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Pundi X, reveals XPhone, a Blockchain-Powered Android Smartphone for the Masses



Pundi X, reveals XPhone, a Blockchain-Powered Android Smartphone for the Masses

Largest Crypto Startup Pundi X today has announced a new Blockchain powered smartphone which is called by the name as XPhone, at the ongoing XBlockchain event in Bali.

Pundi X that is known for their crypto XPASS token card and XPOS which is a point of sale devices for retail transactions has revealed a blockchain supported and powered a smartphone, ‘XPhone.’ The company today revealed and invited several journalists to test some of the demo units of the XPhone at an event.

Apart from just this, Pundi X also unveiled its first-ever blockchain based OS which is called as Function X. With the help of a Function X, people can make calls, transfer data independently and send messages from carriers like Sprint and Verizon. According to a report which has been revealed, people can route the message and calls with the help of a blockchain node which eliminates the use of a phone number.

The company calls Function X as a “new transmission protocol for the latest innovative blockchain age” and thinks that the “innovation expands the use of blockchain technology which is also beyond the financial transfers.”

Function X is being called an “ecosystem” and with it brings a new decentralized file storage system and transmission protocol called IPFX and FXTP.

Pitt Huang, Pundi X Co-founder, and CTO said that last several years before the online world changed the day to day life and human existence, but also hopes that the company new latest innovative technologies will make the blockchain “usable” in speed up adoption and everyday life routine.

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Zac Cheah, Pundi X Founder, and CEO said that the Function X and Xphone could be the best solution for the stability issues, and become a bridge that connects the vision for the blockchain technology with the real-life adoption and usage.

The cheah said in the report that, as many of the cryptocurrency such as Ethereum have achieved several transactions based protocols, so it is not clear that reaching a critical mass in terms of the scale will going to come up with utility for the vast majority. And Function X operating system is the solution for the same. As by giving out people the choice to be much more independent of a more centralized form of a communication network will help them to build a new use for blockchain which can also be used by a large number of people.

Some of the much more details on the Function X will be going to be revealed on 15th of October, and the company has also launched a countdown timer on the website

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5 Must Have Security Tools For Android



Security Tools For Android

If you go on the google store or on a google search result and hunt for the best security tools, to save your phone from all the malware and viruses, I’m sure you’ll get a bunch of apps to download. Some for free, and some with a little payment. However, one is never sure which app might be the perfect one for your android device to save it from such malware.

Here, We’ve got a list ready for you to use it for your phones and save it from such toxic online software’s as well as security threats.

Avast Mobile Security

This application is great to save your phone from viruses and other threats. This app is one of the famous antiviruses used worldwide, for android, which sends you an instant alert if a virus is being installed through software and is onto invading your privacy.

It is also able to detect up to 99.9%-100% of malware inside of the phone.

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Sophos Antivirus and security

This app is undoubtedly the best antivirus for your android device, for free. It has incredible features to start with.

Firstly it efficiently scans for viruses in your already installed apps, storage media, etc, giving your phone a whole clean up. It provides a ‘locate your device’ feature that lets you help with theft or loss protection as well, and It even filters your web along with blocking spams on your device.

This apps detection rate goes up to 100%, making it one of the best apps.

Firefox Focus

This application can be used to browse privately.

It is like a browser being used on incognito, privacy mode. It logs you of from your accounts, after long periods of non-activeness. They can even be deleted at a notice whenever you want it to. It is also helpful in blockage of pointless pop-up ads, as well as trackers.

One of the best features of this app is that it’s absolutely free, and for sure more will keep you more secured than general browsers in your phones. This is the perfect app for your cheap android phone, which doesn’t cost a bit yet keeps it virus-fee.

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If you need help in managing your passwords, this app is made for you. This app, stores your PINs, pass, and every sensitive code, so you can give a look for instant recall.

It’s all secured behind a main key password, according to your choice. You can also get LastPass Authenticator at a little additional cost, for an extra layer of safety.

This app is strong and it’s free version almost gives you all the features you need to protect your android system. However, in a little amount of payment, the pro-version gives you extra security, more syncing options, etc.


This app is very easy to use. It protects each app individually, from intruders by putting a pin/pattern in order to open it. You can lock your SMS, emails, call and everything by this one app.

This application doesn’t put a lock on your device, but the applications installed on it. Also, you can choose which apps you need to put a lock on and on which you do not want on.

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We hope that at least one of these apps will help you secure your android devices, as per your requirement. We all have a lot of vital information we might need to secure. So head on, secure your devices right away and always keep in mind, never share your personal information on any random website or email.

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How to create an Internet Service Provider company?



If you want to create an internet service in my area you must know about the types of internet. These are the most common types of Internet connection and their differences.

DSL – Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) is a telephone line-based Internet service in my area. Unlike the old dialup technology, you can also use the telephone line online. This is usually the cheapest but cheapest option and can be used extensively.

Cables – Wired Internet is often faster than DSL, but the number of users in your area may vary. Cable contacts provide faster download speeds (usually around 50 Mbps), but slower uploads (about 5 or 10 Mbps).

Fiber Optic – The latest and fastest connection type available. Fiber connections have super-fast uploads and download speeds (typically 100 Mbps and above). As a direct connection, your internet will not be slow due to other users in your area.

T1 / T3 – A dedicated telephone line-based Internet connection that does not bind to your phone line when used as a DSL. In the past, this was the only way to get reliable high-speed internet (up to ~ 45 Mbps) for the office. However, they have become rare with the expansion of fiber optic contacts.

Generally, a fiber-optic connection is the best option for an office with multiple internet users. If fiber is not available in your area, the cable is a good alternative, and DSL is a reliable and cost-effective choice. There are many different aspects of Internet service delivery that you can set up in an ISP that focuses on a specific market segment to stay out of the competition.

Start your own ISP

Starting from scratch to your internet service provider and providing your own internet services is the most difficult and expensive option – and not of any other ISP – requiring very complex skills, equipment, and high investment. First, you need to find a facility where your hardware is housed. You also need to install a reliable cooling system because the device will be damaged when it is overheated. There are many options for communication, however. Fiber optic cable, Wi-Fi, pairing arrangements and Ethernet. Some methods are more expensive and require more agility than others.

Market research

Once you find that you have identified a need in the market, it is time to do thorough market research and make sure that your interest in the service is substantial and that you Will be successful in delivering profitable. It is important to develop a long-term business plan that defines the business plan. In particular, it should be noted how a company can expand its reach and differentiate it from existing players, but also new market participants.

Legal considerations

Before you begin, you need to make sure all the legal fields are checked.

First and foremost, you need to make sure you have a working license in the country you select. It may take some time, or not at all, to get this license in place. I always recommend that you know the regulatory experts in the market you are planning to build.

Develop IP addresses and ASNs

The next thing is to retrieve an Internet Protocol (IP) and an Autonomous System Number (ASN) resource from the Local Regional Internet Registry (RIR).

Be transparent and peer-to-peer

Transit ISP quotes are the lives of big internet-connected. There is no single provider that receives it directly from all other networks on the Internet, so data is transmitted across many other transit networks. IP Transit is purchased by transit providers such as Work line Communications. Transit providers have different geographical strengths, depending on how well their network is set up. Deciding on your network topology is crucial to success and usually requires expert advice. Most ISPs receive transit from multiple providers with different pricing and service level agreements. Peering into Internet exchanges (IXs) is another important aspect to reduce costs or improve performance.

Find a carrier impersonal device

Carrier-neutral data centers enable communication between the parties that are facilitated. Using a vendor-neutral data center, you can switch providers or physically move or connect with multiple vendors without having to deploy more infrastructure to another location. The Career Neutral Data Center enables ISPs to respond to the evolving market and keep options open to carriers and service providers.

Get Infrastructure

The next step is to invest in your physical infrastructures, such as routers and switches. The selection of devices is determined by the design and topology of your network.

Final structure

Now that something is in your place, only the final setup is available. This means that you have transit and peer-to-peer communications and what about configuring routers and switches. After months of planning, you are now fully prepared to open your doors to the ISP area.

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Handy tips of web design to create the best website



Handy tips of web design to create the best website

You will be surprised to know that 48% of users on the web say that a website’s design is crucial. It is the topmost determining factor for a business’s credibility. The website’s design is crucial as it makes a very good first impression in the minds of the target audience.

Beautiful websites create a meaningful impact on the target audience’s minds and help create a really good first impression.

Now let us examine the key tips that help create a really good website:

1. Add only those elements that are necessary and add value

When you are designing the website, it’s quite easy to be carried away whilst adding too many elements on the ages. Why is it so? Because a lot of people prefer the website to be visually appealing, so they always want more elements added just to add another visual dimension.

Not all elements have a purpose on the website. Some elements may just end up cluttering the website which results in the website getting overwhelmed. That certainly does confuse the target audience.

Add those elements that are necessary, that have a purpose and that add value to the website. If there is a call-to-action (CTA) button on the website, it should lead people to a particular page.

Create and add elements to the website that are functional and relative.

2. Keep the user in mind

When you are creating an aesthetically pleasing website, keep in mind that you are designing for the user. Make a site that works for the users so they can learn more about your business.

Ensure that the website’s design provides the audience with the best experience. Have a look at elements like design format, navigation, and visual elements. Create the best experience for the user so they can engage on the website for a longer time period.

3. Select colors that match the brand

Good looking websites have color schemes matching with their respective brand. Choose the right colors when making the website because your color choices impact how people will perceive your brand.

Different colors have different meanings and its imperative that you understand the meaning of different colors. Also, understand how the audience perceives each color.

4. Insert visual elements to make them beautiful

Users love elements that make the website beautiful because they catch attention. Such visuals draw users and get them to check out a brand, business or company. They add balance to webpages by breaking up the cluttering text.

Photos, videos, and infographics are among the visual elements used on websites. A lot of companies use a lot of pictures and integrate videos sporadically as a means of engaging users. Developers can use any number of visual elements to design their website.

However, such visual elements should have meaning reflecting on the business and industry.

5. Selecting the right fonts

Beautiful websites are not just focused on using correct color schemes and visual elements. The text on the web page is a large part of its aesthetics. The content matters and so does its readability.

Ensure the typography is not cluttered. Cluttered typography will confuse the audience. They won’t be able to read what is written on the web page and the pages won’t be browsed easily. Choose fonts that go hand in hand with beautiful web design, so the pages are readable & the audience stays on the website.

6. Do not forget to test the website

Do not forget to test the websites because the first design isn’t the most awesome design. Different elements on the website need testing to see room for improvement and how the audience responds to such a design.

Every good web design agency New York has developers that routinely test a prototype and existing websites. Developers should test A/B elements one at a time and change them one at a time as well. Good agencies have developers who focus on testing individual parts of the website to check how impactful the changes are.

Over to you

It is now up to you as to how you will take these handy tips. Everyone loves a beautiful website but not all elements of the website are a good match for the website in construction. Branex also advises developers to keep users in mind otherwise the website won’t get any attention.

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Artificial Intelligence in Ecommerce




With the correct foundations in place manufacturers will see AI make a lot more informed decisions at every stage in the manufacturing process in actual time. As AI has a substantial effect on e-commerce, several businesses are using AI in their websites to present superior personalized experiences to their clients. Through the business’s logistics affiliate Cainiao, AI is used to map the most effective delivery routes. In reality, AI is altering the way businesses function in the present moment. The majority of the AI and ML-based systems become increasingly more accurate with time.

Artificial intelligence has made it feasible to comprehend images. It is crucial to know what’s easy and what’s hard in artificial intelligence today for internet retailers just like you. Artificial Intelligence is currently no longer an unheard idea. Digital Buying Assistants Artificial intelligence in e-commerce may be used to create a digital purchasing assistant, which assists consumers decide which products or services to purchase or choose.

Artificial Intelligence isn’t a technology or merely another as-a-service solution. It means any technology that seeks to mimic human intelligence, which covers a huge range of capabilities such as voice and image recognition, machine learning techniques and semantic search. It seems to be the answer they’re looking for. The important thing here is to choose the most suitable sort of artificial intelligence for your organization.

The online retail industry is really a tip of the iceberg. Thus AI technology holds the ability to supply a deep grasp of the consumers and improves your eCommerce promoting strategy. In the fast-changing world, it’s an innovation that is constant.

Improved Customer Service Every company would like to supply the very best service to their clients. E-commerce business has developed rapidly in the previous few decades. E-commerce businesses can find out more about the customer expectations and respond based on the circumstance. At the moment, many businesses are becoming ahead. As stated previously, many company and technical leaders over-generalize the data scientist skill set and frequently don’t have the correct expertise on the right projects.

The organization creates an app which keeps of somebody’s health and exercise. Retargeting Clients the majority of the companies are loaded with customer data but aren’t able to use the very same for their small business. By doing that the organization increases their pull in internet customer service without the customer knowing. At the same time, it needed to be stable to ensure its drivers are able to serve the riders efficiently. Several businesses enable you to use the intelligent search functionality in your ecommerce shop. Moreover, many businesses are overloaded with customer data they do little or nothing with. They simply do not have the requisite skill set to get started.

Selling the item is not sufficient. The consumers are supplied with a personalized experience on of understanding of their preferences. Most importantly, they prefer to use the same platforms for communicating with brands as well. The customers often provide the signals about what they’re looking for or what they like. The service doesn’t look at pure tailoring as it offers up alternative titles to demonstrate the client that there’s some variety also. After sales service is a fundamental part of E commerce enterprise.

A recommender system is a good approach to bring a new degree of personalization to the e-commerce sector. AI techniques build a correlation between the present demand and the upcoming demand. Learning product recommendation techniques promise to deliver product results your shoppers will likely want and get.

The ideal way to do so is to test AI platforms and pick the one which works for your organization. It’s very obvious that AWS’ platform is designed for a business’s data scientists, which might mean it’s at present inaccessible to the majority of eCommerce businesses. The platform may also purportedly determine the effect that returns and exchanges are having on the most important thing, which might inform decisions on how they’re handled and offered to customers. Digital Platform has made life simpler for the retailers and buyers. Conclusion Digital Platform has made life simpler for the retailers and buyers. Today, individuals are somewhat more inclined towards social networking platforms for shopping inspirations.

Developing a site is simple, but generating orders takes painstaking work. E-commerce websites are using chatbots to enhance the customer care services. Consider the suggested items suggestions that you’re very likely to discover on the item pages of most eCommerce stores.

AI and machine learning have already started to make sweeping modifications to the whole retail ecosystem. As the full ecommerce experience is wholly online, it is significantly harder to engage consumers since they are unable to really touch and feel the bodily products. Soon, personalized on-line experiences powered by artificial intelligence is going to be the expectation.

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Organ-on-Chip to Enhance the Credibility of Drug Development Efficiency



Organ-on-Chip Market

Organ-on-chip is a technology that creates human organ systems in compact size on a micro-engineered chip which are the size of a regular AA battery.

This technology is beneficial to scientists in order to research the effects of medicines, chemicals, disease-causing bacteria and other factors that pose a threat to the human body. The technology comprises of a multi-channel 3-dimensional microfluidic cell culture chip that simulates the activities, mechanics, and physiological response of entire organs and organ system.

It can be termed as an artificial organ that comprises the significant subject matter of biomedical engineering research. The design for this technology varies depending upon the organ that needs to be simulated. The organs that have been simulated by microfluidic devices include cartilage, lung, kidney, heart, artery, bone, skin, etc.

The process of designing an artificial organ requires precise cellular manipulation along with the detailed understanding of the functions of the human body that respond to such simulations.

Organ-on-chips, or simply organ-chips, are designed immaculately to recreate the natural mechanical and physiological forces that cells experience in the human body.

These chips are integrated with the living human cells and feature compact fluid channels that enable airflow and reproduces blood similar to the human body. They are designed in such a way that they are flexible to the conditions inside the living human body and can recreate breathing motions or undergo muscle contractions. The organ-chips that are designed for liver, lung, intestine, or brain are compact in size, about the size of an AA battery.

It is possible for the researchers to collect data on the behavior, functionality, and responses of the organ at the molecular of cellular level as the organ-chips feature transparency.

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Similar to the installation of a chip inside a computer, organ-chips are placed precisely inside the human body. The body quickly adapts to this foreign object as the organ-chips are designed to recreate the human body’s living. This includes breathing motions, blood flow, secretion of enzymes, or releasing hormones. Modular instruments can be implemented in the form of chemicals, toxics, or medicines for testing the efficiency and responses on the organ-chips. Researchers and developers can analyze and observe the cells inside the organ-chips through the modular nature of the system. Scientists try to analyze the functions of these organ-chips by connecting them with different organ-chips and recording the simulation of how two different organs interact with each other. This helps them to understand better how the chips would function in a living body and what impact they would have over foreign substances.

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In order to mimic the functions of interconnected organs in the human body, researchers have developed an automated instrument to link multiple organ-chips by transferring fluids through the common vascular channels. This tool is specially designed to copy the controls of fluid flow, body physiology, and cell viability alongside permitting real-time observation of the cultured tissues. Furthermore, it also enables the physiological responses and complex interconnected biochemical responses across a wide range of organs. This revolutionary technology can be used to predict human pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamics (PK/PD) responses of drugs.

Currently, scientists are working on making advances on specific human diseases and conditions with the help of organ-on-chip in order to identify new therapeutics and clinical biomarkers. Furthermore, reforms are being made in order to develop organ chip that could facilitate vaccine development and develop novel organ-specific drug delivery systems. This technology can be used in introducing personalized medicine inside the human stem cells which can engineer high functionality of a specialized cell type. In-depth research is being carried to enhance the functionality of digital manufacturing that would fabricate an automated organ-chip. This would reduce the complexity of the devices by simulating them over a three-dimensional projection.

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As organ-on-chip offers a wide range of utilities, many companies have started investing in this field. More investments are made for optimizing the organ-on-chip and dealing with multiple factors that can be added for this technology. This has significantly increased the market of organ-on-chip. Allied Market Research has estimated that the global organ-on-chip market would reach $170 million, growing at a CAGR of 63.2% by 2023. The increase in the application of organ-on-chip devices in the healthcare sector, surge in demand for lung & kidney-based organ culture devices, and growth in demand for organ-on-chips in drug screening drive the organ-on-chip market. However, the high costs of organ-on-chip devices and nascent stage in R&D pertaining to OOCs could retrain the market growth. On the other hand, an increase in research activities on organ-on-chip devices will create new opportunities for the market. The market for organ-on-chip has a huge potential and will grow at a steady pace as new medications and treatments are introduced to the field of medicine.

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