Some of the Machine Learning Trends of 2018

The term Machine Learning has probably been the hottest term in the field of computer science and Tech industry nowadays. Machine Learning had its impact on almost every industry from the last so many years. Today from the sophisticated equipment which is also used for medical purpose or the video streaming app in the smartphone all uses the principle of machine learning. Machine Learning or ML as it is abbreviated in short is actually a method of achieving Artificial Intelligence or AI in the machine with the help of a computer programme. It is startling to know that, nowadays the businesses which have started with a focus only on machine learning have already become a multibillion-dollar industry. All those predictions about machine learning in the year 2016 & 17 have turned out to be true and IT industry should look out for the new and rocking trends in the year 2018 and so.

1- Edge Computing

Machine Learning programmes rely on its own capability to how quickly it can perform a complex set of the data analysis. Moreover, at the time of low-suspended application like in an unmanned aerial vehicle, they tend to fail because of the delay in analyzing the complex data in the cloud. Edge computing which actually mimics public cloud by supplying consistent services and endpoints which could also be used by the applications seems to arise as a solution in the above-mentioned cases where Machine Learning tends to fail.

2- Personalized tech experience will emerge

Chatbots, which have already become a business force to reckon nowadays with, 2018 will be the year to watch out when technologies of machine learning which have become convenient and applicable for the end users as well. We should also see a boom in “Personal Virtual Assistant” application in many of the webs applications and apps. We all really know that these applications will have the ability to link a usage data saved across various databases of a user’s application. It will then identify patterns to create a much-personalized user experience.

3- ML decision making will be more transparent

Machine Learning algorithms as of now are also increasingly impacting our everyday lives especially in the field of engineering, media, law, and healthcare. We are becoming more and more dependent on the verdicts were given by the models and algorithms of the machine-learned. Although this has become the reality of our lives, it is still difficult for most of us to understand how it works actually in the real world. There is an obvious need to increase machine learning algorithms in a much more comprehensible way for a human. Let’s hope that 2018 will be the when this is going to happen.

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4- A race to produce the affordable cloud-based AI

Artificial Intelligence powered by AI is already influencing our lives daily, it is still not an affordable technology for all businesses. Development of cloud-based AI could change just that. It could also enable small businesses to use the power of Artificial Intelligence. In fact, this could be the most sparkling trend of Machine Learning in the year 2018.

5- There will be a shift towards meta-learning

Machine learning algorithms depend heavily on their extensive data and learning data which has been gathered from real-life exposure to enhance their logic. Meta-learning or in specific term Few-shot learning is nowadays much more focusing on enhancing machine learning algorithms in a way so that it can learn from a manageably smaller number of examples. This area is extremely interesting and people will keep a keen eye on its research and development.

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