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Supreme Court Rejects to go into price details of Rafale Jets



Supreme Court Rejects to go into price details of Rafale Jets

Supreme Court gave the government a moment of comfort, on Wednesday, when it refused to go into the price details of the Rafale jets during the hearing of PILs filed by Prashant Bhushan and Arun Shourie, who wanted a CBI probe regarding the procedural and financial irregularities in the deal.

The petitioners’ question was that what would happen to the country’s security if the deal falters, leading to non-delivery of jets and the French government fails to guarantee the recovery of funds. In reply of this question, Attorney General from government’s side, K K Venugopal, said that though India did not have a ‘sovereign guarantee’ from the French government for the deal, it has got a ‘letter of comfort’ from the French Prime Minister, which adequately satisfies concerns that could arise in the case of failure of the deal.

A source from the law ministry also said that the ministry cleared the deal, by taking into account the French PM’s assurance and adequate in-built guarantee mechanism in the ‘inter-governmental agreement’.

During the hearing in the Supreme Court, Air Vice-Marshal T Chalapati and additional defense secretary Apurva Chandra were also present, who both defended the deal.

The petitioners, Bhushan and Shourie, argued on some key issues regarding the Rafale deal for more than an hour. The first was that the terms of the UPA’s deal during its tenure, which it sought to negotiate, provided for manufacturing under the license of 108 jets by HAL, which could have generated employment and increased India’s defense production capability; the other being that the UPA deal was much better since it included compulsory technology transfer which could have bolstered the country’s defense output; and the third being that the IGA route was used to scuttle the request for proposal procedure.

Both the petitioners also tried to attack the present government for being reluctant to share the price of the jets’ deal. They also said that the Indian offset partner clause in the newly made deal for 36 aircrafts was a clever attempt to ‘stealthily’ induct Anil Ambani’s Reliance Defence, even when the ADAG had no experience in defence manufacturing.

Arun Shourie targeted PM Narendra Modi by quoting Anil Ambani’s past interview in which he purportedly admitted that Modi had persuaded him, personally, to enter into the defence sector.

In the end however, the bench remained unaffected by the petitioners’ pressure to make the price of the Rafale deal public. The bench refused to go into the issue of the cost of the jets. It was given a break-up of the Rafale jet costs—bare bone structure, weaponry loaded and its avionics.

Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi asked the Attorney General whether the jets being purchased now and the ones that were to be purchased under the deal by UPA government were the same, and whether the details of weaponry and equipment fitted to the bare aircraft were made public earlier.

In response to this, AG Venugopal said that the bare structure of aircraft is basically the same, but the weaponry is different now. He also said that under the UPA deal too, it wasn’t mentioned what equipment and weaponry were being fitted to the jet and their costs also.

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In what part of Paris should you organize a pop up shop?




Pop-up shops: where exactly in Paris should it be?

In one statement: there are no specific neighborhoods for pop up shops, the idea is rather that each district responds to a universe or a target, and will achieve different objectives. With these beautiful words and as connoisseurs of the City of Light, here is some information on certain Parisian districts:

The 3rd and 4th districts: Le Marais

It’s no secret that most brands are fighting tooth and nail to open their pop up shop in the Marais. Shopping life is indeed going well in the 3rd and 4th districts of Paris: between Parisians and tourists, the pop up shops in the Marais enjoy heavy traffic, both local and international. However, the downside (and yes, there is one) is that, first, places are very expensive in the Marais district, and second, it is more difficult to differentiate in an already populated by trendy pop-up shops and designer boutiques of all kinds. Don’t get me wrong, we love the Marais, but we are also big foodies from other places with great potential. And on the recommendations menu, we have:

The 11th districts: Rue de Charonne, rue de la Roquette

If you hear from a person that s/he has been loitering in shops sipping fresh organic juice and found this little necklace in a designer store, s/he probably went for a walk around the rue de Charonne. Creating a pop up shop in the 11th district is a very good bet (as always, depending on your goals, of course!), because there is a very (very) nice neighborhood life, which is ultimately quite similar to that of Marais, but with a less touristy population and therefore 100% Parisian.

The 2nd districts: Quartier des Halles, Etienne Marcel

This Parisian district has a very strong commercial potential. On the one hand (that of Les Halles) the targeting there being a mass market stretches, passing a few streets, towards the top of the range, traffic in this district is important from one point to another. The pop-up shops for rent in the Halles and Etienne Marcel districts enjoy a chic setting emanating from the big brands, while at the same time enjoying the rather relaxed atmosphere emanating from the Marais, (which is a walk around the block, very near and within everybody’s reach)

The 17th districts: The Batignolles

The 17th is a lot of young parents, less young parents, and young people who are not yet parents. What do they have in common? This little bohemian-bourgeois side. Stroll an hour in the neighborhood, you too will probably end up growing a mustache while drinking a small glass of red from permaculture by tightening your new bow tie ’found in a pop up shop around the corner. The 17th district, like the 11th district, also has a very active neighborhood life, pleasant to live in and where the locals favor neighborhood commerce. Opening a pop up shop in the 17th district can be a very strategic choice depending on your brand! Do not hesitate to take a tour of the village of Batignolles, these are the 4 aligned Nestore stores where brands and creators rub shoulders all year round.

The 7th districts: Saint Germain des Prés

Opening a pop up shop in the Saint Germain Des Prés district, at the crossroads of Avenue Montaigne and Avenue Georges V, is aimed at a luxury target, very touristy and good for many Asians. This choice can be very wise depending on your positioning and marketing strategy.

The 16th districts: a traditional district with strong purchasing power

To create a pop up shop on Rue de Passy is to address a traditional target with strong purchasing power. The commercial life is active there, where generally few new concepts appear, which can be an asset allowing to make the difference when opening your pop up shop in the 16th!

The 18th districts: Abbesses and Montmartre

The Abbesses district offers a lively neighborhood life, between tourists and locals with high purchasing power, opening a pop up shop on the rambling streets of Montmartre allows you to reach several targets in a universe that will make you want to sing great songs all day.

The list could be very long, if you want to find the ideal neighborhood to create your pop up shop, highly consider this list and keep it in mind.

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Are You Moving During Christmas? Make it Stress-Free



BBC Cut Down Their Christmas Tree Because It Was A ‘Security Risk’

Home moving is a strenuous job at all times and if you are doing it this Christmas, brace up to endure a bit more. With the festive season lurking about in the corner, your thoughts are centered around ‘to enjoy or not to enjoy my Christmas’ right? You don’t know what to do, where to go, whether you should make merry with your friends and family or focus on your home move. If your final home moving day happens to fall on 25th December or a day before, don’t be disparaged. Home move during Christmas can also be fun and more importantly stress-free only if you have a proper plan from beforehand and not leave it for the last moment. 

So, do you want to relocate without upsetting your Christmas plans? Are you aiming for a quick and hassle-free move this Yuletide? This blog is just for you! I am going to provide you some amazing ideas to maximize convenience and minimize delays that will offer you a worry-free and comforting moving experience this Christmas. 

Interested? Perk up and here we go!

6 Ideas to Make Your Move during Christmas Stress-free

1- Declutter:

It is Christmas, the festival of goodness, positivity and hope and during such a time, keeping your home in a cluttered mess won’t look good at all. So dispose of the things that are unnecessary, broken and damaged. Starting from the old magazine, empty glass bottles, irreparable devices, old clothes and furniture, get rid of them and see how clean and clear your house looks! More importantly, decluttering will also give you more space to make the things that you’ll need and will allow the removalists to complete your move faster. 

2- Keep the timeline in mind & have a plan:

Fixing the final moving date is not something that will happen at the last moment out of the blue. You know from months before that your move is scheduled on Christmas and hence, you require a good strategy as per the timeline. So how do you go about it? Start with your packing – be careful not to do all the rooms at once but go one after the other. Prepare a list that has everything that you will be doing week wise. For instance: if there is a month left before your move, you can have something like this:       

  • Week 1

          Updating your change of address at the required places

  • Week 2

          Decluttering your home

  • Week 3

          Packing the essentials

  • Week 4

          Packing the other items and cleaning

3- Book a Toowoomba removalist:

Completing your moving without availing the service of a professional removalist company is unimaginable, let alone doing it in reality. It may take you several months in case you decide to move home all on your own. Since it is Christmas, chances are most of the Toowoomba removalists may be unavailable except for a few. So if you really don’t want to be disappointed and cannot afford to delay your move, book your removalists in advance. Find out the removalists who are available during Christmas and schedule your move with them, even if there are 2 months left for the final day. Remember the old proverb ‘A stitch in time saves nine’? Home moving is exactly what this is!

4- Star packing early:

Even if your home has the least stuff, it is never a good idea to procrastinate. Whether your home is big or small, in the end, you will have numerous things to pack that perhaps you forgot you possessed! From the new bath rugs to those lovely pair of shoes that you wore only once, packing means everything. So the sooner you start, the better will be the final result. Start packing your larger stuff that won’t be required immediately like clothes (except the ones that you’ll require immediately), utensils, books, etc. And don’t keep your Christmas decorations in an easily accessible place so that it is convenient to take them out and decorate your new home conveniently. 

5- Send your children to stay with friends and relatives:

More than the adults, Christmas is more exciting for children. There is a greater possibility of your children (if you have) getting disappointed because your home moving procedure has disturbed all their festive plans. So if you don’t want to cloud their happiness, how about sending them to stay for a few days at your relative’s or friend’s place? While they are having fun over there, you can concentrate on your move without being constantly worried about bothering them. 

6- Keep your pets safe:

Amidst the whirlwind that your move has brought to your family, your pet is going to be the most terrified one. Don’t forget to give your dog/cat some time and make them feel safe. It is very natural for them to be confused and frightened when all their free space is occupied with moving boxes and you are running up and down the house instead of petting them. Until you reach your new home, you can keep them in your relative’s or friend’s home where they can be less troubled. And if you have to keep your pet with you, make sure the doors are properly locked else they might run away. 


Did anyone say moving home during Christmas is all work and no fun? By remembering these smart ideas, you too can ensure a trouble-free move without dampening your festive mood. And don’t forget to have a Toowoomba removalist as your moving partner; only then will you have a trouble-free experience while accomplishing your Christmas plans successfully. Merry Christmas!

Author Bio

Domenic Young is an experienced removalist himself and also the owner of the professional furniture removalist company in Toowoomba, Domain Removalists. He has conducted several furniture removals and provided his clients with a first-class moving experience. 

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Five Reasons Why You Must Regularly Clean Your Air Filters



Air Filters

Dealing with machines is not as tough as it appears to be. It all starts with the provision of proper care and attention to these machines so that they keep functioning at their optimum. The best way to do that is to clean them regularly. It will keep your machines in the best working condition and you won’t have to spend on different troubleshooting and repair tasks.

The job of this piece is to convince you to put some effort into keeping your HVAC air filters clean. It is important to understand that the primary function of the air filters is to keep the outside environment as well as insides of the HVAC free from dust and dirt. This cleaning mechanism itself needs some maintenance to perform its function efficiently.

Let’s take a look at some of the exclusive tips to keep your top-quality air filters in the best shape so that you and your family keep enjoying the best air quality indoors.

  • Make it live longer

Who wants to save up for the dream vacation but every time some unexpected expense comes up? It is quite relatable as it happens all the time to most of us. The home appliances are tricky and you have to understand their needs so that they do not stop functioning before their actual life span. If air filters do not get the required amount of cleaning, the dust particles get trapped in internal components of the machine and cause unnecessary friction and blockage. It doesn’t only affect the output of the machine but its components also start to wear out a lot earlier than they are supposed to.

This repeated pattern eventually results in your HVAC losing the capability to function which can not be attained back through any repairs.

Take action before it is too late. Instead of buying the new one, keep your older HVAC healthy and save big to plan your dream vacation!

  • Reduce your financial burden

Financial management has become one of the toughest tasks in recent times. Almost every individual desires financial independence and the key to this rests with being vigilant, active and smart. To simplify things, the priority must be given to some precautionary measures. If you have the tendency of timely cleaning the air filters, it will help you in keeping your budget within the limits.

Let’s get some science involved. A simple air conditioner traps the outside air which goes through the coils inside it. The coils are there to trap the dust and dirt from the air and make it cool before sending it out. Here is a guide on how a basic air conditioner works.

If the mess from the coil is not cleared regularly, it builds up and the air cannot be purified and cooled down properly. The coil needs more energy against the trapped dirt to perform its function in an efficient way.

The results are obvious. More energy consumption and increased bills. Sounds scary, right? But there is more.

Clean and nice air filters are cost-effective in another way. They reduce the frequent repair costs which can be significantly heavy on pocket. Have a look at the US energy department’s stance on the need for a clean air filter to attain tremendous benefits.

  • Make your lungs happy

If we look at the bigger picture, increased environmental degradation and rising level of air pollution are becoming alarming for the health of every single person. This has made people incredibly concerned about keeping the atmosphere of homes clean and pure. Appliances like HVAC definitely play a crucial role in this. The air filters, as mentioned above, cleanse the air of the entire room. This can have a domino effect on the rest of the rooms and thus the entire home. Harvard health specifically suggests cleaning the air filters to get clean indoor air.

This is extremely important for households having kids and pets. Appliances with air filters are used in places like hospitals and schools on a regular basis. The air quality if not managed through air filters can trigger some of the diseases related to difficulty in breathing, allergies, and even serious infections. The little effort put in the cleaning of air filters can have a long-term impact on general wellbeing so it must be taken seriously.

  • Say hello to peace of mind

Life is fast-paced. It is important for mental as well as physical health that the stress is managed accordingly. One way to do this is to break down the big tasks when they are smaller in size. It becomes surprisingly convenient when you make a practical schedule for air filter cleaning so that you do not neglect it completely. Also, when the air quality of the house is improved overall, you will not even have to do the main cleaning frequently (including surface dusting, mopping, etc.).

Each time you clean the air filter, you will be able to get mental satisfaction in three ways:

  • Getting the chance of ticking one of the chores off from the to-do list
  • Knowing that you are providing clean and fresh air to your family members
  • Reducing the future burden which may come if you do not do the cleaning regularly or periodically

Isn’t it surprising how cleaning a normal air filter can give you a sense of achievement? You don’t even have to climb a mountain or win the marathon for that!

  • Easy way out

Monitoring and cleaning the air filters is undoubtedly an easy job. There are a lot of tips and tutorials available online, which can help you in keeping up the maintenance regime on your own. Just do some basic research and you are good to go.

It also means that there is no need for any professional help or external hiring. You can completely go DIY in maintaining your HVAC air filters.

If you have been ignoring cleaning your air filters for too long, you do not have to worry. You may hire the services of air filter cleaners or invest in a new HVAC air filter to make sure your family gets the best air quality to breathe in and out.

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The Business Essentiality of Inbound Call Centre Service




Every business aims to attain supreme customer satisfaction and this the reason investing in inbound calling service is vital. Any risk to customer satisfaction can bring an adverse impact on the business brand image, which is why it is important to outsource to a reliable partner. Now you must be skeptic about how to check a partner’s credibility? 

Well, it is not just enough to rely on WOM (word of mouth) consideration, but along with reading reviews, it is critical to research ton the potential partners’ background knowing whether they are adequate enough to meet business requirements. 

To excel amid high rising competition, putting customer satisfaction above all is vital. It is imperative to enhance offerings looking after the customer demands, as this strengthens their trust in the business and augments brand image. 

Outstanding inbound support service in today’s world is crucial, as it helps your business offerings reach customers conveniently.  Inbound service takes calls of your customers and answers their queries. Having inbound support, your business has access to skilled agents who answer and take customer calls efficiently to maintain their satisfaction. 

Here we pen down the business needs of inbound call support services. Check out:

IT assistance

Several customer queries are IT-related and only an experienced agent can answer it. This is where inbound support helps by giving IT assistance. Your in-house agents might not be proficient with IT issues and thus cannot bring supreme satisfaction to the customer.

Thus, outsourcing to skilled agents who can avoid customer attrition is essential. Customers prefer taking services from a provider who is available 24X7, is skilled to solve issues instantly, and can provide after-sales support as well. 

So, make sure that your in-house agents are capable to offer the same or outsource to a reliable inbound call centre provider

Customer service focus

Retaining customers and bringing user-friendly changes is significant because every business is for the customer and thus their feasibility is vital. Your job as a business owner is done when you retain customers and sell your services one after another.

Having inbound support, your business focuses on customer service more efficiently than the same handled by an in-house team. Amid several tasks performed in-house, there is a huge possibility of call abandonment, and the staff may lack time to focus on development functions hassling themselves in multiple jobs. 

This is why outsourcing to experts is essential, as they tackle queries with ease and work hard to attain supreme satisfaction for their partners.

Business-customer connectivity

Your business needs call centre inbound service because after digital transformation taking over, it is essential to keep connected with the audience 24X7. Inbound support helps to make agents available 24X7 to handle high call volumes all the time with the same ease.

This helps to keep connected always and answer customers with an adequate response whenever a query pops up. Eventually, inbound support helps to strengthen business brand image by answering customers efficiently. Moreover, outsourced agents integrate with your business service, and do not allow customers to know that they are talking to an externally hired partner. 

Increase revenue

When a business has a skilled agent on-board, it can smartly boost revenue generation. Not all in-house staff will have the knowledge of talking to customers in an approaching manner to influence them towards the business service.  

However, when you outsource your customer support to calling experts, they boost satisfaction levels and help in increasing revenue by altering services/products as per the customer’s interest. 

Skilled agents

Outsourced inbound call centre support gives your business skilled agents to take care of the customer needs. These agents are skillful as they have market experience and know the latest trends. They, therefore, have a better idea to woo customers and make strategies to attain high satisfaction. 

Experienced agents also know about customer behaviour, thus, they bring in user-centric changes to the business functions assuring enriched satisfaction levels. 

Versatile features

Outsourcing the business inbound call support, your organization gets features like IVR and toll-free numbers, which makes the services even more appealing. In-house service handling may not allow easy access to all features along with the agents being familiar with using the latest tools. 

IVR is an Integrated Voice Response system that gives the opportunity to use an electronic voice to communicate with customers. IVR provides a self-help tool, communicates, and routes the caller to the adequate agent bringing down call abandonment rates and boosting satisfaction. 

Toll-free numbers help customers get free call service, which makes it beneficial for the business to be available 24X7 and assists in strengthening satisfaction by free services. Many customers prefer calls over emails, which is why outsourcing inbound support to ensure skilled agent’s availability with the use of versatile features is essential.

Thanks for reading!

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Electric Power Quality Issues: Causes and Consequences



power quality issues

Most of us think of power in terms of whether it’s on or off. But what many of us may not have given much thought to s the quality of that power. We need more than the naked eye to determine whether the power flowing to equipment is of good or poor quality.

Electric power quality issues can be very costly — in many different ways — for commercial and industrial facilities. Here’s more about what causes these problems and what can happen if businesses fail to correct them before consequences occur.

Four Types of Power Quality Problems

Facilities may experience four general types of power quality problems:

  • Harmonics: High-frequency current and voltage can stress the electrical distribution network, cause nuisance tripping and transformer overload. The eventual result can be premature equipment failure. Possible causes include; saturation at the magnetic core of electric motors or transformers, compact fluorescent lamps, LED lighting and older Uninterruptible Power Supplies (UPS).
  • Power factor: This ratio measures real power over apparent power to gauge how well a facility is using its power. Ideally companies should aim for a power factor higher than 90 percent. Utility bills tend to rise when it falls below this threshold. Transformers and certain kinds of high-intensity lighting can cause power factor imbalances.
  • Flicker: Flicker is a series of voltage fluctuations of varying magnitude and frequency. It’s caused by an event like a welder hitting an arc or the beginning of an induction load requiring a lot of power. Voltage can sag repeatedly over the course of seconds or even milliseconds. 
  • Over/Undervoltage: Voltage supply can be high or low depending on a few factors. A customer at the end of a distribution line might experience chronic undervoltage, especially if someone else on the line kicks off a large inductive load. Overvoltage can occur when a large load switches off within the facility. Electric motors starting up in a factor is one common cause of voltage sags.

As you can see, not all power ends up operating at ideal — or even safe — levels. Commercial and industrial facilities require specific corrective measures to offset these problems, like installing devices capable of industrial-level harmonic filtering. 

Consequences of Power Quality Problems

Perhaps the costliest consequence of power quality problems is premature equipment failure. After investing so much money into machinery and electrical devices, the last thing organizations want to see is the untimely malfunction of the very systems they need to function. Equipment failure can occur suddenly — like a blown fuse — or slowly — like gradual overheating leading to a shorter lifespan. It’s safe to say ongoing power quality issues can cost commercial and industrial concerns billions of dollars per year.

Of course, malfunctioning machinery can even go so far as to halt production and make “business as usual” impossible until it’s fixed. Another consequence is higher-than-necessary operating costs, especially when inefficient power factors are in the mix.

How to Identify Power Quality Problems

Given the potentially destructive nature of power quality problems over time, it stands to reason facility managers are trying to mitigate this problem as early as possible. Power quality meters are one way to get readings on what disturbances are happening, how frequently and to what degree. This empowers managers and engineers to isolate problems and rectify them as soon as possible.

The causes of power quality problems are myriad and the consequences are costly, which is why it’s important for organizations to take this threat seriously and find ways to mitigate them before too much damage occurs.

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