With Great Price Comes Great Fault: iPhone XS & XS Max

In the era of technology where smartphone companies lock horns at all price points in the market and it’s an all-out battle to provide the best features at the best price, a dynamic CEO can only wonder what could go wrong now?

The undisputed king of the smartphone market ‘Apple’ ends up asking itself the same question after it’s crown jewel and perhaps the most expensive smartphone in the market the iPhone XS Max faces a major charging problem.

With Great Price Comes Great Fault: iPhone XS & XS Max

Apple which has recently been under scrutiny for its high price premiums (43% in countries like India), and low quality accessories which perish in a very less time and burn a hole in the consumers pocket when one considers a repurchase and selling some accessories separately like wireless chargers and EarPods, needs to provide a major justification to even its most loyal set of customers that why a ($1500) phone wouldn’t charge until not woken up from an idle state.

Users across various platforms and online forums have taken up centre stage to express their unhappiness with the issue, whether you’ve waited in line outside an Apple store for days or waited for a week at home for the phone to be delivered one thing is clear “this is not what the wait is worth for”.

The renowned Tech YouTuber (Lewis Hilsenteger) or as many might know him by the name of ‘UnBox Therapy’ was one of the first people to put light on the issue on a major platform, in which he tested 10 iPhone XS phones in his studio of which 8 had to be woken up out of idle state by tapping on their screens so that they could start charging, and in the remaining two the lightning cable had to be flipped for them to start charging.

In any scenario, it is very clear that Apple which has been the apex in the smartphone market and whose phones are considered a pinnacle in the smartphone market by many has many questions to answer, as the phones that have been replaced also have the same issues.

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With a small fraction of Tech Heads and loyal Apple fans claiming that it’s a software issue rather than a hardware issue, Apple best pray its the former, because the later would lead to an overall recall of all units from the market which will be an embarrassing situation for the brand.

A much-awaited response is still pending at the company’s end.

The question of the hour is how does the company aim to justify such a major fault (if there be) while demanding higher prices with every phone it lands in the market.

The recently launch of the new Flagship products of iPhone XS, XS Max and XR have led to United States based customers of Apple question the company’s pricing strategies as well, as the New iPhone XS is 50% more expensive (at launch) than it’s predecessor the iPhone X, with both phones being launched at $1500 and $1000 respectively.

By and large most countries have seen a 50% price hike from iPhone X to XS, some proclaimed Tech Gurus online were able to break down the price point and pricing strategy of the product in their respective countries. One such YouTuber by the name of Technical GuruJi (an India based Technology review and unboxing channel) explained in one of his Videos that Apple has gone so far as to consider ‘1$ = 100INR’ current value being ‘1$ = 72INR and how all that has been done to price the phone is a country like India it has simply multiplied its value in Dollars by 100, which adds to the extra premium and the increased 50% price margins.

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In an extremely competitive market, where there is edge to an edge and cut throat competition only time will tell which companies capitalize on this blunder made by Apple and try capturing its Loyal Customer base (Samsung being the first and foremost).

An official statement is still awaited from the end of the Tech Giant, however Tim Cook & Co. should keep fingers crossed and hope the problem pertaining to 80% of their devices gets rectified with the next software update else Apple will face one of the biggest blows a that a smartphone company has faced in a while after Samsung’s more than controversial battery explosions in it’s Note 7 model.

With the market being divided into Hardcore apple users and Anti-apple consumers, many have started asking the question, “Is this the beginning of the end of the smartphone market leader?” will Apple finally be dethroned to be replaced by a new King?’ Only time will tell.

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