5 “Smart” Internet Of Things That Make Our Life Easier

Life is getting much simpler day by day as the gadgets around us are getting much smarter. With over 50 billion devices which are expected to be in the market by the end of 2020, let us check out some of the new things to the Internet of Things revolution which will help us in the day to day life being

1- Connected cars:

With an increase in traffic, we spend a lot of time on the road in our vehicles. It will be great if our cars could read our emails, send the messages and even create alerts for some of our important jobs. Smart cars do all that and even much more. The lighting and temperature of the car can be controlled remotely and the car can upgrade automatically by downloading and installing the latest innovative technology firmware and software. Apart from just that even the service appointments can be booked by the car itself.

2- Smart wearables:

It could be anything like the VR headset, smartwatch or your fitness tracker. The basic idea is to collect all your physical information in one place and use it to create insights that will go to benefit you or give you some sort of entertainment and relaxation. The fitness tracker monitors your body stats like the calories burnt, time is taken for exercise and number of steps. The VR headset is an ideal gadget for your entertainment purpose as well. The smartwatch reminds you of your daily activities and stores information apart from just showing the time.

3- Smart Refrigerator:

With the help of smart refrigerators, you can see the contents of the fridge which is going to be available on the fridge’s Wi-Fi enabled screen. The smart fridge gives you a tally of the existing items which is available and those that are going to be depleted in the future. With the help of this feature, you will never run out of beer when friends come home unexpectedly. Apart from just that the smart fridge will give you the latest news, weather updates, and even play music for you. A shopping list will be created automatically as items start getting over from it. Samsung’s Family Hub French Smart Door refrigerator is one of the great examples of a smart fridge which will make your work lot easier.

4- Smart Thermostat:

It will be nice if your home temperature is set to your preference when you walk in the office in the morning. The smart thermostat app will help you to sets your room temperatures accordingly. Moreover, you will find that the app has learned your preferences choice even after a few days and sets it even without you doing it.  A product that is Nest from Google is an example of a smart thermostat that does all of the above and also adapts to your “home” and “away” settings which also helps in increasing efficiency and saves energy. There’s more, Nest app sends energy reports to you so that you get a hang of an energy efficient mode and save the ecosystem.

5- Smart baby monitor:

The smart baby monitor, which is a very handy device as it detects even slight changes when there is any in the noise, temperature, motion, or humidity. The Mimo baby monitor gives you real-time updates about your baby’s body condition and lets you hear your baby’s audio clearly. Mimo monitors your baby’s sleeping activity, position, breathing, and temperature. It feels to you like as you are almost there with your baby every time.

Whether you realize it or not, but some things are one of the integral parts of our daily lives. They have made our life simple and fun.

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