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TOP 10 Paid Adventure Games For Android Devices



TOP 10 Paid Adventure Games For Android Devices
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And we are back to gaming once again. Here I list you 10 Adventure games for Android that you should try. I bet you’ll get addicted soon.

These will cost some money, but I don’t think hard-core gamers like us will mind. Right? Don’t worry, the highest price set in the Top 10 list is only ₹ 330. Is it very much? And yes, download links will be provided for your aid. So let’s start.

TOP 10 Paid Adventure Games For Android Devices

Here they are –

10. Survival Craft 2 ( 17 MB & ₹ 250)

This is a basic survival game, which is probably the mobile version of the PC Minecraft. In the game, you’ll be left in the shores of an infinite and blocky world. You’ll be able to explore mines, craft and customize your house and furniture and tools and weapons, hunt 30 different real world animals and many more. Play with three friends in the split screen mode.
The developers bring you the mobile version of Minecraft, but have also maintained their own realistic features and survival-themed style, and have expanded the gameplay much larger with self-customization features and temperature simulation and much more. Check out.Get it in google play store

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9. Angry Neighbor ( 73 MB & ₹ 110)

This is the mobile version of the PC game with the same naming. While the PC version has been loved a lot, the mobile version is not much behind.

The story is something like this – You live in a colony and your neighbor is a really crazy person. He it’s very unusual and has something hidden in his house. You’re relying curious on and break into his house to check out. But instead of showing you around, he starts chasing you and you’ll have to be safe, while also spying around what the hidden thing is. This one’s fun, check out.

Get it in google play store


8. Don’t Starve: Pocket Edition ( 213 MB & ₹ 330)

The PC version of this super hit game is enjoyed by over 6 million people all over the world. Thus is again a survival-based game, where you’ll get a mix of magic and science. Your character named Wilson, who’s a gentleman scientist. He has been trapped and left alone in a mysterious world full of wilderness, a world full of strange creatures, dangers, and situations you’ve to tackle. You should learn to exploit your environment and it’s living beings if you’re too survive and return safely to your world. You’ll find resources to craft items needed for your survival and unravel the mysteries of the strange world.Get it in google play store

7. Rusty Lake Paradise ( 99 MB & ₹ 220)

This one’s a sort of adventure plus puzzle game. Your character named Jakob returns to some sort of island named Paradise Island, where his mother died. After her mysterious death, Jakob returns to the island and finds that it is cursed by the ten plagues. You’ll have to use your mother’s hidden memories and the strange family rituals to solve the puzzles and stop the plagues.

This is an Editor’s Choice game and is the third installment of the Rusty Lake series. The game has its own features, like atmospheric graphics handmade by Dutch painter Johan Scherft, particular theme song and sound system of each plague, a unique storyline and much more.Get it in google play store

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6. Rusty Lake Hotel ( 34 MB & ₹ 140)

This is the first part of the Rusty Lake series. Here you’ll get awesome graphics, easy-but-hard gameplay, mind-blowing brain teasers, tons of puzzles in each of the six rooms, unique and engaging story and easy controls. Solve ask the puzzles and finally the mystery of the Rusty Lake Hotel.

Get it in google play store

5. Rusty Lake: Roots ( 82 MB & ₹ 220)

This is the second installment in the Rusty Lake series.
You’ve planted a seed in your garden but the seed has something suspicious. Solve the puzzles and find out what it is. You’ll get a thrilling story, exclusive sound tracks in each level, more than 33 levels of mind blowing puzzles and brain storms, HD graphics, suspense moments and the most amazing of all, you’ll be able to live through the beginning and end of each family members of your tree.Get it in google play store

4. Lego® Jurassic World ™ ( 1.1 GB & ₹ 320)

Warner Bros. bring you a game in Lego brick style; a game inspired by the storylines of Jurassic Park, The Lost World: Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park III, as well as the Jurassic World. You’ll relive the 65 million years of dinosaurs in one game. You’ll get the Lego humor, unforgettable Jurassic World scenes and the thrilling action sequences in this single game.

Explore Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna, fight the dinosaurs choosing from 16 different dinos, create your own dinos and much more. Go play this at least.Get it in google play store


3. 60 Seconds: Atomic Adventure ( 102 MB & ₹ 260)

You’re a family man Ted who has to save his family from the nuclear apocalypse, and he’s got only 60 seconds to do so. You’ve to make decisions – what things to pick up and what to leave, how to use them etc. In this dark adventure game, everything is against you, your house, your furniture and most importantly, the time. Save yourself and your family as quick as possible.Get it in google play store

2. Terraria. ( 97 MB & ₹ 330)

This game is in the favorite list of many. You’ll see various worlds, starting from floating islands to the deepest Underworld. Travel across different worlds, creating your own weapons, making pets and fighting 450+ enemies and 20+ bosses.

Don’t want to play alone? Invite your friends and play on Wi-Fi network on any device having 1 GB or above RAM and 512 MB or more of internal space. This game will make you relive the graphics of Contra.

Get it in google play store

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1. Old Man’s Journey ( 318 MB & ₹ 320)

Play this game and see the world through an old man’s eyes. It has a powerful and emotional storyline, hand-drawn arts, animations and landscapes, pressure-free but mind-boggling puzzles, and original and emotional soundtrack. This game is a hit for the ones who would like to see the world through others eyes.

Get it in google play store

This was all about the top paid adventure games!

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