Amritsar: Blast in Adliwal village; 3 dead while around a dozen injured

AMRITSAR: A deadly blast occurred over two hours ago during a religious ceremony of Nirankari sect in a village Gurudwara, in Adliwal, near Amritsar. As per some witnesses, two motorcycle suspects were seen firing bullets and throwing grenades on the followers of Nirankari sect.

Three people are dead while about 10 have been reported to be injured, so far.

SPS Parmar, Inspector general police, border range, informed that some incident of grenade throwing has reportedly happened. And that police force has rushed to the place, and they are yet to get the whole information.

There was already a high alert in Amritsar for a few days, after terrorist and Al-Qaeda commander Zakir Musa was spotted. He was seen with some terrorists from Hizbul Mujahideen also.

An intel report released earlier this month warned of an attack already. According to the report, Musa and Hizbul Mujahideen terrorists met with each other in Pulwama area of Jammu & Kashmir on October 26 and were planning a terror attack in the valley.

After this, in Amritsar, Punjab police’s counterintelligence wing on Thursday put a high alert after discovering the presence of at least half-a-dozen terrorists belonging to Pakistan-based group Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) in the state, and also that they could be moving towards the National Capital. Going by the reports, the terrorists entered India via international border in Ferozepur area.

Previously, a letter issued by the Counter Intelligence Inspector General said that at least six to seven terrorists are reportedly in Punjab (Ferozepur area) and planning to move towards Delhi from Punjab side.

This letter had also advised the authorities to step up the security levels, especially along the border. Despite all this, police failed to see this coming. Or it also means that this was a properly planned attack by the terrorists since security officials had just no clue.

Now, Delhi is also on a high alert since reports are coming that the terrorists might be heading towards the National Capital.

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