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Wonder Woman Becomes The Most Popular SuperHero among Australian kids



Wonder Woman Becomes The Most Popular SuperHero among Australian kids
Wonder Woman Becomes The Most Popular SuperHero among Australian kids

Wonder Woman is truly ruling the new superhero age, where the male dominance is not necessary any-more! And this news will really bring the smile to many of you who are also a fan of Princess Diana of Amazon. Thanks to the last year’s DC blockbuster, Gal Gadot has really swayed the world by her Wonder Woman impact that has literally taken over the already established superheroes who were fan favorites for many years, until now.

Wonder Woman Becomes The Most Popular SuperHero among Australian kids

A recent survey among the kids has found out that Wonder Woman is the most popular superhero in Australia, defeating the likes of former bests, Batman and Superman! The other competitors included the likes of Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk and many more.

The research conducted by Roy Morgan’s found out that out of 2500 kids he surveyed aged between 6-13 years, Wonder Woman was the most loved comic book superhero.

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This survey’s data was then extrapolated for the Australian population and after which the results that came were astonishing in comparison of the most popular superheroes in recent years.

The results showed that Wonder Woman’s popularity had grown since 2016 and around 368,000 kids chose the Amazonian goddess over her famous male counterparts. It’s an increase of 192,000 in 2 years since in 2016, it was only around 176,000.


In the top 5, there were four DC superheroes, and only one was from Marvel, and without any doubt, it’s Spider-Man. After Wonder Woman, on the second spot is Batman, then Spider-Man, Superman and Flash. Batman was still the choice of around 303,000 kids, though it was a decrease of 80,000 from 2016.

Other than the top five superheroes, the other three were Hulk, Iron Man and Captain, coming at 6th, 7th, and 8th spots, respectively.

Actress Gal Gadot has really brought wonders for the DC’s strongest comic-book female superhero, and she’s now gaining her own recognition instead of being recognized as one of the members of the Trinity, the nickname for the trio of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman, in the comics.

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Last year, the first ever live-action feature film on Wonder Woman smashed many box-office records and was the biggest hit of summer. It made Gal Gadot a household name and even brought her accolades for her performance and acting prowess. Along with it, the direction of Patty Jenkins was just fabulous to watch.

The film even came close to being nominated for prestigious Oscar categories, like the best director, best picture. And now, its sequel, Wonder Woman 84, is also going to release next year.

Following the footsteps of DC, Marvel will also come up with its first ever female superhero movie, Captain Marvel, in March 2019. It only means one thing, for sure, that gone are the days when superheroes were only known by male faces and figures. The future of women domination is here to stay and spread-both in fiction and reality.

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Virtual Reality is Taking the Adult Entertainment Industry to a New Level



Virtual Reality is Taking the Adult Entertainment Industry to a New Level

Virtual Reality Popularity is Exploding

Virtual reality is becoming more and more popular. What started as a niche product that allowed you to watch videos has become a global phenomenon. In 2020 5.5 million VR viewing devices were sold. That number jumped to 11 million in 2021 and is projected to reach 43.5 million by 2025. The overall market has grown right along with it. In 2020 the VR market size was about $2.6 billion and is expected to reach $18.6 billion by 2026. The most explosive growth has come in the gaming, healthcare, and education sectors. Gaming is still the big dog on the block with 61% of users reporting using VR primarily for playing games. As quickly as VR has grown and expanded, nowhere is that more evident than in the adult entertainment industry.

image 9

VR and Adult Entertainment are a Perfect Match

The adult entertainment industry has always been one of innovation. In its early years, it was among the first to embrace video then DVD, and eventually streaming. VR porno is the next logical step. Adult content producers have quickly adapted to shooting for VR. The early adult VR videos were a little rough-looking and not very impressive. Today, however, with 4K (and in some cases 8K) resolution video and full 360 degrees viewing, adult VR has become a fully immersive experience.

There are a few ways the adult world is using VR to grow and offer more options for its customers. First, VR allows them to shoot scenes that feel interactive. The actors in the scenes interact with you, whisper in your ears, and make eye contact with you, allowing them to create scenes that feel real. There are also some adult VR games, but the newest way VR is being used in the adult world is with live cam chatting. There have been live cam models online broadcasting themselves out into the world since the early 2000s. However, adult cam models are now using VR as a way to interact with their viewers. Now you can feel like you are right there in the room with the model while you tell them what to do and interact with them in real-time. It takes what was already a personal experience and makes it incredibly intimate and impressive.

image 8

Several sex toy companies are working on toys you can connect directly to your VR viewer and synch up with the video you are watching. The toys will vibrate, contract, or otherwise activate when they are signaled by the video. You no longer just have to look, you can now feel what it is like to reach out and touch them.

VR is Just Starting

As more and more adult content producers shoot scenes for VR, sites like SexLikeReal are becoming a library of sorts for all this content. They gather the best adult VR scenes from around the world and put them on one easy-to-use app.

Aside from the tech world, other business sectors are now embracing VR. Among the top are banking, investment, and education. As of 2020, 26% of businesses reported using VR/AR to train employees and 70% of professionals asked said they believe their organizations would be focusing on developing VR/AR training. 

From gaming to workplace training, communicating with people around the world, to entertainment, VR is quickly growing and will soon become a regular part of our lives. With most major tech companies now working on the development of hardware and software for VR, the future for this exploding technology is very bright!

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How To Watch True Beauty Korea Drama



How To Watch True Beauty Korea Drama

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, there’s something about watching beautiful people that brings out the best in us. In Korea, its tradition and cinema are one of the most visible ways to display your beauty. It’s also one of the oldest ways of advertising your worth, so it makes sense that beautiful people would choose to keep their appearance under control as much as possible. The general rule is that for anyone who sees other people looking good, it’s cause for celebration not cuckolding. As a result, you can watch some of the world’s most beautiful women and men on screen with a minimum of discomfort. Here are 5 Ways to Watch True Beauty Korean Drama.

image 3

Watch TV Shows

You may have heard that Netflix has started streaming original content, but it’s not just good TV that they’re streaming. Every Sunday night, they feature a new series, and on Monday they’re offering the second half too. So if you love television, you should definitely check out what’s in store for you on Netflix.

Go to a Theater or Film Festival

Theater and film festivals are the perfect places to watch True Beauty Korea Drama. They offer a wide array of different styles and characters, which makes it easy to mix and alternate between different points of view. So when you see “The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful” at the festival, you might see a performance of “The King of Glory” or “The King of the Night.” Just make sure you don’t overthink it or start to feel envious. You don’t need to see anything amazing to be happy it’s the act itself that’s beautiful, not the looking.

Take a Break Before the Show Starts

It’s not just the cinema and the theater that’s the perfect place to watch True Beauty Korea Drama. You can even get in touch with your favorite celebrities through social media or Instagram. You can also stay in touch with your TV family on a daily basis via iHeartRadio’s hour-by-hour stream if you want to keep up with the latest and greatest.

image 2

Go on a Date with an Actress

If you’re lucky enough to meet an actress you like, get ready to have an amazing time. It’s not just about the sex, though it’s about the experience, too. Just like with the cinema, you can mix and match different points of view on a date, so you can watch “The Good, the Bad, and the Beautiful” as a husband, a wife, or a new training operator. It’s not just about the sex either it’s about the experience, the love, and any connections you make during the date. It’s the connections that keep you going, the people you meet, and ultimately, the beauty that’ll Set You Free.

Stay in Touch with Your Favorite Stars via Instagram or Facebook

You may have heard that Facebook groups are now mandatory in the United States, but they’re not the only way to get in touch with your favorite celebrities. You can also use any platform you like to make contact with your favorite actors and actresses. TV, film, and even games are just a few of the many options. If you want to stay in touch with your favorite people, you can also use social media accounts that post daily life updates and photos.

You don’t need to be an expert to observe beauty, but you do need to be able to recognize it. That is, of course, if you want to keep your beauty hidden. To get the most out of your beauty budget, it’s important to invest in makeup products that stay put and don’t sparkle. Try using foundation layers (for light complexion types) or a BB cream (for darker skin types) before heading out for the evening. Finally, wear gloves when applying your favorite skin-food color combination before heading inside to watch your favorite TV show.

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Japanese Swords for sale: Why they are special



Historical warfare stories usually discuss the importance of fighting skills using swords. No wonder, the samurai always come up in such discussions. For many years, the bravery of samurai has been unmatched. Their combat skills are usually associated with the strength of swords they have. A Samurai Katana for sale is made up of high-quality steel that goes through repeated heating, hammering, and folding. This repetition of the process makes sure that air bubbles that may form in the steel are removed. This post discusses why these swords are special.

The production process

The process involved in producing a samurai sword was always and still remains an elaborate one. This process requires a great deal of perseverance and conviction. As explained earlier, the repetition of the process has various benefits. It ensures that the air bubbles that can form in the steel are removed. These air bubbles can sometimes weaken the sword during heating.

Another advantage of repeating this process is that repetition puts layers to the sword’s surface. This is a good thing to do because it increases the strength of the sword.

Lastly, repeating the process makes sure that carbon is distributed evenly throughout the surface. It’s worth noting that carbon tends to have naturally-occurring strengthening properties.

The cooling process

After heating, hammering, and folding the Japanese sword to the satisfaction of the swordsmith, it needs to be cooled. But they cannot cool it by directly submerging the sword into cold water. If they do this, the surface of the blade can become brittle. Likewise, if the swordsmith cools the blade too slowly, the blade can become blunt.

Therefore, a swordsmith needs to have the right level of cooling. To get the best level of cooling, a swordsmith uses a thin layer of clay which is a combination of water with the clay and ash. They apply this on the cutting edge of the sword to cool it down. 

When doing this, they keep the blade hard and sharp while on the other edge they apply a thicker layer of the clay to make the blade shatter-proof and sturdy. As a result, the Japanese sword usually has a sturdy backbone. The iconic samurai blades, such as Tachi and Katana are often curved because the two edges cool at different rates.  

Keep in mind that the sword symbolizes the soul of the swordsman wielding it. No doubt, katana as well as other samurai swords are majestic-looking weapons that come with the right strength any piece of steel can give besides the care and patience of a master craftsman. 

In conclusion, over the years, swordsmiths have mastered the skills of making various types of swords by differentiating the size, curvature, and handle. This has helped to serve a variety of needs on the battlefield and beyond it. Some of the Japanese swords you can find on the market include the tanto, katana, tachi, and wakizashi. These swords have their unique qualities and the samurai used them in duels or other types of conflicts.

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