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Horse Racing

The impact of Technology on Horse Racing

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The Impact Of Technology On Horse Racing
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The Impact Of Technology On Horse Racing

The impact of Technology on Horse Racing

The horse racing is always been a big industry. Only in the United Kingdom, it costs nearly £3.5 billion. Obviously, technology gave so many improvements in every sports sector. How technical equipment is used in horse racing? This is the most common question among sports lovers. There is no surprise that the technology playing the important role behind most of the industry developments. Same like other sports there are so many interesting ways in which the advanced technology changing the nature of horse racing.

For medical use

Any sport cannot survive without the medical support. It is always necessary to have technical medical equipment in the sports field. By the developments in the medical field, the current sports are getting better. Moreover, there are lots of improvements are seen in the medical industry. For the creation of casts and some prosthetic s related cases3D Printers are now used for the injured legs of the horses. It may be possible that this technique is used to put the horse down in the case of broken legs.

In the modern era, Robotic technology is one of the most successful technologies. Now humans are using robotic technology for intelligent control systems, intelligent manufacturing, and other professional ways. Due to the heavy weight  of horses, it’s very difficult for them one position to another. The robots which are capable to lift a horse with controlled weight distribution are now used. Apart from this these valuable robotic technology is also get involved in the medical care of the horses. It is a difficult task to manually get an accurate CT scan of an injured horse. By the use of The Equimagine robot, the whole body of the horse is scanned in just in 90 seconds. It can produce high-quality 3D and 4D images while the horse is in awake or standing condition.

For development and improvements

It is also a complicated task to manage the performance of a horse. Moreover, a horse can win the future races when the running skills improved. So how it will be possible? Here the use of sensors plays a very essential role. Already sensors become an important performance management tool to monitor the run of a horse. These technical sensors are attached to the horse and capture all the data of the performance while running. It also tells the health condition of a horse. By the use of this data punter, trainers, or jockeys make their future plans to win the race. The Blue Wing Saddle is launched in the market. The chip which is located in the saddle helps it to record all the data. The condition of the horse’s symmetry, the jump figures, racing time etc is recorded by the saddle allows.

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Artificial intelligence which is known as machine intelligence is a big gift to humanity by the technology. It is the best way to get the actual skill of any particular thing. The use of Artificial intelligence in horse racing is also proved to be beneficial. In addition to this, from recorded data experience ones can take a decision and get the advantage in horse racing. For example, Equimetre is a way to understand the use of the device in artificial intelligence. It is a wearable device and it provides all the data of the horse. Apart from this is also used to get the track data and its conditions. Trainers use these tracked data and enhance the performance of the horse.

A safe way to store data

In the horse racing, it is always a need to store the data. Because without a database it is a difficult task for the trainers to get the history of a particular breed horse. The , as well as wagers, technology will be going to become a huge part in the technical field. This technology is used to update the database with a regular period of time. A network of replicated databases helps to run this ledger. It is also helpful to solve critical problems by getting the appropriate information. Moreover, the horse racing industry can use this technology to store useful information about horses. The owners, trainers, and jockeys can access this database and get successful performances in big competitions, as well as wagers, can also bet in those events or if you don’t know how to bet you can hire the sports betting experts from Wager Bop.

Therefore, horse racing has been traditionally about race meetings or betting but in the future, we can see technology being able to bring the horse racing to the next level. In the upcoming time, the role of technology will grow and all participants, as well as horses, will get benefits from this technical industry.

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Horse Racing

Expert Guides on Free Horse Racing Picks

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Expert Guides On Free Horse Racing Picks
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Many people are professionals when it comes to the field of horse racing. Others are amateurs having no experience or knowledge about the sport. These are the individuals who find that they lose money because they don’t win. If you’re on a hunt for scoring big with the world of horse racing, maybe it’s a good time for you. Consider the fabulous world of Free Horse Racing Picks. Though you have options to benefit from studying free horse racing tips online and improve yourself. Some of the free advice that is passed on includes looking at the form of a horse before betting. But it may not be a 100% good approach. You could trust on your arbitrary interests, or you could devote hours and hours analyzing date or fail at many different efforts to push your own theories, before lastly offering over the reins to someone else, with maybe a little more experience than you have in regards to picking the winners.

Here are some pieces of free advice to improve you in the field of free horse racing picks. This includes:

  • Looking at the form of a horse before betting
  • Buying the program
  • Reading about a specific horse
  • Avoid involving the horse

Read on to get to know quick guides about free horse racing picks.

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Look past performance

Your first step is to look over the past performances of the horses. They may not be helpful, though. What you will get by looking at the past performance is that you can be able to eliminate a good deal of horses from each race. It is good to consider the recent form of the horses that you are interested in. Follow the below tips:

  • What the horse has done in the past few races
  • What position did the horse finish in
  • What was the speed of the horse

These are some of the most critical factors; you should take into account.

Consider the surface and distance

Your next step should be to looking at what the particular surface that the horse is going to race on. Some horses do their best on turf, some grass, and others, dirt. In addition, there are some horses that are only good for specific distances, so it is good to look at the length of the race. Some horses are bred for speed and others for stamina.

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Basics and favorite

Before going to bet on any horse, it is advisable to look basics and forget about your favorite. Do look for value. It is one of the most effective free horse racing tips. Some look for a balance between favorites and long spots and come with a happy medium. It is important to note down that free technique that expert handicappers generally make horse racing picks.

Many people find it much more satisfying to make your own selections and be confident in your own abilities to choose horses. Betting on horses is actually a game of skill. It is not the same as betting in a casino where you usually bet against the house. When you are engaged in plating the races, you are matching wits with the other horse racing fans that have chosen to bet on the same race as you.


Free horse racing picks are available online. It is good to try your luck if you are interested in it. If you want to know more tips and tricks, surf the internet, and you will come across a series of information important for you.

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Horse Racing

Four Crucial Daily Horse Care Tips To Implement

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Four Crucial Daily Horse Care Tips To Implement
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A horse is all about beauty and class! The sight of a horse galloping across the meadows makes everyone want to own one. But having a horse and taking care of it on a daily basis is a matter of commitment. Unlike any other animal, the horse comes with its requirement, which at times becomes difficult for the horse owner to support with.

Horse care is challenging. You need to look into multiple quarters to ensure that your horse is staying and growing up in a healthy and germ free-living condition. If you have been searching for the best tips, discussed below are some of the best horse healthcare guidelines.

1- Take care of the housing requirements


Today, there are plenty of choices to house a horse. One of the natural ways is to keep a horse on the pastures. Usually, the pasture-based horse species record very fewer ailments and other behavioral issues. Furthermore, the pasture-kept horses today that should have access to clean and fresh water round the clock for drinking. However, during winter season horse owners need to provide shelter so that the horse gets to stay in a better condition without leaving it to witness the weather extremities. If you want to know more on this, you can browse through the TVG website and others for other details.

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2- Make your feed your horse well

Manage your horse’s diet properly. Usually, the horses grow up with what’s called the forage eaters. They can graze for as much as 16 and 18 hours on a daily basis. They also travel over long distances while grazing. Horses come with a small stomach. The maximum capacity is to store anything between 2 and 5 gallons. Their digestive system is well suited to little fractions of food continually.

3- Managing contagious ailments and diseases

Usually, the infectious illnesses can get spread from one horse species to the other. Do you wish to minimize the contagious ailments amongst the resident horses? If yes, then opt-in for the Equine Infectious Anemia test and your horse scores a negative. When you get a new horse, you should ensure that it is kept and taken care of in a place that’s far removed from a paddock or barn, so that they are away from the sick horses. It prevents new horses from developing any ailments.

4- Proper dental care is essential

Dental check-ups are an integral part of any dog care routine. The typical dental issues with horses generally comprise of highly pointed enamel that leads to lacerations of the tongue and the cheek. Other problems include problems like a faulty alignment of lower and upper teeth, retained deciduous teeth, malocclusions and many more. Some of the dental issues in horse go undetectable for a long time. It’s when situations aggravate that horse owners take note of it. Hence, daily dental care might help to avert several issues right at the start, before it becomes late to cure.

Proper horse care is essential so that a horse grows up healthy. There are plenty of steps to add to your horse care routine. You can start with these four and keep adding other horse care guidelines as per your convenience.

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Horse Racing

Meet World’s Best Jockeys of all Time in Horse Racing

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Meet World’s Best Jockeys Of All Time In Horse Racing
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Everyone knows that a jockey plays a vital role in horse racing. There are various horses around the world. Each horse juvenile has its own abilities. A jockey’s responsibility is to handle the speedy horse while sitting on the back. It’s extremely subjective to measure the success of jockeys. The long or evolved history of horse racing makes it difficult to compare jockeys from various eras or from other continents.

Meet World’s Best Jockeys Of All Time In Horse Racing

Meet World’s Best Jockeys of all Time in Horse Racing

Here the top 10 jockeys in the history of horse racing:

1) Bill Shoemaker

Bill Shoemaker is one of the most known jockeys in the history of horse racing. In the age of 18, he won his first horse race. William “Bill” Shoemaker would win 8,882 more before retiring 41 years later. Kentucky Derby was a successful field for Shoemaker in which he rode 24 times and won four: 1955, 1959, 1965, and 1986. He achieved his last victory at the age of 54.

He showed his riding skills during 1957, 1959, 1962, 1967, and 1975 and won the Belmont Stakes five times. After the win of Belmont Stakes, he also won the Preakness in 1963 and 1967. Annually he earned more than $2 million from 1957 and he finally retired 1989. After getting the retirement he starts working as a trainer.

2) Laffit Pincay Jr.

Laffit Pincay Jr. received a life-altering advice in the age of 12 years. According to Mr. Charlie, he was too small to become a professional baseball player. He advised by Mr. Charlie to ride a horse and become a jockey. He gets the consideration of Fred W. Hooper a top horseman and started competing in his homeland, Panama. They request to come to America pursue the American Dream. He gets successful and able to achieve eight successful wins from 11 races at Arlington Park. As a fantastic jockey, Pincay was going on to triumph the Eclipse Award in 1971, 1973, 1974, 1979, and 1985.

In 1975, he was admitted into the National Museum of Racing or Hall of Fame. The well-skilled horse master retired in 2003 as racing’s dominant jockey with 9,530 career victories.

3) Lester Piggott

A retired English professional jockey Lester Piggott was born on November 5, 1935, in Wantage, Berkshire, England. He was the world’s leading jockeys in Thoroughbred flat racing. During 1960, 1964–71, and 1981–82 he was 11 times British riding champion. Piggott’s family was also associated with the turf and he started his riding at 12.

He achieved remarkable wins in 1954, 1957, 1960, 1968, 1970, 1972, 1976, 1977, and 1983. He won St. Leger eight times during 1960, 1961, 1967, 1968, 1970, 1971, 1972, and 1984. In addition to this, 1957, 1968, 1970, 1985, and 1992 were the most successful years for Lester in which he won the 2,000 Guineas five times.

He rode Nijinsky and manages to himself to obtain the victory as the winner of the English Triple Crown. And He participated in various races in France as well as Ireland and won great classic races. He becomes a horse trainer after a successful horse riding career.

4) Eddie Arcaro

Everyone knows about Eddie Arcaro in horse racing. He was born on February 19, 1916. The birthplace of Arcaro was Cincinnati, Ohio, United States. He became the first rider who rides five Kentucky Derby winners. Along with it he was also two time U.S. Triple Crown champion.

In his career, he won 4,779 races or 549 stakes events. He earned a lot from his career which was more than $30,000,000 in purses. He also makes himself to became the third jockey on Feb. 20, 1958, to achieve 4,000 victories.

Moving to his career he won five times the Kentucky Derby in 1938, 1941, 1945, 1948 and 1952. He also won six times in the Preakness in 1941, 1948, 1950–51, 1955 and1957. In a single season, Eddie Arcaro made a record of $645,145 earned by one horse.

5) Pat Day

An American jockey was born on Oct. 13, 1953. Pat Day’s birthplace is in Brush, Colorado, United States. In the Breeders’ Cup Day was able to score 12 wins. He earns more than $23 million and retired as the leading money-winner. Summer Squall, Tabasco Cat is some Day’s most important mounts. Apart from this Pat day include some more memorable wins in his winning list like Florida Derby, Hollywood Gold Cup, Jockey Club Gold Cup, Travers Stakes, Del Mar Handicap, Blue Grass Stakes and Kentucky Oaks.

6) Kent Desormeaux

Kent Jason Desormeaux was born on 27 February 1970 in Maurice, Louisiana, United States. He started his working as an learner jockey at the Evangeline Downs, Louisiana.

By winning 598 wins he made the United States record for most races achiever in a single year in 1989. He scored three victories on the Kentucky Derby and Preakness Stakes. Moreover, Desormeaux also got a single win on the Belmont Stakes. He scores his first victory on July 13, 1986, when he rode Miss Tavern. Kent Jason Desormeaux scored his second Kentucky Derby in 2000.

7) Jerry Bailey

Jerry D. Bailey is an American Hall of Fame jockey who born on 29 August 1957 in Dallas, Texas, United States. Bailey began his riding career at Sunland Park. He rode a horse namely as Fetch and get his first win at the age of 17. Jerry D. Bailey gained a considerable success around the country before making a rising star on the New York state circuit. He scored his first victory at Kentucky Derby in 1993 along with Sea Hero. After two years he was admitted into the National Racing Hall of Fame. Jerry D. Bailey recorded his milestone by the winning of 5,000th career victories. He earned a total of $296,104,129 and on Jan. 28, 2006 he got retired.

8) Chris McCarron

Chris McCarron is a retired American famous jockey from Boston. He was born on March 27, 1955. In 1974 he started riding and due to the professional skills, he won the Eclipse Award. In the Breeders’ Cup, he scored nine wins. He was also able to get best results from Preakness Stakes, Kentucky Derby, and Belmont Stakes and won each event twice.

The other notable wins of Chris McCarron are the Del Mar Oaks, San Bernardino Handicap, Arlington Million, Fantasy Stakes, Haskell Invitational, Santa Anita Derby, San Clemente Handicap, Clement L. Hirsch Handicap, San Felipe Stakesm, Jockey Club Gold Cup, Del Mar Debutante Stakes, and Japan Cup. In 2002 he retired from horse racing with 7,141 memorable wins and $263, 985,905 earnings.

9) Javier Castellano

Javier Caste Llano belongs to a horse racing family. So from his childhood racing is in blood. His father, uncle and his brother were also jockeys. Javier Caste llano moved to the United States of America to start his career. The crowd favorite Javier Caste Llano set a new record with $26,213,507 earnings in 2013. He recorded 315 wins by leading all the jockeys and able to earn $25,056,464. Caste llano exceeded his own past season earnings record and gets $28,120,767 and made it to a three-peat in 2015. According to his fantastic mounting, he was named the Eclipse Award winner as well as the Hall of Fame. He has thousands of wins on his record. In addition to this, he earned more than $6.4 million and become the hardest competitor.

10) Russell Baze

Russell Baze is also one of the favorite jockeys. In his career, he won 12,842 races and became the most successful jockey as compare to any jockey in North American racing history. This crowd favorite jockey was born on 7 August 1958 in Vancouver, Canada. The Canadian boy began his professional riding career in 1974. His father was also a jockey and he achieved his first success on Oct. 28. With 10,000 career races win he became the first North American rider on Feb. 1, 2008. Russell Baze led all jockeys and wins 13 times in 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 2000, 2002, 2005, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2012 and 2014. In the time span of 13 years, Baze scored more than 400 races. But 1995 was the successful year for him in which got his highest career score by winning 448 races.

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