A.I. Security Camera Can Identify Guns with 99 Percent Accuracy

The Founding Company, Athena states in a report that it to be accurate 99% of the Time. Athena Security has manufactured and developed an Artificial intelligence assisted camera system that works on the process of cloud technology to spot guns and alert authorities.

The company also states in a report that because the system can recognize weapons and notify police immediately, casualties may be prevented & avoided in places where the camera system is implemented, in the schools or businesses. As of now, it has already been set up in Archbishop Wood High School in Warminster, Pennsylvania.

As soon the system spots a gun in the vicinity, it drives the cloud to send some of the much official information to those that need it, whether that be a business owner or law enforcement.

Mighty Surveillance System

The system also streams footage of the event in question with the help of an app, providing police a real-time look at what’s going on and where. Apart from just that, users also have the option of linking the entire system to other third-party security systems, allowing it to lock doors or stop to elevators.

False alerts can be a huge issue for computer vision systems, and that would be particularly a big issue for a security camera that would also go to have the ability to alert police directly. But the company assures its system’s gun detection is around 99% accurate.

“We’ve basically perfected that,” co-founder Lisa Falzone told Fortune, “and so we’re already starting to work on fights, knives and other crimes. We also expect the fights to be done in the next couple of months, at least the first version of it.”

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Many companies are already getting into it

In the year 2015, another company called NanoWatt Design tried to kick-start its GunDetect camera, which works on the computer vision to detect firearms and send alerts to its users.

Now the company says its security systems can easily be modified to detect specific threats, which also includes the guns.

Athena offers multiple safety systems at a range of prices, but the one that includes gun detection, lock and elevator integration, and real-time access costs $100 per camera per month.

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