is what is normal for you.

Sometimes, Your Part Line Is Showing More Scalp Because Or Hair Loss Or Hair Thinning Issues: It can be normal for hair to thin out about as we age. Few of us have the same head of hair that we had in our teens. But people without noticeable hair loss issues generally have enough hair to adequately cover all areas of their scalp, including their part.

And sometimes, when this is no longer happening, you’ll want to explore whether you have a hair loss, hair thinning, or an androgenic issue happening. Probably the most common cause of seeing more scalp is the hair thinning condition of androgenic alopecia (or AGA.) With this condition, not only does more hair fall out (because it is adversely affected by androgens) but the hair that grows back because more fine and miniaturized as it regrows, which means that it takes more hair to provide the same coverage.

Of course, any issue that causes reasonably dramatic hair loss can cause changes in the coverage that you have on your scalp. If you have less hair (for whatever reason) then you are going to have less coverage to work with. But, the top of the scalp is a common area where you see typically see androgenic issues, although the presence of a wide part line doesn’t always mean that AGA is present. There are many possibilities. Sometimes, the coverage is what is normal for the person. And other times, a hair loss or thinning issue is taking place and still needs to be identified.

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Bread and Butter Basics – Hair Health With Homeopathy




No one wants to lose their hair. Whether it’s a result of middle age for men, the aftermath of menopause for women or after a fever, the loss of hair can be a trying event. Hair loss can also be attributable to drug use, prescribed or not. Even hereditary hair loss can sometimes be halted with the correct natural care. This is where homeopathy and simple kitchen methods can be employed.

Homeopathy is a medical discipline that has been shown to halt the loss of hair and put the sufferer in order. Because the word homeopathy includes the word “home”, many assume it means home remedies. Home remedies can indeed be useful in regaining and maintaining our health, but, homeopathy is actually a form of medicine with a record that dates back to the late 1700’s and has been accepted throughout the world ever since. Unfortunately, this has not been the case in the United States since modern medicine was so enamored with antibiotics that it no longer considered homeopathy of value. This is changing and rapidly so. The premise of homeopathy is that the body has the ability to bring itself to health when given the correct stimulus. Well chosen homeopathic remedies offer that stimulus.

So how can homeopathy help with hair loss? If the loss is fairly recent and hair is still falling, then homeopathy has been shown to more likely aid the situation. There are many remedies that can cover the issue of hair loss, but before contacting a professional homeopath, it certainly would be prudent to give the following remedies a try.

The first remedy to consider is Calc phos 6x. This is particularly useful for hair loss due to a fever; however, it can also restore hair without that symptom. It should be given three times each day for several weeks. In the old homeopathy books written by homeopathic doctors in the United Kingdom, Silica 6x and Calc fluor 6x are also consdered good choices for the loss of hair and it is suggested that they be alternated so that one day three doses of Silica can be taken, while on the alternate day, Calc fluor 6x will replace Silica.

Although not considered homeopathy, diet can be a substantial contributor to either the loss of hair or the gaining of lustrous hair. A diet rich in animal and tropical fats is of the greatest value. That is, butter, coconut oil and palm kernel oil. Making a habit of consuming these oils rich in vitamins required for healthy hair and skin can insure no further loss of hair and may reinstitute the growth. In fact, it is likely that if these quality foods have been missing in the diet, that it might be the cause of the problem in the first place. Additionally, any of these natural oils applied to the scalp can invigorate hair health.

If these simple ideas find you without results, consider consulting with a homeopath who can take the situation to a more personal level. The combination of homeopathy and natural diet change is natural and rational. It is not capricious like its modern medicine counterpart. Homeopathy and a high quality diet are true medicines for people who want to empower themselves. Good bread and butter common sense for intelligent action.

The information provided in this article is for educational purposes only and may not be construed as medical advice. The reader is encouraged to make independent inquires and to seek the advice of a licensed healthcare provider.

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