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The Note 10 will come with a bigger 6.66” screen than the iPhone XS Max



The Note 10 will come with a bigger 6.66” screen than the iPhone XS Max
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New speculations are indicating that the new version of Samsung’s Galaxy Note series will have an even bigger screen than the current Note 9’s 6.4inch. In fact, when it will arrive next year, the Note 10 will be sporting a bigger Super AMOLED display, at 6.66inch, than the currently bigger iPhone XS Max’s screen too. The Apple flagship has a 6.5inch ‘notched display’.

But in actuality, it doesn’t mean that the iPhone XS Max has the biggest screen among the premium phones as of now. Yes, it does have a larger screen but due to its screen-to-body ratio and the notch, the actual usable screen size gets reduced even when compared to Samsung’s Note 9.

Samsung has currently codenamed the Note 10 as ‘Da Vinci’. Along with this, the new S10 phones will also be getting a larger display too in 2019.

While the S10+ will possess a 6.44inch screen, the other two variants of the phone will be having displays of 5.8inch.

The new S10 phones may arrive officially in the next year’s MWC, in February, which also means an early arrival. Well, for the Note 10, it’s still not known whether the upgrade to current Note 9 will be coming in the first half of 2019 or not. But as per the rumors, it looks certain that it will.

This usually competitive battle between Samsung and Apple always results in an even better & great device for consumers. What else do you want them!

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