The Complexities Of Technology in Modern World

Having the perks of gadgets is the best thing that one can have as far as the comfort level is concerned, in the modern world, but the excess of anything is always bad. That’s a certified truth, for everything which you can imagine about.

The Complexities Of Technology in Modern World

Speaking more specifically, then smartphones are having an impact on us like never before and the way they are dominating our lives currently is unparalleled. Brands like Apple, Samsung, Google, and some other big giants are leaving no stone unturned in luring the consumers-or more directly speaking, the minds of the ordinary fools.

But here comes the complexity of technology, which is being ignored or sidelined by most of us, for the sake of being advanced. Even though we don’t crave for every kind of gadget or device or say smartphone-in this scenario-we are made to desire for them in a way like they are made for us.

Just have a look at the advertisements for these expensive, and premium devices. What do you notice in them? Of course the device itself, but nothing more than that. Why? Because that’s what the objective is. To make you forget the relevance and just have you involved in the device, that it matters so much to you, and without it, your life won’t be as it should be!

There is a rivalry going on since the last few 4-5 years, among the brands, to make the customers hooked to their products, no matter what. You must have watched that Apple iPhone’s, or that Samsung Note’s advertisement online or on your TV, hundreds of time. What do these ads do? They just make you crave for what you’re watching that moment.

It’s a serious issue if you start thinking about it in a more effective and introspective manner, which you definitely don’t want to, in your entire day spent.

You keep talking about these devices, search online about which one you should go for and how you will succeed in affording one of those costly devices, to satisfy your desire-a desire is that’s not even yours! This is happening in the current scenario at a rate, hitherto unsurpassed. And the biggest reason behind this growing pattern is the ‘bandwagon effect’.

The tendency to get influenced by whatever comes across us and then following it like a blind person is what all of us do.

And it’s a universal fact when it comes to being a part of this ‘bandwagon group’. The herd mentality is what drives us to go for something we actually just don’t need in any way possible!

But we still do it, and do it like we are made for that thing or that thing is just made for us, to possess. If that’s called being advanced and updated with technology, then it’s a big shame for us as not just being rational people but also being an individual.

This means there is no individuality of our own in ourselves and we can be easily manipulated by anything that we see, hear or what goes around us, at any moment of time.

There is a dire need for a rethinking, and it’s become necessary now. Stop for a second and just think about it.

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