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Liverpool 1-3 Borussia Dortmund: Naby Keita scouting report



Liverpool 1-3 Borussia Dortmund: Naby Keita scouting report

Naby Keita is seemingly an unique gamer in Jurgen Klopp’s eyes.
So eager was Liverpool employer Klopp to authorize Keita that he okayed 12 months ago to an after that club document ₤50 m investment on the Guinea midfielder– ₤48 m plus an extra cost due to the fact that RB Leipzig got approved for the Europa Organization last period.

He likewise accepted the Bundesliga clothing’s need that Liverpool wait a year prior to they can in fact have him.

Currently Keita is right here, he has actually been provided the desirable number 8 t shirt that was the maintain of club tale Steven Gerrard.

So just how did he do in Sunday’s 3-1 International Champions Mug loss to Borussia Dortmund?

An outstanding beginning

There is a buzz bordering Keita’s arrival on Merseyside.

Very few Liverpool followers at the Financial institution of The U.S.A. Arena in Charlotte, North Carolina were neighborhood to north-west England yet when his name read out amongst the Reds’ 8 half-time modifications, it created the largest holler of authorization.

Keita paired with Ben Woodburn as well as used up an innovative midfield duty, ahead as well as to the left of anchorman James Milner.

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His initial touch was an outstanding flick with the beyond his left foot, planned for Alberto Moreno yet extremely a little over-hit. On the hr mark came an incredibly step-over that produced space for a damaged left-footed cross from the byeline that nearly brought Liverpool a 2nd objective.

It really did not truly come off in this video game yet Keita requires little invite to assault the resistance objective, whether he is going for it or smelling round for scraps from the demonstrators.

Little marvel he was Leipzig’s 3rd leading marker last period with 9 objectives, a number Liverpool would certainly be thankful for in the coming project– last term, in addition to celebrity assaulting gamers Mohamed Salah, Sadio Hair, Roberto Firmino as well as Philippe Coutinho, no-one racked up greater than 3 times in the Premier Organization.

Exactly what they stated– ‘The response in Guinea has actually been insane’

Jurgen Klopp: “I do not intend to provide him 500,000 little bits of info. Tactical self-control is a huge stamina as well as he does the ideal points in the ideal minute, which is just how great gamers are.

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” To start with, we will certainly allow him go as well as adjust to our system. He could play 10, in the future he may be a 6. He played as a winger at Leipzig, which is not his ideal placement yet he has the rate for it as well as football knowledge.

” Yet we see him as an innovative number 8 playing the passes, making the runs with the round. He has the very same rate with the round as well as without it, which is great.”

Naby Keita: “The response in Guinea has actually been insane, definitely insane. Individuals are purchasing Liverpool t shirts, or any type of red t shirt. The passion is to the reality no Guinean footballer has actually ever before succeeded or bet a leading, leading club. It provides satisfaction back residence that I have actually authorized for Liverpool.”

James Pearce, Liverpool FC reporter of the Liverpool Mirror: “There is huge assumption, which has actually been enhanced by the reality Liverpool followers have actually needed to wait a year to see Keita play.

” He is anticipated to include the dynamism as well as power the group have actually possibly been doing not have. He is a nailed-on starter as well as from just what we have actually seen until now, he will certainly be preferably fit to the Premier Organization. He is just mild yet he is solid as well as if anything, he will certainly need to rein his dealing with in.”

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How to Use Fantasy Football Tactics to Succeed at the Football Index



Top 10 Football Goals of 2013

Are you an avid football fan who participates in the annual office fantasy football with your mates? Did you know that there’s another way to monetise the same skills and tactics you’ve learned from picking and changing your team each week? The Football Index is a licensed and regulated gambling platform that allows you to show support to your favourite players and teams while earning a bit of money on the side. Joining is easy with a Football Index referral code, and moreover, you get a free £50 when you sign up as long as you deposit £20! Read on for our tried and tested tips and tricks on how to become a successful Football Index trader by using fantasy football tactics:

Diversification Is Essential

Playing fantasy football is similar to investing in the stock market in many ways. At Football Index, enthusiasts can bet on the future success of their favourite footballers in a stock market-formatted game. Much in the same way as you get rewarded for picking the players on form in Fantasy Football, you also get rewarded on Football Index—but you get actual money rather than points. 

In the real world and fantasy football, diversifying is of crucial importance. A good stock portfolio is made up of different stocks (or players) that play different roles, in the same way a good team is made up of different players with different skill sets. By placing your bets on a diverse variety of footballers with different skills, you can maximize the strength of your Football Index portfolio. 

Identify Your Core Players

The real fun can begin after you’ve assembled your portfolio. One of the main features that attracts people to fantasy football is the flexibility. Players’ form and injuries change from game to game, and your success depends on how well you can react to these changes. 

It’s the same in Football Index: you invest in players that have proven themselves to be reliable performers, and then pick a new playerhere and there if you’re impressed with their statistics. Maintaining a core spine of players that you’re confident in will minimise risk. 

Learn How to Assess a Player’s Perceived Value

An undervalued player can be a potential gold mine, both in fantasy football and in Football Index. A footballer’s share price is determined by his performance on the field as well as how he behaves off it, so use both a footballer’s statistics and the recent news or gossip revolving around him to guide your choices. Being successful on Football Index means putting your money into players that you know to be exceptional performers, whether he’s an ambitious youth playerwho’s just starting to make a name for himself or a reliable veteran of the game whose image may have taken a few hits lately. A footballer’s perceived value should always be a factor in your trading decisions.

Don’t Follow the Crowd

One of the biggest mistakes you can make while playing fantasy football is to just pick the players all your colleagues or friends have chosen. Most people fall for the mistaken impression that the best planis to use the plan everyone else is using. Hey, if it’s working for them, then it should work for you, too, right?

Wrong. In fantasy football as well as the Football Stockmarket, you would do well to trust your own instincts and stick to your guns. Buying into the hype and betting on a hotshot footballer that everyone’s been talking about means having to pay a higher price, first of all—money you could lose if the player suddenly falls out of favour. 

Use Snippets of Information from Your Friends.

We all know the best part of Fantasy Football is playing against work colleagues or with your Sunday League team. Although you shouldn’t copy their teams, it’s always worth listening in carefully to hear if someone is doing something interesting: be it trying a different formation or when they are using their wildcard. The same goes for Football Index, your friends or mates may have a tactic of when to buy and sell, or they may know a youth player who’s going to get a big transfer. It’s worth taking on-board all that information. You never know, it might be the missing piece in your puzzle. 

Fantasy football and the Football Index are similar in many different ways, so it should be easy to make the transition. Signing up is risk-free with the Football Index’s Money Back Guarantee. If you don’t enjoy yourself, you can tap out at any time and get your money back.

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Back in the seventies and eighties racism in football was rife but in the following decade the sport seemed to get a grip of the issues.

Now, aided by the wide reaching voice provided by social media platforms, racial abuse is rearing it’s ugly head again and, if nothing is done, the sport we all love runs the risk of failing to be the ‘beautiful game’.

In just the last few weeks,  Manchester United pair Paul Pogba and Marcus Rashford, along with Chelsea’s young England forward Tammy Abraham, have been subjected to online abuse after missing penalties. Abraham’s teammate Kurt Zouma received his own vile abuse – again on social media – after inadvertently turning past his own keeper in his teams recent home match with Sheffield United. 

It’s not limited to the top tiers of football though and Reading, who play in the Championship in England, saw their player Yakou Meite receive messages online, again after a missed spot kick. After this weekend’s fixtures the abuse was highlighted further when Inter Milan’s big money summer signing Romelu Lukaku was subjected to monkey chants during a match with Cagliari.

It’s hardly a new thing but the frequency of the reports is becoming an almost weekly occurrence and it has to stop. The trouble is, some people – including fans, players, coaches, social media companies and even the footballing authorities – don’t seem to take it seriously.

Inter Milan, the side Lukaku is hoping to fire to silverware this season, saw their supporters group release a statement labelling the monkey chants as a mark of ‘respect’ not racism. Whilst the fans responsible for that open letter don’t represent the entirety, it does prove there is a mentality on the terraces that these instances are not an issue.

What about those within the game then? Well, just five months ago, Moise Kean – now of Everton – was peppered with abuse at the same ground as Lukaku whilst a Juventus player. What did his manager, Massimiliano Allegri, have to say? That Kean ‘shouldn’t have celebrated in that manner’. Kean’s captain, Leonardo Bonucci was equally questionable with his comments claiming the ‘blame’ for the abuse was ‘50/50’.

The governing body responsible for Serie A condemned the actions but failed to leverage any penalty; then again, that’s the same committee that failed to act when Sulley Muntari walked off the pitch after suffering racial taunts – again at Cagliari. Muntari, a former Ghanaian international, received his second caution for leaving the field of play and was subsequently banned.

This article isn’t aimed solely at Cagliari fans or Italian football though. Most nations have had their fair share of issues; in December 2018 Raheem Sterling complained of being on the end of some offensive insults with Chelsea subsequently issuing a lifetime ban whilst Luis Suarez and John Terry have both caused storms in the English game for their choice of words to opposing players – both were fined and issued with bans by the English FA.

In Spain there have been a couple of well-documented examples; Dani Alves was targeted with a banana missile during a match against Villarreal – who were fined €12,000 – a few years back and more recently Manchester City chairman Khaldoon Al-Mubarak questioned Javier Tebas, the La Liga president, on his moral compass.

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That’s just three leagues, albeit three of the biggest leagues in the world, showing examples of significant racism and the problems are widespread across, if not the world, then certainly the whole of Europe. So what is the outcome?

Social media bosses constantly defend their policies despite their seemingly poor attempts to prevent and promptly remove posts of a racial nature. The authorities of the respective competitions do next to nothing so the responsibility will ultimately fall to the players. 

Will they come off social media denying true fans of a connection with them? It would stop the ‘keyboard warriors’ to a certain extent and it would certainly get the attention of the relevant media platform. They could walk off the pitch but who wins? It’s not the player or their team, it’s not the true supporters. At best, it’s nobody and at worst it’s a victory for racism.

Clubs need to identify the culprits and ban them. Authorities need to come down hard on clubs who commit offences; a paltry fine to a club is not a deterrent to a racist in the stands. Close stands, dock points. Yes, the true fans would get caught up in that as well but they’d soon point out the poisonous trouble makers for genuine punishment.

The alternative is that the game loses – or stops producing – some of it’s star players. It sounds far fetched. It’s not. Racism isn’t just an issue in football; think about Colin Kaepernick, he effectively sacrificed his career in the NFL for his beliefs and that movement has filtered through the professional leagues, into college football and beyond and the same could easily happen to association football if we’re not careful.

Racism is more to the victim than a few hurtful sounds or words typed on a keyboard and there will come a point where one, two or more of the players have enough – unless a change happens now.

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Football: Cristiano Ronaldo out from Portugal team after rape claims!



Football: Cristiano Ronaldo out from Portugal team after rape claims!

Coming as a big shock to many in the football arena, Cristiano Ronaldo has been left out of the Portugal football team after rape allegations by a former model. Kathryn Mayorga, 34, has claimed that the current Juventus footballer raped her, in Las Vegas, back in 2009.

However, Ronaldo has denied such accusations by Ms. Mayorga.

Portugal national football team, however, decided to keep the former Real Madrid star out of their squad for the next two games, after the Las Vegas police also announced to re-open a case involving Kathryn Mayorga.

This means that the Portugal national team will be playing without their star player in the upcoming game against Poland in the UEFA Nations League, next Thursday and in another friendly game against Scotland three days later.

Portugal coach, Fernando Santos has also said that the accused footballer won’t be called for the next round of international matches in the next month. But he told that this decision was taken after a discussion between him, Ronaldo and the head of Portuguese Football Federation himself.

As far as the allegations by Kathryn Mayorga are concerned, she has filed a lawsuit against Ronaldo, seeking to void a $375,000 non-disclosure agreement, which she was forced to sign. She claims that the Portuguese footballer raped her in Las Vegas, in June 2009, and is now seeking $200,000 in damages.

About the claims made by Kathryn Mayorga, the Las Vegas police department told that it has responded to a call regarding a case of sexual assault on 13 June 2009, and has now re-opened that case.

Telling ‘The Telegraph’ in a statement, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said that the victim didn’t provide any location of the incident, at the time of report being taken. The police also told that a medical exam was also conducted.

But, the police refused to say whether the subject of investigation is footballer Cristiano Ronaldo or not.

Cristiano Ronaldo is the most experienced player for Portugal national team so far, with 154 caps!

The entire fandom of the footballer is left in a shock at the moment.

But the new Italian club which he is currently playing for, Juventus, has come forward in defense of their star player. Juventus posted a statement on their Twitter page about the player’s innocence.


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