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Artificial Intelligence can predict your personality simply by tracking your eyes



Artificial intelligence can predict your personality simply by tracking your eyes

A new research which is primarily done by the University of South Australia in collaboration with the University of Stuttgart, Finders University and the Max Planck Institute for Informatics in Germany has claimed in a report that eye movements could give scientists a lot of information about a person’s personality and their well-being. The research team employed various state of the art machine learning algorithms to work to find out how eye movements could tell give more information about a person’s own personality.

Keeping the saying eyes are the windows to the soul in mind, the researchers worked with more than 42 people and observed their eye movements while participants continued to do simple day to day tasks while studying and roaming into the university campus. Participants then also filled out questionnaires which is specially designed by the research team to assess the personality traits of these people.

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The findings of the study indicated that eye movements could tell a lot about a person- if they are sociable or conscientious or even much more curious. The algorithm software which is used by the research team works well and successfully identified four out of the five major, important personality traits, which includes the, neuroticism, extroversion, agreeableness, and conscientiousness.

According to Dr. Tobias Loetscher, who is the head from the University of South Australia, the study can be used as a reference in the emerging and latest upcoming fields of social signal processing and social robotics by simply connecting, mostly understudied, eye movements and personality traits.

“There’s certainly the potential for these findings to improve the interactions between the human-machine. People are always looking for improved, personalized services. However, in today’s scenario robots and computers are not socially aware, so they cannot adapt to any of the non-verbal cues. This research provides opportunities to develop computers and robots so that they can become more natural, and better at interpreting some of the human social signals”, said Dr. Loetscher.

Loetscher said that the findings of this unique study will also help scientists study and know more about the movements of the natural eye in a real-world scenario and also links it too tightly controlled laboratory studies.

“This research as of now has measured and tracked the visual behavior of people going about their day to day tasks, providing more natural responses than if they were in a laboratory. And thanks to our machine-learning approach, we not only validate the role of personality in explaining eye movement in everyday life, but also we reveal some of the new eye movement characteristics as predictors of the human personality traits”, Dr Loestcher said in a report

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5 years forward- how will presentations look with new technology trends



Augmented reality

Over the past few years, the pace at which technology has developed has increased dramatically. The construction of presentations and their design has changed. Increased attention to the audience and how they can interact with the presentation to keep them engaged has evolved.

Presentations sometimes consist of product demos, immersive slides, and non-linear storytelling. These have added an extra element and differ from conventional methods of presenting. 

The advancement in presentation technology has had to change vastly. Presentations can take place in many different environments such as small meetings, pitches to more extensive keynote presentations.

Instead, you now have access to a wide range of online tools and software such as Prezi and powerpoint templates to aid your presentation. You can even use virtual reality to help you practice your presentation skills. Here is a list of technologies which will change presentations as we know them today. 

1. Augmented Reality 

Augmented Reality 

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality technology has been around for many years. Devices used by consumers are more AR friendly, and so, the use of it in presentations has increased. AR can help static images and data come to life with animations and graphics in your presentation.

AR consists of an interactive experience of your real-world environment. Objects that reside in the real world are enhanced with AR. This is thanks to computer-generated images and graphics.

The use of AR in your presentation will allow your audience to explore data, stories, and locations in a much more realistic way. Especially in connection to product presentations. AR helps the audience visualize the product and interact with it digitally without the product physically being there.

This is great for industries where product creation is high. Although this technology is excellent to use there are limitations to it.  For everyone to be a part of the presentation, they must have AR compatible technology. This can be in the form of AR headsets or smartphones. 

2. Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has become a popular way to enhance peoples digital experience, especially when it comes to presentations.

The gaming industry is largely associated with VR technology and is now expanding out to presentations and training. VR is the use of computer technology which creates a simulated environment which is different from the real world.

Because our brains functionalities are wired to remember visuals over text, VR is more effective and will help your audience members retain the information they are being told. This will not only help get your message across better, but it will also make the experience more memorable for them.

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3. 3D models 

3D models

3D models

Many presentations consist of embedded 3D models. However, as technology has advanced over the years, the use and adaptability of those 3D models have enhanced. This has resulted in access to better technologies to create 3D images which are more interactive.

This means when presenters are talking about products, they can demonstrate to the audience. They are able to share the design of a product and showcase its technologies and components.

This is a significant change for presentations as 3D models can demonstrate to stakeholders and colleagues a logical and detailed explanation of the product without having to invest in a prototype. 

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4- Tracking technologies 

Tracking technologies 

Tracking technologies

When presenting, the connection between a presenter and their audience is essential, your audience will pick up small details about you. These consist of the way you talk, your body language and your tone of voice.

With this in mind, it’s essential to make sure that your body language and speech reflects what you are presenting and what your audience can see. Leap Motion controllers are devices that are used for seamless presentations. They give presenters advanced slide control by allowing them to transition between slides and zoom in and out of slides by tracking simple hand, finger and muscle movements.

Technology like this will help presenters steer away from needing to hold devices in their hands or stand at the podium to press the next button. Consequently, speakers can engage with the audience better. 

The advancement in technology means the way your audience interact with your presentation will change too. This includes how they will ask questions, contribute to polls and make suggestions.

Thanks to online connectivity, anyone in the world can now connect to your presentation and watch it, which means they need to meet-up in person may reduce over the years, potentially being the future of presentations.

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Nanotechnology Has Now Become a Boon to the Society! Explore the Extensive Benefits it Offers




Interpreting, configuring and blending matter at the atomic as well as the molecular scale is known as nanotechnology. After a few decades of constant research over nanoscience and years of extensive R&D on this high-end tech, practice and utilization of nanotechnology are now benefiting our society in both expected and unexpected ways.

With the promise to be helpful to society in more than one way, nanotechnology is on its continual effort to perk up and transform an end number of industry sectors.

The rapidly growing list of the advantages and applications it offers has actually triggered the scientists to work on it yet more and come up with new wonders altogether.

Impact on Medical Science-

Medical Science

Medical Science

Gone are those days when dealing with cardiovascular diseases was by far a gigantic task. However, according to the research conducted by the scientists at the University of Bath and Bristol, nanotechnology can go to the extent of cropping up a pacemaker that can effectively help avert heart failure and improve the lives of those suffering from cardiovascular diseases.

The scientists created an advanced pacemaker that perks up the heart’s ability to thrust blood quite proficiently and saves energy as well. The pacemaker is not at all bigger than the size of a postage stamp and it is best to considerably expand the life of those who undergo heart failure.

The conventional pacemakers onboard are designed to keep heartbeats at a persistent rate; but then, the heart doesn’t function that naturally within the body. On the other hand, putting pacemakers up with the capacity to work at par with the lungs would certainly stow less stress on the muscle.

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Impact on Society-



Well, what can be better than utilizing the immense potential of nanotechnology in regard to solar power? The potency of artificial photosynthesis can be best used in connection with the solar panel, thereby providing the society with the much-needed respite.

Previously, scientists had already used an appliance namely water splitter that would permit hydrogen to be formed to generate power when there is no direct sunlight. But, this tool was largely reliant on silicon, which would oxidize pretty quickly when placed in contiguity with electrolytes. And, thus, the device has only been used for a short period to date.

Nevertheless, with nanotechnology in use, developing solar energy can now become even more fruitful. When it can increase sustainability, it can also pave the way for a number of lucrative options.

Scientists at the University of Stanford took an initiative to check a silicon-based water splitter from oxidizing by gilding it with two nanometers of nickel. 

Coating the silicon cell with nickel has brought forth propitious results indeed. Still, a further probe is needed to come out with an economical fueling method. And, it doesn’t end here!

The use of nanotechnology has also scaled up to evolve long-standing environmental cleaning functions, especially to help take away air & waterborne contaminants. This is done by producing tiny sieves that bring together toxic units. Last but not least; this high-end technology has also made its way in IT, transportation and electronics industry.

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Impact on Energy Applications-



The world would definitely be a better place to live in, once the rising energy demands of the space is perfectly met. Nanotechnology, with its exclusive prowess, peeps in here too and shows its flair.

Finding effective use in conventional energy sources, nanoscience is now amplifying alternate energy tacks to meet the ever-growing demand for energy. Also, scientists are now looking for effective ways to ensure cost-efficient and viable energy sources so that the toxic burden on the environment can be lowered down to a significant extent.

At the same time, this smart approach is expected to curtail down the level of energy consumption as well. Nanotechnology is now tweaking the efficacy of fuel production from raw petroleum ingredients through better catalysis. It is also making way for less fuel depletion in vehicles as well as power plants through higher-efficiency ignition and diminished abrasion.

Nanoscience is also being used in gas and oil abstraction. Nanotechnology-enabled gas lift faucets in coastal chores and nanoparticles to descry microscopic down-well oil pipeline fissures are the two perfect examples of it.

Researchers are also up with the spree to make wires comprising carbon nanotubes that is supposed to have much lower contention than that of the high-tension cables commonly in use in electric framework, thus plummeting broadcast power loss to a considerable degree. Furthermore, extensive research on carbon nanotube “scrubbers’’ and a membrane is still on.

This is expected to disperse the poisonous and noxious carbon dioxide from power plant exhaust.

According to Allied Market Research, the global nanotechnology market is expected to grow at a significant CAGR from 2019-2025. Growing adoption of nanotechnology in medical diagnosis and emerging technological advancements in nanotech devices fuel the growth of the global nanotechnology market.

On the other hand, problems regarding the deployment of nanotech devices in extreme weather conditions and high cost of the technology check the growth to some extent.

However, rising government support & funding and the emergence of self-powered nanotech devices have almost downplayed the factors and created multiple opportunities for the key players in the industry.

In a nutshell, as the study of nanoparticles and devices, nanotechnology and nanoscience have got their application extended to an array of fields such as material science, bio-medical, mechanics, chemical and others.

Involving the implementation and formation of devices and biological systems at scales stretching from separate atoms to about 100 nanometers, the nanotechnology market has now augmented its demand across a plethora of sectors worldwide.

And, there is no doubt that nanotechnology brings about a considerable impact, and spoons out as an innovative and highly advantageous technology across numerous industrial domains, including agriculture, transportation, consumer products, medicine, communication, materials & manufacturing, energy, and even households.

To conclude, we can state that, the nanotechnology market is expanding quite profusely and it’s going to boom yet more in the years to come.

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Level Up Your Big Data Career One Step at a Time



big data career

Big data! Is it still a buzzword in the tech market? With Forbes predicting the growth of the 99-billion-dollar market in Hadoop by 2022, rising at a 42% CAGR. It is likely to say that the demand for experts in big data will only keep expanding. Recruiters and employers are now hunting down big data expertise to analyze data and solve their business problems.

As a result, being a certified big data professional will only increase your hiring opportunities.

It is advisable to make that shift one step at a time and not rush. Below are the four factors candidates need to follow.

  1. Acquire big data skills

Constant learning is crucial to keep up with IT trends. A great way to invest in yourself is by taking up big data certification. Certifications not only offers you in-depth knowledge regarding the updated skills but also helps one gain practical knowledge in the tools and technologies that the industry is looking to hire. Besides this, it is one of the best ways to demonstrate your skills to potential employers. Perhaps you’ve been struggling with problems you’re not able to solve for a very long time, certifications in big data will fill in those gaps for you. And not to forget, every step that you take towards learning, it is one step towards success in your career.

Image result for Big Data Career

  1. Get equipped in one of the big data careers

The field of big data is huge. You might probably want to get skilled in one of the job roles rather than staying confused. It is important that you know your niche. For instance, if you’re great with Hadoop and Spark then you’d probably like to get into a big data architect job role. Additionally, if you’re good with analytics, specializing in a data science field might be an ideal choice. There are plentiful jobs in the big data field for you to choose from, you just need to know the one that best fits your preference.

  1. Enhance your business and communication skills

Having zero knowledge in the business domain is a big NO-NO, especially for individuals looking to get into the big data domain. Big data career is now being sought after by many individuals from the IT field. A career in big data gives you an edge over other tech domains in the IT industry today. With organizations producing a huge amount of data, it is evident that the big data field will constantly rise to create more job opportunities in this realm. Communication, on the other hand, is equally important for individuals working in a big data field. Else how would one predict the outcomes to stakeholders and business partners or to a layman who has no clue about the technical world? Having said, strong communication skill is mandatory.

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  1. Join professional network and associations

Additional knowledge regarding the industry is like a career bonus. Joining professional networks such as LinkedIn will help you connect with influencers, big data experts and professionals. Staying within their vicinity keeps one alert regarding the happenings taking place in the big data world. If you get the opportunity to join associations then do not hesitate, doing so will easily help one transition and make a career shift. One also needs to know that joining a group or an association will not possibly boost your big data career. Having said, it is necessary that one actively participates in activities or project challenges, etc.  Big data careers are a seller market, reskilling in big data will definitely help you grow in the IT field.

Hooray! You’ve earned a fortune cookie.

You may now make a wise decision towards becoming a big data professional today.

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How the smartphone revolution has revolutionised medical care



medical care

The smartphone has massively changed the way industries work today. With the popularity, ease and rise in users, many sectors have seen this as an opportunity to embrace technology. Developing industry specifics apps for professional and public use is continuously increasing. Smartphones are slowly revolutionising the diagnosis and treatment process of illnesses. Add on’s to smartphones and apps turn smartphones into workable medical devices which help clinicians screen an array of different diseases. Their smaller screens, portability and multiple functions make smartphones a valuable tool. 

The fact that smartphones are a lot more affordable than other medical devices means they are more accessible. Many professionals already have smartphones, making them convenient. The nature of traditional medical devices means they can only carry out one task at a time. Smartphones on the other hand and their specifically designed apps can carry out multiple tasks. Because of this reason smartphones enable professionals to see patients quicker, saving money, time and more importantly lives. The impact of this can increase diagnoses and action quicker, and treatment to be offered immediately. 

how mhealth can help

This infographic above from Makeuseofit provides statistics which indicate how medical apps have grown over time and the impact they can have on medical care. 

Over time the technology on smartphones has increasingly improved. Camera quality and microphones along with flashes offer the same, if not better capabilities for patient care in comparison to some specialised medical devices. Smartphones and as we know smartwatches, thanks to apps and sensors, now have the ability to behave as pedometers, measure heart rate and count calories, providing critical personal data which medical professionals can use. 

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Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder

The smartphones, as mentioned above, can also be used as tools to diagnose illnesses such as diagnosing Asthma and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder (COPD). The enabling technologies can help patients manage their chronic diseases. At home away from the clinic with a non-invasive clinical tool. The introduction of this also offers better care to patients. The practitioner will be able to monitor the patients breathing over a period of time and provide better treatments. 

One app that is available and offers COPD help is myCOPD, which is approved by the NHS. The app is built by COPD experts and helps patients perfect their inhaler techniques with video guidance. The app also offers education from world experts and an online pulmonary rehabilitation class. Patients can also view lung function and upload reports and monitor their lung function over time. The app allows users to view how their symptoms may have changed over time and discover prescribed medication through expert opinion.  

Blood deficiencies

The flash and camera on smartphones also offer the potential to diagnose blood disorders. This includes blood deficiencies such as iron and haemoglobin. This can be measured by simply placing the patient’s finger over the cameras flash. Doing this can show the level of haemoglobin in the blood via an app, without using a needle. Apps like this are still in the early stages of approval from the FDA and NICE. A recently discovered app can now detect Anemia in a patient without the need for a blood test. The app is based on an algorithm that detects anaemia. It can assess the level of haemoglobin based on a persons fingernail bed. It uses pictures that are taken on the smartphone. Once the image is taken through the app, it automatically normalises the background lighting. It does this to detect the true paleness of the fingernail bed accurately.

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Bone Disorders

Smartphones can also be used to diagnose bone disorders such as Osteoporosis which is common in elderly people. Tapping on the patient’s elbow using the app, the motion picture sensors on smartphones will be able to pick up the resonance that is generated from the app. Apps such as FRAX® is a tool that is freely accessible online in app form. It helps to calculate and evaluate patients who are at low, medium, or high risk of fragility fractures based on clinical risk factors. FRAX® has the ability to calculates an individual’s 10-year probability concerning hip fracture and a 10-year probability concerning a major osteoporotic fracture. This includes forearm, hip, shoulder or spine fractures. The information provided by the app helps physicians make informed decisions and offer better treatment.

It is clear that the potential to use smartphones in medical care is high, and we are beginning to see several new apps surface, making life easier for clinical practitioners and patients. The use of apps means not only can patients better manage their chronic illnesses but, practitioners also get a better insight into the patient’s disease via the metrics and data that apps can provide. 

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8 best life-hacking apps for working couples



working couples

Being in love and living with the best person is really enjoyable, but only when you are on a vacation to a tropical island. When you are back to your apartment middle of the congested city, the only enjoyable activities you do have left are cleaning the apartment, buying the grocery, taking your dog on a walk, dropping your children to school and if you get time after all these hassles, working 40 hours in a week. The situation is, even more, worse if you are a working couple. 

So, in this blog, I will share 10 very useful apps which are developed only to eliminate the pain of being ‘working’ couples. 

1- Between – Private Couples App

Do you struggle to remember all the important dates? Do you often buy grocery which has already been bought by your partner? Do you wish to save all precious memories in a single album? Do you want to share the plan for any occasion with your partner? If yes, Between is the best choice for you. 

Between which is the free app allows the couple to share almost everything with each other. And the best part of this app is the privacy. Whatever you share with each other, remain within your apps only. 

Features of the Between app: 

  • Inbuilt chat. Show your love using a lot of smileys and GIFs 
  • To-do list 
  • Birthday, anniversary remainder and countdown 
  • Store all photos and videos which stay saved in Between even when you change the phone 
  • Track each other’s location

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2- GoodBudget 

Spending while sticking to the budget is the challenge all couples are facing. One of the reasons why they always overshoot the budget is not sharing the budget with their budget partner. In such a situation, a very popular budget planning app comes to aid. 

Unlike any other budget planning app, GoodBudget app allows users to sync spending report with their partner, across android, iPhone and even web. It helps working couples to keep on the same page. 

Features of the GoodBudget app:   

  • Automatically sync across different devices
  • Check account balance 
  • Plan the monthly or weekly budget
  • Add income 
  • Search for the transaction you and your partner have made 
  • Insightful earning and spending report 
  • Split expense transaction
  • Easily edit or delete the budget 

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3- Happy Couple – Love Quiz 

After completing your 9 to 5 job, when you both finally meet, every second should be exciting and funny. Right? 

Well, there is a couple of gaming app which you both can play together and find out more about your partner. Yes, it is a fun quiz game which makes you curious to know your partner’s answers and makes you laugh over their answers at the same time. 

Happy Couple notes every answer of both of you and lets you guys talk through the app. You can also guess each other’s answer to earn the matching points which can be used to unlock further challenges. 

On top of this, daily challenges and personalized challenges make it more fun for the couple to relax after a busy day. 

4- Zillow

It is very obvious that as a working couple, you guys never prefer to roam around the city to find the perfect home. Because It cost you time and a lot of effort. 

There is an app named Zillow which shows you all homes which are for sale or rent in your nearby suburbs. Zillow app contains the list of millions of properties. What makes this app unique is the fact that every property is listed with all details of the locality and with the agent’s contact number. 

On Google Play Store, Zillow is reviewed for 466,201 times.  

Features of the Zillow app 

  • Search properties from the database which encompasses 100 million-plus properties. 
  • Receive the property alert
  • Talk to agent directly from the app
  • Compare selling or renting price of different homes
  • See neighborhood information such as school, park, restaurant, grocery stores, and coffee shops. 

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5- Zum: Safe Rides and Childcare

Being parents and being the working couple is a deadly combination. It not only affects your professional life, but your kids grow up complaining about your parenthood. 

However, there is one app that can draw out one of the biggest nightmares of being a working parent – dropping kids to school. Zum app is the Uber for kids, allowing parents to book a safe ride for their kids. Zum has even tied up with the different schools to offer safe pick up and drop off service for students.  

Currently, services of Zum is only available in a few cities of the USA, but they are expanding their business boundaries rapidly. 

Features of Zum app 

  • Parents can book rides for their kids 
  • They can view all the details of the drivers 
  • They can track the ride 
  • Multiple ways to pay the fare 
  • Share the riding experience with other parents  
  • Parents can even schedule the ride prior to a day 

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6- LaLamove: Fast & Reliable Delivery App 

You don’t change home every day, but when you change it, thought of delivering all furniture, electronics, and other bulky items to the new place don’t let you sleep properly. As if this is not enough, you both guys are working and don’t want to waste time to find the reliable logistics expert offline. 

But guess what? There is a mobile app named Lalamove that you can use to find the perfect logistics expert who can come to you at your time and deliver your belongings safely to your new home.  

Currently, the service of LaLamove is limited for users of Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Vietnam, India, and China. However, LaLamove like service providers is available in every part of the world. 

Features of the Lalamove app

  • You can select from the large variety of fleet – vans, trucks, lorries, motorcycles
  • After selecting the type of vehicle and adding the destination, you get the instant quote 
  • Once you place the order, the nearest driver reaches to you within no time. 
  • You can anytime call the driver or track him 
  • You can pay via different payment methods such as eWallets, debit or credit card and bank transfer. 
  • It is available for 24/7

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7- Rover – Dog Sitters & Walkers 

Needless to say that for every dog owners, the dogs are the part of their family. But for a

the working couple who hardly find the time for their family, how they can invest one-two hours

from their busy lives to take the dog out?!

Considering the same trouble, A Place for Rovers, Inc. launched an app named Rover which

lets you book the dog carer for pet boarding, house sitting, daycare, and dog walking. 

To provide the ultimate user experience and safety, all dog carers who have registered themselves on this very unique platform are certified and insured. Currently, the service of the Rover app is available in the USA, Europe, and Canada only. For Australia, you can opt for Pawshake app. 

Features of Rover app

  • Book pet sitter for any service on your desired time 
    • Get the instant quote 
    • You can view the content-riched profile of pet carer
    • Multiple payment methods 
    • Track the pet carer when he/she is outside with your dog 
  • Pet carer can directly talk to you through the inbuilt chat feature
  • He /she can even share the photo of your dog whenever you ask. 

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8- Task Rabbit 

Yeah! finally, it is the weekend. Oh damn? I need to clean a dirty house! 

Like this, if the anticipation of weekend suddenly turns into grief, you need to think about a cleaning app named Task Rabbit which makes sure that some boring tasks won’t spoil your weekend. It is an app which allows you to tackle home services including cleaning, mounting, and furniture assembly by booking an appointment of the Tasker. 

Like many other apps we have discussed in this blog, Task Rabbit is accessible only in the USA. However, it is a very popular business, and so, many other apps like Task Rabbit may available in your country too. 

Features of Task Rabbit     

  • Users can select his preferred service from the list of services 
  • Users can later edit it or even cancel it
  • Users can assign the Tasker a time slot 
  • Multiple ways to make payment 
  • Live to track 
  • Discounted service with a referral code
  • Users can easily chat with Tasker from the app itself

In the nutshell 

If you are working couple, you should not afraid of using the apps which we have discussed in this blog. These apps not only help you to complete most of the tasks but make your relationship stronger and make you feel relax while you are on work. All apps we have discussed are free and allow you to order on-demand service with just a few clicks. So next time when you miss out the golden opportunity to share a few loving moments with your loved one just because you have a whole todo list unticked, derive the benefits from a few next-gen apps. 

About the Author:

Vishal Virani is a Founder and CEO of Coruscate Solutions, a leading cleaning app development company. He enjoys writing about the vital role of mobile apps for different industries, custom web development, and the latest technology trends.

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