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Folk Music Festival Edmonton Introduces New Police Presence For this year 2018



Folk Music Festival Edmonton Introduces New Police Presence For this year 2018

Folk Music Festival Edmonton Introduces New Police Presence For this year 2018

City authorities will certainly have a main visibility at Gallagher Park this weekend break for the very first time in the 38- year history of the Edmonton People Songs Celebration.

Annually, 10s of hundreds of songs followers group to the park premises for the four-day, all-ages occasion. Celebration manufacturer Terry Wickham claimed he was informed 2 weeks earlier by the Edmonton Cops Solution that 8 policemen would certainly be designated to keep an eye on the premises.

He called that proposition, “entirely too much.”

” My issues were we were going from no law enforcement agent to 8,” he claimed, explaining the celebration website at Gallagher Park as a “little a sanctuary.”

” It has to do with assumption. The assumption could extremely swiftly come to be fact. And also I simply really did not feel we were being heard, it was being troubled us without us having any kind of claim in it.”

Current events have actually called for the city to reassess its emergency situation readiness for trademark events and also occasions, the city claimed Tuesday in an e-mail.

” Exactly what celebration goers will certainly see is a handful of uniformed policemen accessible in instance anything unanticipated takes place,” the city claimed. “They will certainly show up, equally as they show up at various other events and also occasions throughout Edmonton.”

After consulting with a number of policemen on Tuesday, Wickham claimed he really felt much better regarding just how the safety circumstance will certainly play out. He claimed not as lots of policemen will certainly show up on the website constantly as initially intended.

” However there will certainly suffice capability to react in the not likely occasion there was an occurrence.”

Wickham claimed the celebration has actually spent thousands of hundreds of bucks on a much better framework that could stand up to occasions such as the extreme hurricane that struck the celebration in 2015. That’s a nod to just how the celebration takes security seriously, he claimed.

Wickham recognized that occasions such as the van assault in Toronto previously this year, and also the stabbing of an Edmonton law enforcement agent complying with an Edmonton Eskimos video game in 2015, have actually altered the safety dynamic for lots of.

The Edmonton Cops Solution will certainly release 8 policemen on the premises, in contrast to their previous “go through” approach, as picked throughout a conference with celebration manufacturer Terry Wickham.

” My issues were we were going from no law enforcement agent to 8,” Wickham informed CBC. “It has to do with assumption. The assumption could extremely swiftly come to be fact. And also I simply really did not feel we were being heard, it was being troubled us without us having any kind of claim in it.”

After consulting with the Edmonton authorities, Wickham claimed he is positive that “there will certainly suffice capability to react in the not likely occasion that there was an occurrence.”

The city of Edmonton, on the other hand, described that its emergency situation readiness plans have actually been upgraded following occasions like current van strikes in Edmonton and also Toronto.

” Exactly what festivalgoers will certainly see is a handful of uniformed policemans accessible in instance anything unanticipated takes place,” the city informed CBC. “They will certainly show up, equally as they show up at various other events and also occasions throughout Edmonton.”


The Newbie’s Guide to Choosing the Best Grill Cover



According to, while the term barbeque was first used by the Spanish arriving in the Caribbean, there is sufficient evidence to show that by the 19th century, this type of slow cooking was popular in the American South. Having grilled food is perhaps one of the healthiest options apart from being an opportunity to spend some fun time with family and friends outdoors in the summer. To preserve your precious grill in the best condition from the harsh elements, you would also want to buy a really good grill cover. There are quite a few considerations that you should heed to make sure that you make the right choice.

The Right Material 

The most common materials used for fabricating grill covers are polyester, vinyl, nylon, and canvas. While all the materials, being waterproof, offer adequate protection from the weather, the most robust material is canvas. You should try and get the best quality cover even if it is relatively more expensive as better the quality, the better protection it gives against rain and snow, and the longer it will last.

Ensure the Cover Fits Well

It is quite common for people to just get an approximate idea of the dimension of their grill and go ahead and buy a cover that they can easily slip over it. However, only when you buy a weber grill cover made specifically for the model of your grill will you be able to get one that is form-fitting and gives complete protection without looking ungainly. Buying the branded grill covers will ensure that you get the right size for your model, however, they can be pretty costly. It may pay to scout around for unbranded ones and see if you can find something that fits well, is of good quality, and yet is reasonably priced.

Stay Within Your Budget 

It is very easy to go overboard and splurge on a fancy grill; however, it is important to have a fix on how much you can afford to avoid butting strain on your household budget. It is also very important to keep in mind that a grill cover doesn’t need to be good just because it is expensive. You can easily find covers that are far cheaper than some of the most premium ones in the market yet better than them in construction and durability. Generally speaking, it is better to get a branded one than the generic ones, however, you should possess a keen eye for quality otherwise you will be taken for a ride.


When buying a grill cover, it is important to focus on the quality because you will want to ensure that your valuable grill is protected as best possible. Make sure that the material is strong, waterproof, as well as UV-resistant to prevent fading when left out in the open. Buying a good quality grill cover will ensure that you do not have to keep replacing them every year. Models with tie-downs and vents are preferable and it is also nice to have one with pockets for storing all the accessories. Get one with the longest-possible warranty for peace of mind.


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Best Sleep Positions for Optimal Rest



sleep positions

How you sleep can have a significant impact on your overall health. Poor sleeping posture is known to cause back pain, cramping, fatigue, impaired circulation, and more. Are you having problems sleeping? There is more to sleep than just laying down and going to the dream world. Sleeping positions play an integral part in having a quality sleep. If you experience any of the effects listed above, now is the best time for you to switch how you sleep.

Different sleep positions will have various benefits. For those who are struggling with pain, you need to switch up your sleeping position. Changing positions will help manage pain and is worth trying out. You should take time to gradually train your body to sleep in different positions. The secret to improving sleep quality is having enough sleep with comfortable sleeping positions. Modifying your sleeping position will also help and ensure you get the most out of the much-needed rest.

Sleeping on your back

Sleeping on your back is not the most popular position and only seven percent of people sleep on their backs. It is still the best sleeping position and by far the healthiest. Sleeping on your back allows your head, neck, and spine to rest comfortably, all in a neutral position. When sleeping on your back, there’s no extra pressure exalted on the head, neck, and spine. An excellent way to ensure you sleep better on your back is to use a pillow that elevates your head. Make sure your stomach is always below your esophagus.

An advantage of sleeping on your back is it uses gravity to keep your body in alignment over your spine. It will help reduce unnecessary pressure on your back and joints. A pillow behind your knees helps in supporting the natural curve of the back. It also helps to keep your skin looking fresh as it protects skin from gravity or pillow induced wrinkles. Sleeping on your back can be difficult for people who struggle with sleep apnea or snoring. It is also not recommended for people struggling with back pain.

On your side

With this position, your torso and legs are relatively straight. Sleeping on your side helps to reduce acid reflux and wards off back and neck pain. By sleeping on your side, you ensure your spine is elongated, hence, no back and neck pain. Sleeping on your side is best recommended for people struggling with sleep apnea. Although most adults choose to sleep in this position, what they might not know is that it is best to sleep on the left-hand side.

Sleeping on the right-hand side increases rates of heartburn and acid reflux. It also comes with a disadvantage as it causes stiffness in your shoulders. Sleeping on your side can also lead to jaw tightness on the side you sleep on. Research also suggests sleeping on your side can cause wrinkling. Why? Half of your face is against the pillow, which leads to wrinkles. To minimize any unwanted effects of sleeping on your side, ensure you also have the best mattress for side-sleepers.

Fetal position

Nearly 40% of adults sleep in this position. The fetal position is the most popular sleeping position. In this position, you lie on your side with your torso hunched and your knees bent. The fetal position is excellent for pregnant women since it dramatically improves the circulation in your body and fetus. Fetal position is also known to prevent the uterus from pressing against your liver, which is on your right-hand side. For people who snore, this pose is also highly recommended.

As with any sleeping position, there is a downside with the fetal position. Resting in a fetal position and being curled up tightly may restrict breathing. It will leave most people a bit sore in the morning, especially with people who are suffering from arthritis. You can prevent these problems by straightening your body as much as you can. Make sure to reduce the strain on your hips by placing a pillow between your knees.

Sleeping on your stomach

Sleeping on your stomach eases snoring. This is probably the least favorite sleeping position as it doesn’t offer any benefits. Sleeping on your stomach can cause both back and neck pain. It is also known to add unnecessary strain to joints and muscles. And this is a reason why most people who sleep in this position wake up feeling sore and tired. To reduce back pain, you can place a pillow under your lower belly.

With this position, your neck and spine are not in a neutral position. Sleeping on your stomach puts pressure on the nerves and causes nerve pain, numbness, and tingling. It is recommended you choose another sleeping position if you are a stomach sleeper. Breaking the habit can be achieved by propping your forehead up on a pillow. By doing this, your head and spine remain neutral, leaving you ample room to breathe.

Other sleeping positions include:

The soldier position

In this position, the sleeper lies on their backs while their arms are down and close to the body. This position is a poor choice for people who snore and may prevent users from having a restful sleep.

Starfish position

With the starfish position, people sleep on their backs with their arms up over their heads. People who use the starfish position are prone to snoring and sleeping problems.

The log position

In this position, people sleep on their sides with their arms down next to their bodies. It is a good position for people who snore but not recommended for people with arthritis.

Yearner position

The yearner position involves sleeping on one side with your arms outstretched in front of the body. This is a good position for people with sleeping problems. It is not recommended for people with arthritis as it causes back pain.

Spooning position

Spooning is a side sleeping position best suited for couples. The person in the back holds the one in front close to their body. Most couples will wake up more frequently sleeping this way, which is one of its disadvantages. You are more likely to be jostled by your partner and wake up tired. However, spooning allows couples to cuddle, which helps to decrease stress.

Is your mattress comfortable?

When it comes to the firmness of a mattress, go for one that is firm and that will support your spine. Shopping for a mattress requires you to go to a store that allows you to rest on it before buying.

All in all, the best sleeping position is the one that leaves you feeling refreshed the next day.

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What Value Do I Have as a Private Equity Professional



Typically, if a question is being asked about the daily responsibility of private equity professionals, this would be the answer, “buying and selling companies.” Getting into a private equity firm is not easy. But when it comes to job employment and big fat money, private equity firms hold a good reputation.

The value you add as a private equity professional

Essentially, there are four basic things for you to do on a daily basis: –

  1. Sell off portfolio companies at a profit.
  2. Raising money – you can raise money such as limited funds, endowments, and retirement funds from limited partners and insurance companies.
  3. Managed investments
  4. You need to source, diligence, and close certain deals to acquire companies.


  • Sell off portfolio companies at a profit

This is perhaps the end game for a private equity firm where it needs to exit their portfolio companies at a profit. The exit generally takes place within three to seven years after the original investment takes place. However, this does not necessarily mean the duration will take this many years, it all depends on the strategic circumstances.

Main sources of exit include: –

  • Growing revenue during the holding period
  • Cost-cutting
  • Selling the company at a considerably higher than the original acquisition
  • Paying debts that were used initially to fund the transaction


  • Raising money

This is normally carried out by senior partners in a private equity firm. Although, at a certain point in time there may be a designated team that works within the larger funds. This takes place every four to five years where the senior professional will go knocking door-to-door of international investors such as banks, insurance companies, pension funds or companies with high net worth individuals to help them raise money for their next fund.

  • Managed investments

When a company gets acquired, it needs to be managed until it gets sold off. This takes a couple of years’ time. However, a private equity professional is not involved in the day-to-day running of the company that they buy. But they need to keep a check on the performance and stay involved in making strategic decisions.

Other firms have specific teams who are responsible for managing these investments.

  • You need to source, diligence, and close certain deals to acquire companies

When these private equity firms analyze companies for acquisition, they need to take care of things such as what the company does, consider things such as the kind of industry the company is in, the role of the senior management, and the latest final performance of the company, and exit scenarios, etc.

A great amount of deal can come out successfully if the deal is made between a reputed partner firm or through professionals who reached out to potential clients through cold calls or investment banks that are representing the company.

Private equity qualifications include at least a bachelor’s degree in fields such as finance, statistics, mathematics, accounting, or economics.

A fact every private equity professional must know, most of the firms buy 100% ownership of companies in which they put in their entire investment. As a result, these companies will be in total control of the firm once the buyout is done.

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How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants Naturally Forever (and Never See Them Return)



How to Get Rid of Sugar Ants Naturally Forever (and Never See Them Return)

Exactly what do sugar ants and also human beings share? A craving for sweets. You, I, and also sugar ants can encounter each various other slipping up at twelve o’clock at night in the kitchen area attempting to please our sugar long for.

Nonetheless, unlike us, sugar ants never ever obtain diabetes mellitus, do not obtain overweight, and also a lot of absolutely they’re never ever on diet regimen. No matter just how much desserts they consume, they look completely slim, fortunate insects! That is why you see (in panic) sugar ants maintain marching back for even more pleasant things in lengthy paths of little sugar-lifting burglars.

The best ways to eliminate sugar ants, you question?

I recognize just what insects you and also I likewise have the options. Keep one’s cool and also maintain reviewing to find the very best all-natural methods to obtain eliminate sugar ants.

Fascinating Truths regarding Sugar Ants

  • Sugar ants (or grouped sugar ants) are really called Camponotus consobrinus
  • Sugar ants like all sweet points such as blossoms nectar, pleasant plants sap, fat and also oil, healthy proteins, and also they certainly have a point for your white sugar.
  • They are little in dimension (in between 2-15 mm)
  • Male sugar ants are black and also ladies are orange
  • Each nest of sugar ants has a queen, that is the just one to mate and also lay eggs. A sugar ant queen could lay hundreds of eggs in simply a day. She could meet 30 years.
  • They construct nests and also begin swarms inside timber openings, under rocks and also sidewalk, in the dirt, and also inside wall surfaces.
  • A sugar ant could raise 50 times its very own body weight! It resembles you would certainly raise an entire automobile then bring it easily for numerous miles.
  • They leave a route of scents behind them (like Hansel and also Gretel simply that as opposed to bread crumbs, sugar ants leave a route of perfumed chemicals to discover their back to food).

Sufficient regarding these sugar burglars. It’s time to figure out the best ways to eliminate sugar ants effectively making use of just all-natural active ingredients.

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Leading 10 Sugar Ants Natural Repellents

No Crumbs, No Ants

Initial points initially. Ants could track food as though they would certainly be FBI representatives.

So, points are very straightforward. No crumbs, no sugar crystals, and also no dairy products areas left unwiped on the kitchen area’s flooring indicates no ants in all.

Maintaining your flooring and also table tidy and also rubbed out is the initial and also crucial action in not having sugar ant in your home. And, among one of the most vital action in eliminating them. It could be one of the most vital sugar ants repellent if you ask me.

If you have an ant ceremony taking place in your kitchen area, check to see where is the splashed food that attracts them. Examine your cupboards, cabinets, or cupboard. After that tidy everything up. Here is one the best measures to take for pest control is Nature First Pest Control.

Locate Their Nest

Comply with the lengthy route of sugar ants to see where they go and also discover their nest. When you have actually had the ability to situate it, you could take the following actions and also see the best ways to eliminate sugar ants making use of all-natural, plant-based pesticides and also repellents.

Lock the Sugar Away

An additional all-natural means to obtain eliminate sugar ants is to save your food, particularly sugar, sweets, raisins, flour, pasta, rice, wheat, oat meal, almonds, coconut flakes, grains, and so on in impermeable containers.

Ants are really intrusive (with their large delicate antennas) and also have an amazing feeling of scent, so if you save the sweet food in shut containers, after that they will not have the ability to track the scent and also will not have open door to it.


Vinegar is an all-natural means to obtain eliminate sugar ants.

  • Wipe the flooring with it
  • Spray the ceramic tiles, doors, wall surfaces, cabinets, table
  • Spray the marching ants with it

This solution versus ants functions as lengthy the vinegar fragrance lasts (since vinegar reduces the scent of food and also sugar and also the ants’ route of scents that led them to the food areas in your home).

Pure vinegar will certainly eliminate them. So, vinegar is an ant-killer if you spray it straight on sugar ants and also in their nest, as well.

Diatomaceous Planet

Make the ants attack the dirt making use of food quality diatomaceous planet versus them. It is a risk-free, efficient, safe, and also low-cost sugar ants awesome.

This all-natural mineral is really fossilized phytoplankton. This white powdered mineral ruins the external layer of the sugar ants creating them to dry and also pass away.

Sprinkle this powder where you have actually seen ants marching: on the flooring, along the wall surfaces, around the refrigerator and also furnishings in the kitchen area, under the table, on the home windows, and also on the limits.

It is secure for children and also animals.

Sodium Bicarbonate

Sodium bicarbonate is an additional all-natural solution for sugar ants. Preparing a lethal blend with cooking soft drink and also any kind of pleasant things like syrup or sugar. Place it in a dish or on an item of cardboard and also area it someplace for them to get to. They will certainly consume it and also pass away.

Crucial Oils

I’m not mosting likely to inform you to fragrance the sugar ants with Rose or Vanilla oil. Some vital oils are outstanding sugar ant repellents and also pesticides. They are so solid that they reduced the trace of scents the sugar ants leave to track back the rewards.

The very best vital oils versus sugar ants are:

Crucial Oil Sugar Ants Repellent

In a spray container include

  • 2 mugs of water
  • 20 goes down Clove vital oil
  • 15 decreases of Lemon vital oil
  • 10 goes down Sage oil

Shake and also spray the sugar ants track. Spray anywhere you have actually seen ants.

Repeat every 3 days till you see no sugar ant any longer.

Maintain Sugar Ants away with Leaves of Bay

Bay fallen leaves are an all-natural sugar ants repellent.

Ants despise the means bay scents. So they will certainly prevent it. It is an all-natural sugar ants fix that is not unpleasant, foul-smelling, sticky, or made complex to prepare. And also, it does not eliminate ants, it simply chases them away.

So, benefit from this caring technique.

  • Merely area bay leaves on the flooring, along the wall surfaces, under your refrigerator and also table, in the garage, on the home windows, and also anywhere you have actually seen ants.
  • Placed sachets with completely dry bay leaves in your cupboards and also areas where you save your rewards.
  • Make bay powder and also spray it along the wall surfaces, in the wall surfaces or doors fractures, in sugar ants nest (if you find it).

Clean Ants Away with Soap

This is an additional all-natural solution for the ants that attack your home. Soap strikes the waxy carcass of sugar ants.

Thin down castile soap in water, I placed them on a spin in the food mill till all soap is liquified. Place it in a spray container, include some anti-ants vital oils and also you have actually made an easy and also efficient sugar ant repellent.

Sugar Ants Repellent Lemonade

Press 2 lemons and also include the juice in a spray container with water. You could likewise include 20 decreases of Lemon vital oil (or other repellent vital oil).

Lemon (and also lemon vital oil) includes d-limonene, which is hazardous to ants and also it likewise interrupts their scent route.

Consume this, pesky ants!

Repel the Sugar Ants Burglars with All-natural Solutions

Allow’s wrap-up currently. Just how do you eliminate sugar ants? Utilizing these all-natural treatments for sugar ants that are attempted and also real.

Several Of them are also vegan-friendly, for those of you that are caring and also do not intend to eliminate the little insects yet intend to protect an insect-free location in your home. And also maintain the sugar just to on your own.

Did you have issues with sugar ants in your home? What approaches did you attempt to eliminate sugar ants? Please, allow us recognize in the remarks listed below.

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Eight Success Tips Will You Increase Your Freelancing Income



Freelancing Income

For individuals who prefer being self-employed and use their skills to solve other business’s needs, freelancing is the best option. Freelancing holds lots of potentials as far as income is concerned. It might take some time to prove your worth, but once you succeed in impressing your employers through your work, there will be no looking back. How much you earn through freelancing, totally depends on you. More the hard work and working hours you put in, more would be the earnings.

Many new freelancers struggle to set their income goals, as the earnings are not fixed. This does create stressful situations for them. Many freelancers end up taking hasty decisions like charging more money, etc. the world of freelancing is very competitive. For any single job, there are hundreds of freelancers available in the market. One hasty decision may not only result in losing the job but might also cost you your loyal and regular employers. Be patient, and remember freelancing offers lots of opportunities as far as good projects are concerned. 

Freelancing Income

Freelancing Income

Some strategies that might help you in boosting your earnings as a freelancer are discussed in this article. Adopting them would help you increase your income without taking much stress.

Focus on your business first

Freelancing is a kind of self-employment which makes it a business. Like any other business, you need to invest some hours daily into it. This includes planning new marketing strategies, updating your website, planning new services, connecting with new employers or employees, etc., One of the biggest and most common mistakes committed by freelancers is ignoring the marketing of their business. 

The fundamental rule of any business is “people buy what they see.” Hence to attract more clients, you need to increase your visibility. You can achieve this via marketing your business in the best possible way. You can always start by building an attractive website for your business. Keep updating the content on your website especially about your finished and in hand projects, etc. if you are a freelancer with marketing skills, then maybe it’s time to use your services for your own business.

Re-evaluate your pricing

The fee you charged for your services would determine your income. Hence, pricing needs lots of attention. While billing your customer, you need to check whether you have taken all kinds of expenses in consideration or not. If you are not careful, you may end up cutting on your revenue margins. While billing your clients, be sure you don’t miss on any of the related aspects, this may include those extra hours you have to spend on planning or performing researches.

Increasing rates for your services is a very good option to increase your earnings. Sometimes this may also help in boosting your image as a premium service provider. Pricing is a very strategic decision. You need to consider various factors- price offered by competitors, your experience in the field, quality of service provided, etc. 

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Boost your reputation

Freelancing has become quite popular in the past few years.  Sustenance itself becomes a questionable element. You can only sustain the competition if you hold a good reputation. Hence boosting your reputation is very important. In would not only help you in attracting more clients but would also help you in retaining the existing ones. Most of the clients check the status, track record, reviews and feedback of the freelancers before considering them for their project. In fact, many clients don’t even mind paying some extra fees if you provide them with good quality services. 

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Eliminate frivolous expenses

Another approach to increase your earnings is to look on the other side of your financial statement ‘the expenses.’ Study your expenses, both professional and personal expenses, and try to find ways to reduce them. Many freelancers depend completely on freelancing as their source of income. Hence their personal expenses also start cutting out their profits. Try to identify expenses which you can live without and increase your profit margins without making extra efforts like increasing working hours, etc.

Stick to your schedule

Freelancing gives freedom of working as per your own terms. Without discipline, this freedom turns out to be a punishment. Having a strict schedule is very important if you increase your earnings as a freelancer. For example, if you are a late sleeper, try to plan your day in a way that you can work late nights. One of the easiest ways to increase your earnings is to take more work. However, for this, you need to set a target income which you want to achieve. Take work accordingly and work out a feasible time schedule in which you can complete that job. Try to stick to that schedule and complete the work in the decided time frame. 

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Ruthlessly budget the time you’ll spend on a project

In order to give their best, sometimes freelancers end up spending more time on the project against what was planned. Spending a few extra hours is acceptable, but if the number of hours increases beyond what you have budgeted, then there might be some problem which needs your immediate attention. Sometimes its need for being a perfectionist that results in those extra hours. If this is the case, then it’s time to bring a change in yourself and stick to your planned schedule. In many cases, your client turns out to the reason behind those extra hours. Check if your client is demanding more services than what was decided at the time of contract. If your answer is yes, then either ask your employer to pay you for those additional services or just say no to additional work. 

In freelancing, time is money. Every extra hour you spend on the project would cost you, your time, your effort and hard work. So, sticking to the set timelines is very important.

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Believe in the power of social media

Promotion and networking are very important for the growth of a freelance business. In this digital world, the best way to achieve this is through social media channels. The best part is that if used properly, social media may help you in getting works from local as well as international clients. Use social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Forums, etc. to promote your services. You may even join groups with same interests. Another way of promoting your business is by engaging yourself in discussions. Use these platforms to tell people about your services and how your services would help them to achieve their goal.

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Think bigger

If you are looking forward to increasing your income, maybe the time has come to start thinking bigger. If you have started as a part-time freelancer, but with the time you have succeeded in forming a place for yourself in this competitive freelancing market. Then maybe it’s time to spread your wings and start working towards taking as a full-time job. Similarly, you may have started as an independent freelance writer but with time if you have succeeded in establishing your own network and gained enough experience, then maybe you should think about taking a step further and open your own company. Establishing business goals would keep you motivated. So, set up new and high goals and try your best to achieve them.  

As per the dmb financial reviews, your actions play a very important role in your income. While working on the freelancing projects, always take out time to market your business. Hence keep updating your profile and portfolios, teaming up with other freelancers and use technology to promote your business. You may even look for learning new skills as this would help you in getting new projects. Success in freelancing is quite addictive, and once you get the taste of it, you would always desire for more. Be focussed and work smartly.

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Tips before Purchasing a High-Speed Camera



High Speed Camera

Although a high-speed camera is defined by its exceptionally high frame rate, there are a few other factors to consider before buying a high-speed camera.

While common video cameras use 24 to 40 frames per second (fps), a high-speed camera uses CCD or CMOS image sensors to capture high-speed objects at frame rate ranging from 500 fps to 1,000,000 fps.

However, there are several other factors to consider while purchasing a high-speed camera, as they might influence the quality of the video captured. Different applications require different specifications, hence, a thorough knowledge of them would help in making the right decision. Here are the different factors of a high-speed camera.


While purchasing a high-speed camera, one must be aware of the potential throughput that the camera can achieve. It can be calculated by multiplying the maximum resolution by the maximum frame rate at that particular resolution.

It is the most important factor to consider while purchasing a high-speed camera, as applications need a combination of both resolution and frame rate.

The growth in the throughput of high-speed cameras exhibits the exponential technological growth of Moore’s law more than in any other single camera specification.

Frame Rate

A high-speed camera is, first and foremost, defined by its high frame-rate. Before capturing a high-speed event, the required frame rate is chosen and the resolution is adjusted based around the available options and the region of interest.

Cameras featuring high-frame rate are increasingly entering the realm of consumer-grade electronics like smartphones and consumer cameras. While such cameras only provide frame rates of 120-140 fps, high-speed cameras start around 500 fps and go up to 1,000,000 fps.

According to a report by Allied Market Research, the frame rate of 1,001 – 10,000 fps is poised to grow at the highest CAGR of 8.9% from 2018 to 2025.

The report also estimates that the overall global high-speed camera market would reach $694.8 million by 2025, growing at a CAGR of 7.5%.

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The number of pixels available in the camera’s sensor is represented by the camera’s resolution. It determines the detail of the image and the precision with which motion can be calculated.

Most monitors and TV come equipped with 2.1 Megapixels, or 1920 x 1080 (width x height), or 1080p. One can digitally zoom in on an area of interest of a high-resolution image without losing significant details. It also allows for a much wider choice of potential aspect ratio.

Although the resolution is directly linked with the frame rate of the camera, the only fixed values are the number of pixels transferred and the number of pixels on the image sensor. Thus, as long as the horizontal and vertical resolution is not exceeded, the image can be of different sizes.

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Shutter Speed

Shutter speed is also known as “exposure time”, and is calculated by the amount of time a camera shutter is open to expose the camera’s sensor to light. Capturing low-light images require longer shutter speed, while fast-moving objects are best captured by shorter shutter speeds to avoid motion blur.

In applications such as ballistics testing, which require very high frame rates and very little motion blur, shutter speed is an important aspect. Capturing a shot with 500,000 fps and a 4x shutter speed will result in a crisp and un-blurred image than with 1,000,000 fps and 1x shutter speed.

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As compared to a monochrome camera, a color camera will generate more colorful, prettier, and interesting shots. However, they come equipped with multiple filters, including Bayer filter, an optical low pass filter, and an IR cut filter.

They block light in some way or form and decreases the quality of the video. However, a black-and-white monochrome imager will not only produce a brighter and crisper image but also one that’s accurate. Hence, it’s advisable to opt for a monochrome camera if your application is leaser based, near-IR based, or low-light based.

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Light Sensitivity

Although myriad factors affect the light sensitivity of the camera, a general rule of thumb is that a larger resolution sensor is less sensitive to light than a smaller resolution sensor, as each individual pixel is smaller in size and has fewer photons hitting it at any given time.

While opting for a high-speed camera, it’s advisable to not decide based on the ISO value, an archaic industry standard that hasn’t been updated for modern digital sensors. Instead, comparing the shots of two cameras with similar settings can provide a better objective criterion.

Event Duration

Finally, there are cameras that can offload the video at the same or faster speed than it is captured, and those that capture an entire event first and offloads it later at a much slower speed.

It’s advisable to choose one that meets the requirement, as long-record events and transient events necessitate different capture methods.

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8 Ways Gaming Can Make You Happy




Since the very early days of gaming (I’m talking Space Invaders and Pong) debate has been raging. What debate, you ask? The debate on whether videogames are good or bad for us. Personal and cultural biases, unfortunately, led many people to the conclusion that videogames cause many physical and mental problems. People just assumed this to be true, with very little scientific backing behind it. 

8 Reasons Why Video Games are Good 



Videogames are often called violent, destructive, inane, time-wasters, and other not so nice words. But consider this. Isn’t it human nature to blame something else for our own failings? If you look at how far both videogames and science have come, you’ll be surprised to know that videogames aren’t bad after all. In the age of accessible Spectrum internet plans, consoles, and computers, almost everyone plays. Usually without any harmful effects.

People often claim videogames make your performance at school suffer, but it seems that is not true. A study at both Queen Mary University, London and University College London found some startling conclusions. 72 volunteers played Starcraft (fast passed strategy) and The Sims (slow life-simulation) for 40 hours over a 6-8 week period. The results seemed to point towards enhanced cognitive flexibility in the Starcraft players. Even casino games can help improve memory. Card games like blackjack and poker have mental boosting benefits. Learn more about casino games with these excellent guides from OCBB.

In fact, as these 8 reasons can scientifically prove, videogames may even be the key to a happier you:

  1. Slows Down Aging
  2. Helps Decision Making
  3. Improves Eyesight
  4. Helps Make You Social
  5. Helps You Learn
  6. Improves Hand-Eye Coordination
  7. Improves Attention and Focus
  8. Can Help with Depression

Let’s take a brief look at each reason and see how they make gaming good for gamers. 

 Slows Down Aging

It is a known fact that healthy exercise and diet can help counter the effects of aging. But giving your brain cells a vigorous workout is also important. A study at the University of Iowa sampled over 600 people above 50 and asked them to play a certain video game for 10 hours a day for 5-8 weeks. According to the study, 10 hours of videogames can reduce mental decline by several years. 

Gaming Helps Decision Making

According to a study by researchers at the University of Rochester, videogames can improve our decision-making abilities. The study involved 50 adults with no previous gaming experience. These participants played an action video-game for 50 hours. Another group played a slow-paced strategy game instead. 

Due to the quick action and peripheral imagery, action games seemed to help the participants. It taught participants how to take in sensory data and translate it into good decisions

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Gaming Improves Eyesight



This might sound counter-intuitive but it is still true. A study in 2009 at the University of Rochester involved 2 groups of participants. The first group, (with gaming experience) played Unreal Tournament and Call of Duty. The second, more inexperienced group played The Sims 2. The study showed the first-person shooter players showing signs of better eyesight. This is because they improve an ability known as contrast sensitivity function. 

Helps Make You Social

Far from making you anti-social, Canadian and, UK-based researchers have found that gaming actually makes you more social. Gamers who take part in social gatherings are usually very friendly and communicative. Gamers form stronger relationships with other gamers as well. Far from the stereotypical basement dweller, isn’t it? 

Helps You Learn

People often claim videogames make your performance at school suffer, but it seems that is not true. A study at both Queen Mary University, London and University College London found some startling conclusions. 72 volunteers played Starcraft (fast passed strategy) and The Sims (slow life-simulation) for 40 hours over a 6-8 week period. The results seemed to point towards enhanced cognitive flexibility in the Starcraft players.

Improves Hand-Eye Coordination



This is one of the oldest arguments in favor of gaming and the science seems to back it up. Researchers at the University of Texas Medical Branch brought together high school and college students as well as medical residents. The group then performed virtual surgeries, with the high school students doing the best. The reason is that they play at least 2 hours of video games a day. While professional residents will perform better in real surgery, the study proves hand-eye coordination improves with gaming. 

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Improves Attention and Focus

A study involved 2 groups of experienced and inexperienced gamers to test if gaming improved perception and cognition. The groups were set several perceptual tasks in which the gamers outperformed the other group. The result? Videogames help improve your attention and focus.

Can Help with Depression

A study involved 168 teens who had previously shown signs of depression. Half of them played SPARX (a video game designed to offer therapy) while the other half received traditional counseling. The results showed SPARX players recovering from depression more quickly. 

Videogames are a billion dollar industry with an audience across borders and demographics. It is fairly obvious to many of us that videogames are here to stay. Now we know they are actually good for a happier and healthier you. So it’s time to get Spectrum Internet Support on the line and ask for an upgrade on your internet connection. Game away! And be sure to comment with any other benefits of gaming that we may have missed. 

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How News Portals Outperform Newspapers




News portals have invaded the news space to the point that print is now threatened. How news portals have outdone the conventional information source is subject to investigation.

For long, newspapers have been the primary source for information across regions, countries, age groups and occupations. We rely on print media to stay current on events happening at the local, national and global scale. Equally important is the way print media helps shape public perception of key issues and creates a mindset that brings change. However, newspapers are losing their ground steadily due to the penetration of technology into all spheres of our existence. We no longer wait for the newspaper to arrive to get our daily dose of information,
as ETV latest news is readily available on our Smartphones, tabs, and PC through its news portal.

Let’s consider some stats, courtesy MSNBC, to put everything in perspective.

● Adult workers spend more time on news portals vis-à-vis the conventional sources like print and television for accessing news.
● 35% of respondents preferred news web portals while 37% relied on the internet for news. With the emergence of established news portals, print media is having a hard time to sustain its readership. Let’s examine why:
(Food for the thought, every major newspaper has or plans to have a web news portal.)

News re-imagined:

News portals are redefining news delivery through all-inclusive content. While the scope of newspapers is limited to text-based content only, the web portals are free to incorporate text, videos and slideshows as well to create an impact. Remember, human beings are visually oriented, and we will respond better to ETV News Live better rather than reading it.

News on the go:

Our tight schedules don’t permit us to search for news on the internet or going through newspaper pages. News portals come to our rescue, providing us with a time-efficient and easy way to stay current on events that matter. Just click on the news portal app and help yourself to ETV Breaking News from the place and time of your choosing, even when on the go.

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Updated news:

There is a sense of immediacy when it comes to accessing the latest ETV News Karnataka. Newspapers usually feature news when it has been covered extensively by the electronic media. On the other end of the spectrum, news portals stream updated information on events as they happen. For instance, you wouldn’t wait for the next edition of the newspaper to know the outcome of an India-Pakistan World Cup match when it’s accessible on news portals.

Credible news:

Web portals typically gather the latest news from various trustworthy resources and cross checks it for authenticity before publishing. Plus, the majority of news portals are operated by large media houses whose reliability is at stake. So, if you think that print is more credible than news web portals for accessing the ETV News Tamil, it’s time to broaden your horizons.


While newspapers cater to a limited number of genres, online portals can spoil you for choices. From politics, economics, business, fashion, automobiles, design, IT, sports and entertainment to any other imaginable genre, the news portals keep you covered. Even regional events are covered extensively in the regional language on ETV News Kannada.


With newspapers, you pay to buy information but news web portals offer information without charging you a penny. Paying for ETV Marathi News does not make sense when you can access it at zero cost. All you need is a gadget and a steady internet connection.

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Apple Has Lost $450 Billion of Revenue Since October 2018!



Apple Has Lost $450 Billion of Revenue Since October 2018!

Just about three months ago, the California tech-giant was enjoying a smooth ride with profits coming in, constantly; considering the fact that it was also the most valued company on the planet, last year. But since October 2018, the freefall of its revenues has generated a lot of ‘negative buzz’ among the analysts, the investors, the consumers, and also those who are the admirers of Apple Inc. in one or the other ways.

Apple has so far lost $450 billion of revenue since October, which is more than even the ‘overall value of social networking giant Facebook’. The total value of Facebook is about $383.76 billion. Well, FB’s total worth is also more than the total GDP of some countries like Iran, Norway, and Austria!

Now, you can imagine how big the loss is for Apple, even taking into account that it’s still got a lot of money and will probably make up for the losses very soon.

On Thursday, the iPhone maker’s stocks fell by 9.96%.

Way back, three months ago, on October 3rd, 2018, when Apple hit a peak of $232.07 per share, it gained a market cap of $1.16 trillion. But now, it just dropped to a low of about $142.19 per share (new results may vary from the article’s figures), clearing out a massive amount of $450 billion from its revenue. And on Thursday, January 3rd, Apple’s market cap was standing at $710.97 billion, as per the reports of Macrotrends.

And now Apple has also lost its position as world’s third most valuable company to Google’s Alphabet.

Apple has been struggling to maintain its aura for a while now and many experts are saying that to boost the revenues further and by a large number, Apple should also try to enter the budget-flagship or budget range of smartphones, as per the current trend. But that, for now, seems unlikely since Apple is a luxury phone making brand and always keeps the priority very high for the value of its products.

But it needs to understand the changing scenario in the markets currently, across the globe. If it keeps going like this then brands like OnePlus and Xiaomi will eventually end up becoming the true ‘smartphone profit makers’.

It looks like a state of a ‘slight’ emergency for Tim Cook and his team to sustain the company’s growth, just like it was moving three months ago.

Even the famous tech YouTube channel Unbox Therapy also came up with a video recently, discussing how Apple should move ahead if it has to live up to the fast-growing trends. Lewis Hilsenteger, who runs the channel, also talked about Apple’s recent decision to make the iPhones in India, in 2019.
Source: Business Insider

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Watership Down Review – A Series That Teaches You Ways of Life



Watership Down Review – A Series That Teaches You Ways of Life

Cast: James McAvoy, Nicholas Hoult, John Boyega, Gemma Arterton, Peter Capaldi, Olivia, Colman, Ben Kingsley

Director: Noam Murro

Network: Netflix, BBC One

There’s always a point in life when you are confronted with the most inevitable hardship, you’ve ever faced. What do you then? Well, if you’re a fearless and optimistic being then you fight it till the moment you win, despite knowing it will destroy you. That’s exactly the thing BBC One and Netflix’s co-produced animated mini-series Watership Down tells you to believe. Never lose your hope, your courage, and your spirit to fight.

There’s no great thing that this series does, but what it does is simply subtle yet relevant; tickling your thoughts about the world, humanity and yourself too.

Although it’s a second time that the famous 1972 novel’s story (Watership Down by author Richard Adams), has been adapted, it still feels like a refreshing take. When it was last adapted as a movie, back in 1978, by Martin Rosen and John Hubley, it was appreciated critically.

The latest take by BBC One (released on December 22nd, 2018), and streamed by Netflix from December 23rd, 2018, is a commendable one since this animated series keeps one thing constant – the essence and struggle of the characters. Throughout the four episodes, you are never let down by its impact of various emotional scenarios that it dives into. And yes it’s a story about the survival and adventures of a group of rabbits, still, you’re left asking questions to yourself too. Because there are lots of similarities you can make out.

The magnificence of the rabbits’ characters also come from the fact that they are voiced by famous actors like James McAvoy, John Boyega, Nicholas Hoult, and also Ben Kingsley.

The story is about the home-ridden group of rabbits who have to find a new warren for themselves, but are faced with constant obstacles and challenges in form of the ‘evil warren of Elfrara’.

Now, calling it an outstanding version of the novel won’t be justified but the way it’s been handled by director Noam Murro is admirable. Yes, the animation will disappoint you in scenes needing more expressive relations among the rabbits. It’s not having one of the best and highest standards of animated effects by any means. Many of the fans of the novel may ignore this series based on just this aspect. But still, it deserves your attention.

The voice cast is the biggest reason for you get hooked to it from the very start and till you reach the end, you’re left satisfied; inside your heart that you completed the journey with those rabbits too. They succeed in touching your heart, in many ways. And because there are so many, it just becomes all the more emotional and relatable.

Main characters like Hazel (voiced by James McAvoy), Fiver (voiced by Nicholas Hoult), and especially Bigwig (voiced by John Boyega) are hard to miss. And a very important role of a bird, named Kehaar (voiced by Peter Capaldi), is the highlight to look for. Despite he’s for only a few scenes, he leaves a great impact; especially towards the last episode he turns out as a ‘brave hero’. Other supporting characters like Clover, Bluebell, Captain Holly, and Hyzenthlay catch your attention too.

General Woundwort (voiced by the great Ben Kingsley), shines as a depiction of pure evil, just like a ‘human interpretation’. He is merciless, cruel, unforgiving, and as fatal as possible. Kingsley’s voice just makes him all the more compelling.
Female rabbits involving Clover (voiced by Gemma Arterton) and Hyzenthlay (voiced by Anne-Marrie Duff) play an important part in the storyline too, by playing key roles in tough, demanding situations.

On a broader level, this series may seem to be just an average-animated adaptation but when being observed in a deeper manner the relevance can be clearly understood. The relevance of being a human, having generous qualities, being free of hate, and any inhuman characteristic. You are taught the ways of life through a bunch of creatures who are never down on themselves, no matter what. They always stay together, fight together, ready to die for each other and share great empathy.

This series deserves a second season, without any doubt. Because it will be really-really exciting to see what the rabbits do next on their new adventure that their life takes them to. And hopefully, the animation will be even better next time.

For now, it’s still a great watch. If you’re a fan of cartoons, animals, tales of varying emotions, while also expecting some important life lessons, then Watership Down is for you, definitely. Not to mention the fantabulous theme song, Fire on Fire, performed by singer Sam Smith, which is tremendously charismatic to your ears.

Watership Review. Image Source: self-created image by author

Watership Review. Image Source: self-created image by author

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