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“The North” Vs The Major West : In which direction are talks with North Korea heading?



"The North” Vs The Major West : In which direction are talks with North Korea heading?

While the world in today’s time is divided into three major segments when it comes to any topic of discussion (for, skeptical and against), one thing which we collectively bring our beliefs, thoughts, and emotion is the suffering of the people of North Korea.

Stripped off of the most basic necessities of life for centuries, one could only imagine what follows next.

A ray of hope has never been as prominent for the world and for the North Korean people until talks opened up last year about a possible square off between the two most talked about and controversy centered countries in the world both at the extreme ends of the development divide (the United States and North Korea), regarding a possible summit to make ends meet and put an end, not only to the great suffering and violation of human rights but also to the much talked about ‘Nuclear Program’ which has taken up the center stage whenever North Korea has been taken into consideration. After a much successful and positive summit, we still end up asking ourselves “What’s Next?”

With delegates from both countries in talks since the past three months, it is still difficult to predict where the overall decision is heading because of the lack of the key elements of ‘Trust’, whoever gives in at to the others needs at this stage will be a morale booster for the country.

While the United States emphasizes on a complete De-Nuclearization first, the Hermit Kingdom is bent on getting an ease of its overall sanctions and embargoes. With North Korea’s Minister of Foreign affairs Ri Yong Ho stating that there is ‘No Way,’ they would go for De-Nuclearization if the United States continued pushing for tougher sanctions at the United Nations General Assembly held on the 25th of September/2018.

With North Korea claiming to not take a further action leading to De-Nuclearization, with one Nuclear test site already being dismantled at their end, the US continues to emphasize on further issues only after complete De-Nuclearization has been done, it is clear that there is a lack of trust at both ends.

It is clear the North will not let it’s complete guard down until it has developed some sort of trust in the United States and the United States will not ease sanctions till the North gives in completely due to previous experiences, it is tough to see who has the ball in their court at this moment.


Mike Pompeo the US Secretary to State is flying out to North Korea next month to discuss further details  pertaining to the North’s weapons program and for a possible second summit between President Donald Trump and Leader Kim Jong Un, but developing trust needs to be the first and foremost thing to get things moving in such a tense environment.


The talks at both ends seemed positive till now building up to the United Nations General Assembly only for things to seem a bit shaky when there was an exchange of beliefs from delegates of both countries, while Mike Pompeo claims that the United States wishes for the best of North Korea but it wants a concrete and verified commitment of De-Nuclearization till then continued sanctions would be the way of America to deal with them, Ri claims that the concern of the UN Council which voted in favor of sanctions against North Korea is a “Very concerning stand” but the country’s first step towards disassembling its Nuclear site should be appreciated and rather well rewarded through a slight ease of sanctions. Mr. Ri also went on to claim that “The United States should be mistrusted more than North Korea as it too has it’s own Nuclear Arsenal and is, in fact, the only country to have used nuclear weapons in war”.

While some critics claim an ‘equal reciprocation’ would be a good start from the end of the United States, others think it is only good if North Korea and it’s regime let go of its weapons completely for the betterment of its citizens and the world. North Korea not only demands to ease sanctions but also to put an end to the Korean War (1950-53) on which they have a mutual agreement with South Korean president Moon Jae-In.

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The initial steps taken by North Korea have been scrutinized by many, but have earned the likings of countries like Russia and China who feel the same should be well rewarded. However, Washington clearly looks at the bigger picture and feels the only way to put an end to nuclear program is through choking the North through numerous sanctions which not only are focused on giving a massive financial blow to its nuclear program but also other economic sanctions, with basic help in terms of flood reliefs and other related things to be provided for.

It is clear that America’s long-term policy for everlasting peace is clearly different from North Korea standpoint viewing the non-easing of sanctions as ‘Hostile Policy’ and claiming that the  UN General Assembly views the final decision not from a general standpoint but from the stand Point of the United States.

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‘BTS’ Becomes Fastest Korean Artist, debuting after 2000, To Cross The Mark Of 10 Million In Total Album Sales



The fans of the K-Pop artist, ‘BTS’ have got another reason to rejoice as the South Korean boy band has set a new record, becoming the fastest Korean artist, debuting after 2000, to reach the mark of 10 million in total album sales.

As per the data released by Gaon Chart, on their recent November album sales figures, BTS has surpassed the 10 million mark in their album sales. They sold around 10,023,081 copies. The sells figures were released on December 8th, 2018 by Gaon Chart.

‘BTS’ band consists of 7 members who are Jin, Suga, J-Hope, RM, Jimin, V, and Jungkook.

What’s even more amazing and surprising is that ‘BTS’ achieved this remarkable feat after just 5 years and 6 months of their debut, back in June 2013. And adding to that, the K-Pop boy band sold nearly 5,003,455 copies in this year alone, from January to November! So the band is also the highest-selling Korean artist in 2018.

The band had a total of 12 Korean releases, spanning from the debut single ‘2 Cool 4 Skool’, in 2013, to their last released album ‘Love Yourself: Answer’.

Talking about their latest album ‘Love Yourself: Answer’ which was released on August 24th, 2018, then it also became a sensational hit, selling around 2,619,519 copies. And the album also made the record of highest-selling release, on Gaon Chart.

The ‘BTS’ has become a fan favorite across the globe with their enchanting styles and great songs and also the way they use the music.

This fame is also hard earned by the boys themselves, which speaks for itself. It is also reminiscent of the success of One Direction. The British band was also hugely popular due to their charismatic songs and styles of its members, namely Zayn, Louis, Liam, Niall, and Harry.

But ‘BTS’ seems to be on a great track and their success story has just started. It’s a long journey to a new height, which they will eventually achieve.

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China Develops Artificial Sun Which Is Hotter Than Real One



China Creates Artificial Sun That Is Hotter Than The Real One

China has actually made a development in nuclear combination growth

Chinese scientists got to a brand-new turning point with their ‘synthetic sunlight’ that was made to duplicate the procedure our all-natural sunlight utilizes to create power.

In a press to discover a significant tidy power resource, scientists in China have actually developed a synthetic sunlight that can get to temperature levels of 100 million levels Celsius, a warm so extreme it makes the actual sunlight appear warm comparative.

As China’s sunlight is an experiment for nuclear combination, it will not be introduced up right into the skies like their phony moon

RT records: The earth-based solar simulator has actually gotten to psychedelic temperature levels of 100 million levels Celsius, the research study group revealed Tuesday. Currently, that’s warm. For contrast, the actual sunlight’s core has to do with 15 million levels Celsius.

The Institute of Plasma Physics, associated with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, claimed it has actually been examining an “synthetic sunlight,” called the Speculative Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST). The sci-fi-sounding device has actually been made to duplicate the method which the celebrity at the facility of our planetary system produces its gigantic power.

© Institute of Plasma Physics Chinese Academy of Sciences

EAST is a big, donut-shaped equipment established inside a round box. Situated on Scientific Research Island in Eastern China’s Anhui District, the job is making use of nuclear combination to produce enormous warmth; it sets you back a large $15,000 a day simply to activate the equipment.

The objective of the EAST is to comprehend nuclear combination and also to someday utilize it as a different resource of power in the world. This can lead the way for making use of tidy power– presently, atomic energy developed with fission leaves a resilient poisonous waste.

The information comes not long after China revealed its strategies to turn out a collection of phony moons to brighten metropolitan roads during the night. The ‘moons’ are really satellites, and also the hope is that they can change basic road lights and also conserve power.

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New Upcoming Facebook Live Video Shopping Features



Facebook Is Working on A Live Video Shopping Feature
  • Facebook is currently testing a live video shopping feature for some Pages in Thailand.
  • The feature was first spotted by some users and was confirmed officially by the platform.
  • The new feature will allow merchants to accept payments via Facebook.
  • We have all seen home shopping network channels on TV, but with e-commerce taking over its place teleshopping’s popularity has declined over the years. Facebook is reported to be working on a new feature that will bring live video shopping directly on the social media platform. Just like live teleshopping, viewers can request the merchants to demo products and describe their wares in live video sessions.

    Facebook Live Video Shopping
    Image Courtesy of Facebook

    Using the live video shopping feature seems pretty straightforward going by reports. Users do not need to call a phone number or email the merchant. All they need to do is take a screenshot of the product and send it to the seller on Facebook and payments can be requested directly from the chat app. The whole feature is designed around existing tools available on Facebook, and you do not need to leave the platform at all for ordering products.

    Currently, the new feature is limited to a few pages in Thailand and if it receives a positive response, it will be rolled out to all major markets over time. The feature was first spotted by Jeff Higgins and was later confirmed by Facebook officially.

    Facebook product manager for Marketplace Mayank Yadav revealed that sellers need to register for the service and there will be a waiting list for approval. Not everyone will get access to the feature, and there will be a verification process in place to prevent frauds. The platform will not charge transaction fees for payments, but it could generate revenue through video ads.

    Facebook seeks to compete against eBay, Craigslist, and Etsy and it might manage to break into the e-commerce market as it has its real-name policy and social graph which customers can rely on. Most other online shopping platforms do not let you in on the identity of the sellers, and you are always at risk of fraud.

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    Philippines President Duterte: Catholic Church Run by ‘Evil’ Pedophiles



    The Catholic Church is run by evil pedophiles who do not worship the Christian God, according to the Philippines President Duterte.

    The Catholic Church is run by wicked pedophiles that do not praise the Christian God, according to the Philippines President Duterte

    Head of state Duterte stated in 2015 that he had actually been abused by a clergyman when he was a pupil of Ateneo de Davao College as well as additionally stated 3 Cupboard assistants had actually been molested by pedophile clergymans.

    Knocking the Catholic Church as “ one of the most sanctimonious organization” in the whole globe, the forthright head of state mocked Catholic diocesans as “worthless fools,” and also exhorted his fans to take a no-mercy method when it concerns pedophiles in the clergy.

    Eliminate them,” Duterte stated in a speech on Wednesday. He additionally asserted that 90 percent of clergymans are homosexuals and also consequently need to not “ propose on my principles.

    No violation planned, I have many loved ones that are gay. I have 2 brothers-in-law that are gay, yet a lot of the clergymans there are homosexuals. Virtually 90 percent of you, so do not propose on immorality,” he included.

    Duterte has actually shed persistence with the ‘worthless fools’ running the Catholic Church
    RT records:

    The Catholic Church has actually advised Duterte to soften the unsupported claims after 3 Catholic clergymans were eliminated last December “since such assaults can unintentionally inspire even more criminal activities versus clergymans.”

    Unrepentant, he rather got in touch with Filipinos recently to develop their very own churches as opposed to lining spiritual leaders’ pockets, informing them, “You do not need to go to church to spend for these boneheads.”

    Duterte, like 90 percent of Filipinos, was increased Catholic, and also he cleared up in a later speech to federal government authorities that he is no atheist yet just relies on a various divine being than the Catholics– one that “has a great deal of sound judgment” as opposed to the “silly God” that developed initial wrong right into a “excellent” production.

    Last month, Duterte buffooned the International Wrongdoer Court, disregarding its courts as “pedophiles,” “alcoholics,” and also “boneheads” and also intimidating to put among its district attorneys as the Hague tribunal examined him for criminal activities versus humankind.

    Jude Sabio, a lawyer that intends to compete Us senate following year, sued versus Duterte in the ICC in May 2017 on costs associated with the increasing casualty of his medicine battle.

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    Ofo,Chinese Bike-Sharing Company Ventured into Blockchain



    Ofo, A Chinese Bike-Sharing Company, Seems to Have Ventured into Blockchain – Sun Dec 2 – Btc Bitcoin News

    Ofo customers in Singapore have actually discovered a brand-new function in their ofo application on 28 th March. This seems component of their ‘Flight to Mine’ project, where customers will certainly be awarded symbols upon conclusion of their flights, with the task being based upon the blockchain modern technology.

    APRIL 2018

    Right Here are a couple of screenshots from the ofo Singapore application. As detailed, ofo customers will certainly get GSE symbols by riding, as well as have the ability to make use of these symbols in various situations within the wider sharing economic climate or profession with various other symbols in the future.

    Ofo’s rival, Mobike, enacted its investors’ conference the other day as well as passed the Meituan purchase situation. There lacks an uncertainty that both greatest gamers in the bike-sharing field are making enthusiastic relocations one after an additional, producing an affordable landscape that is frequently in change.

    As a leading modern technology, blockchain is spreading its impact around the globe, with applications throughout different sectors. Its special recommendation, mainly because of its decentralization as well as immutability, makes it a perfect modern technology for sectors such as money, enjoyment, regulation, IoT, and so on. Regardless of that, applications of blockchain within the sharing economic climate stays unusual yet it appears that ofo wishes to be the pioneer to leader the marital relationship of blockchain as well as sharing economic climate.

    This will certainly not be the very first time where ofo tries to venture right into blockchain modern technology jobs. According to released details, on 8 th February, Ethereum block internet browser’s information showed that the ofo chain was checking its network. Ever since, there has actually been suppositions that ofo would certainly establish foot right into blockchain as well as problem symbols based upon ERC20 The overall quantity of symbols released was claimed to be about 100 million yuan. Nonetheless, ofo rejected the report as well as shared that it was an incorrect information rotated to take advantage of its brand name credibility for their very own gains.

    According to Li Xiaolai, self-proclaimed “wealthiest Chinese in Bitcoin”, that revealed in a WeChat team that ofo appears to be planning for an ICO. Consequently, Chen Weixing, that remains in the very same WeChat team, mentioned that ofo has actually reviewed with him on countless celebrations relating to the most effective methods to perform blockchain tests. It was later on validated that ofo never ever thought about an ICO as well as merely wished to make use of blockchain as well as token to develop brand-new manufacturing connections.

    Referencing the above details, ofo’s endeavor right into blockchain seems real. They have actually selected to do a dry run in Singapore since the blockchain modern technology setting there is even more adaptable. Incorporating the principle of sharing economic climate with blockchain likewise permits ofo to be extra affordable as well as enthusiastic in its lasting company strategy.

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