Hundreds gather at the funeral of Bulgarian journalist Viktoria Marinova

On Friday, a turnout of more than hundreds of people was present at the funeral of Viktoria Marinova, in Ruse, Bulgaria. The TV journalist from Bulgaria, was murdered last week. She died from strong blows on her head and suffocation. She had also been raped.

All the gathered people were carrying flowers and wreaths, heading towards Ruse, the north-eastern city of Bulgaria, for paying their homage to the TV journalist from TVN. Marinova’s body was found near Danube, last Saturday.

She was buried in a private ceremony, in Ruse, after a memorial service.

A 20-year-old suspect, named Severin Krasimirov, has been under custody, who was arrested on Tuesday, in the northern city of Stade, near Hamburg, in Germany.

A German court on Friday said that Krasimirov would be sent back to Bulgaria. In the questioning, the suspect denied raping Marinova and said that he did not want to kill her. He said that he had an argument with her and due to the strong influence of alcohol and drugs, he punched her in the face, after which she fell down. He then picked her up and threw her in the bushes. But he had left the scene then and there only, he told further.

Marinova, 30, is the third journalist to be murdered, in last 12 months, in Europe. She was a presenter of a current affairs show on the local TV channel, TVN.

Viktoria Marinova’s final show was with two journalists who were working on allegations of corruption and misuse of European Union’s funds.

Before her, two other journalists, Jan Kuciak (killed in Slovakia in February) and Daphne Caruana Galizia (killed in Malta, in October last year), were also murdered. Speaking of only Bulgaria, then the country has been the most unsafe place for journalists. It ranks at 111 out of 180 countries, as per the report of Reporters Without Borders. It’s an international non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Paris, France. It works on the issues relating to freedom of the press and freedom of information.

The gruesome incident with Marinova is another dark proof of how the ‘big powers’ are constantly affecting everything on this planet-even the catalysts who disseminate information and truth to the masses. No one’s face, anywhere.

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