PARANORMAL RITUALS To Invite Ghosts To Your House

Paranormal activities have been fascinating people for a long time now. People even go for ghost hunting and hence can theme Ghost Hunters or Ghost Busters. These people don’t even care for their life doing ghost-hunting. This has become a craze in people. Some even choose it as a career.

There are various creepy and scary places in the world where ghosts can be found. But have you ever thought how would it feel to summon a ghost to your own house? Didn’t know that? There are some rituals through which you can call a ghost to your own house. Yes, it can be done. If you can summon a ghost to your house, why should you go to any paranormal place?

The origin of haunting paranormal games is believed to be ancient satanic rituals but have been modified after being performed for a hundred of years. Rituals were used to summon the Devil, ferocious demons and deadly spirits to spread terror among the humans as well as to worship Satan. So, think twice before you do so.

But let me remind you, it’s not a good idea. Who would want to have a ghost as a partner in the house? But, if you are a hard-core paranormal lover, then you can give a try.

So here I am going to list some rituals using which you can summon a spirit to your own house. And let me say this too, follow so the rules using ask the equipment stated. One small mistake, and the whole ritual and your dream is down. But personally, I advise you not to do this.

Here they are –


eyeless jack ritual
eyeless jack ritual

Going to the story, Jack was a small boy who had weak vision, with doctors saying that he would lose that too. Sometimes he came to know that he could improve his vision if he could manage to eat kidneys. So, he started eating kidneys buying then from the butcher. But a day came when the butcher ran out of kidneys, and he didn’t get any. At last, he killed his own mother to find her kidney and eat it. And the kids began. From that time he has been hunting people and eating their kidneys.

People sat that even if he eats kidneys, he doesn’t have eyes. So, to summon him, you need a fresh kidney, a blue cloth, a blue candle and a knife. You need blue ones because he knows only blue colour. First, write Eyeless Jack on the candle, then close your eyes using the blue cloth. Then pierce the kidney with the knife and chant Eyeless Jack three times. Thus you have summoned him. You will soon hear him in your house. But be careful, you will see him eat the kidney, but he can get you for yours too!


mid night man ritual
mid night man ritual

It is said to be one of the most haunted and dangerous rituals where you have life risks. In this, you summon a deadly spirit named The Midnight Man. Six simple steps to summon him, and you need a paper, a pen, a candle, and your Blood! First, write your full name on the paper and prick your finger to put a drop off your blood on the same paper. Light the candle and put it inside a room with a wooden door, turning off all the lights. Yes, a wooden door is mandatory. Tape the paper on the door of the same room. Now knock 22 times on the door, with the 22nd knock being on the stroke of the midnight. So, he is summoned. But the dangerous thing is that he can catch you and may kill you. So, never start at the same place for long and Never FALL ASLEEP! Because he may catch you. If he does, you may face the worst hallucinations of your life till 3:33 AM. People also say that if The Midnight Man catches you then he will either send you into a nightmare dimension or will rip your internal organs out. So, beware and do this only at midnight.


babe blue rituals
babe blue rituals

Blue Baby Blue is an urban legend about a strange game that kids play in bathrooms. Thus is somewhat twisted to the Bloody Mary Myth. Doers say that if you complete the challenge, you’ll feel the spirit of an infant in your arms and yeah, you’ll face his mother soon.
In this challenge, you’ll have to go to your bathrooms, turn off all the lights and lock the door. Keep the door ready to be opened anytime, you’ll need it. After turning off all the lights, look into the mirror and chant “Baby Blue, Blue Baby” 13 times without stopping and without any mistake. If you do if correct, you’ll soon feel your hands getting heavy due to the presence of a ghostly infant in our arms, who’ll start scratching you. A If you still continue holding it, you’ll see her mother in the mirror, who’ll yell “Give me back my baby” and scream loud enough to break glass. A If you are still holding the baby, she will kill you. So, be fast enough and take the baby to the toilet as soon as you feel it and flush it. If you aren’t fast, his mother will take him. Along with you of course!


closest game ritual
closest game ritual

Those who have already done this ritual sassy that this is by far the most dangerous ritual. This is because you’re summoning an actual demon to your house and the worst fact is that he’s going to be with you forever!
In this ritual, you’ll need only a match box and should have a closet where you fit inside. First get inside the closet and make sure that it is completely dark inside, not even a wink of light enters. Now, golf up an unlit match stick and say “Show me the light or leave me in the Darkness”. If you hear someone whispering in your ear, immediately light the matchstick and get out of the closet, ensuring that the stick is not put off anyway. If you fail to light the match stick or look around without lighting it after you hear the whisper, it’s said that the demon will drag you into a deep, dark abyss that you cannot escape from. And if you successfully come out of the closet, ensure that the particular closet is always lit up, because the demon you’ve invited will be waiting to take you when it gets dark inside the closet. So, Light up bro!



bloody marry ritual
bloody marry ritual

Perhaps another deadly ritual after the Closet Game. There are various studies behind the Bloody Mary myth, with two of them being most common. One is about Queen Mary I of England. It is said that she had a lot of miscarriages in her motherhood and a time came when people started mocking her. She committed suicide, cursing the people that if someone called her, she would come back to take their child and kill it. The second one is about a village where a witch named Mary Worth lived. She hunted out the villagers’ children to drink their blood and stay alive. But the villagers came to know about it and once when she had enchanted a child, they caught her and burned her alive. Before dying, she cursed the villagers that if anyone dared to summon her, she’d come to kill then and their children and burn them alive.

Let go of the stories, you’ll need guts to do this ritual. In this ritual, you need to go to your bathroom, turn off all the lights, and then stand to face the mirror and chant “Bloody Mary” three times, thus officially summoning her. After you summon her, one of these will happen – you’ll drop dead at the very spot, you’ll find scratch marks all over your face or body, you’ll have your eyes ripped off, or you’ll disappear suddenly and end up in the mirror with the witch.

If you’re planning to do these, be very careful because there’s no guarantee of your coming back or coming back in one piece. Beware!
In my next article, I’ll bring five more Ghost-summoning rituals for you. To then, stay tuned for PART-II!

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