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Decline of Face to Face Communication due to Technology



Decline of Face to Face Communication due to Technology

Growing concern exists among researchers regarding the effects of the Internet on youth regarding potential risks to safety, well-being, and skill development. Recent technological advancements have had a drastic impact on the way individuals communicate. The 20th century was epitomized by youth staying connected through face-to face interaction or the use of the landline telephones.

The decline of Face to Face Communication due to Technology

According to statistics gathered by ComScore Networks, 713 million people ages 15 or older, which was 14% of the global population, used the Internet in June 2006.

As technological advancements are made, the residual impact of social networking on society’s young generation is of valuable importance to researchers in the social work field. Left unattended, the lack of skills to effectively communicate and resolve conflicts in person may negatively affect behavior and impair the ability to develop and maintain relationships. Modern conveniences such as using cell phones and the creation of social networking sites (Facebook, Myspace, YouTube, Twitter) for interaction have shown a variety of influences in the research. Further, the 2010 Media Industry Fact Sheet reported that two-thirds of the population over the age of 13 are connected by cell phones, Therefore, it is the purpose of this Article to examine the impact of social networking and mobiles being the main culprit on the skills of communication and conflict resolution within the young adult population.

“Who are we when the internet is gone?”

This has become the question and concern for many leading phycologists in general and is the topic of this research paper. Do you remember the last time you had a peaceful evening meal with your family without your phone beeping for a message or group chat? Social media has had an impact on every generation ranging from mild to extreme.

Although the increasing technology and constant innovation in today’s time is making lives easier, that everything is accessible and available to us at the touch of a button, but the same is becoming a bane rather than a boon as rather than using the same for long distance and emergency purposes and the same is being used to call a friend or family member who is sitting in the next room (one instance) or sometimes even in the same room. Everything being a click away is making physical and verbal interaction fade away from our lives. Some of the main culprits for the same have been tools like instant messaging which started off as texting. While for some using social media is for merely creating a virtual world/getaway for themselves and for some it is out of being lazy. It is an addiction for all and leading to our communication methods declining and the elimination of emotions as well, deteriorating relationships.

Example: Having 3000 friends on Facebook and not even 5 mean something to us. This is ruining the quality of social interaction that all human beings need. There is a need to make relationships that count last and not rely on technology to do the job for us.

The presence and the constantly increasing advancement in Technology have led to things becoming ‘easy’ as everything is available at the click of a button, at the same time it has ‘texts’ have started replacing and acting as the intermediaries in people life instead of actual verbal communication which is a matter of concern.

If a brief chronological analysis is done for the same then we can see that: –

  • 76% of households reported having a computer in 2011, compared with only 8% in 1984
  • 72% of households reported accessing the Internet, up from just 18% in 1998
  • 90% of American adults had a cell phone of some kind, and for people under the age of 44, the number was closer to 97%

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After interviewing more than 300 young people and 150 adults in a lot of studies, it was found that children were often times the ones complaining about their parents’ obsession with technology. It was also discovered that many children believed their parents paid less attention to them than to their smartphones, often times neglecting to interact with them face to face until they had finished responding to emails, due to parents being involved excessively on social media in front of their own children, it sets an example for children to do the same as well. Hence. The next generation is fully immersed in social media, unlike its partial predecessor.

The transition from email to instant messaging to texting is one where the graph of social media spiked up with 75% using this medium and 48% doing so at least once a day. This format is typically private and can be an opportunity for adolescents to practice and develop social skills.

Different speculations regarding how and why are people especially young adults attracted to social media have been taken into consideration. While some say it’s just seen as a platform by them for instantly staying in touch with their loved ones and contact them instantly for sharing their thoughts and emotions, for others it is like a virtual getaway wherein they can express their thoughts unknown people and associate with them through varied perspectives and in some extreme cases it is an entry into a individuals world of desire a virtual world which the person doesn’t have in real life.

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Successfully maneuvering through life requires attaining a set of skills, for example, the

ability to communicate with others and work through conflicts, that are acquired through

different avenues during a person’s developmental journey. And if there is continued reliance on social media for the same then an individual’s ability to handle real-life conflicts will absolutely become nil.

The conclusion to this article is that the usage of Social Media has become a subconscious culture/habit within our heads and as each generation that takes birth on this planet is gradually being fully hardwired to use social media and technology by birth, only a witty guess would determine what the future has in store for humans and technology as the dependability of the former on the later is much more than just the required use.

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How To Accept An Employee’s Resignation? (Editable sample inside)



happy employee

At the workplace, individuals build personal and professional relationships as it becomes like their second home. However, most of the relationships are temporary. The employees work for the growth and there comes a time when an employee resigns to end the tenure at your workplace. There can be multiple reasons that made them take the decision.

Nonetheless, whatever the reason is, as an employer you should understand. If solving their reason for leaving the company is not in your hands, you know that it is time to accept their offer letter. From seeing the appointment letter format too seeing their resignation letter, there is a lot that an employer manages.

Tip: It is a bad practice to not treat the employee rightly and making him feel like a traitor in the company. You should stay humble and cooperate with them through the notice period. Remember, it’s the reason that is making them leave the company and there are no personal grudges between the employee and the company. SUSTAIN THAT. Period.

Here is how you can write a letter of acceptance which conveys your respectfulness and greatness towards them.

Tips to Write a Letter Accepting a Resignation

The first and foremost thing you should do is acknowledge the fact that you have accepted the resignation request.

One of the first steps in a good resignation policy is to acknowledge that you accept an employee’s request to resign. Besides, here are some more tips to follow. Take a look.

  1. Use the format of business letter- Using this format will make your letter sound more professional and structured. Top left corner should have contact information of the company and then the data and contact information of the employee. The letter should also include a handwritten signature.
  2. Accept the resignation- Accept the resignation letter and then mentioned the date of release i.e. the last day at work.
  3. Express that you understand- You should tell the employee how valuable he or she has been to your company. Also, mention that you understand, and respect the decision they have made. Infact, you are also willing to provide assistance, if required. Give them a reference letter if you want to.
  4. Keep the letter in records- You should keep a copy of the letter in the employee records before giving one to the employee who has resigned.

Now let us quickly look at the sample just like you look at the appointment letter format at the time of hiring any employee.

Sample Resignation Acceptance Letter

Your Name



City, State Zip Code


Employee Name


City, State Zip Code

Dear ABC,

This gives me great regret to formally acknowledge the receipt of your resignation notice on ________. Your resignation letter has been approved. As per your request, your final day at work would be _______ at ___________.

Working with you has indeed been a true pleasure. I, on behalf of the team and myself, wish you all the luck for your future endeavors. Let us begin the resignation process as you talk to the HR team.

In case you have any questions, please contact the office. Once again, thank you for the positive attitude you have had and all the hard work you have put in all these months/years to accomplish the company goals.



Name of the Manager

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What are the difference of Premium EJuice vs. Regular EJuice ?




The most delicious of delicious, the most delicious of yum-the best of e juices! You’ve been asked what was your favorite flavor and heard loud and clear! Let’s not waste more time and get to the response to this ancient issue: What’s the best vape juice?

The word “premium” is an addition to a standard cost. Premium e-juice will, therefore, be more costly than standard ejuice, first and foremost. The issue is, in addition, to cost, how does premium and regular vape juice vary? Because the FDA banned vape juice sampling in vape stores, it may seem like a gamble to pay extra. While there are no difficult and quick rules, it is anticipated that the end product of premium e-juice will differ in this way compared to standard e-juice:


  • Consistent taste per bottle
  • Complex and accurate recipes
  • Proprietary or rare flavorings
  • Smaller batch size
  • Unique tasting
  • Traceability per bottle
  • Harder for DIYers to clone


  • Susceptible to inconsistency
  • Generic recipes
  • Off-the-shelf flavorings
  • Made for mass consumption
  • Tastes like other brands
  • No traceability
  • Easier to replicate

Why is premium e-juice so expensive?

Ask any DIYer and they’ll inform you the components of e-juice are inexpensive! All vape juice, regular or premium, contains the same fundamental ingredients as PG and VG, water-soluble flavors, and nicotine as an option. Wondering where that additional cash is going makes sense. Assuming that e-juice is really premium and not merely marked and priced as such, these are few possible explanations for the price rise.

Production: Premium e-juice is typically produced in cleanrooms and laboratories certified by ISO. The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) certification “provides world-class product, service and system requirements to guarantee the quality, security, and effectiveness.” These laboratories ‘ operating expenses constitute an enormous investment in premium vape juice brands.

Testing: Typically, high-quality and costly products have third-party laboratory batch testing for autonomous evaluation. Using GC-MS, this test guarantees quality control and traceability that regular e-juice brands may not be able to afford.

Proprietary ingredients: The most premium brands of e-juice often use aromas that are not accessible or sold to customers. They operate directly with professional flavor chemists to produce proprietary flavorings and extracts for B2B sales only. A distinctive item warrants a greater cost for a flooded market such as the e-juice sector.

The best way of vaping premium vapor juice Most premium e-juice varies from $0.70 to $1.00 per mL in 2018. The expenses can rapidly add up depending on how much vape juice is used every day. Without breaking the bank, the simplest way to vape premium liquid is to use mouth-to-lung starting vapes that provide maximum flavor with the reduced vapor production. The less vapor your device produces, the less your atomizer consumes e-juice. If you use a cloud-chucking sub-ohm tank, it may be financially prohibitive to use premium e-juice.

Are you supposed to fill your tank with premium?

Your wallet and taste buds are your greatest consultants when it comes to it. If the premium price is not available, attempt to catch it on sale or shop around with excellent reviews for bargain-priced e-juice. While premium e-juice should taste better and be of better quality, the taste will be subjective at all times. If you’re inexpensive and satisfying your favorite e-liquid, you’re all set. If it’s not reducing what you’ve been vaping, you should attempt some premium e-juice.

Best of Cheap Vape Juices:

The increase of the premium e-juice brand has created life a bit hard for anyone seeking the best affordable e-juice. It appears that the most-recommended products are becoming more and more costly, and it may seem like you have to spend a little to discover something of high quality. That’s not always the situation, though. There are actually loads of choices out there for inexpensive vape juice, and many of them are constantly putting out delicious flavors.

Inexpensive e-juice may not sound particularly appetizing, but the truth is that to get something high-quality, you don’t really need to pay much. For the finest cheap vape juice, here are our top 10 options.


E-juice is at the core of the vaping process. It contains the nicotine we love and the flavor we love, but as well as finding the right flavors to help you stay smoke-free, it is essential to learn how to take care of your juice and keep your family safe. In short, finding the correct e-juice is an experimentation method that is guided by suggestions and research, and remaining secure is about acknowledging the potential hazard and exercising your common sense. However, both of these are often said more easily than accomplished.

If you want to know more about e-liquid safety, in our safety series we have a whole section devoted to the subject, and if you want more juice suggestions, check out some of our best lists for best e-juice products, best VG e-juice, or particular flavor kinds (such as tobacco and vanilla custards).

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Reasons Why Your Mattress Is Important to Your Sleep



Which Type of Mattress is Best for overweight people?

Many people wake up tired and often also with an achy back even after enough for the night. They usually try to find what’s wrong with their sleep or health, but they almost never consider one of the most important factors influencing their sleep, which is their mattress.

A mattress tends to affect the overall quality of your sleep in more ways than one, making it a very important factor to consider when you’re trying to treat any issues related to your sleep.

Let us walk you through a few of the ways below in which your mattress affects your sleep.

Lower Your Stress

Well, of course, a mattress can have both positive and negative effects on your body and mind, depending on the condition it is in.

If you sleep on a good mattress, you may experience your stress levels going down just with a good night’s sleep. Older mattresses, however, typically do not offer this benefit, especially if they are older than 8 years.

Lead to Allergies

You would be surprised to know that your perfectly clean looking mattress may be home to millions of tiny dust mites. This is considered to be a major factor for 20 million Americans falling prey to different types of allergies every year.

Better Sleep Council recommends that this could be prevented to some extent by periodic cleaning of your mattress. However, all mattresses reach a point where they just can’t be cleaned “enough” anymore, and need to be replaced.

New Mattress and Back Pain

Can even a brand-new mattress cause back pain? Surprisingly, the answer is yes.

And that’s because the type of mattress you buy is just as important as replacing a very old mattress. Mattresses like an ultra-plush mattress may sound amazing, but they can do more harm than good to your back, as they do not promote a healthy curvature in your lower back when you’re sleeping on them.

It’s the reason many people recommend sleeping on a mattress before buying it, so that you can be sure of both the comfort and support it offers.

Fail to Eliminate Fatigue

What is a night’s sleep if it can’t help eliminate the feeling of fatigue? Well, the thing is, the quality of sleep a mattress offers tends to deteriorate significantly with time, so a very old mattress may not help much with your fatigue.

Cause Body Ache

There are many negative effects an extremely old or bad mattress can cause to your body, and body ache is one of them.

Many times, when a mattress gets too old, lumps start forming on it. They might seem harmless at first, but over time, they harm your lower body and lead to body aches.

Serious Health Hazards

Yes, a poor mattress can even lead to more serious health hazards if not replaced in time. A sign to look out for is a creaking sound from your mattress when turning and tossing in it.

This sound indicates that the springs of your mattress aren’t working properly, leading to a poor support for your back and neck, and eventually ending up in a serious health issue over time.

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8 Motivational Reasons To Learn Music




Music becomes a significant feature of life, without which its hard to survive. Nowadays, when violence and extremism have crept human life, learning music is the only source to find peace in the world. Music becomes an impeccable part of our world from a wedding and funerals to graduation ceremonies or other formal events. On every occasion, a different style of music makes the day special. Listening or playing music in the morning and night time helps humans to rejuvenate and make their bad day better.

Music also gives us a way to express our feelings that we don’t usually let people see. Therefore, learning is vital in our life. Here are some more reasons supporting this:

Table of Content

– Medium To Express Feelings

–  A Channel To Communicate With People

– Brings People Together

– Release All Tensions

– Sharpen Memory

– Music Makes You Creative

– You Can Understand The Composition

– Music Makes To Discipline And Responsible


  1. Medium to Express Feelings

Music acts as a medium for people to express their feelings. They can explain what they think in a universal language. Music does not provide a single way to communicate with the audience, but you can be a singer, rapper, instrumentalist, make a band with other people, teacher or anything you love to become. Many people today are afraid of getting rejected. Therefore, they try to hide or sit in a crowd. Music can be their real companion that helps them to come out of every situation.

  1. A channel to Communicate with People

Many times you won’t get words to express yourself. Music helps you to communicate with people and express how you feel from inside. The missing words go deep into the audience’s heart and they understand what you want to explain. There are some cases when you want to express your feelings via some instruments but not getting appropriate words. In those cases, you can find writers written songs that help you to say what you can’t speak.

  1. Bring People Together

Learning music is the best way to enhance your social circle. Music has no language, therefore it helps to bring the world together in many ways. Music lovers can also come under the same niche either by the same taste of music, willingness to learn something new, performance under certain contest or other ways. All these ways help them to share religious, language and culture. They get close to one another.

  1. Release all Tensions

Music is a powerful instrument and helps in relieving stress in any of the forms of mental, emotional, psychological, or physical. People suffering from serious illness or who are going under medical surgery, listening or playing music helps them to come out of stress and keep their mind calm. In the study, it was found that people who play or listen to music recover faster. Therefore, cancer patients are allowed to listen to music and reduce anxiety.

  1. Sharpen Memory

According to research, the repetition of rhythm and melodies helps our brain to understand the pattern and enhance memory. Therefore, in many schools, music is specifically added in their time-table. Their aim is to refresh the student’s mind with musical class and they can focus more on studies. In addition, learning special instruments like violin, piano, cello or GuZheng involves special learning patterns to play well. That helps in focusing more and maintain mental abilities.

  1. Music Makes You Creative

Music provides you with a great way to become more creative. Using your brainpower, you can create new tunes that go miles away. Creative artists have special demand everywhere. Someone rightly said, music fuel the mind and fuels our creativity that allows you to make greater discoveries and inventions. Therefore, you get a chance to gain a high wealth along with making your dreams come true.

  1. You Can Understand The Composition

Most of the time we heard new music or composition and astonished how musician had composed. These compositions touch our heart and soul. Learning music not allow you to wonder on others but provide you with new ways to compose your own music. Your creativity can also help you to create new and better music. Otherwise, you get the reason to follow your ideal. In short, Learning makes you comfortable with actual composition and helps to produce new.

  1. Music Makes To Discipline And Responsible

Learning music makes one more organized at work and studies. The amount and dedication learner put in learning music reflects in his instrument when they play. As they say, you reap what you sow. Remember, mastering a new skill always takes time and effort. As you schedule your time for learning, develop the skill of discipline. On the same side, while playing you always prefer your instrument must be in mint condition all the time. Because the instrument quality affects your learning skills that develop a sense of responsibility. Learning will affect your life and makes you more responsible and disciplined.

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Author Bio: Ronnie Neo is working as a manager at Ensemble Music – a wholesale retailer of instruments and accessories and also provides music lessons to kids such as cello lessons, piano lessons, guzheng lessons, and Violin lessons in Singapore. He has a passion for writing and loves to play an instrument.

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10 Different Types Of Holi Celebrations Around India



As the celebration of shades is around the bend, I make sure that the majority of you should have planned your day for the parties. Holi is not simply the celebration of shades yet it likewise generates the happiness and also joy to our lives. Throughout India, this celebration is commemorated with much interest and also happiness. Yet do you people understand that Holi is understood by the various names around India and also is commemorated with diverse practices? So, below in this post, we have actually noted various sorts of Holi parties around India.

1. Punjab- Hola Mohalla

Punjab- Hola Mohalla

Punjab- Hola Mohalla

Hola Mohalla, likewise referred to as Warrior Holi is commemorated in Punjab a day prior to Holi. This celebration is observed by the Nihang Sikhs that sing and also do fighting styles on this particular day.

2. Kerala- Manjal Kuli

Kerala- Manjal Kuli

Kerala- Manjal Kuli

Holi celebration is not limited to North-side, it is also commemorated in the southerly states yet with a various name and also custom. In Kerala, Holi is referred to as Manjal Kuli which is commemorated in the Gosripuram Thirumala holy place.

3. Barsana town, UP- Lathmar Holi

Barsana town, UP- Lathmar Holi

Barsana town, UP- Lathmar Holi

Well, this is one of the most uncommon type of Holi commemorated in India. In Barsana, the Holi celebration is not simply commemorated with shades yet with lathis also. Yes, you heard it right. Throughout the parties, the girls repel guys with the lathis and also guys shield themselves with a guard.

4. Udaipur, Rajasthan- Royal Holi

Udaipur, Rajasthan- Royal Holi

Udaipur, Rajasthan- Royal Holi

On the Holi eve in Udaipur, citizens lit a bonfire to obtain eliminate fiends. As well as this event is done at a grand degree by the Mewar royal family members. The expensive procession consists of the imperial band and also embellished equines.

5. Goa- Shigmo

Goa- Shigmo

Goa- Shigmo

It is a large springtime event in Goa that includes the Holi celebration. Below, the farmers do road dancing and also standard people.

6. Kumaon area, Uttarakhand- Khadi Holi

Kumaon area, Uttarakhand- Khadi Holi

Kumaon area, Uttarakhand- Khadi Holi

Khadi Holi is played in the Kumaon area and also throughout the event, citizens use standard garments, dancing in teams and also sing Khadi tunes. In this area, Holi has various music variations particularly, Khadi Holi, Mahila Holi, and also Baithaki Holi.

7. Manipur- Yaosang

Manipur- Yaosang

Manipur- Yaosang

In Manipur, Yaosang is commemorated for 6 lengthy days which begins on the moon day. The primary emphasize of this celebration is the people dancing, Thabal Chongba. The Hindus in Manipur likewise play Holi with shades in the standard method.

8. West Bengal- Dol Jatra

West Bengal- Dol Jatra

West Bengal- Dol Jatra

On Dol Purnima, a procession is obtained on the roads with the idolizers of Radha and also Krishna. As well as to include even more enjoyable to the event, guys spray shades and also water at this procession.

9. Bihar- Phaguwa

Bihar- Phaguwa

Bihar- Phaguwa

In Bihar, Holi is referred to as Phaguwa in Bhojpuri vernacular. Nonetheless, it is crucial to light the Holika in Bihar prior to playing Holi. Later on, the celebration is commemorated with water, shades, and also people tunes. Usage of Bhang is likewise the component of the Holi event in the state.

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10 Assam- Phakuwah

Assam- Phakuwah

Assam- Phakuwah

In Assam, Holi is referred to as Phakuwah which is rather much like Bengal’s Dol Jatra. Still, below the celebration is commemorated for 2 days.

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