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iPhone XS Max is a Disappointment Due to this Major Problem



iPhone XS Max is a Disappointment Due to this Major Problem
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Apple was so confident in praising its new iPhone XS Max during last month’s Keynote event that it called it the best version on every aspect. Yes, it’s the best out there as far as the flagships are concerned in terms of performance, smoothness and amazing cameras. Yes, it’s the best but not finest. Because it has problems, not the usual ones, but a major one this time that has remained in the earlier iPhones too.

It’s the battery which makes the highest variant of new iPhone, the XS Max a disappointment when it comes to being worthy for its high cost.

Here, I will only be talking about the iPhone XS Max since it’s the highest flagship model from the company right now, which is in direct competition with the rival premium handsets.

The iPhone XS Max’s battery durability is a serious issue which a YouTube channel, PhoneBuff, recently exposed in a battery life test against Samsung’s latest flagship, Galaxy Note 9.

Though, there is a slight difference in the capacity of both these phones’ batteries (3,174mAh for iPhone XS Max against 4,000mAh for Galaxy Note 9), many other things came into play in this test by PhoneBuff which proved that the longevity of iPhone XS Max’s battery is so less that at the time it went off completely, the Note 9 still had a decent 37% of its battery left, at the end of the day! This result came out after conducting the test.

The test included gaming, camera use, and daily social media activities which are performed by a normal user.

PhoneBuff’s battery life test used a temperature controlled environment which calibrated the screen brightness and speaker volumes of both the flagship models to be identical. But most importantly and surprisingly, the whole test was conducted by a robotic arm, to ensure exact, similar pattern of taps, app usage, going through the various activities like messages, calls, multi-media, and browsing.
So this test was indeed a fair one and a realistic one also.

The disappointment regarding iPhone XS Max’s heavy battery drain was that, when compared to the Note 9, it has got a more efficient processor-Apple’s own A12 bionic chip-which is really powerful and faster than the Note 9’s latest Snapdragon 845 SoC (which is also great in terms of android flagships).

Also, the display resolution in Note 9 is more than iPhone XS Max, which means that technically the battery on Note 9 should have drained faster since it’s got more pixels to drive, which automatically uses more battery consumption. But that didn’t happen too.

Lastly, Apple’s claim that the iOS 12 in the new iPhone is the best and fastest software to date, seems to be weaker because in that case, it should have optimized the battery performance during the test against Samsung’s Note 9.

It’s a serious issue for those who are planning to upgrade from last year’s iPhone X or even just planning to buy a flagship which delivers for what it costs.

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