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Top 7 Health Problems Caused by Poor Oral Health



Health Problems Caused by Poor Oral Health

Everyone must contend the very least great dental health given that it is really essential to maintain health of your teeth and also mouth. It could feel like it’s not that huge of a bargain, however, dental health is most definitely essential and also for that reason, it needs to get on an appropriate degree at the very least.

Currently, allow’s see precisely which 7 health issue can be brought on by bad dental health and also bad dental wellness generally.

Top 7 Problems Caused by Poor Oral Health And Wellness

There are numerous health issue that you can create with the bad dental health. Several of them are not that major, however, a few of them are most definitely not to be taken as a joke. Allow’s see.

1) Diabetic Issues


As all of us recognize, diabetes mellitus is an extremely major illness that can lead also to fatality. Currently, exactly how can you precisely create this kind of issue with bad dental wellness? Well, if you do not care for the periodontals and also their health, they can obtain contaminated. This brings about the gum condition which can later on become diabetes mellitus which is most definitely tougher to regulate.

This takes place due to the fact that the periodontals can result in greater blood sugar level which is the leading source of diabetes mellitus. Merely, anybody with bad dental wellness goes to excellent danger of obtaining diabetes mellitus. For that reason, correctly keeping the dental wellness is very important to prevent major illness. Find out exactly how to make sure your dental wellness correctly at

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2) Infertility of woman

Infertility of woman

A lot of individuals really do not recognize precisely that there is a link in between the inability to conceive and also negative dental wellness. Well, contaminated periodontals can lean to the numerous various other health issue and also problems that will most definitely make it harder for a lady to have a child or consist of a healthy and balanced maternity. It is medically shown that female with bad dental health takes a whole lot even more time to obtain expecting.

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3) Cancer Cells


In some cases it is apparent that an inadequate dental wellness brought on by smoking cigarettes or any type of various other cigarette item can result in a dental or throat cancer cells. It does not quit right here, various other kinds of cancer cells are brought on by an inadequate dental health too such as kidney cancer cells, pancreatic cancer cells, and so on

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4) Breathing infections and also conditions

Respiratory infections and diseases

It is understood that a breathing system can obtain rather harmed due to the bad oral wellness. This takes place due to the fact that the microorganisms in the mouth that is brought on by contaminated periodontals or teeth, can be taken in the lungs and also for that reason, traveling straight right into the blood stream. Considering that the microorganisms can create rather a great deal of issues and also problems with wellness, it is recommendable to maintain your oral wellness at optimal degree.

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5) Erectile dysfunction


Having an inadequate oral health and also negative dental wellness can result in a remarkable issue of impotence. Just how can this occur? The microorganisms from contaminated teeth can discover its method right into a blood stream which can create the capillary to obtain irritated which obstruct the circulation of blood to the genital areas and also for that reason, erection is hard to obtain or perhaps difficult.

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6) Kidney disease

Kidney disease

As all of us recognize, persistent kidney condition is really major problem and also an extremely difficult issue to remove. This will certainly not just impact the kidneys, however likewise, the heart, bones, high blood pressure, and also great deals of various other points. Currently, a lot of individuals with ravaged treasures condition are dealing with a weak body immune system. As a result of that, kidneys are subjected to various other issues and also there is no other way of quiting them to obtain contaminated.

In any case, kidney condition sure can be deadly if it infects the heart disease or kidney failing. For that reason, do not risk your wellness and also your life by preventing to do some cleaning and also flossing two times a day.

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7) Mental Deterioration

Dementia The mental deterioration is an extremely major illness that can be brought on by bad dental wellness without a doubt. Currently, the microorganisms and also compounds that are launched from contaminated periodontals or teeth can eliminating a few of the mind cells which will certainly result in amnesia. This can likewise result in Alzheimer’s condition if you do not take it seriously as you should.

Nevertheless, a lot of individuals do not obtain this kind of illness brought on by bad oral wellness, however that isn’t the factor not to be stressed. This can occur to nearly anybody that is not caring for their teeth and also mouth correctly.

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Having negative dental wellness is most definitely something that requires to be fixed and also taken care of. Merely, as we saw above, a lot of individuals can enter truly negative wellness problems if they prevent cleaning and also flossing each day. Every one of these health issue that are brought on by bad oral health are to be taken seriously given that they can truly create great deals of discomfort and also can also be deadly.

Make certain to maintain your teeth and also mouth healthy and balanced and also in order because that is the method of maintaining your oral health in the most effective feasible method.

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7 Back Pain Conditions That Women Should Watch Out For



Back Pain Conditions

Women are more likely to suffer back pain as compared to men. Dealing with back pain, women are over-represented in this regard. Often conditions become severe due to pregnancy effect, hormonal factors and pelvic structure changes.

Globally, it is becoming a leading cause of disability and common reason to miss work or go to the doctor. Moreover, if you are not able to track your health conditions, proper body mechanics, home treatment and some back pain medicine would work best for you. However, women should keep an eye on their health condition to guard themselves against severe bask pain conditions.

1. Coccydynia (tailbone pain)

If you often face pain while sitting then you might have tailbone pain or Coccydynia. It appears at the end area of your spine and it pains suddenly or gradually.

Whenever pressure is put on the spine, it hurts badly. The causes of Coccydynia could be an injury, horse riding or tailbone pain. The ratio of tailbone pain is 5 to 1 in women as compared to men. You need to take care of yourselves because this back pain is rarely diagnosed by doctors.

It can affect all ages of women but the onset average is 40 years. It can even prevent you from bending or driving.

2. Compression fractures tied to Osteoporosis

A compression fracture happens due to bone thinning or osteoporosis where the spine gets broken. The frontal bone collapses due to the spinal fracture and there is no effect on bone’s back.

As compared to men, it happens twice in women. Osteoporosis is much likely diagnosed in women. Get to the doctor instantly, if you have faced sudden back pain and you are around 45 years old. Causes of this disparity are smaller body frame or having the osteoporosis or fractures family history.

Your mobility is limited due to spinal compression fracture; you should see a specialist even if you are not in pain.

3. Degenerative Spondylolisthesis

Degenerative Spondylolisthesis is a condition in which one of the vertebrae slips out of place onto the bone below it. The spinal nerve root can be irritated with the vertebra movement.

Legs and lower back are badly affected by the pain. Persistent lower back pain, stiffness in your back and legs, lower back tenderness, thigh pain and tight hamstring are the symptoms of the Spondylolisthesis.

Sitting down releases the pain and daily activities may also be limited. The ration of men to women is 3 to 1. Women are over-represented in this regard.

Gender imbalance is caused by the lower bone density, pelvic structure, and hormonal imbalance. It occurs mostly when age is over 50. Ligaments and age-related weakness make more this pain as a severe condition.

4. Fibromyalgia

The hallmarks of this condition are fatigue, stiffness and muscle pain. It may also be referred to as rheumatic condition as per the specified tender points. And due to this condition, you might feel pain in hips, neck, lower and upper back. Symptoms for these conditions might disappear and reappear after a certain time without any cause.

The clear co-existing symptoms of this condition are irritable bowel syndrome, depression, and arthritis. According to recent stats, fibromyalgia is caused 90% in women.

Nevertheless, hormonal imbalance is also a major factor. This condition is also caused when there is a decline in estrogen levels.

5. Piriformis Syndrome

Tingling, numbness, and pain are triggered in the hip joint when Piriformis syndrome occurs. It is because of the pressure on the sciatic nerve.

The most common symptoms are pain during climbing hills, walking on the stairs and dull ache in the buttocks. And the pain keeps on getting worse over time. The prevalent age factor is 40 to 60 years.

As per the syndrome stats, women face Piriformis six times more as compared to men. This syndrome may also contribute to a risk factor during pregnancy if pelvic changes are observed. It is often caused when repetitive moments are encountered thus pressurizing the muscles and tightening it.

Women for instance bicyclists, tennis players, skier, and professional drivers are at high risk of Piriformis syndrome.

6. Spinal Osteoarthritis

One of the most common types of arthritis is osteoarthritis or spinal arthritis where aching hips, knees, and back are reported. It is a more or less a degenerative disorder arising from a biochemical breakdown of articular (hyaline) cartilage in the synovial joints. It can also be caused by many body parts.

Pain can be felt in thighs, buttocks, groin, shoulders, neck and lower and upper back. Muscle ache may appear as a first symptom where spinal osteoarthritis begins and can affect all ages of women.

Many strengthening and stretching exercises are recommended by rheumatologists

7. Sacroiliac joint dysfunction

Sacroiliac joint dysfunction is caused when you experience pain around the lower back, buttocks and spread over the legs. Young and middle-aged women are victims of sacroiliac joint dysfunction. Pregnancy, accidents, and severe pain conditions are also symptoms.

A good way to care for your lower back and increase blood flow to your sore lower back and hips may benefit from a combination of walking, physical poses with breathing exercises and meditation.

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What You Know About The Liver Transplantation



liver transplant

Liver disease is a very common reason for demise after stroke, chest infections, heart disease, and cancer. Liver transfer contains replacement of the patient’s unhealthy liver by a new liver is taken either from a living donor or from a brain dead patients having heartbeats.

The liver is a distinctive organ in the human body and has a special ability of redevelopment. It is seen that 70 percent of the liver is possible to remove safely without any annoying concerns because of the capacity of redevelopment.

Patients of liver transfer must get life- long immune suppressive medicine these are medicines to avoid rejection of liver. An organ donor is generally discharged within 10 days and the patient within two to three week.

The organ donors resume their regular activity within three to four weeks and carry on with their jobs within six weeks whereas the patients within four to six months. No special safety measures are necessary for donors after about four to six weeks and are able to lead a normal life subsequently.

A liver transplant is an operating process to take away an unhealthy liver and replace it with a healthy liver from a giver. Best Liver Transplantation in India uses livers from dead donors, though a liver is also taken from a living donor.

The number of people looking for new livers is much higher than the number of accessible livers, so the liver transfer is held in reserve for people who are unfavorably ill. Some people receive a liver transplant in a short span of time whereas others spend months waiting for a liver transfer.

Liver dysfunction has many reasons, counting:

  • Liver cirrhosis
  • Intoxicating or alcoholic liver disease
  • Nonalcoholic fatty liver illness
  • Hemochromatosis
  • Primary biliary cirrhosis
  • Wilson’s disease
  • Biliary duct atresia
  • Cystic fibrosis
  • Early phase liver cancer

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Remember important points opting for liver transplantation

Before receiving a liver in India, foreign patients have to fulfill the following processes:

  • The patient is not allowed to choose a donor from India. In its place, he or she has to get an allied donor from his or her specific country.
  • If the donor is one of the patient’s close blood relatives, the authorization procedure for transplantation turns out to be faster shunning several medical difficulties accurately.
  • The patient and donor are essential to have a similar blood group.

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Cost for the treatment of liver transplantation

In India, the liver transplantation starts from USD 28,500 that is nearly 17 lakhs. Even though the average cost of liver transplant in India differs on which hospital and chief transplant doctor you select, it is more or less very reasonably priced when matched to several first-world countries.

This cost normally consists of the following major expenditures:

  • Anesthesia for surgery
  • Laboratory assessments
  • An expert fee of the doctor
  • Hospital expenditures counting the fee of the supportive staff
  • Expenditures incurred at the time of recovery.
  • Costs of medicines and medical consumables
  • Rehabilitation expenses and physical therapy expenses

In other countries, all these exclusive expenses gather to make the total liver transplant budget much more costly. On the other hand, in India, medical visitors save big on their budgets while receiving world-class treatments from exceedingly skilled and capable doctors and surgeons.

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15 Insanely Effective Health Hacks to Perk Up Your Lifestyle



Healthy Lifestyle

Someone once told me that the art of living ‘ideally’ revolves around the presence of health and soundness of mind and body, which develops inner strength against the lashes of a stressful life. In one way or another, we all need that kind of immunity, that sense of wholeness and well-being which follows therewith.

So, if you feel like you’ve been on the cold and dark track of gradual deterioration for too long now, then now’s the time to pull yourself out of that spell and get back on the road of healthy living. But where should you start? How about the incredibly easy and insanely effective hacks I’m mentioning below for your convenience? Let’s check them out one by one, and see how many works for you.

Boost your Mood with Orange Peel

Your mood has a direct effect on your health. So, keep it uplifted by sniffing a fresh orange or rubbing its essential oil on your wrists. There is something sparky about its fragrance, which wards off anxiety and stress.

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Eat Mindfully

Slow down and appreciate each morsel of nourishment, which goes in your mouth by eating ‘mindfully’. Put some soft music on, savor each flavor, and properly chew your food instead of gulping it down in a rush. This way you won’t overeat and will feel much, much better.

Meditate over Yoga

Bring an alignment between your mind and body by undertaking some yoga sessions, preferably bright and early in the morning. The stretching exercises and the meditational sittings will surely kick-start your day with a boatload of freshness. You can invest in an actual class. Or, you can save money by watching the tutorials on your TV, hooked with a nice cable deal that has an affordable rate like Local Cable Deals or some such.

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Take Herbal Tea Regularly

If there is anything that can boost your energy, calm your nerves and help you sleep better, it’s an herbal tea. Fresh and warm, it is definitely a healthy cure in a cup.

Unglue your Eyes from the Screen

Make it a habit of giving yourself substantial breaks from the stressful technological world. Unhinge and relax in the beauty of nature around you. In addition, too much staring at a smartphone screen damages the eyes. It is a known fact.

Sleep to your Fill

Yes, I do notice the dark circles below your eyes that you’re trying so hard to conceal. FYI, the perfect remedy lies in a fulfilling sleep. Go to bed an hour earlier, remove all the distractions from your way, count the sheep and drift away into an at least seven-hour long sleep. You’ll wake up refreshed. That’s a guarantee.

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Scrub Away the Muck

Each day, your skin encounters all kinds of dirt particles, smoke, soot, dust and chemicals, which generally float in the air. So, it’s up to you to treat it right by scrubbing on a daily basis. I recommend two DIY scrubs: Olive oil & salt and Coconut oil & brown sugar. Easy as that.

Take the Stairs Next Time

Research shows that sitting for prolonged periods of time in a day is likely to increase the risk of death by cardiovascular diseases. So, avoid sitting too much, especially at your desk. Make walking a habit and always take the stairs to build up your metabolism.

Avoid Booze if You Can

Alcohol is pretty hard on the pancreas and liver, so don’t over-take it in a week. Cut it down to a safe level.

Opt for Less Sugar

Binge-consuming sugary products like double-fudge chocolate cakes, pop-sodas, gelatin, and cookies is a direct gateway to obesity, which is a dreadful ailment. So, decrease your sugar intake (don’t cut it down completely) and regain your health thereby.

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Make Lemon Water your Companion

Lemons are natural antioxidants, i.e. they flush your body of toxins. Super simple to prepare, lemon water supercharges you on the go and keeps your gut healthy and happy. Make an effort to hydrate yourself with this electrifying drink throughout the day.

Sweat Through your Workouts

Nothing like building up a good sweat from a 10-minute exercise session, before you pop in the shower to get ready for work. You can choose any module from Zumba to HIIT, whichever suits you best. Sweating will break the unhealthy fats in your body and boost your metabolism.

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An Apple a Day…

Fresh fruits and vegetables contribute directly to building your immunity and supplying you with the right amount of vitamins and minerals that your body need. So, do make them a part of your diet.

Prefer Cold Showers

Everyone likes a warm bath with Epsom salts on a crisp, winter day. But it is a cold shower which is proven to have many interesting benefits, like tightening pores, boosting alertness, increasing blood circulation, etc. Try them before you say anything.

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Breathe Deeply

Most of the time, you take shallow breaths which give you as much oxygen as you need to stay alive. Nevertheless, in order to truly feel good, experts suggest taking deep, belly-full of breaths for at least five to ten minutes a day. This ‘diaphragmatic breathing’ improves your mental acuity, lowers your blood pressure and soothes your nerves.

So, with the aforementioned hacks in place, getting a wonderfully healthy lifestyle is totally within reach. Don’t you think so?

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Vape Battery Explosions, Well Learning, More About It!



Vape Battery Explosions

Well, the news about e-cigarettes, Vape Devices getting exploded and thus causing serious injuries to the vaper is known. These accidents are one of the rarer cases but a cautious approach is to be needed. On the occurrence of these explosions, an investigation is carried out by the experts. It reveals that a problem related to the battery is the root cause of a “Vape Device” battery getting blasted off.

There are certain things which must be clearly understood by the vapers. This will make them not just cautious but also will help them in making sure these mistakes don’t take place.  Some of the guidelines have been mentioned below –

Battery In The Vape Battery Is The Root Cause –

In general, the vapers should know that all the E-Cigarettes are deriving their energy from a lithium-ion battery. One will not be wrong in saying that it is the reason for problems getting swelled-up. The usage of “Lithium” battery is present in – cellphones, cameras, to hybrid cars, etc. On taking a puff from the e-cigarette the power from the battery is generated to the heating element, later on, this converts the chemical solution present in the canister, into the vapor. On the other hand, in manual vape Devices, the vaper has to press a mechanical switch for taking a drag.

This is known that Lithium-ion batteries can accelerate a fire hazard, especially in pressurized areas. Like – Luggage Compartment area inside the plane. On the other hand, if normal conditions are met then problems of a battery getting exploded are pretty low.

Vape Battery Explosions

Vape Battery Explosions

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In The Rare Of The Rarer Cases, The Report Documented By The Us Fire Administration (Usfa) Narrates That –

The chemical component electrolyte is present in the lithium-ion battery, it is later on heated and it reaches to its boiling point. This procedure raises the internal pressure in the battery and keeps on increasing. To the extent that other end of the battery getting ruptured and finally the pressure being built is au6tomatically released.

This is to be known to the vaper, that cylindrical design of e-cigs and the weaker forms of endpoints are the primary reasons for a major accident to take place.

When the pressure inside the E-Cigarette gets raised then it causes the forceful rupturing of the battery seal.  Well, due to battery failure or container failure, both of them could be propelled at a fast pace inside the room. In other devices like for e.g. – laptops, if there is a battery failure then the fire will only affect the device of the battery pack in which it is installed in.

The user of the Vape Devices should keep in the mind that Lithium version of ion batteries creates problems, if they are overheated due to external forces like – Direct Sunlight, Short Circuit or Overcharging. The report of the USFA stated that approximately a large number of the reason for a Vape Device battery explosion was because –it was plugged into a USB port during the procedure of charging.

There is a presence of safety features to negate the problems related to short-circuit and overcharging. Vape Devices are loaded with a USB port that appears to be compatible with any type of USB cable or charger. This makes people feel that any charger, non-sanctioned, third-party ones, etc. will be able to execute the work. In actual, this procedure is not going to work.

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What Are The Preventable Measures?

The vaper must understand that every vape battery is being certified in reference to the benchmark form of safety standards. Vaper can keep not just themselves but the device also by knowing A to Z form of working and handling of the E-Cigarette.

The Point Mentioned Below Has To Be Kept In Mind By The Concerned Vaper.  

  • First of all the vaper needs to go through all the necessary instructions printed on the box by the manufacturer. If there is any query or the detailed form of guidelines is not mentioned, then immediately contact the concerned authorities.
  • Each and every safety feature is of great importance. Like – Fire button lock or vent holes. This is specially designed for making sure the vaper is notified about overheating or vape explosion.
  • Under no circumstances, different Watt-hour type of battery is used. Professionals suggestion is that never go off the track. Like – using batteries with different charge levels, using old or new batteries together.
  • Whenever the vaper is going to put their vape Device on a charge, then make sure that the surface is clean and there are no combustible products within the proximity of the vape device.
  • Be careful that the vape Device is not left in the open and under severe temperature conditions.

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How Can One Contact The Fda For a Vape Battery Explosion?

Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on a regular basis is accumulating the data, aiding in understanding the problems related to vape explosions. If there is any vaper, that has developed some medical imperfection due to vaping, then immediately communicate with FDA through the Safety Reporting Portal.

Once The Form Is Known, Then Vaper Should Also Include –

  • The correct name of the Vape manufacturer.
  • The brand name, model and a serial number of the vape.
  • Place of its purchase.
  • Model of the battery.
  • If the product was used differently apart from the instructed guidelines by the manufacturer.
  • The inclusion of any modification if carried out by the vaper.


The objective of this blog is to make sure that the vaper understands the complete ABC of the Vape Battery. Although, every brand promises of a quality work and following of the guidelines, having said this, still mistakes do crop up. In this context, Lovelites is the best online platform selling Vape Devices. One can also go through different write-ups and gain valuable information in a lucid manner.


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How To Treat and Diagnose Idiopathic Hypersomnia at an Early Stage?




There are times when most of the individuals find themselves sleepy due to jet lag, after a meal, etc. Sometimes people don’t take such health conditions seriously due to lack of awareness about the different type of sleep disorders. A health condition needs to have appropriate treatment.

Many doctors highly recommend using Pill Reminder, an application that helps the patients to take their pills on time with personalized periodic reminder settings such as Snooze, taken or skip, etc. It is an excellent advantage for the patients as it is useful while traveling, other outdoor activities, etc. with the help of an Android/iOS mobile phone or signing up the website as per the availability to use.

What is Idiopathic Hypersomnia (IH)?

Idiopathic Hypersomnia (IH) is an excessive sleep disorder that causes drowsiness during the day even after a good night sleep. In medical terms, it refers to as primary hypersomnia, central hypersomnia, or brain origin of hypersomnia. While working or driving a car, the need for sleep strikes at this time, that makes IH a potentially dangerous health condition.

IH has two forms of this health disorder: firstly, when a person has an average hour of sleep, usually for 9 hours and secondly, when an individual oversleep for like 12-14 hours.

The doctors treat it as a life – long chronic condition. This health problem often develops over a week to months. Some research institute defines Idiopathic Hypersomnia (IH) as Excessive day sleepiness (EDS) without narcolepsy.


The symptoms may vary between weeks, months, or years in different cases. Especially in women, the signs and symptoms may worse before menses.

People who suffer from idiopathic hypersomnia have issues of excessive daytime sleepiness (EDS) despite sleeping for more than 10 hours that is beyond the standard requirement of the human body; they may often look unrefreshing and suffer from sleep inertia.

Some symptoms of Idiopathic hypersomnia (IH) include:

  1. Memory, attention, and concentration problems (cognitive problem)
  2. Anxiety and depression
  3. Syncope (fainting)
  4. Orthostatic hypertension (dizziness while standing up from a lying or sitting position)
  5. Headache
  6. Raynaud’s disease – cold hands and feet.
  7. Impotence
  8. Food cravings
  9. Sleep paralysis
  10. Sleep drunkenness – a condition when the individual has long frequent naps, that is not refreshing, too difficult to wake up or post-awakening experience.

Many people find it difficult to follow their regular routines, and sometimes they lose their ability to function in social gatherings.

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Unlikely, there are few other sleep disorder condition (narcolepsy with cataplexy)  that has some serious reason, the real reason for Idiopathic hypersomnia is still unknown other than its name, for this one should track their sleep. Many researchers claiming to have recently found an abnormal hypersensitivity to GABA ( a brain chemical responsible for sedation) in patients who are suffering from central hypersomnia, i.e., Idiopathic hypersomnia.

Most of the doctors stated that the treated patients who have a history of Idiopathic hypersomnia also have anxiety and depression – causes of this health disorder. If left untreated, it is not safe for these patients to drive a car or doing their regular chores.

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For some reasons, it is challenging to figure out the type of sleep disorder to diagnose, as the symptoms of this health problem may falsely be considered as some other type of sleep disorder. It is hard to diagnose due to similar signs and symptoms of this health condition.

After reviewing the medical history and conducting a physical examination of the patients, including their medications. Doctors may recommend doing specific tests to determine the type and cause of this condition.

  1. Polysomnogram test helps the doctors to monitor the patient’s brain activity, eye, and leg movements, heart rate, breathing, and oxygen levels. In this test, the patient has to stay asleep overnight.
  2. Epworth Sleepiness Scale: This tool helps to determine the sleep effects of the patient’s daily life. The doctors ask their patients to rate their sleepiness with the help of this tool.
  3. Sleep diary: The patients have to maintain a sleep diary to record their daily sleep, numbers of times waking up, etc. as per the concerned doctor gives the instructions.
  4. Multiple sleep latency tests: After conducting a polysomnogram test, this test is done. It helps to measure the type of sleepiness and stages of sleep during the daytime naps.

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Doctors try to cure the symptoms of any further health complications. However, there is no proper treatment and cure for Idiopathic Hypersomnia (IH).  Many doctors prescribe stimulant medications to their patients for improving their health conditions. Certain medicines given to the patients are:

  1. Provigil (Modafinil) helps to stay awake during the day.
  2. Adderall
  3. Nuvigil

Few techniques  to combat this health condition that are:

  1. Avoid caffeine, alcohol and other medications
  2. Adopt a healthy sleep hygiene
  3. Turn off electronic devices at night
  4. Switch off room lights
  5. Avoid taking sleeping pills without consulting the concerned doctor.

The concerned doctors may refer to consult a sleep specialist to provide much help to their patients to tackle excessive day sleepiness. The main intention is to improve their body sleep and wake regulation.

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How to manage IH (Idiopathic hypersomnia)

Many individuals do not notice their sleep problem due to lack of awareness about health. If ignored, it is a severe concern to further health complications.  There are many factors due to which such kind of health problem still exists, like lifestyle changes, etc.

The best way to manage IH is to take advise from the concerned doctor or sleep specialist regarding the situation. Also, talking to family, friends, colleagues, etc. will help to have mutual support to tackle this health problem.

The concerned doctor has access to their patient’s Pill Reminder application to check their health condition through log reports and day-to-day routines. The patient finds it useful to track their water consumption levels to improve their health.

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