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6 Best Solo Superhero Movies of All-Time



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This is a superhero age, considering the current craze spread across the globe. The love that the super characters from comics are getting now, is unparalleled and unimaginative when compared to the entire history of the big-screen depiction of them. Their impact in films wasn’t so charismatic before 21st century. Especially after Sam Raimi’s and Christopher Nolan’s influential portrayal of superheroes. Audiences got to see how and in what actual manner, the superheroes are to be presented in a movie.

Moreover, solo superhero films have been so great and meaningful that people have even imbibed their qualities and morals in their own lives too! That’s called a true film and the magic of a comic book based superhero.

Here’s our hand-picked list of 6 best solo superhero movies of all-time.

6- Spider-Man 2 (2002)

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There’s no doubt that when it comes to the most loved, childhood superhero of each one of us, it has to be the web slinging, friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. There’s something about Peter Parker, that’s so special and relatable which makes you admire him endlessly. But it was Sam Raimi who took this character on a level of popularity where Spider-Man became immortal! Spider-Man 2 is considered a masterpiece for many things. It shows the true character struggle that Tobey Maguire’s Peter Parker goes through and you feel it, the entire film’s story.

The way this movie’s story connects with the viewer is very impactful and shakes your inner cockles. There are so many scenes where you are about to cry and in some, you just let your tears come out.

5- Black Panther (2018)

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This entry doesn’t need a word. It became a cultural phenomenon of not only 2018 but for generations to come. Wakanda came alive not only on the big screen, but truly in everyone’s heart too. Director Ryan Coogler crafter this marvelous and colorful superhero flick in his own unthinkable and magnificent manner. And on top of it, Chadwick Boseman’s King T’Challa aka Black Panther stole our hearts with his undying strength, kindness, and love for his people. Along with him, his brother or in other words, the villain, Erik Killmonger (played by Michael B. Jordan) also stole the hearts, because his motivation for his actions was equally justified too.

The fight for the throne of Wakandan King, between both of them turns out to be an emotional family matter in the end where Erik eventually dies in the end but the expressions on his face even while dying, are exceptional-he dies to be proud of himself!

There are many things which this film teaches you. If you want to take any leaf out of its story, you can watch it again and again and become inspired.

4- Wonder Woman (2017)

wonder woman

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Female empowerment came to a sudden high after this directorial by Patty Jenkins. Wonder Woman brought a revolutionizing and feministic change that was very much required considering the current scenario. Gal Gadot infused life into the character of Princess Diana of Amazon. Her first big screen origin story swayed each woman and moviegoer in a mesmerizing manner. Set during the events of the first World War, Princess Diana also helps in stopping battles among the nations that compromised the lives of those living near borders. In one of the scenes, that is now remembered as the iconic ‘No man’s land’ scene, the way Wonder Woman rises to the moment and ends a long-running battle in a few minutes, leaves you speechless and in awe of her.

She calls out for mercy, peace, and harmony among people in the world, but also prepares herself to fight the evil Ares.

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3- Iron-Man (2008)


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“I am Iron-Man”. This line has become so much integral to the lives of superhero fans worldwide that it’s meaning has reached to another realm! In 2008, Robert Downey Jr. took up the role of his life when he donned the armour of Iron-Man. Who knew it would turn out to be a game changer, not only for the actor himself, but will make him a different person too, altogether. Director Jon Favreau wasn’t sure if he had made a great superhero film. Marvel Studios was just born with this first attempt and Kevin Feige was the head of it. Everyone was praying it to be a hit at least. And when the film released eventually, the theaters were thronged by audiences and they were just shouting ‘Iron-Man’.

And what started after this flick, is a history, in the history of superhero films itself. Robert Downey Jr. has now become synonymous with Tony Stark and it looks like no one wants him to quit this role ever. What more respect a superhero movie can get than this? It says everything, right?


2-  Logan (2017)


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The last appearance of Huge Jackman as the clawed mutant, Wolverine couldn’t have been so memorable. Logan made him another kind of character, the one we hadn’t seen in any of his previous X-Men outings. The old man Logan of this film’s story was a struggling, aged man who just, wants to stay away from violence at any cost since he doesn’t want his past to haunt him back. He is trying to save Professor X who’s also physically dying himself!

Director James Mangold was so good with his directing creativity in this film that it was touted to be an Oscar contender for Best Picture and Best Director honors. The ending scene brought tears in theaters when Logan dies finally and that funeral was so-so emotional.

Jackman will be there as Wolverine forever after this movie alone-he was at his lifetime best.

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1- The Dark Knight (2008)

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Christopher Nolan needs no introduction because everyone knows what he does when given a movie making camera. As a director he is a modern legend. But with the superhero trilogy of Batman, he did something unsurpassable. And 2008’s The Dark Knight became a benchmark for future superhero flicks, in other words it’s a gold standard now for making comparisons. Joker’s menacing acts combined with Bruce Wayne’s moral codes was so heavily impactful that it just didn’t look like a superhero movie at all. Rather, it appeared as if some great emotional, political and philosophical drama was going on the screen!

Christian Bale made the character of Wayne immortal and his every action won the hearts of his believers and all Batman fans. He just nailed it to perfection. But to make him so great there was another equalizer too, actor Heath Ledger’s Joker! Words fall short whenever his name pops up in the mind. The anarchistic actions of Joker challenged Batman’s morals at every point throughout the film. No surprise that this movie was also touted to be bag the Best Picture and Best Director honors at the Oscars. It somehow missed them tough, but won the Best Supporting Actor Academy award for Heath Ledger’s performance. And that says it all.

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Bikini Cuts & Styles: What’s Right for You?




Every person has a unique body shape and size, so why should you wear the same bikini as everyone else? Many designers and brands have caught on to the fact that women want to highlight their individuality and flatter their best assets, so now they’re developing styles for every body type and size. While you might already know which bikinis are best for you, there are so many new styles out there, it might be time to discover new shapes that could be even better! 

This overview explores some common body types and the best bikinis to make them pop. Read on here to find a few more pieces for your bathing suit collection!

  • Smaller Chest

Finding a sexy bikini means working with what you’ve got. Regardless of what social media tells you is attractive, you can still highlight your features to look their best, even if you feel like you could use more (or less) in any particular department.

For women who have a smaller bust, you may want to explore bathing suit options with embellishments, prints, and details to accentuate the top of the bikini. These create the illusion of a larger chest and balance out your hips if you’re curvier down below. You may also want to shop bathing suit tops with extra padding or a push up design to create curves where you feel they’re lacking.

  • Bigger Chest

You probably already know that the string bikini is not your friend. Tiny strands are simply not made to hold up those glorious orbs of goodness! To ensure your chest is completely supported and your breasts stay in place, explore bikinis with underwire and thick straps. Double-stitching on the bands also means your bathing suit can handle more weight.

Thick halter bikini tops, bra-style tops, molded cups, and high backs are all going to make a huge difference in how the ladies are sitting.

  • Broad Shoulders

If your shoulders are broader than your hips, you want to find balance in your bathing suit. One tactic that may work for you is choosing solid colored bikinis, or a monokini with side paneling, that helps create the illusion of an hourglass figure. A cinched, high-waisted bottom literally pulls in your waist to develop more curves in your hips and draws the eye to your middle. An asymmetrical neckline is also a great way to cut up a boxy shape and introduce more curves.

  • Flatter Booty

Similar to resolving a smaller chest, a small booty can be easily enhanced with some frills and ruching on your bikini bottom. You should also explore bottoms in bright colors and loud patterns. These two strategies provide the illusion of a bigger behind and distract from a flat tush. Flat butts also do well in cheeky bottoms and micro bikini options because the higher cut creates what isn’t actually there.

  • Larger Booty

An ample backside means string bikinis and high-cut bottoms are uncomfortable and way too revealing. Don’t force yourself into these styles for the sake of the ‘Gram. Instead, choose cuts that accentuate your butt without cutting off circulation around your hips and thighs! Suits with extra fabric mean you’re never picking out a wedgie, while thong bikinis bare it all without digging in at all the wrong places. Either style is a great choice to show off what your mama gave you; it’s all down to your preference of how much you want to share!

women gacf9d0b29 1920 1

Image Credit: Pixabay

  • Stick Straight

Whether you’ve been described as athletic or as a stick, you’ve got a rectangle body type with minimal curves. Take back your sexiness when you choose bathing suits that show off those taut abs and jutting collarbone! You can play up the athleticism with bandeau tops and boy-cut briefs, or you can try for an hour-glass illusion with padded pushups and ruffled bottoms. Experiment with both styles to see what you love instead of fitting yourself into a box of what everyone else thinks is sexy!

  • Tummy Pooch

Anyone with a uterus has a little bit of that front pooch – it’s part of being a woman! So, unless you’ve got a personal trainer and private chef keeping your abs flat as an ironing board, you might find yourself feeling self-conscious when compared to Insta models and Victoria’s Secret Angels.

First, you don’t have to feel like you need to hide that tummy pooch, but if you do want to smooth it out, you have options. High-waisted bikinis are the perfect way to get the shapewear feel in a bathing suit. You can also opt for monokinis with cutouts that highlight a plunging neckline and tight waist to keep the focus away from your tummy and hips.

Wear What You Want

At the end of the day, fashion and sexiness are social constructs that evolve with the times. It doesn’t matter how your body looks in a bathing suit as long as you’re happy with what you see in the mirror. Accent your assets, show everything off, or hide it all – whatever feels right to you!

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How to Save Money on Cable Television?



saving money on cable
save money on cable tv

As per the reports of Leichtman Research Group, an average cable TV bill costs almost 99.10 USD. This means you spend roughly 1200 USD per year on cable. Based on these statistics, it is fair that a number of U.S. households have switched to streaming services. While moving on from cable TV might seem reasonable and cost-effective, it really is not. Relying fully on streaming services means that you would need to subscribe to multiple streaming platforms as well as some sort of live streaming service; such subscriptions can augment your monthly spending by a great extent.

There are several ways to enjoy your traditional cable TV while saving money and we are going to unleash these ways, in this article.

Understand your requirements

The first thing you need to do is to understand your entertainment requirements. Are you someone who lives in a large household where everyone has distinct tastes? Do you live alone and have to cater to your needs only? What channels do you need to have?

You need to know the cable channels and channel categories that you need primarily because your cable plan depends on the channel lineup and why pay for something you do not need, right? Furthermore, you also need to make sure that you sign up with a cable provider who is the best for you in terms of money, plan, discounts, and channel lineup. If my endorsement holds any space for you, you should check out Optimum cable packages to find out the best and most economical cable packages with a vast channel lineup. However, if it does not offer coverage in your area, you need to choose the best option from the cable providers in your locality.

Negotiation is a powerful tool

If you are dissatisfied with your cable bill, talk to your cable provider. This is the first rule in the cable playbook. Just address the issues you are facing and negotiate with them to lower your bill. Cable providers are a customer-oriented business, which means that you have a lot of room to talk about your demands.

Some tips that you can use when negotiating with your cable provider are:

  • Be clear with them and discuss the reason for your dissatisfaction.
  • Have your record of on-time payments with you and remind them of your loyalty.
  • Instead of asking them to lower it on their terms, be prepared and tell them how much you want to pay.
  • Before getting on the call, research their competitors and tell them that you can take your business elsewhere.
  • Last but not least – be courteous and persistent always.

In the event that your call does not turn up to be anything fruitful, you can always call back again. Different customer reps present different solutions and so it is likely that you can get a positive response on the next call.

Drop some additional services

There are instances when negotiating might just not work – one of them being that you are already paying the least and there is not much room to play around. So what should be your next step? You need to drop some additional services. There are a lot of services that you might think are of absolute necessity, however, simply speaking they are not.

Some of the services that you can drop with ease are:

DVR – do you really need to record everything to watch later? Is it so important? NO. Also, you might have a subscription to Hulu, Netflix, or Amazon Prime Video where you can watch anything, anytime and without commercials. So why waste money on DVR, am I right, or am I right!

Movie Channels – have a lot of movie channels seems like a great idea until you do not have them. You do not need to have Star, Showtime, HBO, and other premium movie channels included in your plan. There are many free movie streaming platforms like 123Movies, Tubi, Popcornflix, and Solarmovies, etc. You can stream any movie on these sites without paying a dime.

News Channels – we all know that not every news channel is credible to us. Everyone has a news network that they trust but then you can get biased news. Therefore, the logical thing is to get news channels that you trust, are known to be unbiased, and provide real content. Having 3 to 4 news channels is enough for you to be aware of the world’s happenings and so you do not need all of them.

Bundle up services

It is common knowledge that buying in bulk means that your price can be reduced. Most cable providers also offer internet and phone services. This means that if you bundle up your services, you can avail better rates.

Bundling up cable, internet, and phone not only reduces your overall bill, it further eases you by providing all the billings through one provider. You rid yourself of the hassle to have three service sessions, three equipment centers, and three bills to pay. Furthermore, the relationship between provider and clients becomes more durable when there are multiple services involved. It also supplements your worth as a customer and so you can ask for favors, discounts, and exclusive treatment at any time.

Cut the cord

If after all these tips, you still do not save as much money as you want to, then the last resort is to cut the cord. There are a lot of cable alternatives and you can budget your way through them as there are no hidden charges.

One best thing about streaming services is that you can cancel subscriptions whenever you want to. Consequently, if you plan your binge routine well, you can actually save a great deal of money through streaming.

Some of the best streaming services are:

Live TV Video On-Demand Services

(Subscription fee)

Video On-Demand Services


Sling TV


Hulu plus Live TV

YouTube TV

Philo TV



Amazon Prime Video


Disney Plus






Haystack News




You can also opt for an antenna and watch local channels for absolutely no charges through over-the-air signals.

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Benefits of Obedience Training for Your Pet Dog



friends 3042751 1920

Whether you own a pet dog or not, you would agree that training them can be excellent for their development and ability. It allows dogs to have safe interactions. Still, many people don’t take any action in this direction. As a result, they face frustration and disappointment when faced with their pet’s unacceptable behavioral issues. The dog can injure itself or die. Even the same risks are there for other pets and humans who come into close contact with them. If you want to maintain your sanity and spend wonderful moments playing with them, it is critical to send them for obedience training. It has multiple benefits for them.

Why opt for obedience training for your pet?


Schools specializing in obedience training for dogs can provide the best social environment for them. It helps them be at ease when they are in a busy place. When they learn to recognize the presence of other people and pets, they will not fear or cower strongly. Hence, they will not be aggressive too. If your dog doesn’t interact with other dogs, you can send it to a training school for this. They tend to have the required set up to help them become comfortable in a social environment. You can visit and see more about Off Leash K9 Phoenix dog training services to have an idea about how this process works.


You call them, but they don’t come back to you. Or, the pup gets too excited in your presence and starts jumping. These don’t sound like a problem. However, getting your dog accustomed to a few things is crucial for its safety. If they respond to your calls amicably, the risk of injuries or getting lost minimizes. Besides, it can protect them from car accidents, which happen to be one of the common causes of their deaths.

However, obedience training is also for your and others’ safety. Anyone can get hurt if a dog snatches food from them. A trained dog will not behave in such an aggressive fashion.

Strong bonding

A disciplined and well-behaved puppy allows you to bond with it quickly. When you spend time together in each other’s company, you build respect. You enjoy your pup’s company, and your puppy starts trusting you. Hence, they listen to you out of admiration. And this can be the most beautiful thing that you get to experience as a pet lover.

Some private lessons are also available for pet owners. It can be handy for first-time adopters because it is critical to train yourself too. After all, you both would have each other’s company. So don’t ignore the training aspect. A little bit of knowledge for you and discipline for your dog can ensure safety and plenty of happy moments. Do you wonder whether private training centers will be safe for your pet? You can pick the ones with experience and presence in multiple locations. Their business growth can be a sign they will take good care of your pet. You can also consult with them to gain more clarity.

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