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PARANORMAL RITUALS To Invite Ghosts To Your House



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Paranormal activities have been fascinating people for a long time now. People even go for ghost hunting and hence can theme Ghost Hunters or Ghost Busters. These people don’t even care for their life doing ghost-hunting. This has become a craze in people. Some even choose it as a career.

There are various creepy and scary places in the world where ghosts can be found. But have you ever thought how would it feel to summon a ghost to your own house? Didn’t know that? There are some rituals through which you can call a ghost to your own house. Yes, it can be done. If you can summon a ghost to your house, why should you go to any paranormal place? You can also find ghosts through ghost detector.

The origin of haunting paranormal games is believed to be ancient satanic rituals but have been modified after being performed for a hundred of years. Rituals were used to summon the Devil, ferocious demons and deadly spirits to spread terror among the humans as well as to worship Satan. So, think twice before you do so.

But let me remind you, it’s not a good idea. Who would want to have a ghost as a partner in the house? But, if you are a hard-core paranormal lover, then you can give a try.

So here I am going to list some rituals using which you can summon a spirit to your own house. And let me say this too, follow so the rules using ask the equipment stated. One small mistake, and the whole ritual and your dream is down. But personally, I advise you not to do this.

Here they are –


eyeless jack ritual

eyeless jack ritual

Going to the story, Jack was a small boy who had weak vision, with doctors saying that he would lose that too. Sometimes he came to know that he could improve his vision if he could manage to eat kidneys. So, he started eating kidneys buying then from the butcher. But a day came when the butcher ran out of kidneys, and he didn’t get any. At last, he killed his own mother to find her kidney and eat it. And the kids began. From that time he has been hunting people and eating their kidneys.

People sat that even if he eats kidneys, he doesn’t have eyes. So, to summon him, you need a fresh kidney, a blue cloth, a blue candle and a knife. You need blue ones because he knows only blue colour. First, write Eyeless Jack on the candle, then close your eyes using the blue cloth. Then pierce the kidney with the knife and chant Eyeless Jack three times. Thus you have summoned him. You will soon hear him in your house. But be careful, you will see him eat the kidney, but he can get you for yours too!


mid night man ritual

mid night man ritual

It is said to be one of the most haunted and dangerous rituals where you have life risks. In this, you summon a deadly spirit named The Midnight Man. Six simple steps to summon him, and you need a paper, a pen, a candle, and your Blood! First, write your full name on the paper and prick your finger to put a drop off your blood on the same paper. Light the candle and put it inside a room with a wooden door, turning off all the lights. Yes, a wooden door is mandatory. Tape the paper on the door of the same room. Now knock 22 times on the door, with the 22nd knock being on the stroke of the midnight. So, he is summoned. But the dangerous thing is that he can catch you and may kill you. So, never start at the same place for long and Never FALL ASLEEP! Because he may catch you. If he does, you may face the worst hallucinations of your life till 3:33 AM. People also say that if The Midnight Man catches you then he will either send you into a nightmare dimension or will rip your internal organs out. So, beware and do this only at midnight.


babe blue rituals

babe blue rituals

Blue Baby Blue is an urban legend about a strange game that kids play in bathrooms. Thus is somewhat twisted to the Bloody Mary Myth. Doers say that if you complete the challenge, you’ll feel the spirit of an infant in your arms and yeah, you’ll face his mother soon.
In this challenge, you’ll have to go to your bathrooms, turn off all the lights and lock the door. Keep the door ready to be opened anytime, you’ll need it. After turning off all the lights, look into the mirror and chant “Baby Blue, Blue Baby” 13 times without stopping and without any mistake. If you do if correct, you’ll soon feel your hands getting heavy due to the presence of a ghostly infant in our arms, who’ll start scratching you. A If you still continue holding it, you’ll see her mother in the mirror, who’ll yell “Give me back my baby” and scream loud enough to break glass. A If you are still holding the baby, she will kill you. So, be fast enough and take the baby to the toilet as soon as you feel it and flush it. If you aren’t fast, his mother will take him. Along with you of course!


closest game ritual

closest game ritual

Those who have already done this ritual sassy that this is by far the most dangerous ritual. This is because you’re summoning an actual demon to your house and the worst fact is that he’s going to be with you forever!
In this ritual, you’ll need only a match box and should have a closet where you fit inside. First get inside the closet and make sure that it is completely dark inside, not even a wink of light enters. Now, golf up an unlit match stick and say “Show me the light or leave me in the Darkness”. If you hear someone whispering in your ear, immediately light the matchstick and get out of the closet, ensuring that the stick is not put off anyway. If you fail to light the match stick or look around without lighting it after you hear the whisper, it’s said that the demon will drag you into a deep, dark abyss that you cannot escape from. And if you successfully come out of the closet, ensure that the particular closet is always lit up, because the demon you’ve invited will be waiting to take you when it gets dark inside the closet. So, Light up bro!



bloody marry ritual

bloody marry ritual

Perhaps another deadly ritual after the Closet Game. There are various studies behind the Bloody Mary myth, with two of them being most common. One is about Queen Mary I of England. It is said that she had a lot of miscarriages in her motherhood and a time came when people started mocking her. She committed suicide, cursing the people that if someone called her, she would come back to take their child and kill it. The second one is about a village where a witch named Mary Worth lived. She hunted out the villagers’ children to drink their blood and stay alive. But the villagers came to know about it and once when she had enchanted a child, they caught her and burned her alive. Before dying, she cursed the villagers that if anyone dared to summon her, she’d come to kill then and their children and burn them alive.

Let go of the stories, you’ll need guts to do this ritual. In this ritual, you need to go to your bathroom, turn off all the lights, and then stand to face the mirror and chant “Bloody Mary” three times, thus officially summoning her. After you summon her, one of these will happen – you’ll drop dead at the very spot, you’ll find scratch marks all over your face or body, you’ll have your eyes ripped off, or you’ll disappear suddenly and end up in the mirror with the witch.

If you’re planning to do these, be very careful because there’s no guarantee of your coming back or coming back in one piece. Beware!
In my next article, I’ll bring five more Ghost-summoning rituals for you. To then, stay tuned for PART-II!

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R. Kelly Found Guilty On All Charges



R. Kelly Found Guilty On All Charges

AFP via Getty Images

R. Kelly has been found guilty of sexually abusing women, boys, and girls in a Brooklyn courtroom on Monday.

Kelly was found guilty on nine counts of RICO violations, as well as transporting minor females across state lines for sex, on Monday.

The jury of seven men and five women deliberated for nine hours before returning their verdicts on the evidence against the singer.

Testimony of accusers and prosecution witnesses closed out the month-long trial in Brooklyn, New York.

1632773778 271 R Kelly Found Guilty On All Charges

Pool via Getty Images

During the proceedings, prosecutors told jurors that Kelly used a network of friends and employees to secretly transport minors and women across state lines and control their actions.

Many of the witnesses who took the stand during the trial claimed Kelly had kidnapped them and restricted what and when they could eat. They also claimed he controlled when they could take bathroom breaks.

Kelly’s attorneys attempted to discredit the accusers as groupies who who were willing to be used and controlled.

The defense claimed the victims had concocted tall tales about the singer after he refused their advances.

1632773778 539 R Kelly Found Guilty On All Charges

Pool via Getty Images

One of his alleged victims claimed she witnessed the singer performing oral sex on teenage R&B singer Aaliyah, who Kelly illegally wed in a Chicago hotel room in 1994 – when she was only 15.

A former tour manager for Kelly also testified that he bribed a welfare office employee to make a fake ID for Aaliyah, which listed her age as 18.

1632773778 89 R Kelly Found Guilty On All Charges

Fred Duval/FilmMagic

Prosecutors claimed Kelly married Aaliyah in a bid to avoid criminal charges for having sex with a minor. Their marriage was later annulled.

Kelly did not take the stand to testify in his own defense during the trial.

Kelly also faces criminal charges in separate cases from state prosecutors in Minnesota and federal prosecutors in Illinois.

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Cynthia Bailey Announces Her Departure from ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’



Cynthia Bailey Announces Her Departure from ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta’

Diabolik / BACKGRID

Cynthia Bailey confirmed reports that she is out as a cast member of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Cynthia, who joined the cast of RHOA in season three, announced her departure on Instagram on Monday.

“After much thought and consideration, I have made the very difficult and heartfelt decision not to return for the next season of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

Thank you NBC Universal, Bravo, and Truly Original for over a decade of partnership. I can’t wait to see what we do next!”

1632772638 490 Cynthia Bailey Announces Her Departure from ‘Real Housewives of Atlanta

Prince Williams Williams/

She also thanked her former castmates “for eleven of the most unbelievable years of my life; and the most incredible & UNFORGETTABLE memories!”

Over the years Cynthia struggled to come up with a storyline to remain on Bravo TV’s payroll. The 54-year-old former fashion model joined the cast with her then-husband Peter Thomas. When their marriage went south she married sportscaster Mike Hill in 2020.

One of Akons wives Tomeka Thiam joins ‘The Real Housewives


Earlier it was reported that one of singer Akon‘s harem of wives, Tomeka Thiam, will join the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

It isn’t clear if Tomeka will be a “friend” of the cast, or if she even knows any of the cast members personally.

Former Olympic Sprinter Sanya Richards Ross Joins ‘The Real Housewives of

Corbis via Getty Images

Blogger Lovebscott revealed that former Olympic gold medalist sprinter Sanya Richards-Ross is joining the cast of The Real Housewives of Atlanta for season 14.

B. Scott also reported that original RHOA cast member Shereé Whitfield is returning after more than a decade.

Marlo Hampton, a longtime friend of the show, is rumored to be getting her own peach as a full-time cast member.

And restaurateur Kandi Burruss, who joined RHOA in season 2, is also out as a castmate.

B. Scott writes:

“Production is aggressively interviewing new prospects in hopes of filling all seven slots. They’re specifically looking for ladies with husbands and/or significant others.”

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Minnesota school curriculum asks students to role play LGBT+ scenarios



Minnesota school curriculum asks students to role play LGBT+ scenarios

Troy Aossey / The Image Bank

School districts around the country include LGBT+ history and LGBT+ rights in school curriculum.

In one school district in Minnesota, heterosexual high school students are being asked to participate in LGBT+ sexual role-playing in the classroom.

The curriculum involves coaching children to role-play adult sexual scenarios.

The role-playing exercises are part of the “Comprehensive Sexuality Education” (CSE) program.

The curriculum was designed by Advocates for Youth, a group that is partnered with Planned Parenthood, according to reports.

The role-playing is part of the “3R” principle, which stands for “rights, respect, responsibility.”

The teenagers are given examples of sexual relationships and they are asked to role play the scenarios.

The role-playing examples include:

“Terrence” is described as “You date girls you like, but haven’t done much sexually with them; you’ve kissed a couple of them, but didn’t find it very exciting. Now you feel very attracted to Morgan. When you kissed him last week, it felt wonderful, but also confusing. You just can’t stop thinking about Morgan and imagining his touch. You think you want to have sex with him, but you don’t want your family or friends to find out, because they would disapprove.”

Two girls, “Andie” and “Diana” are alone in a basement and considering having sex. Andie thinks Diana “is great and feel that this could be the relationship you’ve always wanted. You’ve never felt like this before and don’t want to do anything to turn Diana off. You feel open to all kinds of things with Diana, including commitment and sex. You plan to use protection if you and Diana decide to have sex.”

“Zee”, a biological girl, is considering having sex with trans teen “Sydney”, a biological boy who identifies as a girl: “Biologically you were assigned female at birth but you hate all of the boxes that society puts people in and identify as genderqueer. You work hard to have a gender-nonconforming appearance and style. You enjoy gender-bending and you feel like with Sydney you have finally met someone who really ‘gets you.'”

Teenagers who are resistant to the role-playing exercise are taken aside and lectured about homophobia, intolerance and acceptance of others.

Then the entire class is asked “to reflect on what’s happening and why. Direct the students back to your class ground rules — and reinforce the agreement to be respectful — and that making homophobic comments is not respectful.”

Parents can opt their teenage children out of the class at any time. One school district denied asking elementary school children to role play.

Richfield Public Schools in Minnesota issued a statement to Yahoo News.

“We do NOT teach elementary students about anal sex, show them graphic images, or ask them to role play, as has been reported by some media outlets. There are no activities in the secondary curriculum that have students role-playing situations in front of the entire classroom.”

Parents protested the curriculum at a Richfield Public School board meeting (below)

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Nick Cannon reveals his therapist told him to ‘take a break’ from sowing his seed



Photo may have been deleted


Father-of-seven Nick Cannon reveals his therapist told him to “take a break” from sowing his seed and try celibacy.

The media mogul told Entertainment Tonight that his therapist recommended celibacy after he welcomed three babies back-to-back this year.

“My therapist said I should be celibate. Okay, give me a break. I’m [gonna] take a break from having kids.”

Nick welcomed three babies in June by two mothers — son Zen with model Alyssa Scott, and twin sons Zion Mixolydian and Zillion Heir with DJ Abby De La Rosa.

Six months earlier his ex-girlfriend Brittany Bell gave birth to their daughter Powerful Queen, and they already share a 4-year-old son named Golden.

Photo may have been deleted


Nick also shares 10-year-old fraternal twins Moroccan, left, and Monroe, right, with his ex-wife, superstar singer Mariah Carey. They divorced in 2016 after 8 years of marriage.

Nick never remarried, but he went on a seed-sowing spree, fathering children with multiple women– until his therapist told him to take a break.

The doting dad spends most of his free time with his three eldest children – twins Moroccan and Monroe and son Golden. He often posts them on social media.

Photo may have been deleted


In a video shared on Nick’s Instagram account, the three siblings recorded the theme song for daddy’s new daytime TV talk show.

He also spends quality time with his four infants. Meanwhile, Nick is constructing a compound in California where all 7 of his children will grow up together.

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Family Lawyer Says ‘Someone Did Something’ to Jelani Day, ‘No Doubt There Was Foul Play’



Photo may have been deleted


An attorney for Jelani Day’s family rejects the police theory that the 25-year-old graduate student killed himself.

Jelani’s body was discovered floating near the south bank of the Illinois River in Peru, on September 4.

The aspiring doctor was last seen outside a marijuana dispensary on August 24. His car was located in Peru 2 days later on August 26. Inside the car were the clothing he wore in the surveillance video outside the dispensary. There was no evidence of foul play inside the car.

His car was found in a wooded area near the Route 251 Bridge, not far from where his body was recovered. The license plates were missing from the car. His wallet was discarded about three blocks away.

Detectives in Peru have concluded that Jelani killed himself based on the evidence.

While investigators have not released an official cause of death, an attorney for the family claims to know what happened to him.

Lawyer Hallie Benzer tells Newsy the evidence suggests “Jelani did not end up in that river willingly.”

Benzer added:

“I speak for the family when I say that we are confident someone did something to Jelani. We don’t know who that person is, we don’t know what they did, but we feel very strongly, and the evidence points to someone else being involved in this.”

Benzer did not share any evidence with Newsy.

Jelani’s mother, Carmen Bolden Day, also believes her son met with foul play.

Photo may have been deleted


“They didn’t look for him,” she said, while fighting back tears in a recent interview. “They wanted to create – and they still want to create this narrative that he did something to himself.”

Meanwhile, detectives in Peru appealed to the public to help identify a suspicious man seen in surveillance video knocking on a door in LaSalle, near Peru.

The homeowner shared the video footage with police, believing it could be Jelani.

The family reviewed the video and say it is not him.

Watch Bolden Day’s interview below.

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One of Akon’s wives, Tomeka Thiam, joins ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’



One of Akon’s wives, Tomeka Thiam, joins ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta’


One of Akon‘s harem of wives, Tomeka Thiam, will join the upcoming season of The Real Housewives of Atlanta.

It isn’t clear if Tomeka will be a “friend” of the cast, or if she even knows any of the cast members personally.

What is clear is that Tomeka has enough drama in her life to fill several seasons of scripts.

1632756660 711 One of Akons wives Tomeka Thiam joins ‘The Real Housewives


For starters, Tomeka is one of Akon’s handful of wives. It’s unknown if she’s the main wife or just one of his concubines.

Sources close to production tell TMZ, that Tomeka has agreed to be part of season 14 of ‘RHOA’ and will film with the other Housewives beginning in November.

According to TMZ, no official decision has been made on whether she will be a regular, a “friend”, or just make a guest appearance.

Former RHOA cast member Sheree Whitfield is also rumored to return to the show, but only if she regained full-time Housewife status with her own peach in hand.

1632756660 106 One of Akons wives Tomeka Thiam joins ‘The Real Housewives

Best Image / BACKGRID

Akon, who is Senegalese, famously admitted he has several wives, but it’s unclear if he or any of his other wives will make an appearance on the new season of RHOA.

1632756660 24 One of Akons wives Tomeka Thiam joins ‘The Real Housewives

Raymond Hall/GC Images

The 48-year-old “Lonely” singer also admits he is a prolific breeder with six children by three women.

1632756660 818 One of Akons wives Tomeka Thiam joins ‘The Real Housewives

Credit: Maciel / BACKGRID

Akon sparked controversy during a concert in 2017 when he simulated sex with a 15-year-old girl at the Zen Nightclub in Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago as part of a fake contest.

As a result of the scandal, Verizon Wireless removed cellphone ringtones featuring Akon’s songs. Verizon also pulled out as a sponsor of The Sweet Escape Tour where Akon was the opening act for Gwen Stefani.

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Kelly Price finally comes forward to clear the air (Video)



Photo may have been deleted


After days of rumors about her health, gospel singer Kelly Price has finally come forward to clear the air.

Kelly, who was hospitalized with Covid-19 in August, explained to TMZ that she had been at home battling Covid-19 with the help of her doctor and her secret husband, Darrell Crump.

Kelly’s doctor advised her to go to the emergency room when her fever spiked and she experienced shortness of breath at home.

Fighting back tears, Kelly told TMZ she “flatlined” in the emergency room and remembers waking up to her doctor asking her what year it was to test her memory.

1632751067 925 Kelly Price finally comes forward to clear the air Video

Vladimir Labissiere/Splash News

She was released home when her vital signs stabilized and the hospital needed the bed.

Kelly claims she infected her husband with Covid-19 but he is now recovered with no long haul symptoms.

Kelly’s sister sparked speculation when she called into a YouTuber’s show to say the singer was still missing and she had not heard from her in months.

Singer Kelly Price Missing After Covid 19 Hospitalization

JLN Photography/

However, the “Friend of Mine” singer explained she is estranged from her sister, and she wouldn’t allow visitors to her home because she and her husband were sick with Covid-19.

Kelly also accused her sister of manipulating her two adult children. She said she hasn’t seen her sister since their mother’s funeral years ago.

Kelly claims she was forced to leave her home recently because “fans” have been dropping by her home to check on her all hours of the day and night.

Kelly thanked her fans for their well wishes in an Instagram post on Monday.

Rumors swirled over the weekend that Kelly, 48, was in an acute care facility on a ventilator after Covid-19 destroyed her lungs.

Kelly’s Atlanta attorney, Monica Ewing, said Friday that her client was “safe” and recovering from Covid at an undisclosed location.

Watch Kelly’s video below.

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Unvaccinated NBA Players Rally Behind Kyrie Irving



Unvaccinated NBA Players Rally Behind Kyrie Irving

Steven Ryan /Getty Images

The NBA is concerned about a cluster of unvaccinated players, including Kyrie Irving and LeBron James, who refuse to get the Covid-19 mRNA vaccines.

According to Rolling Stone magazine, the league is concerned that “leaders” like Kyrie Irving, 29, and LeBron James, 36, are jeopardizing their attempts to vaccinate the entire NBA.

The league front office is worried that Kyrie, in particular, will convince the younger players to reject the mRNA shots or the boosters.

1632748345 853 Unvaccinated NBA Players Rally Behind Kyrie Irving

Duane Burleson/Getty Images

Kyrie, star guard for the Brooklyn Nets, will likely comply with New York City’s strict vaccine mandate which calls for unvaccinated NBA players to sit out all home games.

Kyrie’s aunt said recently that NBA players could sit out all home games to protest the league’s vaccine policies, which she calls oppressive.

“There are so many other players outside of him who are opting out, I would like to think they would make a way. It could be like every third game. So it still gives you a full season of being interactive and being on the court, but with the limitations that they’re, of course, oppressing upon you. There can be some sort of formula where the NBA and the players can come to some sort of agreement.”

She went on to say that Kyrie is not looking for a religious exemption.

“It’s not religious-based, it’s morals based. You may have to sit on the sideline, you might not have to be in the arena during this. If it’s that freaking important to get a vaccine that, hell, it’s still not preventing COVID, then I’d rather them working it out that way than to say, ‘Hey, if you don’t get the vaccine, then you can’t be a part of the franchise that you fuckin’ helped build.'”

According to CDC statistics, more than 74% of Black NY residents are unvaccinated. As a result, Black New Yorkers are most impacted by NYC’s vaccine mandates.

1632748345 615 Unvaccinated NBA Players Rally Behind Kyrie Irving

Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Black Lives Matter has accused New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio of discriminating against Black people.

One of the leaders of Black Lives Matter’s Greater New York chapter slammed de Blasio, saying his “mandate is racist and specifically targets black New Yorkers.”

Chivona Newsome calls de Blasio’s vaccine mandates “modern-day Freedom Papers, which limit the free will of Black people.”

“Although Mayor Bill De Blasio ran on progressives values, nothing in his tenure will attest to his campaign promises,” Newsome told Fox News.

“The September 13th vaccine mandate is racist and specifically targets Black New Yorkers. The vaccination passports are modern-day Freedom Papers, which limit the free will of Black people.

“The vaccination mandates infringe upon the civil liberties of the Black community. It’s more than where we can dine or enjoy entertainment, it will result in loss of income. As of Monday, September 27, Black health care workers and educators will lose their jobs.”

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White news anchor with adopted Black daughter is suspended for telling bosses he wanted to discuss ‘missing white woman syndrome’ on the air



Photo may have been deleted


A California news anchor with an adopted Black daughter was suspended after telling his bosses he wanted to discuss “missing white woman syndrome” at the end of his news segment.

Frank Somerville, 63, was suspended from Oakland-based KTVU after he told station executives he wanted to discuss the disparities between missing Black and missing white women who receive more news coverage.

Photo may have been deleted


Somerville is the adoptive father of a Black teenage daughter whom he often posts on social media.

He was reportedly suspended a day after he got into a shouting match with News Director Amber Eikel about Gabby Petito news coverage, according to the Mercury News.

The three-time Emmy winner had planned to piggyback off of the remarks made by MSNBC most Joy Reid who said the news media eagerly covers stories about missing white women like Petito, the 22-year-old Youtuber whose body was found in a Wyoming park on Sept. 19.

Reid said news outlets often ignore missing Black women because they do not look like the daughters and granddaughters of newsroom executives.

Petito was laid to rest in a televised funeral on Sunday. A massive manhunt is underway for her fiancé, Brian Laundrie, who is considered the prime suspect in her murder.

The term “missing white woman syndrome” was coined by late journalist Gwen Ifill, who became the first Black woman to host a nationally televised U.S. public affairs program.

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Tags: Brian Laundrie, Frank Somerville, Gabby Petito, job suspension, Joy Reid, news anchor

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Family members say skull found in Gwinnett County Ga is missing SC woman



Photo may have been deleted

Gwinnett County PD

Family members say a skull unearthed in Gwinnett County, Ga. in April was identified as missing 32-year-old Brittany Davis, of Greenville, South Carolina.

Davis went missing on March 7th, 2020, according to her family.

Bridgett Brown, Davis’ niece, told Channel 2 Action News the family was initially told by Gwinnett police that a police sketch that resembled Davis was a “stock photo” of a white or Hispanic woman (above left).

Davis’s disappearance did not receive press coverage in 2020, so her family and friends took to social media to get the word out.

“You guys my friend is #MISSING & has been since 3/7/2020,” family friend Alicia La’Von wrote on Facebook last year.

“We have been friends for over ten years and she is my rock thru so many hard times. When my mom died she came to her funeral and just followed behind me to make sure no one upset me and made things worse…

“She was last seen in San Juan, she loved it there. My country Macon, GA girl living her best island life. Please you guys, Pray and repost. @ all the blogs and send them her picture.”

La’Von updated her Facebook post on March 21, 2020 to say Davis was last seen at her residence in Greenville, South Carolina, with her fiancé, Michael Lee Wilkerson.

“She was last seen with this man, who could be in the Atlanta area,” she wrote in the caption of photos showing Davis and Wilkerson together.

Photo may have been deleted


Gwinnett County police with the help of the U.S. Marshal’s Task Force, and the Gwinnett County Sheriff’s Office arrested Wilkerson during a traffic stop in Buford, Ga. on August 24, 2021, according to WBTW.

Wilkerson was living in Lawrenceville, Ga. at the time of his arrest.

He was extradited to the Greenville County, SC Jail on August 31 and charged with murder. He is being held without bond.

Brown told Channel 2 Action News the family is concerned that the case did not receive enough attention in Georgia, where Wilkerson lived.

Brown said when the family first reached out to Gwinnett County police in response to a police artist sketch that resembled Davis, they were told that the sketch was a “stock photo” and that the skull belonged to a white, mixed race or Hispanic woman.

“We are very thankful that Greenville, SC Detective Nikki Bowdoin was persistent in pursuing the remains with the Gwinnett county police department,” Brown told WSB-TV. “Without her, we may have never found out the truth.”

Brown is hopeful that someone may know where the rest of Davis’ remains can be found so she can receive a proper burial.

“We are hoping that news coverage of what has happened may jog someone’s memory here in Gwinnett. Someone may have seen or had dealings with Michael Wilkerson and unknowingly may have details regarding my niece’s murder or the dumping of her body.

“His arrest has been on the news in Greenville SC and other news outlets across the US but not here in Gwinnett county where the remains were found, where he lived, and where the arrest took place.”

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