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Startup raises pre-series A Round from Japan-based fund



Mumbai-based online domestic help provider BookMyBai has raised an undisclosed amount of funds in pre-series A round from Japan-based social venture fund ARUN Seed. Other Japanese angel investors also participated in the funding round.

The funds raised will be used to expand market share in the cities it already has a presence, along with launching operations across Hyderabad and Delhi.

BookMyBai was founded by Anupam Sinhal and Vickash Chowdhury in 2015. It provides an online platform to enable homeowners to hire domestic help in a seamless manner. The platform offers domestic helpers across various categories including maid, babysitter, nanny, senior citizen care, and cook.

The platform does an extensive background check of helpers with identity check, document verification, in-person interview, along with training sessions, to provide a trustworthy domestic help to its users.

The marketplace offers more than 50,000 experienced domestic helpers across Mumbai, Pune, Bengaluru, Ahmedabad, Surat, and Kolkata.

“They as of now is working on thousands of marginalized women who are now earning enough money to support families. We see this as an opportunity to be able to support a startup which is not only sustainable but also has a large social impact amongst the rural households” said Satoko Kono, President, ARUN LLC.

The platform is also planning to launch a multi-lingual app for the workers through which the workers can look for a job in real-time, further enabling the workers and helping them find a suitable job based on their needs.

Earlier in 2015, BookMyBai raised ₹1 crore from Hyderabad-based investment platform 50K Ventures. Other players in the domestic help provider domain in India include Helper4U, MyDidi, GDH Workforce, and MyChores, among others.

Indian domestic help industry is highly unorganized and the foray of startups in the segment will not only ensure a platform for domestic helpers to find job readily but also provide easy access to domestic help for homeowners.

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Joyce Virginia is a New York–based writer, whose work has appeared in the New York Times, Wired, Poets & Writers, and other publications. She is a member of Sisters In Crime and Mystery Writers of US.

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How to Make Money Online For Free with This No Cost Internet Business Model



Yes that is right you can have a viable, profitable and legitimate online business set up and running for nothing – all you will need however is a computer and internet connection – so make sure that your online business income generating capability is ready for the next dotcom wave.

Whilst there are many tempting online money making programs on the internet they often don’t live up to their expectations and promises.

This could be because the quality of the particular program is not up to scratch or simply that the user has not applied all the techniques through lack of motivation or competence.

It is often a case of the user expecting the package (whilst lying on the computer’s hard drive) to miraculously generate income on auto pilot while he sleeps. Despite the fact that this is precisely what a lot of these programs offer, sadly you do actually have to do something to give the ‘secret techniques’ a remote chance of really working in the way they were intended to.

So if you are one of the many disappointed recipients of one of the ‘instant wealth’ packages do not get too despondent as you can still make a decent income online – in fact you can make anywhere between $0 and $1,000,000 online every month.

Furthermore and according to Forrester Research, online sales reached a staggering $172 billion in 2005 and they predict this will rise to $329 billion by 2010 – so make sure you are set up to get a share of this enormous online wealth.

So bearing in mind what has been said above, you should by now be convinced that starting your own legitimate online business deserves more scrutiny.

The following are the benefits that you will derive from embarking on this free online business model;

  • Online Earning Potential

    There is no limit to the amount of money you can make online – it really only depends on how much drive you have and the amount of effort you are willing to put into it.

    Just remember that, contrary to the auto pilot riches programs, this is not an instant wealth strategy but will reward those with a medium to long term vision

  • Financial Risk

    The risk is almost zero as this type of internet business can be started from home as a full time or part time venture.

    You can therefore test the waters before giving up your job or doing anything drastic.

    Startup capital will be almost nothing.

  • Overheads

    This business can be run from home on your own so there will be no rent or salaries to pay or other fixed overhead.

  • Monthly Expenses

    Web Hosting = $0

    Domain Name = $0

    Data Transfer = $0

    Stock = You should not need stock to sell

    The only real cost will be for your internet connection and your computer.

  • Hours of Work

    As an internet business is always online you can choose your own hours – you can work part time (after work) or treat it as a full time job.

    Obviously the more effective and efficient your working input is, the more successful your business will be.

Often when things sound too good to be true they generally are, but in this case this internet business model, whilst not an instant wealth creator, is a viable and legitimate online business opportunity that can be setup and run for next to nothing.

So get prepared for the next dotcom wave and ensure that you have the tools to start your own profitable & legitimate online business for free.

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Making Money Online Using Article Marketing



Have you tried using article marketing to make money online with a business? Some years back, when I first heard about article marketing, I made the choice to turn the other way. At the time, I was young and relatively new to buying and selling online and what article marketing had to offer me. So what is article marketing all about?

Article marketing is basically writing information and publishing it on different article directory sites across the internet.

The best thing about it is that it’s all totally free; it just takes time and effort to fully benefit from it.

If you are able to spare sometime in the day to produce content that is geared towards a specific niche area, then you should begin to see the traffic and sales come in.

The internet is all about laser targeted traffic. The winner is the person who’s able to get the most targeted traffic to their website. By constantly writing articles, you are putting yourself out there.

When browsing around you’ll likely find a ton of eBooks on the subject, some of them are good but most of them aren’t worth reading. Many of them try to sell to you some secret formula or message, but I’m telling you this now; there is no secret to making money online. This is one thing that you should have clear in your mind.

The secret is consistency, like everything else in life. If you write just one article thinking that, that’ll be enough to generate some sales, then you’re sadly mistaken I’m afraid.

After you’ve written a few articles, you should begin to get the hang of it, so good luck.

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Make Money Using YouTube



Do you know how to make money with YouTube? Well it’s possible. Many marketers constantly search for ways to leverage their creative video making time into a source for profit. Even if you’re not a marketer, this article provides some useful tips to start earning a profit with short and seemingly simple videos of yours.

Advertising Your Site

For most marketers YouTube started as an advertising tool. You would upload a video on YouTube and then put a link in your signature or bio that would directly send you back to your site. These videos could be created to provide information regarding your niche and build branding that you can profit from later on. Once you learn how to make money with YouTube, you’ll realize this is the most known process, but is really just another device for traffic. By being committed to promoting your site through YouTube, you’ll have to find the need of your chosen niche and address it with a series of lecture or seminars. Additionally, you’ll need a recording device to produce videos with high quality sound.

Becoming a YouTube Partner

Due to the fact Google bought YouTube, a significant part of the site has focused on advertising, allowing you to place ads in your videos and getting paid for anyone clicking on the ads, comparable to the AdSense program. In order to become a YouTube partner, you’ll have to fill out an application and submit it for your site and have that site approved. Once approved, making money is as fast and easy as uploading videos to your YouTube account and opting them into the partner network. It doesn’t get any easier on how to make money with YouTube then that.

Acquiring Email Addresses

One of many core fundamentals of money making online is email marketing and using YouTube provides a tremendously helpful tactic for it. Although you can’t put an opt-in box on YouTube itself, a link in your signature or a watermark in your video that directs the viewer to a squeeze page is your best bet. Focusing on how to make money with YouTube will result in a great traffic connecting strategy. You don’t make money with your videos directly. However, the direct email addresses you acquire will be much more valuable than any upfront cash generated from your video. This is because that new lead can provide more future long term income.

Involving Affiliate Marketing

If you’re just starting to learn how to make money with YouTube, affiliate marketing is the perfect place to start. For this strategy, you’ll need simple video editing software that will give you the ability to add a watermark in the videos you upload. An easy method is to create your own videos with tips and strategies for viewers and then direct them to visit a site to purchase the enhanced in-depth product. Or another way is simply taking an existing video, include your watermark and re-upload it. This is the simplest method; however, you should be very careful not to infringe on violating on any trademarked or copyrighted material.

For the past five years YouTube has been in the middle of viral and media content on the internet, contributing to marketers interconnected money making tactics all over the world. It’s not new any longer and it has an impact on marketing. Taking the time and effort to learn how to make money with YouTube effectively will no doubt help your service or business online. The ability for profit will be nothing short of amazing.

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