Woman Brutally Raped in West Bengal’s Jalpaiguri: Iron rod inserted in private parts

The haunting memory of 2012’s ‘Nirbhaya Rape case’ made a flashback again, after a tribal woman in Jalpaiguri district of West Bengal was raped on Saturday. The victim was also mutilated as the accused inserted iron rod in her private parts, as told by the police on Sunday.

The alleged culprit is a relative of the woman he raped and was angry over a land dispute.

The victim is currently admitted in Jalpaiguri Sadar Hospital and is in serious condition.

The victim told that the accused man called her out of her home on the pretext of resolving the land dispute, then raped her and tortured her by inserting iron rod in her private parts. She also mentioned another man who was accompanying the accused, but he didn’t rape her.

Police told that after the woman was left mutilated, a rickshaw puller found her and took her home. The woman’s husband was not at home during the incident.

Firstly the woman was taken to Dhupguri hospital, but was later shifted to Jalpaiguri Sadar Hospital.

The alleged rapist has been arrested now and his name is Ratnu Munda, while his companion-who was also there with him during the incident-was also arrested. His name is Parimal Roy. Both the accused are residents of Magurmari, said the police.

The neighbours of the victim ransacked the houses of the accused men after they heard about the incident, and demanded justice for the woman.

This not the only incident reflecting a darker and unsafe society for women. It has become a routine in the country where each day a sexual assault is committed against a female, whether it’s a child, a minor girl, or a woman. The increasing number of violent and gruesome crimes against women have shocked the entire people of the country. But the government has not taken any strict action about implementing harsher rules and laws against the criminals who commit these heinous crimes.

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