Top 7 AI and Robotics Inventions of this year

Robotics engineering has taken a long path ahead in 2018 and although the year has not ended, there have been exciting instances of what the future possibilities of robotics may look like. The most influential robotic inventions that have been unveiled this year prove to have a potential to change the way mankind transacts, shops or goes about the daily chores. Here are the most enthralling Robotic Inventions of 2018 that can help put together a picture of where the future of the industry lies.

1. Ubtech Robotics Walker

Ubtech has been a pioneer in the industry with its humanoid robots, including an Alexa-enabled robot that can perform yoga too. However, the robot Ubtech previewed at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) expo is its most ambitious project.

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2. ForwardX CX-1 Robotics Suitcase

CES 2018 showcased a notable tech the first smart suitcase custom built to follow the owner. Recently unveiled ForwardX CX-1now called as Ovis is an autonomous piece of luggage designed to follow you around as you make your way from point A to B, and everywhere in between. Smart Technology isn’t it! This autonomous suitcase has been commercially launched in Indiegogo (international crowd-funding website to buy unique products), with early bird pricing beginning at $399.  The robotic suitcase has been implanted with a pair of eyes and brain and represents a meeting between a wheeled gadget and computer vision, armed with the intelligence and cognition to tackle complex problems like predicting the user’s path while avoiding obstacles.

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3. Somnox Sleep Robot

Do you have irregular sleeping cycles? Do you toss and turn, read for hours to finally catch a nap? What about an assisted sleeping robot that may help your way to sleep? Surprised? Well, Somnox’s sleep robot can actually do that. The Somnox sleep bot looks more like a massive peanut; you hug it, to feel the soft rise and fall of its body, mimicking the users breathing. This calming effect is programmed to lull the user to sleep, as the breathing begins to match the slower pace of the robot’s own, while the soothing sounds help to relax the mind.

4. Boston Dynamics SpotMini

Boston Dynamics, known to come up with uncannily agile robots, has unveiled its first commercial product to market, a small, dog-like robot it calls the SpotMini.

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5. RoboMart: 

Robomart is the world’s first driving store, and makes trips to the grocery store a thing of the past. Robomart is an AI-assisted autonomous vehicle programmed to bring you foodstuffs to order. The robot is a blessing to food retailers who can lease the technology, and autonomously fulfill online grocery orders at a speed of up to 25 miles per hour. Robomart’s pilot launch is scheduled this summer for the Bay Area in California.

6. Sophia

Although Sophia the humanoid has been the talk amongst robotic circles, and there have been iterations in previous years, it was at the 2018 CES that Sophia made it to the news. Sophia is the brainchild of Hong Kong’s Hanson Robotics and is one of the most impressive displays of empathetic artificial intelligence and smart technology.

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7. Kuri

Kuri looks bright for a massive adoption with its pre-orders already starting to ship. The robot is full of features, including its ability to answer questions and monitor the user’s home which works on an array of sensors. Simple in design and useful around the house, it seems likely that Kuri is the first robot that may soon become a reality in everyday life.

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