Hollywood is known to make films which blow up our minds and are beyond imagination. After asking, who would have thought that things like Hollywood zombie Movies, magic even exist? But now, courtesy of Hollywood movies, we love watching them. Don’t you?


So in this article, I am going to list Top 7 Zombie films that you all must watch at least once in your lifetime.
Here they are –

7. ZOMBIE 3 aka ZOMBIE FLESH EATERS 2 (1998) :

This us a low budget film created with the sole purpose of capitalizing on the success Dawn of the Dead. Directed partly by the Italian gore-meister Lucio Fulci and by Bruno Mattie, the plot of the story is something like this. A military experiment goes seriously wrong. It happens in a sneak island and soon the living dead start their havoc. A group of kids and militants were stuck in an abandoned resort trying to figure out a way to survive. The film features a plethora of insane moments, such as a machete-wielding corpse who is so fast that he nearly chops off the lead actresses’ head…in front of the camera!!! Go watch it.

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6. TRAIN TO BUSAN (2016) :

Originally from Chinese cinema, this dubbed-English movie is a killer. It\’s a not-so-action-but-some-emotion type film. The plot has a father taking his daughter to her mother (yes, they are divorced!) on her birthday, in a city where the dead are on a go due to a failed experiment. They travel by train and soon find that most of the passengers are already infected. The next whole story shows his the father saves his daughter she snotty pregnant woman, lastly losing his own life. It\’s a great film to be Frank, with a too much emotional ending.

5. [REC] (2007) :

Purely a terrifying film, this one is another killer. The plot shows the cast enter into a locked down tenant full of demonic creatures, and then shoot it out with a camcorder. The monsters presented here are fast and ferocious, delivering a number of bloody shocks. Even if the creeping dead don\’t get you throughout, I bet the final moments will. [REC] goes out on a genuinely terrifying note that has quickly become one of the most horrific images in genre history. I recommend you to check it and it\’s sequels out.

4. SHAUN OF THE DEAD (2004) :

This one was a sleeper hit even though it got a limited release. Shaun is a complete slob who can’t seem to get his life together, his love life in particular, but he can always count on his best friend, Ed. This is when they find out that their city is affected by the dead. This one gets a place in this list because of having many hilarious moments. From the tutor itself you can get it. If you want a comedy-horror flick, check it out.

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3. WORLD WAR Z (2013) :

This is a apocalyptic horror film that stars Brad Pitt as lead. The film plots about a former UN employee who gets stuck in a city full of dead. Later on he is saved by his friend but has to help the military fund a vaccine for the disease in order to make a safe place for his family. I don’t want to be a spoiler, so check out the whole film yourself!!!

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There\’s nothing much to say about this one because it I\’d already an acclaimed and praised movie. One, it’s the only film in the fractured series to refer back to the events of the original. Night of the Living Dead was nothing more than a fictionalized version of the true events. And this sequel is just the same. Two, it is the most successful of all the zombie films because along with terrifying serious nightmares, it also has abundance of comedy in it. It\’s a must watch thing to say.

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I didn\’t even think twice before putting this on Numero Uno. It\’s because it is deserving. The whole series is just badass and awesome. Full of breath-taking scenes, these films tell you what a real zombie is. Hats Off to the makers, the cast is surreal. The whole film revolves around two names, The Umbrella Corporation and Alice. Yeah, the former being the destroyer, the latter is the saviour. Umbrella Corp discovered a virus named T-virus which turned normal ones into dead. Alice vows to stop the Corp and the story is about the difficulties she faces, which of course are the Zombies!!!

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