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TOP 20 Richest Film Stars: Net Worth, Notable Works Etc.

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Top 20 Richest Film Stars
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We are daily entertaining ourselves by watching movies or films from various industries like Hollywood, Bollywood etc. Many people join these industries with the dream of becoming a famous star one day.

There are various actors and actresses who have made a lot of money and fame through their movies. Some actors are worth even more than half-a-billion! They have made a lot of money and really need to be listed for people to know!

In this article, I am going to list Top 20 Richest Film Stars of the World as per 2018, with their net worth and some of their notable works. These stats have been taken from Celebrity Net Worth, The Richest, Forbes etc.

Here they are –


Brad Pitt


He’s an American actor and film producer. He’s done various notable works in his life time and is on number 20 in the list.
Net Worth – $240 Million
Notable works – World War Z, Ocean’s Eleven, Fight Club, Seven
Highest Grosser – Ocean’s Eleven ($450.7 million)


Leonardo Dicaprio


He’s an American actor and a part-time film producer. He’s the winner of 11 Golden Globe Awards and 6 Academy Awards.
Net Worth – $245 Million
Notable works – Titanic, Romeo+Juliet, The Wolf Wall Street, Catch Me If You Can, Django Unchained
Highest Grosser – Django Unchained ($425.4 million)


Paget Brewster


She’s the first TV actress on the list. But her works have made her come into the list.
Net Worth – $245 Million
Notable works – Criminal Minds, NBC’s Friends
Best Grosser – N/A


Scott Speedman


Another TV and film actor on the list and he’s from Canada. He’s received various award nominations including the Teen Choice Awards for his role in Underworld.
Net Worth – $248 Million
Notable works – Underworld, Felicity
Highest Grosser – N/A


Robert Downey Jr


He doesn’t need any intro, even a small child knows who he is, probably! He’s an American actor and singer who’s really too much popular worldwide.
Net Worth – $250 Million
Notable works – The Avengers, Iron Man, The Sherlock Holmes
Highest Grosser – Avengers Infinity War (approx. $2 Billion. Yes! Billion!)


Will Smith


He’s an American Actor, singer, producer and rapper, and he’s counted among those who became millionaires even before 20!
Net Worth – $260 Million
Notable works – The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Men In Black series, Independence Day, Hitch
Highest Grosser – Independence Day ($549 million)


Mia Wasikowska


She’s an Australian-American actress. She’s the youngest and second richest actress in the world.
Net Worth – $275 Million
Notable Works – Alice In Wonderland, Crimson Peak, Maps To The Stars
Highest Grosser – Alice In Wonderland (approx. $1 Billion)


Adam Sandler


He’s an American actor and film producer. He became famous with his film Grown Ups.
Net Worth – $300 Million
Notable works – Hotel Transylvania series, Grown Ups series, Click, Big Daddy
Highest Grosser – Hotel Transylvania ( $358 million)


Mary-Kate And Ashley


These are American actresses, fashion designers, and businesswomen. Their brand sells a various range of products worldwide.
Net Worth – $310 Million
Notable Works – N/A
Highest Grosser – N/A


Michael Douglas


You’ve seen this man as Dr. Hank Pym in the Avengers Ant-Man movies. He’s an actor and producer from New Jersey and was a famous producer during the ‘90s.
Net Worth – $310
Notable Works – Star Wars, Jurassic World, Avengers, Spectre, Inside Out, Furious Seven
Highest Grosser – Star Wars: Force Awakens (approx. $2 Billion)


Tom Hanks

Tom Hanks

He’s an American Producer and Actor.
Net Worth – $350 Million
Notable works – Forest Gump, Angel and Demons, Da Vinci Code, Toy Story 3
Highest Grosser – Toy Story 3 ($1 billion)

9. Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood

Clint Eastwood

Tom Hawk

Tom Hanks at arrivals for THE CIRCLE Premiere at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, BMCC Tribeca Performing Arts Center, New York, NY April 26, 2017. Photo By: Kristin Callahan

He’s an actor, producer, and director from San Francisco.
Net Worth – $375 Million
Notable Works – American Sniper, Gran Torino, Sully, Million Dollar Baby, Unforgiven
Highest Grosser – American Sniper ($547 million)


Jackie Chan


He’s an actor, producer, and director from Hong Kong. He started his career at the age of five only.
Net Worth – $395 Million
Notable Works – Kung Fu Panda 3, Rush Hour series, Karate Kid, Dragon Blade, The Tuxedo
Highest Grosser – Kung Fu Panda 3 ( $519.9 million)


Sylvester Stallone


The moody realistic action star of Hollywood, thus man is an American Actor.
Net Worth – $400 Million
Notable Works – Rocky I, II and III, Rambo, First Blood, Creed, Cop Land
Highest Grosser – Rocky and Rambo ($2 billion each)


Jack Nicholson


He’s an actor, writer, and producer from New York City.
Net Worth – $420 Million
Notable works – Batman, As Good As It Gets, The Departed, Something’s Gotta Give
Highest Grosser – Batman ($411 million)


Mel Gibson


He’s an actor, director, and producer from New York.
Net Worth – $425 Million
Notable works – The Passion of the Christ, Signs, What Women Want, Lethal Weapon series
Highest Grosser – The Passion of the Christ ($611.9 million)


Amitabh Bachchan


He’s one of the biggest names in Bollywood industry and has great name and fame worldwide.
Net Worth – $430 Million
Notable Works – Deewaar, Don, Agnipath, Anand, Sholay, Paa
Highest Grosser – N/A

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George Clooney


A very famous director and actor from Kentucky.
Net Worth – $500 Million
Notable Works – Ocean’s Eleven, Three Kings, Syriana
Highest Grosser – N/A


Tom Cruise


Perhaps the most handsome actor still alive. A producer and actor from New York.
Net Worth- $550 Million
Notable works – Mission Impossible series, The Mummy, War Of Worlds, Minority Report, Top Gun
Highest Grosser – Mission: Impossible: Ghost Protocol ($694.7 million)


Shah Rukh Khan


Probably the best actor in the world, he’s from Delhi and is known as The King Of Bollywood.
Net Worth – $750 Million
Notable works – Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge, My Name Is Khan, Ra. One, Chennai Express, Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gham
Highest Grosser – N/A

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Tips to become an actress without experience – Experts speak

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Photographer 1702074 1920
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Acting isn’t easy – if it were, then everyone would be doing it. The trick to becoming an actor is hard work and diligence. If you are an aspiring actress and wondering how to become a super performer, then there are proven pathways for you to tread. There is no shortcut to success, but some tips will allow you to become a good actress.

Studying the craft

A lot of the acting training is looking and studying the craft. Studying the craft is all about understanding the art and establishing a foundation for developing and building your skill. Acting schools are a vital part of the training too. Schools and training curricula will allow you to learn the ropes of the trade. Keep in mind that your favorite movie stars have sort of formal training from acting schools. If you cannot enroll in a full-time school, consider other options like workshops and local classes. You can also get involved in researching acting books and plays to learn more about the craft of acting.

Multiple auditions

Practice at your training classes and audition as much as you can. Sure, the first few times will be highly nervous for you, but the more you go through it, the better will be your base. Keep in mind you need to develop your memorization skills as well. Therefore, seeking out various acting roles will put you at an advantage. Remember that auditioning is a skill in itself and is a vital part of the training. The more you move up in your career, the auditions will get more demanding – so start early.

Building the perfect resume

Once you start landing roles, you need to put together a resume that you can carry along to future auditions. Your acting resume is the best way to showcase your skills to the casting directors. Always keep a digital copy handy for electronic submissions. Also, make sure to click profile shots and headshots. Headshots are the best way to showcase personality, emotion, and communication abilities. If you can’t hire a professional photographer, then ask your “click-happy” friend to snap a few for you.

Hire an agent

Once you have acquired enough experience about the workings of the industry, it is time for you to research talent agencies to hire the right agent. Talk to your actor friends and your peers to make an informed choice about agencies and agents. You might think that having an agent is a luxury for a beginner, but having one will allow you to focus on your acting career. Your agent will help you with building connections, promotions, and landing roles.

Practice, practice, practice

Understandably, unemployment is a part of life, and you will have dry spells between roles. However, that doesn’t mean that you should let your acting skills dull. Instead, attend classes and workshops; these are the perfect practice grounds for aspiring actors and actresses. Also, you can improve your craft by working with a variety of performers.

Lastly, it is vital to be able to market yourself. Advertise your skills on social media platforms and increase your outreach. All the best!

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Box-Office: Simmba earns Rs.20 crore on first day!

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Box-Office: Simmba Earns Rs.20 Crore On First Day!
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Rohit Shetty’s latest masala-action directorial Simmba has made a roaring impact on box-office and has managed to earn around Rs.20 crore on its first day itself, in India. It’s also Ranveer Singh’s highest opening among any of his films, in his career.

Simmba, which also stars actress Sara Ali Khan, is being received positively by the audiences in theaters and fans are cheering for the action and style of the film. The exact amount of the film’s first-day collection is around Rs.20.72 crore.

The movie has also become the sixth best highest earning film as far as the opening day is concerned. It beat the likes of 2.0 (Rs.20.45 cr), Zero (Rs.20.14 cr), Satyamev Jayate (Rs.19.50 cr), Padmaavat (Rs.19 cr), Veere Di Wedding (Rs.10.70 cr), and Padman (Rs.10.26 cr).

But it got left out behind some mighty grossers like Thugs of Hindostan (Rs.52.25 cr), Sanju (34.75 cr), Race 3 (Rs.28.50 cr), Gold (Rs.25.25 cr), and Baaghi 2 (Rs.25.10 cr).

Talking of its overseas business then Simmba earned about Australian $188,253 from Australia, which is also more than Rohit Shetty’s previous directorial Golmaal Again which collected about Australia $66,990 in Australia, back in 2017.

Simmba was released on around 4,020 screens across India and the budget of the film is about Rs.85 crore. It was also released on 963 screens in overseas markets.

The film is about a corrupt cop whose only motive is to earn endless money in his life but one tragic incident in his life transforms him completely, for the good. And then he becomes an honest and good-hearted, fearless police inspector.

Simmba is an official remake of southern Telugu language film, Temper, and upon its trailer’s release, a month ago, it got mixed to good reactions with many fans calling it just a copy-paste of Temper’s scenes.

But now that the film has been released and even though it’s a remake, still many moviegoers are going to watch it. The only reason is the treatment given to the story and how it’s been presented by Rohit Shetty. Since he is known for his own style when it comes to masala movies, so Simmba also gained an advantage from this.

The movie is currently running successfully in theaters.


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Rajnikant’s 2.0 enters 700 Crore club to create records, surpasses Prabhas’ Bahubali 2

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Rajnikant’s 2.0 Enters 700 Crore Club To Create Records, Surpasses Prabhas' Bahubali 2
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No no don’t get too serious about the second part of my head line! It is not that true what you think!

Talking about 2.0, the Rajnikant and Akshay Kumar starrer dynamic flick is still continuing its record breaking spree since it released. The film hit the silver screens on November 26 this year, releasing in over 10,500 screens all over the world. It has broken several records since its release.

It has been 24 days since it has been released, and the film has still sustained its income. Though it took a dip in income in the domestic and international market because of the Hollywood movie Aquaman. Yet another milestone has been added to its list. The film has crossed ₹ 700 Crore mark on 17th December as calculated by experts.

Some Stills From The Film

Some stills from the film

As calculated, the income figure is said to be around ₹ 710.98 Crores. With this, 2.0 has become the first Kollywood film of 2018 to income ₹ 700 crores. And, it has beaten Rajkumar Hirani’s Sanju and Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s Padmavat to become the first Indian movie to cross ₹ 700 Crore mark in the calendar year 2018. The income of Sanju and Padmavat were ₹ 542 Cr and ₹ 560 Cr respectively.

According to reports, it is also the first ever Kollywood film to have ₹700 Cr income worldwide. The income reports as calculated till now are – Week 1 – ₹ 526.86 Cr, Week 2: Day 1 – ₹ 27.31 Cr, Day 2 – ₹ 32.57 Cr, Day 3 – ₹ 36.45 Cr, Day 4 – ₹ 39.20 Cr, Day 5 – ₹ 17.13 Cr, Day 6 – ₹ 14.66 Cr, Day 7 – ₹ 16.80cCr, Total – ₹ 710.98 Cr. According to critics, only the Hindi dubbed version of the film has ₹ 222.65 Crores gross on its name. And, it has managed to top the Chennai film market for consecutive three weeks, with the collection from Chennai in the third week being around ₹ 17 crores.

Some Stills From 2.0

Some stills from 2.0

Those who are saying that 2.0 is already the biggest Indian film, I have some facts for them. I accept it is true that it is the biggest 3D Indian film, but when it comes to be biggest in income, it is still behind four other films, two out of which are of Amir Khan. It is still behind Amir Khan’s Dangal which is on No. 1 (₹ 1957 Cr) and Secret Superstar which is on No. 4 (₹ 834 Cr), Salman Khan’s Bajrangi Bhaijan which is on No. 3 with ₹ 873 Cr and Prabhas’ Bahubali: The Conclusion with ₹ 1807 Cr. So, it has a lot of work to do to be the biggest hit of all time. But no one can say that it will be impossible. Because, 2.0 is gearing up for its big China release. According to its makers, the film will get around 56,000 screens in China, thus the income is expected to take a big leap after that.

Film Is Inching Towards 800 Crore

Film is inching towards 800 Crore

Many of you don’t know that 2.0 had just run into controversy just before three days of its release. The cellular network operators have filed a complaint against the movie for promoting “obscurantist and anti-scientific attitudes against mobile phones, towers and mobile services”. According to Cellular Association of India, the movie was against “public interest,” and that it was “defamatory” of its members and violates their constitutional rights. The complaint was filed on 23rd November to the Central Board of Film Certification and the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting.

And coming to the second part of my headline, 2.0 has not crossed Bahubali: The Conclusion in any income means. It is ahead in the number of screens it has been given to release, which is 10,500 globally, where as Bahubali: The Conclusion had 9000 screens on its name.


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Box-Office: Rohit Shetty’s Simmba witnesses good occupancy on the first day

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Box-Office: Rohit Shetty’s Simmba Witnesses Good Occupancy On The First Day
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Ranveer Singh-Sara Ali Khan starrer Simmba had an impressively great opening, courtesy the huge advance-bookings even before the official release date. The movie is an official remake of south action Telugu flick, Temper.

As per the reports of, Simmba generated the ninth-best opening of 2018, taking about 35% occupancy, which is also slightly better than last week’s another mega-budgeted release, Shah Rukh Khan’s Zero.

Simmba also collected around Rs.8 crore in advance bookings, which is also this year’s sixth-best collection in terms of advance grossing.

And because Zero’s magic has already begun to fade unexpectedly early than previously thought, it’s certain now that Simmba will end this year on a high with its own box-office impact. It looks like it will end up being one of the most successful masala-action entertainers of Bollywood, after past flicks like Singham, Singham Returns, Dabangg, and Dabangg 2.

Ranveer Singh will also end the year on a high just like he started it, with a bang in Padmaavat, which was also a huge blockbuster in terms of box-office collections.

Well generally speaking, then this year was a disaster for big-budget and star-studded films like Race 3, Thugs of Hindostan, Kedarnath, and Zero, which failed to create an impact in the theaters. But Simmba seems to be an exception as far as the current reactions from audiences and many trade analysts are concerned. It will turn out to be a great profit-making flick for the Bollywood.

The film tells the story of a corrupt cop who only has one goal in life, of earning endless money and making his name. But due to a tragic incident, his life takes a turn for the good, transforming him into an honest police inspector and also a good human being.

The masala movie also stars actress Sara Ali Khan, Sonu Sood as the main antagonist, and also Ashutosh Rana. There’s also the cameo of Ajay Devgan in the film, as Singham.

Directed by Rohit Shetty and his team, Simmba is now running in theaters.



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Zero Movie Box-Office: The big budget film earns around Rs.60 crore in its first weekend

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Zero Movie Box-Office: The Big Budget Film Earns Around Rs.60 Crore In Its First Weekend
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Zero, directed by Anand L. Rai, and starring actor Shah Rukh Khan, Katrina Kaif, and Anushka Sharma, has made about Rs.59.07 crore in the opening weekend on the Indian box-office. The performance has been stable, if not very great, as of now. On Friday, the film earned about Rs.20.14 crore, but on Saturday it declined by about Rs.2 crore, taking in around Rs.18.22 crore. But on Sunday the collection was quite good, as it accumulated about Rs.20.71 crore.

Trade analyst Taran Adarsh also posted the box-office collections of Zero via his Twitter account, which you can see below.

The big-budgeted movie was also the most anticipated film of 2018’s end, but upon its release, the reactions were generally mixed to average and negative, as far as the critics are concerned. General audiences have also given mixed responses only.

This year itself has been hugely unlucky for the three big superstars of Bollywood namely, Salman Khan, Amir Khan, and Shah Rukh Khan, whose films have been poorly received at the box-office, as well as on the critical level too. ‘Zero’ was released in the country on around 4,380 screens (which is a huge number per the shows are concerned), but despite that, it hasn’t been received very well on the box-office registers.

The one main reason can be that the public now has become more intelligent in knowing that which movie is great when it comes to content and fresh storyline, and plot. Because each big-budgeted film of 2018 has been repeatedly the same as far as the story and plot are concerned, so the audiences have also ceased to be fooled by them consistently. Because these films just don’t have the much required great performances, good direction, and relevance either. Examples of these types of films, in 2018, include Race 3, Thugs of Hindostan, Kedarnath, and now Zero.

As compared to the ‘big’ movies of this year, the small-budgeted yet brilliant, content-driven films have in fact been successful, among the audiences and also with the critics too, like Andhadhun, Badhaai Ho, and Stree.

And this Friday, another big-budgeted, action flick is arriving in the cinemas, which is Rohit Shetty’s directorial Simmba, starring actor Ranveer Singh and actress Sara Ali Khan in the lead roles. So it looks obviously certain that ‘Zero’ will be facing very tough competition from Simmba, this Friday. Thus, it also looks unlikely that the Shah Rukh Khan starrer will continue to garner more money going through this week, till the end of the year.


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Actress Dia Mirza criticizes PM Narendra Modi and Akshay Kumar for ‘no women’ in the Bollywood meet

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Actress Dia Mirza Criticizes Pm Narendra Modi And Akshay Kumar For 'No Women' In The Bollywood Meet
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Bollywood actress Dia Mirza has criticized PM Narendra Modi and actor Akshay Kumar over a Bollywood meeting, in which there were ‘no women’ included.

On Tuesday, December 18, the Prime Minister had a meeting with Bollywood actors and producers at Raj Bhawan in Mumbai. And in that meeting, the issues regarding the film industry were discussed.

But the meeting didn’t go down well with the public as the PM and actor Akshay Kumar were slammed for not inviting a single woman, whether it be an actress, director or producer, in the meeting.

But lately, the wrath got even bigger when actress Dia Mirza also took to Twitter, sharing her dissatisfaction towards the meeting and the PM.

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Quoting actor Akshay Kumar’s tweet, she wrote, “This is wonderful! Is there a reason why there were no women in this room? @akshaykumar (sic).”

You can see the post below.

As per the reports of PTI, the people present in the meeting included director/producer Karan Johar, Ritesh Sidhwani, Rakesh Roshan, Ronnie Screwwala, CBFC chairman Prasoon Joshi, Siddharth Roy Kapoor (the president of Film Producers Guild), and also actors Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan. There were all men there.

PM Narendra Modi tweeted after the meeting and wrote that he had an ‘extensive and fruitful interaction’ with a delegation from the film and entertainment industry.

He also wrote that the delegation spoke about the strides being made by the film and entertainment industry, and gave valuable inputs relating to GST for their sector.

Twitter was full of hate towards PM Modi with people asking him why there was no woman invited for this important meeting.

PM was also criticized because of the fact that he has made ‘woman power’ a slogan for the country’s development also. But having no woman representative at all, and that too in a Bollywood meeting was seen as a big discrimination by the public on social media.


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