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I have been talking about a lot of games in my recent articles. But all those genes were free and unpaid, i.e. you can download them from Play Store just by using the internet and won’t have to pay money for them. A But there are many games better than the free ones but need money to be played. But believe me, these paid games are far better than the free ones and are a lot more addictive.

So in this article, I am going to list Top 7 Paid Action Games for Android Devices. I have played all these games myself and am writing the reviews on my personal experience basis and I will be marking them. So these are the 7 action games and I hope you love playing them.


Here they are –

1. HITMAN SNIPER (538 MB & ₹ 30 ) –

Sniping is one of the most played games. And most of us must have watched the movie “HITMAN’S BODYGUARD “ starring Ryan Reynolds. Yes, he’s our Deadpool too! So this game is a bit based on the film and is basically a sniping and shooting game. In the game, you will be playing as a secret agent named Agent 47. There is a map named Montenegro and the game needs tactical and strategic skills. You will get a zombie killer mood, which is basically found in many sniping games. There are over 150 missions and as you are a secret sniper, you will get more than 10 various contracts. You will able to compete with your friends for the first place in the leaderboard. Thus us an Editor’s Choice game.
Link –
Review – 4.5/5

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2. REAL STEEL (565 MB & ₹ 10) –

You remember the Hollywood movie Real Steel about boxing of robots, starring Hugh Jackman, our dear Wolverine? This is the gaming version of the movie and it’s available on Android! In the game, fight against other players having their own steel troops. Choose yours from over 65 robots, including movie champions Zeus and Atom. The game has various features – various gaming modes like Tag Team Battles, Tournament, Challenges, Survival, and Free Sparring Matches, you will be able to unlock 10 Special Edition Robots after completing each game mode and can even customize your own robot according to your wish. The update has introduced a new tag team mode of 3 vs 3. Over so, I advise you to try this one.
Link –
Review – 4.75/5


Is there anyone slice on this planet who hasn’t played GTA San Andreas or Vice City? If yes, then they surely aren’t gamers. GTA has been ruling our gaming hearts for a long time now and in every gaming PC, you will find these. But now they are available on mobiles as well. I an not going on the story and will be telling you about the features only. It includes high-resolution graphics built specifically for mobile including lighting enhancements, an enriched color palette, and improved character models, cloud save mode to play in different devices, self-customizable controlling schemes and many others. Go check out yourself.
Link –
Review – 4/5

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4. ASSASSIN’S CREED : IDENTITY (94 MB & ₹ 159) –

The Assassin’s Creed movie has brought you the gaming version. Here you can create, evolve and customize your own Assassin, play through tons of missions. You can play any way you want to, with simple tap-to-move, dual virtual stick controls or with a gamepad. There are hundreds of quests, with which you can unlock new maps and items and the developers promise stunning HD graphics and awesome gameplay. Check out!
Link –
Review – 3.75/5

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5. GRAND THEFT AUTO III (717 MB & ₹ 121) –

Here comes another GTA game. GTA III has a lot to offer to you – updated visually stunning graphics, countless hours of smooth gameplay, customized controls with gamepad support, and various vehicle and weapon update. Overall a great and sprawling crime epic that will change open-world games forever.
Link –
Review – 4/5

6. THE AMAZING SPIDERMAN 2 (649 MB & ₹ 420) –

Gameloft brings you the official game of the MCU movie “The Amazing Spiderman 2”. You get various features – Various activities like web-crawling, wall-climbing, you can unlock various Spiderman suits like the Symbiotic suit, Iron Spider etc., face-off against the movie villains including Venom, Goblin, Electro, and stunning 3D graphics and much more.
Link –
Review – 4.5/5

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7. MENTAL HOSPITAL V (306 MB & ₹ 20) –

Are you a horror games lover? Then this game will be perfect for you, I hope. A first-person survivor horror genre with stunning graphics. The story starts something like this – There’s a haunted mental hospital at the end of the city, and a journalist Mark goes in with his team to investigate. But under some circumstances, he goes missing and all of his team members are found dead. You have to play as his brother who is in search of the truth. You will face various deadly encounters in this truly awesome horror flick. C’mon save your brother!
Link –
Review – 4.5/5

In the coming articles, I will be talking about the same paid games but of other categories. Till then, stay tuned!

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Home Improvement

Top 5 Bathroom Remodeling Mistakes



bathroom remoduling

Although a whole new year is waiving already, the influence of the previous decade still sways in various aspects, particularly in the home interior as well as architecture. However, the same as the recent decades’ interior designs will always have its faults at some point. These complications lead some industries to produce better and improved schemes each year. The idea brings up the demand for bathroom remodeling.

Some of the new exemplars may please your eye; some can also be brought you regrets leading to additional expenses. Not having the most excellent partner to help out in remodeling your bathroom can cause you various complications, one of which is an improper remodeling plan. While it will help you a lot in saving, doing the work on your potential trouble waits for you, such as budget shortage to poor quality and mediocre designs. Working with a professional contractor can help you with the best and affordable products and designs; moreover, they will rest assure you that everything would go in your way.

Not regarding extra space for storage is also one of the common mistakes by some homeowners when having a bathroom renovation. Together with the proper remodeling plan is maintaining balance in designs and spaces.

Being minimalist isn’t bad at all since simple looking designs bring up elegance and sophistication. However, while some focus on compromising spaces to push through with this design, other vital factors to indicate are being left behind, particularly for storage place. Next to space shortage is improper stationing, which regards the toilet placement. While previous designs make the toilet as the first thing to be seen inside the bathroom, applying this idea in your next bathroom, remodeling is not a good idea. This aspect can affect the refinement and modishness of the design.

Although a whole new year is waiving already, the influence of the previous decade still sways in various aspects, particularly in the home interior as well as architecture. However, the same as the recent decades’ interior designs will always have its faults at some point. These complications lead some industries to produce better and improved schemes each year. The idea brings up the demand for the bathroom remodeling. If your location is USA, Houston, you can hire one of the professional Bathroom Remodeling Houston Companies to help you expand your horizons about how it would work and what you need to finish the whole process successfully in time.

Enhance your bathroom by placing your toilet bowl distant to the door and keeping it behind a wall as much as possible for better aesthetics and cultivation.

Above proper spacing and placement, looking after an adequate ventilation plan is also being neglected. Since your ventilation is the one responsible for taking care of all the possible unwanted odor inside your bathroom, it is imperative to give a little effort into choosing the right spot and suitable ventilator. Moreover, better ask for professional assistance from your contractor to avoid further mistakes and fund shortage.

Read further from the infographic below as we have gathered all the top mistakes to avoid when remodeling your bathroom.

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The 5 Damages the Sun Can Do to Your Car



sun damage

There’s no doubt that sunshine may be risky to the skin – the ultraviolet (UV) emitted by means of the solar is carcinogenic. However, being exposed to the solar in moderation nonetheless brings benefits to the health – it strengthens the bones, improves sleep, mood, and immune system. Hence, it’s safe to mention that sunshine is a mixed blessing – folks that continue to live far away from the sunlight or maybe disclose their skin with sunscreen still leave out on such benefits. As exposure to the sun remains to show benefits, many specialists are having second thoughts on their sun-avoidance advice.

Vitamin D synthesis is thought to be the quality advantage from sun exposure; it occurs in the pores and skin in response to the UVB rays – making vitamin D an important nutrient. According to Clifford Rosen, M.D., an osteoporosis researcher on the Maine Medical Center Research Institute in Scarborough:

“It’s absolutely vital to promote absorption of calcium, the mineral that helps preserve bones strong,”

Based on an observe in 2008, with the aid of wearing a swimsuit for 30 minutes, humans will make the subsequent vitamin D levels:

  • 50,000 international units (IUs) in maximum Caucasian people
  • 20,000 to 30,000 IUs in tanned humans
  • 8,000 to 10,000 IUs in dark-skinned humans

Furthermore, exposure to sunlight may additionally growth the brain’s launch of serotonin – a hormone associated with boosting the mood and making the frame calm and focused. At night, darker lights trigger the brain. As a result, melatonin is released – a hormone to assist people sleep. Lack of sun exposure may dip the serotonin level – growing the threat of major depression with a seasonal pattern, a form of despair resulting from the converting of seasons.

However, despite the proven advantages that the sun can deliver to humans, it can no longer continually be useful for human properties, particularly for motors. The sun substances warmth, daylight, and renewable energy; however, a car’s outside and interior can also enjoy drying and improved deterioration, particularly on a hot day in July. Hence, no longer handiest a human’s pores and skin is susceptible to sunlight, but vehicles as well. If an owner isn’t always careful, a car’s appearance gets damaged – it will fade, crack, develop unsightly spots, and other consequences from the sun’s strength.

Once a vehicle parks outside on an ordinary summer time day, it becomes like an over – the metal shell absorbs warmness and traps hot air inside – reaching 140 tiers or more. Plus, the interior elements of the car, along with vinyl, plastic, and leather, end up prone to direct sunlight – in the end getting damaged by the solar’s harmful rays. During the summer, pollens and other dangerous air debris are floating around. Moreover, droppings from birds and insects get splattered on a vehicle’s paint. Once the auto gets uncovered to the solar, these kinds of external factors gets baked into the end and may additionally cause stains – inflicting discoloration. Nevertheless, there are plenty of approaches to shield the car from dangerous UV rays. But before that, one should know how to identify precise damages added with the aid of the solar. Here are five damages the solar can do to your vehicle, introduced to you through Global Tint USA.

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top 10

Top 10 Craziest Escape Rooms Around The World



Craziest Escape Rooms

Who wouldn’t want to see their friends screaming for help when they’re trapped in an escape room? As much fascinating as it sounds, you wouldn’t want to get trapped in one of these rooms by yourself too. Escape rooms are a great way to spend your time in leisure, fun, and adventure.

And when it comes to adventure, humans truly go to new lengths to give people a thrilling experience that they’ve never had. Here are top 10 craziest escape rooms around the world that will surely give you the kick for adventure you need:

1.     The Basement

This escape game room is situated in Los Angles, and as illustrated by its name, the game comprises of an escape game in the basement. The scenario comprises of four different rooms, beautifully and artistically crafted like movie sets, each requiring your cognitive abilities to escape.

Another compelling element is that it resembles the movie “Saw;” making you trapped in the basement of a cannibalistic serial killer who is testing your abilities to live. Hence, it’s a thrilling horror adventure, definitely not for the faint hearted.

2.     Sherlocked

Build in Amsterdam, Netherlands, this escape is deemed the best in the country for its thrilling themed experience that occurs in the basement of the two historic buildings. The Vault and Architect are the two experiences that wait for adventure seekers. Be courageous as The Vault was deemed the best escape room for 2018, praised for its challenging experience.

3.     The Mr. X Puzzle House

puzzle house

puzzle house

Comprising of weird gothic stuff, artifacts, props, and different rooms, this escape room is situated in Shanghai, China. The experience is definitely worth it since each room opens up to different dimensions. One should be experienced and witty in order to solve its mysteries.

4.     Escape Hunt

As evident from its name, this plot gives the chance for the customers to become old age detectives, leaning in the character of Sir Arthur Doyle, the writer of Sherlock Holmes. The Victorian style decorated rooms accompanied by narratives is surely a worth experience. Time to awake the inner detective, and visit Paris to participate in this escape room.

5.     Trapped In A Room With A Zombie

The hugely popular zombie escape game room is highly regarded by adventure enthusiasts all around the globe. The scenario as evident from its name is simple, you are trapped with a live zombie in a room that involves a number of mysteries and puzzles to solve.

Though the zombie is chained to the wall, the thrilling twist comes with the zombie’s chains getting loose with every five minutes. This thrilling experience has been originally created by Room Escape Adventures and is now popular in the entire world.

6.     The Escape Game

escape game

escape game

The Escape Game is popular in the US, earning the spot on the list because of its exciting and thrilling experience, filled with engaging puzzles and themes. One can opt for a variety of experiences, from being a detective to surviving the Titanic to being a Contagion, the participants are given a number of scenarios that they can pick depending on their thirst for adventure.

7.     Claustrophobia Escape Rooms

This escape room is definitely for those that are in taking up roles, and playing their part as they proceed. Situated at various locations in Russia, it has ov

er 100 escape rooms, each filled with ambient theming and décor.

The team behind this escape room are continuously pushing in their ideas in terms of improving the narratives, themes, décor, and experiences to give the participants an even more challenging and engaging scenarios.

8.     Bogeyman Trap Door

We all remember the bogeyman from our childhood stories. Well now it’s time to experience one of the best horror escape games by yourself. As obvious from the name, the experience comprises of tunnel like maze that has potential scare in every corner, not recommended for faint hearted. The thrill of lurking bogeyman alongside exciting puzzles is surely not something to miss.

9.    5 Wits

The goal-oriented escape room, situated in various locations of the US, holds a teamwork play filled with a high-tech themed experience that one should surely try. The architecture overall is crafted amazingly and gives an enthralling experience to those seeking to quench for adventure and excitement.

10.Team Escape Hamburg

Situated in Hamburg, Germany, this escape has been rated 5 out of 5 stars with over 750 reviews on TripAdvisor. Comprising of 8 different rooms spread in two locations, the escape room involves the use of witty conscience and problem-solving skills.

The challenging atmosphere especially from Hoffman Formula and The Gallery are truly engaging and gives the customers complex narratives with a clock ticking down. An adventure appealing escape room is surely worth the try.

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Why you Always Need the Best Web Development Company



web development

The word “BEST” is the success mantra for your online business to go up and scale. Website is a must, and the best web development company you choose gives you possible outcome and choices too.

A website is the freshest and the most proficient type of e showcasing through which an individual or business association gets an opportunity to depict themselves in the manners they need to be seen and manufacture a stage to adequately advertise their items as well as services. What’s more, a great site makes a business increasingly dependable whenever spoke to in a legitimate manner.

One of the most significant elements of website advancement is that they ought to be put among the highest point of the web indexes. The site designers have the devices that would assist the sites with being noticeable in the web indexes. They additionally help to make the sites good with all the internet browsers. There exists the group of SEO experts and substance scholars who attempt to draw in more rush hour gridlock to the locales by composing meta depictions and other valuable substance utilizing the most looked through watchwords in this area.

It is not only that web development agency makes the difference I by creating your website. The development agency does lot of other things too. The agency can also help you to improve your search engine rankings. In fact, if you are expecting a legitimate technical SEO, let the best web development agency do its job. Of course, they are the best.

Think of giving a shape to your business on internet. You need an amazing looking website. And this is where you should look for the best web development company in India, because India offers the reliable and lucrative options in website designing. More importantly, the web development company in India provides advanced website design solutions.

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Top SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design




Now a day’s competitive digital world, responsive website design is not a big deal, it’s a essential part of web. Smart Phone has emerged as a fragile factor for web browsing and online world, with over 63% of enquiry within search engines coming from mobile devices such as tablets and smart phones. Some website owner without optimized website they want to get higher ranking in search engine. If you want to get higher ranking in search engine result page (SERP), optimize your web design mobile friendly. Keep follow these steps for SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design:

Mobile First Indexing

Responsive design has become a first priority as SEO, and unique content. As of Google algorithm update, It has apply the use of mobile and tablets as a ranking factor and has been coming with their step to a mobile first index. That means if your website is not design mobile friendly, it will work properly, but your website wouldn’t get high ranking in Search engine result page.


One of the main factor why audience don’t stay more time on your website, because they unable to navigate all web pages properly. Therefore, the time audience stay on your web pages is used by Search Engine to determine a website or web pages quality or value.  If you have developed a responsive website, then audience can easily navigate your website. This necessitate that if your visitor experience is good, visitor will visit again and again on your website.

Evict Duplicate Content

When discus about web designing, remove duplicate content is a main benefit for getting high rank. one of the important things we can express gratitude to responsive website design for is that it will stop you from creating various websites for different device.

Not only that, various websites for desktop and smart phone devices will make search engine algorithm look then as they are it means duplicate website with the copy content. This will create to rigorous Google penalization.  If all your website content is on one domain search engine can easily find, crawl, index and manage your content efficiently.

Lower Bounce Rate

Whenever a client exits your website after only stay couple of seconds or they exit instantly after open your web page is called bounce rate. It is based to time on website, and Search engine review the visit and exit time of user whenever they are ranking sites.

If search engine notices that your website is not able to get high number of bounce rate, then it will genuinely impact your rankings because search engine consider that website is not related to any user’s subject and not able to provide answer the user’s query

If you will create mobile responsive design, it will not only help you have a attractive design, but it will also help you provide your content in managed way, easy to understand, and completely fair page.

Page Load Time

Do you know that one factor, search engine evaluate when ranking websites are your web page load time- the faster it is the best it will best for your ranking. If you know about SEO(Search Engine Optimization), it is your task to build the site load as fast a  possible to assist your website be ranked top position.

Websites that are too responsive will basically load faster rather than those website unresponsive. This will provide very effective visitor experience and a increase in rankings. Google show the first priority which website have fast page load times, so it would not be deleterious for you to develop it for faster page load time.

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Top 10 Criteria for Selecting the Best IoT Platform Partner



IoT Platform Partner

Internet of Things (IoT) is the first thing that comes to our mind when we think about future technology. Inter-connected system of devices, the age of smart homes and buildings offer a glimpse of this sophisticated technology. There are many IoT vendors in this IT world to provide you with this complex development. But choosing the right one to deliver you effective solutions for long term stability. Here are the top 10 Criteria for selecting the Best IoT platform partner to match market needs.


Suppose there is a sudden increase in the number of devices inside an IoT architecture in the upcoming future or new technology that needs to be upgraded for better solutions. Here scalability of the IoT App Development system will provide you with the right platform to quickly increase the number of devices or add newer functions to the system by upgrading technology. Networking resources, hardware resources, increased latency, node to node communication, and sharing infrastructure are the main factors that could affect the performance of your IoT platform, adversely with an increase in numbers.


Every IoT Platform must be easy to connect with other 3rd party tools in gaining more business value for solving critical problems. A thriving IoT ecosystem must be able to provide seamless integration with other open-source tools efficiently to gain their services, functions, and solutions inside their system. With continuous research in Artificial Intelligence and Machine learning, all applications must share the common data model to be more proficient.


With IoT platform moving towards future intelligence, one of the significant criteria involves around the readiness for the system to edge intelligence with distributed offline environment. IoT devices now are taking autonomous decisions based on their local data gathering rather than using a historical approach. This approach for seamless application development by IoT platforms to seamless extension from cloud to fog to Mist technologies is changing modern solutions completely for decentralized computing.

Long Term Solution

IoT solutions are built for the future and may require support for a longer duration. So keep this objective in mind before making the company as your IoT platform partner. Work on solutions that make the technologies easy to transfer in any case such need arises. To build a strong long term solution, one must avoid all lock-ins, and in case there is some specific limitations, you must be prepared to migrate to another platform for future proof architecture.

Hybrid Cloud

Building solutions that cater to both public and private cloud are recommended to get benefits from every aspect. The highly sensitive process is done on local premises, whereas public and less critical procedures are managed on the cloud platform, respectively.


IoT technology is still growing at a faster rate, but security is still at an infancy state. Authentication, encryption, and Access control layers based on the role/user along with logging are a must-have feature for IoT platforms. Gateways to the platform should support SSL or DTLS encryption. End to end data encryption is the need of today’s IT world, and they must also offer certificate provisioning and automation to regulate procedures smoothly.

Data Recovery

As an IoT platform partner, you must understand that the chances for IT infrastructure outages are always going to happen. Data recovery checks, procedures, strategy, and methods need to be implemented at specific intervals. Cloud infrastructure, SLA, and KPI for monitoring uptime and availability, regular backups, and their location must be precisely maintained for recovering the whole IT architecture in any case.

Monitoring and Data Analytics

IoT technology usually works on these four fundamentals: things, data, people, and process. Real-time data is now being used across the business to find more information about their methodologies. Monitoring the right insights can enhance business to newer heights easily. Alerts and notifications should be offered in a seamless way to both parties for improvising agility and operational excellence.


Connectivity protocols and their specific version should support IoT platforms comprehensively. The system must be able to implement and handle custom protocols depending on their IT architecture. MQTT and HTTP are among the common protocols to support IoT platforms as AMQP and CoAP are making their presence felt in the market too. IoT platforms should be able to upgrade to the latest protocol version and support newer protocols in any case.

System Performance

Every IoT platform follows a rule-based trigger mechanism. These actions and reaction time was taken by the system to define the performance. As the number increases in IoT platforms, the average time to handle each event also goes up. If there are any 3rd party integration, you should have their reliability and latency patterns to check their performance too.

Cuelogic Technologies is one of the top IoT app development companies for an end to end business solutions with developing the architecture, platform, and deployment for your IoT platform. With more than ten years of experience in IoT based development, We have been offering their expertise to numerous global companies for easing their business processes with efficient use of this future technology.

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7 Principles Of Effective Time Management



7 Principles Of Effective Time Management

Time management or time management over the past decade has evolved from a certain ephemeral phenomenon into a separate line of business consulting. Optimization of the workflow requires a systematic approach, but at the same time remains an individual element, and far from always ready-made solutions are effective for a particular field of activity.

Moreover, many large companies today are ready to spend quite significant amounts of money on training and time management seminars, hoping that the expenses will pay off in the future. But for medium and small businesses, the costs of their own “optimizer” can sometimes not afford.

And time management has to be taken over by the company owner or entrepreneur. However, time management works effectively not only in the business sphere – the ability to optimize time costs helps to achieve goals in almost all areas of vital interests of a modern person.

The ability to organize your life or work process as rationally as possible is an undeniable sign of a leader. But no one is born with this skill and does not receive the necessary skills from scratch. Leadership always requires development to succeed.

And this means that everyone can master the principles of time management and learn how to apply them. It is only important to know what exactly works most effectively about the achievement of a particular goal.

The basis of time management is analytics. It is important to be able to analyze the efficiency of time costs and have the ability to draw conclusions based on the data obtained.

Ineffective time costs include:

  • Transfer of affairs to the future delayed implementation of plans into life;
  • Inability to stabilize work
  • Lack of clear rules in organizing activities
  • Loss of time frame
  • Susceptibility to emotional breakdowns
  • Inability to organize workflow
  • Organization of meetings for a personal discussion of issues that can be resolved online
  • Point control with a large number of intermediate links in the organization, prolonging the workflow
  • Priority work on urgent tasks to the detriment of core activities
  • Inability to delegate authority to third parties

Of course, in the analysis process, it can be noted that some of the factors listed do not apply to the specific case considered in the course of the analytical studies.

But most often it is precisely these “stoplights” that significantly complicate time management, leading to disruption of plans, failure to meet deadlines and stressful situations.

How to deal with inefficient spending of time?

Time management includes several simple but effective measures that can help to cope with workers and life-related difficulties:

1 Quick Start

This means that any intended business should be started as soon as possible. After all, it is precisely how fast the “start” will be that the speed of achieving the final result depends.

And it is postponed cases that most often become the cause of difficulties and disruption of deadlines set in advance.

2 There is a time for everything

Having allocated certain hours to carry out routine work, you can make planning your daily routine more efficient, creating the most comfortable conditions for work and leisure.

Thanks to proper organization, even boring mechanical work will not be an irritant, and clear planning will not allow you to abandon it, citing “urgent matters” or “lack of desire”.

3 Reach the finals

Work on a project or the beginning of important business, as a rule, causes positive emotions only at the initial stage.

And as you move forward, the enthusiasm fades and the desire to change the type of activity, “switch”, takes precedence over common sense and important work myadpcard, which has already been spent on energy and time, is postponed to “later”.

Time management helps to realize an important fact: when starting a business, it is important to complete it as soon as possible, creating for yourself a comfortable time margin in case of real “force majeure”.

4 Divide and conquer

Global challenges are good. But as they are achieved, it is important to set realistic goals along the way. That is why in the planning process it is worth breaking large-scale projects into smaller ones, creating the opportunity for a gradual and systematic implementation of actions that can accelerate the achievement of the goal.

5 Better Less

Laconicism is always better than verbosity. And the ability to stop in time is an invaluable quality. Getting down to business, it is important to clearly understand at what stage the task will be fully completed.

And stop to achieve perfection exactly at the point that was determined in advance, without spending an incredible amount of effort to eliminate some non-existent “errors”.

6 Cause – time

Time management involves setting clear timelines for each stage in achieving a goal. It is this approach that over time allows you to optimize the workflow, making it as efficient as possible.

7 Creative plans

The main base of time management is planning. Plans are built both for the global perspective and for the shortest possible time. To facilitate the process, it is worth using the whole arsenal of available means – from diaries to alarms – “reminders”.

Time management is an effective way to implement plans that allows you to optimize not only work processes but also any other type of activity that requires systematization.

Applying the basics of time management, you can succeed in almost any field without spending an excessive amount of effort and without wasting time in vain.

It is only important to realize the need for change and make time management a part of your plans for the near future.

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middle east

Website Design – 6 Friendly Web Design Tips of 2019



web design

A website is the marketing tool for an online business. Good websites must be attractive and be able to grab the attention of a large number of visitors.

Good web designing is an art that requires knowledge of programming and how your visitor will interact with the website. So make the website user friendly but most importantly make it so that search engines can find you organically. After all, your goal is to compete against the first 10 competitors for your keyword and search engine optimization is how to do this. NJ Web Design is the best web designing company for your projects.

The most important rule I follow for a website is the KISS formula. Keep It Simple Silly. Do not lose your visitor with a whole lot of fancy stuff if you want them to find your product or message.

1 – Purpose of Website:

What do you want your website to do for you? Design the website according to this question. If all you want is a simple squeeze page then design a simple squeeze page. If you want to convey information then keep it simple and convey that information. Fancy graphics and other distractions are not conveying what you want to your visitor.

2. Design for Website Pages:

Planning the web design. Planning on a piece of paper what you want on the web page is important. Doing simple research on other websites on the materials you want to convey to your visitor will give you a feel for how to design your site. If you need any professional support to make your website design more professional and user friendly try to reach out web design companies, if you have business in Dubai and want to design your website try to hire best web design company Dubai which has positive reviews and feedbacks. that will surely provides you the best solution for your website design.

3. Attractive Theme:

Planning your theme and layout for each page is important. Look at your competitors and see if you find their theme attractive. Incorporate ideas from those sites that you know will attract your visitor. Design those ideas into your website.

4. Website Navgation

Navigating around your site requires a site map. Remember it is important that your visitor can easily navigate around your site. Implement normal links for moving around and place those links together like an index for your site. It is important that your visitor does not get frustrated while navigating around your site as they will leave or click away. Check out for more info.

5. Website Page Load:

Download time is important. It gets frustrating to the majority visitors if they have to wait for a page to download. Over use of graphics and images will increase download time. Ideally a complete page should not exceed 30KB. This ensures that most visitors will see your whole page in about 2 to 5 seconds at the most.

6. Avoid linking other sites:

Do not allow your visitor the opportunity to click away on a link on your web site that leaves your domain. It has been proven that you generally have lost that visitor and a potential customer.

Remember it is about presenting the information in an elegant, decorative, user friendly and timely manner. So consider the above tips when designing a website in the future.

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top 10

Top 10 Bikes for Long Rides in India



Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220

The ultimate goal for any rider is to go for long drives more often. Every time we see a rider, decked up with the riding gear that includes the jacket, pads, cap, black-visor helmets and riding gloves, we can’t help but wonder about wanderlust. However, not every bike is made to give you a fulfilling experience.

1- Bajaj Dominar


It is tuned with 35 PS of power, full LED lamps, 373 cc engine that takes the influences of KTM Duke 390. At 1.5 L, it offers an amazing experience with its ambient design and provides comfortable riding conditions.

2- Royal Enfield Himalayan

Royal Enfield Himalayan

Probably the most common choice for long distances, this is currently the most modern one with 411 cc engine that provides 24 BHP of power. With a high ground clearance at 220 mm and an onboard compass for effective navigation, this bike makes tricky crossings easy.

3-Royal Enfield Thunderbird 

Royal Enfield Thunderbird 

This fan favorite is probably one of the most used cruisers for long drives. Its comfortable frame and ergonomics suit, both amateurs and experienced riders. Comes in two options, the 350 cc and the 500 cc, with each generating 19.8 BHP and 27.2 BHP respectively.

4-Mahindra Mojo

This is a controversial choice. This 295cc hunk generates 27BHP, making it a good addition to this list of bikes that can be used for long drives. It comes with a six-speed transmission and Pirelli sticky tyres for a better grip. This bike often goes unnoticed in the Indian market.

5- Yamaha Fazer 250

Built on a solid 249cc engine, it’s single-cylinder outputs 20.4 bhp. The full fairings offer resistance to the wind splashing against your face, and the full LED lamps are a plus in the dark.

6- Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220

Bajaj Avenger Cruise 220

This used to be the best sports bike under 1 Lakh for long rides. The 220 comes with spokes wheel and a huge windscreen to make driving comfortable. This hunk here, with 220 cc outputs 18.8 bhp which is generous for how it is priced. Compared to the 180 models, this is better suited for the long drives.

7- Royal Enfield Bullet

This classic here is a favourite among the bike aficionados. While it can be rough around the edges, the ride is smooth. It’s 346 cc single-cylinder engine marked under 350 cc model generates 19.8 bhp and the 500 cc model with 499 cc generates 27.2 bhp. With a decently low torque, this bike can terrain the rough patches as well as carry some heavy loads.

8- Bajaj Pulsar 220F

Although this one is almost at the end of its career, several modifications have been made to it by the manufacturers. It generates 20.8 bhp, and for how it is priced, it generates a decent amount of torque and power.

9- UM Renegade

This 279 cc engine generating 25.4 bhp is not exactly the fan favorite in the Indian market. However, its ergonomics and its comfortable seating make up for the lack of awareness among Indian customers. It comes in two variants, Sports S and Commandos. As cruisers go, this one definitely deserves to be on the list.

10- Hyosung Aquila 250

Hyosung Aquila 250

This twin-cylinder beauty here is the unexplored cruiser on the long roads waiting to be taken out on a beautiful ride. It is powered with a 249 cc engine that’s oil-cooled and a V-Twin engine that offers 26.21 bhp of maximum power. Its relaxing position on the bike with high handlebars make it a relaxing ride. This is another impressive addition to the motorcycle list meant for long drives.


Affording a cruiser is no longer a headache. Select the right loan that suits you, and with online two-wheeler loan EMI calculators, you can plan well in advance before making a decision.

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11 Marvelous Mother’s Day Gift Ideas



Courtesy of NOVICA

Mother’s Day is on fast approach, and this year’s holiday is poised to bring in the motherload. This as a National Retail Federation survey forecasts that this coming Mother’s Day “is expected to deliver highest consumer spending to date” with expenditures “expected to total a record $25 billion this year, up from $23.1 billion in 2018.” That’s a staggering amount of money showing mommy just how much we care—an endeavor for which consumers up the ante annually.

“Mother’s Day spending has been growing consistently over the past several years, and this year’s spending is expected to be the highest in the 16-year history of our survey,” NRF President and CEO Matthew Shay said. “Consumers are excited to celebrate all the moms in their lives, and retailers are ready to inspire consumers with unique gift options.”

With unique, sure-fire and tried-and-true gift options in mind, here are a few ideas to help streamline your shopping efforts and help you make savvy splurges to celebrate mom on her special day.

NOVICA Artisan Fair-Trade Marketplace (
If you crave distinctive style, worldly sophistication and enjoy shopping for a cause, then NOVICA—the largest online, fair-trade marketplace featuring beautiful hand-crafted products from all over the world—is for you. Their curated cache of artisans has been hand-selected, with many having overcome amazing odds by selling their goods. For example, the Blue Jasmine Batik Silk Scarf, designed by Java artisan Yuni Kristina, has expanded business into a global marketplace thanks to the help of NOVICA’s team. Originating in Indonesia, batik is a technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to whole cloth, or cloth made using this technique. Kristina hand-stamps the blue patterns on the ivory textile and adds red and black designs in batik. Also noteworthy NOVICA artisans are glass-blowing artists Javier Gutiérrez and Efrén Canteras, who have worked together to preserve Mexico’s blown glass artistry. They work with lead-free, un-tempered and recycled glass that is melted at very high temperatures and formed into beautiful wares like stunning and highly distinctive drinkware and serveware. NOVICA features many other authentic crafts from around the globe and the company has sent more than $89.9 million back to their artisans to date. It’s cause-conscious consumerism at its best.

Dooney & Bourke ‘Caldwell’ Design Handbags (
The Caldwell Collection from Dooney & Bourke exemplifies understated elegance. These chic, structured bags created from python-embossed leather are refined but with a touch of glam courtesy of the gold-plated hardware embellishment. The collection of products has also been treated to repel some moisture, so those spring showers are nary a worry. One option I especially adore from the line is the Caldwell Flynn Handbag, which features rich textures of that python-embossed leather that elevates this fashion-forward bag. Soft pleats and a gold logo round out the look on the exterior, while inside there’s a light twill lining—a bright pop of red juxtaposing my choice of the deep espresso brown option. Aside from its aesthetics, what I adore about this handbag is that it’s extremely roomy, with the main compartment holding an abundant amount while also keeping you organized courtesy of deep-set pockets galore. Another piece that I especially like for when I only need to carry essentials is the Caldwell Zip Clutch. The exotic texture of python is once again artfully imprinted in leather, making this eye-catching clutch an instant outfit changer. Its classic, timeless shape makes this clutch a perfect companion. It can also be used as a coordinating wallet with the Flynn Handbag. For an effortless polish, day or night, Caldwell bags are a great choice for the season and beyond.

Grayson Monáe Handmade Flats & Fashion Accessories (
Grayson Monáe flats are walking works of art that are handmade to perfection by skilled artisans with 100% genuine leather, exquisite hand embroidery, impeccable craftsmanship, premium fabric, fine silk thread and padded soles. These characteristics, along with the attention to detail paid to each shoe, make them one-of-a-kind classics. Everything from the embroidery to the stitching, to the pearl and bead placement, to the unique designs are crafted by talented artisans. These flats are not only stylish, unique, comfy and cute, they’re also affordable with options starting at $45. They’re also highly versatile and can be worn with absolutely anything, including jeans, tights, skirts, shorts, or even formal dresses. Designed with women of all ages in mind, these are statement shoes certain to draw attention of the best kind.  Indeed, not only do they look good on women, but teenage daughters will love them, too.  In addition to the fabulous flats, Grayson Monáe also sells handmade clutches to match and beautifully-embroidered handmade scarves.

Sebastien Barthelemy S&B Apparel (www.SandB-English)
Sebastian Barthelemy’s S&B, a fashion company located in Seine-et-Marne, France, offers a wide selection of t-shirts and hoodies featuring colorful pop culture designs based on various heart shape emojis. Mom can wear these shirts to express what she’s feeling with universal love and humor. Designs for women, men and children include famous personalities, country flags and other fun and heartfelt ways to communicate through clothing. S&B believes that the symbol of the heart is extremely communicative and profoundly universal, and serves as the inspiration for their design ideas. Something else to love is the fact that all of the garments are made from 100 percent sustainable, organic cotton.

Dr. med. Christine Schrammek Skincare Line (
For women keen on focusing on skin health and wealth, check out the medically-inspired skin care products from the Dr. med. Christine Schrammek collection by Kosmetik—a 60-year-old German skincare company. Products in this innovative, dermatologist-created line boast proven ingredients, and are individually targeted to meet the needs of different skin types. Thanks to their high ingredient concentration, Dr. Schrammek products seamlessly combine dermatological knowledge with high-end skin care, resulting in rave reviews from women across the globe. Dermatologist, allergologist and anti-aging expert Dr. med. Christine Schrammek-Drusio’s professional occupation as a doctor with her own practice strengthened her desire to create a connection between cosmetics and dermatology. Today, thousands of aestheticians and users worldwide reportedly take advantage of the company’s skin care products. The company offers a skin care portfolio with seven product lines addressing different skin types and concerns, with each combining innovative and proven components to optimize skin health. All products are dermatologically tested, and many are clinically tested, to ensure optimum efficacy.

Playground Sessions Keyboard/Piano Lessons Membership Bundle (
Give the gift of music and an enriched life by helping Mom learn how to play her favorite songs on the keyboard or piano at home in an easy and fun way. Playground Sessions, a company co-created by Quincy Jones, is passionate about using its innovative technology and musical expertise to help people improve themselves and enjoy life more. The company offers a bundle that includes a full-featured and elegantly designed keyboard well-suited for the beginner player. In addition, the Playground Sessions bundle includes over-ear portable headphones, sustain pedal, sheet music stand and more. The included USB cable lets users connect to Playground Sessions online instruction via a computer or iPad. With step-by-step interactive lessons, real-time feedback and scores, she’ll be playing on day one!

VocoPro Pop-Up Oke Bluetooth Karaoke System (
Pop-Up Oke is a great gadget gift for singers who would enjoy a fun, all-in-one wireless karaoke mic with a built-in mixer/speaker, complete with its own light show! From audio leader VocoPro, the Pop-up-Oke microphone can connect to a smartphone or tablet via Bluetooth and use YouTube or any number of different karaoke apps to access and enjoy hours of entertainment. Singers can also use the onboard MP3 SD/TF player to perform with recorded MP3 tracks. The multi-color LED lights can be turned on or off and, when on, will automatically “dance” to the beat of the music to add a visual excitement to any karaoke session. The system features a new generation of wireless karaoke microphone technology, including an all-in-one portable design. It’s just perfect for small karaoke gatherings and road trips. it also features innovative music link technology that can pair two Pop-up Oke devices to perform duets, a shock mounted professional condenser microphone to reduce handling noise, and a user-replaceable lithium ion rechargeable battery.

VocoPro Karaoke Dual Bluetooth System (
Also from VocoPro is KaraokeDual, a powerful 2.1 digital boom box with high-quality DSP effects that allow singers to sound their best. The system has a powerful 100W amplifier with dedicated subwoofer allowing for high quality karaoke audio. Users can connect via Bluetooth and stream karaoke audio wirelessly, or can connect the KaraokeDual machine to an Internet-connected Smart TV with the available digital optical input. Either scenario allows users to access thousands of tracks through YouTube or a favorite karaoke app. The KaraokeDual also comes packaged with two digital 2.4Ghzband wireless vocal microphones, each of which has the controls built right into the handheld for maximum convenience. It also features a vocal eliminator feature to reduce the original vocals on non-karaoke tracks as well. Turn Mom’s living room into a karaoke studio for friends and family, filling the space with great-sounding music and vocals for hours of fun and entertainment.

Cookies Con Amore Italian Treats (
Cookies Con Amore is a baker of gourmet Italian cookies. While based in Southern California, the Italian born head baker, Fernanda Capraro, is inspired by recipes that can be traced through five generations. Their heart-shaped jelly is a signature item along with Italian Wedding Cookies, Biscotti, Amaretti and an array of other tasty and authentic confections. Most are also available in Gluten Free varieties. Uniquely Italian, the cookies contain the top-quality, natural ingredients, including organic butter, free range eggs and premium grade extracts. Cookies Con Amore’s traditionally Italian palate favors subtlety and focuses on an essential flavor, believing that if you are eating a lemon cookie, the flavor should unfold delicately and you should taste fresh lemon, a hint of sweetness and nothing inessential. This premium cookie brand is great for gifting, holiday entertaining and certainly as tasty “everyday” treats. Many assortments are offered in a stylish package that combines multiple cookie flavors in a single heart-shaped basket, tin or box.

SHARP Superheated Steam Countertop Oven (
The SHARP Superheated Steam Countertop Oven is an extremely efficient option perfect for every-day use, allowing users to keep their big oven clean for special occasions. The combination of superheated steam and conventional, radiant heat in all cooking modes means that food will be crispy and browned on the outside, moist and delicious on the inside. Not to be mistaken with a traditional steamer or steam oven, with superheated steam up to 485°F, in conjunction with conventional, radiant heat, proteins will brown and become crispy. Sugars will caramelize. And the results are amazing. You won’t need to preheat your oven before cooking or even defrost the food the night before. You can simply place food into the oven, set the desired cooking mode, temperature and time. With multiple cooking modes, this countertop oven provides endless cooking possibilities and will eliminate the need for multiple small countertop appliances. It can broil or grill, bake or reheat, cook pizzas, warm food, and also create 7 shades of toast. Its convenient front-loading water tank is easy-to-access, and easy-to-fill with regular tap or bottled water. It’s the perfect size and provides up to 60-minutes of cooking time before refilling. And, the hidden bake element is beneath a flat oven floor so clean-up is a breeze. This really sets this oven apart from most other countertop ovens. The included broiling pan and crisper tray gives you 2-tier-cooking and they are 40% larger than a standard, quarter-size sheet pan making it perfect for anything from making sheet pan dinners for the whole family, to hors d’oeuvres for party guests.

Limoneira Lemons, Merchandise, Recipes & Tips (
From, Limoneira spokesperson, “Healthy Grocery Girl” Founder Megan Roosevelt, shows people how to make life simpler and healthier with recipe and nutrition tips, natural beauty techniques, creative decorating ideas and green, non-toxic cleaning solutions—any and all of which Mom would certainly appreciate. Buy her a gift pack of these lemons and show her how to enjoy fresh juice for glowing skin, the many benefits of lemon water and more…or cook one of their delicious meals for her like their Lemon Chicken Sheet Pan recipe. You can actually purchase gift baskets from as well as merchandise gifts well-suited for Mother’s Day, like the Lemon Sugar Candle that’ll freshen up Mom’s space. Since its inception 126 years ago in 1893, California-based Limoneira has evolved into an important sustainable grower and harvester of lemons and other citrus. Its founders were pioneers of spirit and vision that helped lay the foundations of a thriving California citrus industry. Their dedication and innovation in the agricultural industry helped found and develop many institutions that still exist (Sunkist Growers, Fruit Growers Supply and Diamond Walnut). Today, Limoneira is a global agribusiness and seller of citrus to grocery stores and food establishments everywhere.


As the Executive Editor and Producer of “The Luxe List,” Merilee Kern is an internationally-regarded brand analyst, strategist and futurist. As prolific consumer trends, lifestyle and leisure industry voice of authority and tastemaker, Merilee keeps her finger on the pulse of the marketplace in search of new and innovative must-haves and exemplary experiences at all price points, from the affordable to the extreme. The best-of-the-best across all product, service and travel categories—as well as noteworthy marketplace change makers, movers and shakers—are spotlighted in her exclusive cross-media platform that reaches multi-millions each month through several syndication channels: print and online publications as well as broadcast TV and terrestrial radio. Connect with her at / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIN

***Some or all of the accommodations(s), experience(s), item(s) and/or service(s) detailed above may have been provided or arranged at no cost to accommodate this review, but all opinions expressed are entirely those of Merilee Kern and have not been influenced in any way.***


Photo courtesy of/copyright NOVICA

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