10 MCU Movies Coming in Next 4 years By Disney’s Marvel Studios: 1 film dropped!!!

Just recently, Disney has revised the schedule for the upcoming Phase 4 MCU movies in the next 4 years under Marvel Studios. There’s not much change though, but a bigger one for sure. Because one film has been dropped/postponed from the earlier planned release dates’ list.

Although there have been no any exact details from Disney regarding which MCU film has been postponed from its previously announced (or fixed) date, strong rumors and speculations are believing it’s the Guardians of the Galaxy 3!

In the year 2020, earlier where there were three MCU films going to be released, now there will be only two. The July 31st, 2020 slot has been canceled. And rumors have it, that it was in fact ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 3’ movie. Since the firing of James Gunn, Marvel Studios has not confirmed any name for the new director on the project, which implies that this film will surely take more time now to get completed and eventually arrive in theaters.

Now the slightly revised new release dates, for Disney’s MCU flicks, are the following. You might want to note them down, so just do it highly recommended.


The YEAR 2019

Captain Marvel: March 8

Avengers 4 Untitled: May 3

*Spider-Man: Far From Home: July 5 (It comes under Sony)

The YEAR 2020

Untitled Marvel: May 1

Untitled Marvel (maybe Doctor Strange 2): November 6

The YEAR 2021

Untitled Marvel (maybe Black Panther 2): February 12

Untitled Marvel: May 7

Untitled Marvel: November 5

The YEAR 2022

Untitled Marvel: February 18

Untitled Marvel: May 6

Untitled Marvel: July 29

Some rumors also suggest that the slot of May 7, 2021, may turn out to be for Black Widow solo movie! Because it has a director too, in Cate Shortland. And there are predictions and strong speculations about the X-Men entering into the MCU officially, in one of the movie slots of 2021 itself which is November 5th, 2021. Who knows!

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Many amazing and extravagant things will happen in MCU’s phase 4 and we can only wait at this moment. In the meantime keep guessing the title of Avengers 4.

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