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Pixel phone camera will support external mics soon, Google says



Pixel phone camera will support external mics soon, Google says
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An app engineering team’s employee from Google has confirmed that the Pixel phone’s camera will soon work with the external microphones while recording the videos. That is, the already near-perfect camera on Pixel 3, will be updated soon to function more impressively for the user’s video shooting experience.

It is already known that the Pixel camera’s audio quality while recording great videos has been average, and thus Google has now decided to up the performance on every aspect possible. The Pixel camera didn’t have the feature to also enable external microphones while video recording. Though there are many third-party apps out there which simply provide this option very easily (like Open Camera).

But the stock experience of the phone camera has a different feel and realizing this point, Google is really pushing improvisations a bit faster now. And this update to the Pixel camera may be available before the end of this month itself. It will probably be coming out with the new Pixel 3/3XL models on October 18th, 2018.

This will surely solve the problem of doing extra work for gaining quality audio from the microphones of the Pixel phones. To gain great sound while recording, most of the users try to use external mics that can be plugged into the Type-C ports of Pixel 2 phones or use the 3.5mm audio jack in case of the original Pixel models.

The engineer from the app team, who also revealed about this news, wrote on the Google’s forums that the company will introduce the support for Android-compatible plugged-in external microphones in the default camera app for the new Pixels.

But this doesn’t mean that the older Pixel phone cameras are bad now and will be left out of some new options. Instead, they will also be borrowing some really new features from the latest Pixel 3 cameras. And it means that the best smartphone cameras will become even better now at least in their own series for sure.

Have a good time now with your Pixel camera whether you are capturing or recording.

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