When Apple meant ‘Steve Jobs’: Remembering the man who ‘thought different’

The very first Apple Keynote, on June 29th 2007, was a revolutionizing event which changed everything forever-the way we used to look at the technology. That single event 11 years ago, made us change our opinions towards the handheld devices and we ‘embraced’ the technology in a way that is inexplicable nowadays.

The man who was responsible for that revolution, is not anymore among us, but his presence is felt by that one historical event, 11 years ago! It was when the first iPhone was introduced to us.

But it’s not just about iPhone, or Macbook, or iPad, iTunes, iPod or anything else that Apple introduced in a progression of time. It was about the man himself, who thought different! And his name was Steve Paul Jobs.

The entire world went in shock and mourning, the moment Jobs’ death became viral. It was 7 years ago, same day, but a dark one which was to be followed by an irreplaceable void-it was on October 5th 2011.

Of course, no individual is perfect by any means; nor was Jobs himself. The only thing which made him stand out from his contemporaries, was his focus. According to him, one should always focus and follow one goal at a time, even if it means refusing 100 other great ideas.

Throughout his tenure at Apple, after the big comeback of course (1997), he made it important at Apple that only priorities be taken into consideration to prevent a chaotic situation. It was his vision when the first iPod came into existence to enable every person on this planet to really enjoy music in an unimaginable manner. It was his vision when the biggest and by far the greatest ever device, in iPhone, was originated. Jobs wanted a device that could perform every task whether it was creating documents, taking photos, talking over calls, or availing the multimedia features.

It was his vision when the first tablet was born in reality, bringing the idea of sci-fi films in the actual world. He nearly brought fiction to reality.

Still he was beyond all these inventions and technological marvels. He was a person who never wanted to stop bettering himself. He always kept himself occupied for working on new goals and sticking up to them till they were achieved.

In his many great speeches given to budding, young minds, he always used to emphasis on improvising oneself. He believed that an individual one must think of only his or her ambitions and objectives in life. A person should avoid what others think or have opinion about him. One must never make him/herself bothered because of others. As Jobs himself said once, “Don’t waste your life on others.”

A decade ago, there were also days, when taking Apple’s name directly meant Steve Jobs-in true sense, both were synonymous to each other. Even today, the true admirers of Apple Inc. know what the company would have been had the ‘man in the machine’-as he was called-been still alive. It was highly unfortunate that he died so early but the void which is still visible, after his departure, is impossible to fill, ever, even in the coming centuries.

As a gesture of nostalgia, there’s a clip of Steve Jobs, below, of that moment 11 years ago, when he first unveiled the very iPhone, aka the first smartphone.