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Wonder Woman Becomes The Most Popular SuperHero among Australian kids



Wonder Woman Becomes The Most Popular SuperHero among Australian kids
Wonder Woman Becomes The Most Popular SuperHero among Australian kids
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Wonder Woman is truly ruling the new superhero age, where the male dominance is not necessary any-more! And this news will really bring the smile to many of you who are also a fan of Princess Diana of Amazon. Thanks to the last year’s DC blockbuster, Gal Gadot has really swayed the world by her Wonder Woman impact that has literally taken over the already established superheroes who were fan favorites for many years, until now.

Wonder Woman Becomes The Most Popular SuperHero among Australian kids

A recent survey among the kids has found out that Wonder Woman is the most popular superhero in Australia, defeating the likes of former bests, Batman and Superman! The other competitors included the likes of Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk and many more.

The research conducted by Roy Morgan’s found out that out of 2500 kids he surveyed aged between 6-13 years, Wonder Woman was the most loved comic book superhero.

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This survey’s data was then extrapolated for the Australian population and after which the results that came were astonishing in comparison of the most popular superheroes in recent years.

The results showed that Wonder Woman’s popularity had grown since 2016 and around 368,000 kids chose the Amazonian goddess over her famous male counterparts. It’s an increase of 192,000 in 2 years since in 2016, it was only around 176,000.


In the top 5, there were four DC superheroes, and only one was from Marvel, and without any doubt, it’s Spider-Man. After Wonder Woman, on the second spot is Batman, then Spider-Man, Superman and Flash. Batman was still the choice of around 303,000 kids, though it was a decrease of 80,000 from 2016.

Other than the top five superheroes, the other three were Hulk, Iron Man and Captain, coming at 6th, 7th, and 8th spots, respectively.

Actress Gal Gadot has really brought wonders for the DC’s strongest comic-book female superhero, and she’s now gaining her own recognition instead of being recognized as one of the members of the Trinity, the nickname for the trio of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, in the comics.

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Last year, the first ever live-action feature film on Wonder Woman smashed many box-office records and was the biggest hit of summer. It made Gal Gadot a household name and even brought her accolades for her performance and acting prowess. Along with it, the direction of Patty Jenkins was just fabulous to watch.

The film even came close to being nominated for prestigious Oscar categories, like the best director, best picture. And now, its sequel, Wonder Woman 84, is also going to release next year.

Following the footsteps of DC, Marvel will also come up with its first ever female superhero movie, Captain Marvel, in March 2019. It only means one thing, for sure, that gone are the days when superheroes were only known by male faces and figures. The future of women domination is here to stay and spread-both in fiction and reality.

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