Tech Facts: Interesting Computer and Technology Facts

Interesting Computer and Technology Facts

There are many new computer and technology facts that many people do not know. Even though there is an advancement in technology in the field of computers, there are many fun facts about computers which exist and some may not be true. Below are some facts about computers and technology that you did not know.

The first model of removable storage media was IBM 1311. The size was as big as a washing machine, and yet the memory capacity could not go beyond five megabytes. The first mouse to the world came courtesy of Douglas Engelbart. By then, it was considered the best peripheral device for computers. It was surprising because its body was wooden and had metal wheels for rolling forward and backward. The cord that was connected to it was considered as a tail; thus it got the name ??? Mouse.???

Did you know that the word ??? Typewriter??? is the longest word you can type on a single line of keys of a standard QWERTY keyboard? You did not know that. You also did not know that Alaska is the only country in the world whose letters are on a single line on the keyboard.

A regular human being blinks almost twenty times per minute, but a computer user blinks nearly seven times per minute. The reason behind blinking seven times is the tendency of concentrating on the computer. Therefore, human beings usually blink less when looking at the screen of the computer. When Microsoft started to develop its operating system, they termed it as an interface manager. However, as the development process was continuing, they found the word ??? windows??? more appealing and decided to rename the product.

The lovely Lady Ada Lovelace, an English writer, and mathematician was the first ever computer programmer and renown for her role in working on the ??? Analytical Engine,??? which was the general-purpose computer for Charles Babbage., which is the most selling online store started as a regular online bookstore. You did not know that Allan Turing is the author of artificial intelligence and theoretical computer science. Additionally, he invented the ??? Turing Machine,??? a mathematical computation model.

Did you know that there is a computer system that can differentiate between a real and a fake smile? Then you need to know that MIT has developed a computer system that can tell this difference. It is important to note that on a monthly basis, over six thousand viruses are being created. There is no need of getting scared because Linux has you covered. Switching to Linux operating system will be your technical solution as there will be no risk of getting infected.

Did you know that your USB can help you to brick a computer in a few seconds? You require having the USB Killer 2.0 and checking out additional tips which will be of help to you over the internet. You did not also know that the CEO of Pixar John Lasseter was fired from Disney because he was promoting animations from the computer.

The structural engineers who built the private mansion of Bill Gates claim that the design was made by use of a Mac program running on a Mac system. Although there exists no evidence to make this argument a fact, discussing this topic is interesting.

Did you know that IBM announced the first 1GB drive in 1980? The price tag on the hard disk was USD 40,000. You also did not know that the United States and Russian Federation are at a high risk of a virus attack. You did not know that the twelve engineers who assembled the IBM PC go by the name ??? The Dirty Dozen.???

Intel is the first company to come up with a pioneer microprocessor 4004 that set the pace for the modest era of computing. The initial aim of creating the processor was making a calculator, but then evolution came in to make it into a computer microprocessor. You will be interested to know that you will not get virus infections by opening email accounts. Such infections will only be active when you click the links and access the attachments from virus senders. However, you also need to know that statistics show that more than eighty percent of emails are spam emails.

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It is interesting to note that computer programming is among the fastest growing jobs presently. However, this job is delivering the most eye strains in the market leading to eye disorders. It is also important to note that 90% of all supercomputers in the world run on Linux. Therefore, it is vital to see that Linux is appealing enough for trial for every computer user. The fact remains that Linux is a robust operating system because it powers Facebook, Google, Amazon, and Twitter.

Many people consider open source over proprietary projects because you think proprietary projects have many benefits over open source projects. However, it is crucial to note that open source projects have many advantages when you compare it with proprietary projects.

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Did you know that invented the concept of web banners? Now you know. You also did not know that the United States nuclear launch code was 00000000, but nobody knows the truth because even the terrorists did not try to launch missiles.

Did you know that the first web browser came to the market in 1990? Its name was WorldWideWeb built by Sir Tim Barners-Lee, and it later got the name Nexus. The first website that went online was created at the CERN research lab in 1990 by Tim Barners-Lee.

Most people use computers, mobile phones, smartphones and they do not know what is behind their invention. The post shows the interesting and informative facts that the industry has and the users do not know. As a matter of fact, computers are among the best pieces of technology the human being invented. The facts above are just but a few of what you have come across in the same field. Many people who have been using computers for some time may have an idea of several facts that are mentioned in the text.

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