What Goes Into Good Social Media Content : Facebook Posts

With the gradual onset of Social Media in our day to day lives now reaching to a complete takeover.
The question of the hour is “What comes next?” With all of our lives (from personal information to our recent whereabouts in terms of stories to pictures) being online and accessible to anyone at the click of a button it now boils down to how someone expresses their feelings or moods (pictorial and non pictorial), this is done by and large through posts on Social Media(s).

What Goes Into Good Social Media Content: Facebook Posts

This article addresses one such giant in the Social Media circle ‘Facebook’. Though facing a major downfall now, Facebook was at the epitome/apex and the first company to enhance the Social Media experience on a full-fledged basis.

Like any other application or Social Media website Facebook offers an opportunity for everyone to be heard (from a struggling startup to sell its products, to a customer not satisfied with the purchase they made or an outbreak for a social cause or justice), the list is just about endless.

What do big MNC’s, Small Start-Ups, An unsatisfied consumer or just a casual Facebook user have in common? The answer is the ability to post, to express and most importantly to convey and to be heard, all of them post endless paragraphs sometimes accompanied by pictures to tackle and create a mood, an experience, a feeling or an overall change in opinion of the masses to play to their advantage.

The question is ‘Who has the time to read through and through such endless paragraphs and look for an inference?’ Nobody.

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That is where this article comes into play to help understand “What is essential and what is not” when posting online whether it is when tackling an unethical company, selling a product, writing for cause or simply posting a picture with a loved one to show the world the bond that you share.

The segment of consumers is divided into two segments ‘Loyal’ and ‘Casual’ (this also comes into play when you’re posting pictures with your friends, because people who are already interested in your content and share the beliefs that you do will read your content regardless of how long or boring it is). But what about the other side of the coin? The casual customer.

When writing a good post which has to go out to the masses, it is important to understand that your clientele will include first-timers (who’ve never heard about you). In order to counter every sort of consumer it is important to understand that one always needs to ‘be on point’ because being on point helps you convey your thought in a short and crisp manner or in simple words “being effective” one example being an apparel company marketing its double-sided jacket which just mentions “because two jackets are better than one”.

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A good post will always be very short and crisp but it will create a long lasting and sudden impact on the reader’s mind. Posts in today’s time cannot belong and endless because no one(ranging from a potential consumer to just a casual friend has the urge and time to read very long articles).

Best Practices –

  1. Keep the posts short and crisp.
  2. Emphasis on short phrases with a big impact (targeted directly towards a need or feeling)
  3. Strong short phrased messages (for eg. United by our differences, United in strength)
  4. Explaining features and moods in one word rather than long sentences.
  5. Being to the point and clear in conveying the purpose or benefits, even if paragraphs are written (preferably shorter)
  6. Be strong with words i.e. not being unsure or by using words like Hopefully, Try or maybe.
  7. Share your belief system rather than your ideas (make people believe in what you believe and they will automatically believe your idea)
  8. Write a few short phrases and then choose the best one, take feedback because it always leads to improvisation.

A good post like any product has to impress to sell. From a selling standpoint it is pretty obvious that the “Time to offer a product” (A social Media post in this case) and most importantly creating apt and intense feeling of the reader towards the topic being discussed, the most important thing which overshadows the rest is a “belief” which one needs to put in to what they’ve to offer. If you can make your client/counterpart believe in what you believe in terms of ideas and Interests it will always help in getting across the message in a more efficient and clearer manner, also contributing to the betterment of some institution/company/individual or Social Cause.

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