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TOP 5 Greatest A.I. Movies you shouldn’t miss



TOP 5 Greatest A.I. Movies you shouldn’t miss
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Greatest A.I. Movies: The science fiction genre has always succeeded in fascinating the audiences with mind-boggling stories and unpredictable plots, as far as Hollywood films are concerned. But in that too, many greatest flicks which are considered as cults or classics, have a different place in history and have been an inspiration for generations of past and future alike; especially the A.I or Artificial Intelligence-based films. This particular scientific field has lured both the scientists in the real world and viewers on silver screens combined.

A.I have been the subject of fantasy, imaginations of futuristic civilizations, moral ethics and what not!

Here are our Top 5 picks for the greatest movies based on Artificial Intelligence you should never miss, in your entire life.

#5 The Matrix (1999)

The first entry in the Matrix series amazed everyone upon its release and gained enormous praise for its fantastical storyline and deep character analysis. The movie became a subject of study over many philosophical discussions. The film follows an individual who is confronted with a war for ‘the humans’ against A.I. computers, who have built an artificial reality called Matrix.

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#4 The Terminator (1984)

James Cameron is not only known for Avatar, the highest grossing and biggest sci-fi movie of all time. Before that, he had already come up with The Terminator, in 1984, the benchmark for future A.I movies. This flick also deals with the concept of an A.I. computer, named Skynet, who sends an assassin, back in time, to kill Sarah, the mother of her son who will wage a war against the A.I robots in future. Does the history changes forever for humans? The story revolves around this war only but also shows both the dark and positive sides of artificial intelligence, both as a boon and a bane.

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#3 Blade Runner (1982)

This masterpiece, brought on silver screens by the great Ridley Scott, shows the exact scenario where the line between artificial intelligence and humans gets completely blurred, in a dystopian futuristic world of 2019. The movie itself was based on Phillip K. Dick’s A.I based fantastic novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?, but the way Scott interpreted its imagery on-screen was mindboggling.

Also, Harrison Ford as Rick Deckard-a Blade Runner who retires (kills) disobedient replicants (AI humanoids/actual human-like clones)-was so good in his role that we still wonder whether he himself too was an A.I humanoid or actual human being!

Even today there is still a divided section of those fans of this series claiming that Deckard is indeed a replicant. But other sections have an opposite opinion.

What a movie, seriously! That’s called a real A.I think. It’s highly recommended.

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#2 Ex Machina (2015)

Alex Garland shocked everyone with this superbly unsettling A.I themed flick. Alicia Vikander played an artificial intelligence based robot, Ava, who can think exactly like humans. She is designed in such a manner that it’s impossible to tell whether she is faking her words or making the other person a fool by her own presence of ‘mind’. In this story a young programmer gets a chance of assessing and interacting with Ava, whether she is really like a human or not in thought process and dialogues.

What happens in the end, will make your jaw drop.


#1 Blade Runner 2049 (2017)

Yes, and it was obvious to tell which one sits on the number one throne. It’s none other than the greatest sequel ever made, to another greatest A.I movie in history. Blade Runner 2049 is a continuation of the story of the first Blade Runner movie in 1982. This 2017 flick takes place in 2049 where a new line of replicants has come into existence who ‘obey’. Those who are older models and also rebellion, are retired by the traditional blade runners. This time, a new one comes in the story, officer K (played phenomenally by Ryan Gosling). But eventually, he is also revealed to be a ‘complex character’.

No other director could have crafted this sequel the way it came out to be, and Denis Villeneuve was the perfect choice to get the opportunity to work on something like this.

Every aspect of this greatest and finest A.I. masterpiece is so unimaginatively brilliant that you can’t stop thinking about how it’s so perfect and sound. Whether it was performance (Harrison Ford, Ryan Gosling, Ana de Armas, and Jared Leto), cinematography, sound design, and most importantly the plot-it was all just fantastic. It won two Oscars earlier this year, for Best Cinematography (Roger Deakins) and Best visual effects.

You should watch this one immediately, after watching the first one-officially recommended.

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