YouPorn Released New Feature ‘Search By Emoji’

YouPorn has launched a new feature that’ll let viewers search through its archive of dirty videos with a range of 75 different emoji.

According to the site, the update is to make browsing its wares more fun for smartphone users.
Although the emoji search will be available on desktop, the company says it’s in response to a large increase in mobile traffic.

To find the kind of video they want, all they have to do is enter an emoji into the search bar and the site will spit out a video that matches the illustration.

YouPorn Released New Feature 'Search By Emoji'
YouPorn Released New Feature ‘Search By Emoji’

Here’s basically how YouPorn sees the world of emoji:

  1. High-heeled shoe – “fetish”
  2. Man Magician – “beard”
  3. Star-Struck Face – “verified amateurs”
  4. Eggplant – “big penis”
  5. Female Judge – “masturbation instructions”
  6. We’ll leave you to guess what the sweat droplets are code for.
  7. ‘The ability to search by emoji is our latest technological advancement and we are thrilled to bring this option to our loyal user base, offering specific content that suits what our users are looking for at the exact time they are looking for it,’ said YouPorn vice president Charlie Hughes.

Emoji search has arrived on a porn site (Image: YouPorn)Porn sites continue to be among the most visited in the world. In 2016, there were 23 billion visits to PornHub – which is owned by the same company as YouPorn. In 2017, this increased by 23.9% to 28.5 billion visits.

YouPorn Released New Feature 'Search By Emoji'
YouPorn Released New Feature ‘Search By Emoji’

About YouPorn:

Founded in 2006, YouPorn has been at the forefront of technology in the adult entertainment space. Constantly evolving, YouPorn continue to support and encourage the future of porn, by actively diversifying the industry and pointing the conversation toward content discovery. YouPorn prides itself on providing a clean, inclusive and personalized experience for all users, partners, and advertisers. For more information please visit

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