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BJP President Amit Shah accused of benefitting from fake Sohrabuddin encounter in 2005



BJP President Amit Shah accused of benefitting from fake Sohrabuddin encounter in 2005

MUMBAI: Former Chief Investigating Officer Amitabh Thakur has accused BJP National President Amit Shah and other four officials for gaining financial and political gains in the fake Sohrabuddin encounter in 2005. Thakur was the officer in the fake encounter case and he had led the team that interrogated Amit Shah while he was in judicial custody.

Thakur told the Special CBI court on Monday that Amit Shah allegedly got benefitted, as he was paid Rs.70 lakh in three installments by the Patel brothers. The brothers were threatened for their lives in an attempt to extort money by Sohrabuddin Sheikh and Tulsiram Prajapati. DG Vanzara was also benefitted, as he was paid Rs.60 lakh, for carrying out the fake encounter.

However, Amitabh Thakur was also asked by the court if there were any inquiries against him, for misconduct, bribery, threat, and fabrication of evidence, but he denied all such charges. He also denied being asked by the CBI Director of that time, Ashwini Kumar, to implicate all the accused in the case.

In the Special CBI court, on Monday, Sohrabuddin’s brother and complainant Rubabuddin Sheikh was also present who provided some facts about the 2005 encounter, before CBI Judge SJ Sharma presiding over the trial for the alleged fake encounter of his brother Sohrabuddin, Sohrabuddin’s wife Kausar Bi and his aide Tulsiram Prajapati.

In the statement given by Rubabuddin, he told that on November 16, 2005, Kausar Bi went to Indore from her matrimonial village home in Jhirniya, MP, along with her husband Sohrabuddin and his brother Nijamuddin. From there, they went to Hyderabad to visit their cousin Kalamuddin for Eid. Sohrabuddin’s close aide Tulsiram Prajapati was also with them.

After that, on November 22, 2005, Rubabuddin called his youngest brother Nijamuddin for enquiring about Sohrabuddin and his sister-in-law Kausar Bi. Nijamuddin told him they were in Sangli, but, the next day Rubabuddin called him and told him that all he could hear was the wind.

On the day of November 25, 2005, the phone was not reachable and then on November 26, Rubabuddin went to Naroda junction and his brother Shahnawazuddin called him and said: “I have heard in the news that Sohrabuddin was killed in a fake encounter, so go to Ahmedabad to take the body”.

Rubabuddin further told the court that CBI had wiped off the fact that Kausar Bi (Sohrabuddin’s wife) was pregnant at the time of her death and CID of Gujarat also denied this fact.

He also revealed that Tulsiram Prajapati had called him from Udaipur Jail and told him that the police killed his brother Sohrabuddin in front of him. Tulsiram was the eyewitness. When Rubabuddin asked Tulsiram that why he wasn’t killed along with his brother, Tulsiram had said that because he was a Hindu.

Meanwhile, the accusations made by Officer Amitabh Thakur were lacking crucial evidence needed for strengthening what he said in the court against Amit Shah and other officials involved in the fake encounter case.

But this huge accusation on the leader of the ruling party of the country is a strong blow to the government and also a bit worrisome for PM Narendra Modi.


Three Outside-the-Box Activities to Help Pass Time



Create art

If, 100 years ago, someone had built a time machine that could take them to the future, we imagine they’d have been astonished. Our modern world is so busy and full to the brim with things to do that they would never have been able to fathom how anyone could grow bored.

And yet, guilty as we feel for admitting it, we spend way too much time feeling this way. We scroll through Facebook, but we’ve seen it all before – the cute animals, our bosses’ beaming children, the loved-up post from someone you haven’t seen since high school… So, we turn to Instagram instead, but it’s the same story.

Sound depressingly familiar? Well here are three outside-the-box activities to try the next time you need occupying.

Create art

Create art

Create art

Source: Pixabay

The other day, we stumbled across something kind of sad on Facebook. It was a post about how making art has changed from a pastime for all into a skill that only a privileged few can enjoy, and it really hit a nerve.

That’s because it’s true. You might not have any particular artistic talent, but creating art can be fun nevertheless. Draw, paint, etch, sketch, sculpt – do whatever it takes to release that pent-up energy and get your creative juices flowing. Who cares if the end result looks like something your five-year-old self could have whipped up? Just have fun!

Dice with fickle fortune

When it comes to having fun, sometimes a little risk is a lot more enjoyable than the boring alternatives. That’s why having a flutter has also made its way onto this list. Although we suggest setting yourself a budget and sticking to it, having a go at the gaming tables is not much different to paying out for other forms of entertainment, like a trip to the cinema or bowling alley – except that it offers the tantalizing opportunity to actually get some of your money back! Compare the best casino bonus to ensure you find a good gamble as they’re full to the brim with the latest online casino offers and only feature carefully reviewed and properly regulated options.

Make your garden grow 



Source: Pixabay

We rarely take the time to think about it, but gardening is good for both mind and soul. Helping us to burn between 200 and 400 calories per hour, it not only improves physical fitness but is a great incentive to spend more time outdoors too. Known to reduce stress, lower blood pressure and cholesterol, and decrease depression, it’s a highly positive way to spend your free time, and it can be pretty advantageous for the environment as well.

Immediate gratification culture means many of us have forgotten how to occupy ourselves when scrolling through our smartphones stops being fun. This is something it’s time to address, and these ideas are just a small selection of the many activities waiting to be rediscovered. Isn’t it time you became a part of the boredom-busting revolution?

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Do these 10 things if you want to become a Leader



Chief Listening Officer

You surf the internet, read books from famous authors & great leaders themselves & you’ll find hundreds of definitions & quotes about leadership. If only if quotes & sayings could be followed as easily as they are read.

Whether you’re handling an organization, playing card games online, or working in an office, having leadership skills serves as major furtherance towards building a successful life. The following are 10 key things a leader should practice to push their team towards success.

Have Honesty & Integrity

The premier quality one requires to become a successful leader is integrity. Without the team leader being honest and having core values that he/she stands by, a team can never succeed. You cannot expect your team to be honest with you unless you have your beliefs & ethics.

Be Visionary

Having a clear vision of your goals & how to achieve them is one of the crucial characteristics of a leader. If you intend to lead a group of people, you need to have a definitive vision of the future. Setting goals & achieving them becomes possible only if you have a plan for it and the sources to execute it.

Be Resilient

Resilience is a virtue possessed by the strong. Only those people can succeed in life who know how to get up after being hit by adversity. Failing is part of prevailing. Being a good leader means to keep the morale of the team high even at tough times. The impact measures the depth of an organization when it faces a setback.

Be Influential

Persuading people to follow you is probably the most challenging job for a leader. Set examples from the team. Your team should look at you as an exemplary figure. Positivity is reflected in your actions. A leader might not always be the most talented person in the group, but he/she certainly is the most influential.

Be Passion Driven

A leader always leads from the front. If you want your team to achieve the pinnacle of success, you must reflect your passion. A passionate person mostly carries a positive vibe & serves as a great source of motivation to the entire team. Channelize your passion into your team & get the best out of them.

Take Accountability

Take the blame or credit whatever’s due while the outcome of a decision is around. As a leader, there are going to be instances where you have to make crucial decisions for the team, & there are times when those decisions are not going to give out favorable outcomes. A true leader stands strong in such moments and takes accountability for their actions & the actions of their team.

Creativity & Innovation

Steve Jobs once said, “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower.” Creativity, along with the ability to innovate, is essential. A leader should always chip in & support new, innovative ideas. Rigidness in the working ways can lead to a disastrous epilogue of a team.

Empathy & Understanding

There lies a difference in being the leader of a team & being a boss to them. Developing empathy with your team members is critical. Know the problems of your teammates, build a connection with them. Hang-out with your team sometimes, know what’s on with their lives, or casually play a game of Texas Holdem Poker with them. Be more of a friend to them than a boss. A subordinate who feels a connection with the team will be more productive.


Humility is a characteristic possessed by just a handful number of people. A humble person always thinks of others before themselves. Humility is a fundamental trait every great leader has. All successful leaders might not possess this trait, but all great leaders do.

Dividing Authorisation

The reason one forms a team is because they cannot do the task all on their own. Believe in your team, give them authority. Divide them into smaller groups & assign roles to certain subordinates to look over. This allows you to focus on more significant & more important tasks while also giving a sense of responsibility & trust to the team.

For any organization, office, sports team, etc. to succeed, the role of a leader is instrumental. As the famous American author John Maxwell once said, “The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them as leaders, and continually develops them.”

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The Pros and Cons of Anonymous News



Anonymous news

Anonymous news isn’t a new upcoming in the broadcast industry. It has been there for ages, and it has provided many things for readers as well as news corporations, good and bad. A piece of information from an anonymous source can wreak havoc in an entire country, especially if it is about a well-known or a well-established personality. So are they actually good for the readers and the news outlets or just a threat to them? 

Cons of Anonymous News


When a piece of anonymous news gets out by a newspaper or a famous site on the internet, people from all over the world view it and think about it in different ways. They question the source to be right, and they get confused about the cause. If a channel of the news source is a popular one like the New York Times or the Doe internet site, it will be entirely believable as these sites are well known for it. But for the outlets that are new to the game or not trusted by some of the public, it will be hard for them to decide if it is true or not. 

Responsibility of the Reporter

There is quite a burden on the reporter of anonymous news when they decide to release it. If the resource of the story turns out to be untrue, the whole of a firm is subjected to face strong actions of the courts or the party targeted.

Pros of Anonymous News

Spot-on Matters Can Be Voiced

While there are many fragilities in presenting anonymous news, there are advantages to it for the betterment of society. It is the right of people to have information around them, especially if it concerns a superior party’s wrongdoing who is needed to support a country and not damage it.

News Industry Can’t Work Without Anonymous Sources

Almost all firms profit from anonymous news to publish on their platforms. They are often the juiciest and attention-grabbing parts of the report, them being mysterious. However, only trustable and resourceful anonymous news gets credited properly. 

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The Untold Story of Dinah Lilia Mansour Mourise – A Royal Descendant Making Niagara Safe and Secure



The Untold Story of Dinah Lilia Mansour Mourise – A Royal Descendant Making Niagara Safe and Secure

One of the world’s largest waterfalls, the Niagara, is divided into two parts; one lies in New York, and the other part lies in Ontario, Canada. There are significant differences between these two cities. Niagara Falls, New York state, is a dangerous city and does not offer much to the tourists. On the other hand, Niagara Falls in Ontario is one of the world’s hottest tourist spots. It is a frequently chosen honeymoon destination that does not fail to capture the hearts and souls of the visitors. 

To make the experience of tourists better, Dinah Lilia is working to improve the security around the city. She founded OEIS Investigations, Security, and Protection to enhance the security arrangements in the city for celebrities and other wealthy personalities. It even provides training to security guards and other security personnel to make this city a better place for not just the tourists but also the locals. 

A Royalty Who Gave Up Life of Affluence to Pursue a Career in Private Security 

Dinah Lilia Mansour Mourise is a descendent of Nazli Sabry, Queen of Egypt, and is a Catholic. Instead of spending a life of affluence, she stepped into the private security business. Queen Nazli Sabri, Dinah’s great grandmother, was the daughter of Cairo’s Minister of Agriculture and Governor. In the year 1919, she got married to King Fuad I, and had five children, including one son and four daughters. After her son was declared king after the death of King Fuad, she left Egypt and went to the United States of America. She also changed her name and converted to Catholicism. 

Dinah Mansour Mourise was born in 1978 in Montreal, Canada. Dinah’s father was an international trader due to which she has lived in different parts of the world. She has spent years of her life in Dubai, Egypt, England, Israel, and Lebanon. She was an undergraduate surgeon in General surgery from Cairo University in Egypt until the revolution of 2011; she worked at the military hospital in Port Said, Egypt, under the assistance of Dr. Abdel Hakim Abdel Hamid and Professor Mohamed Refai. Dinah’s husband is the son of the President of the Supreme Constitutional Court of Egypt, who also served as an acting President of the country in 2013. 

After leaving Egypt, she went to complete her master’s degree in political and forensic sciences from Hertfordshire University in England. She came to Toronto, and from there landed in Niagara Falls in 2014 and since then has dedicated all her efforts to build a strong community in Niagara Falls, Ontario. 

Currently, she has her focus on security in the city through her firm, OEIS. Dinah Lilia Mansour Maurice was the first female nominee for the Niagara Falls mayor. She came to Niagara Falls in the year 2014, and since then, has been working to improve the security situation of the city. During her campaign for the mayor, she emphasized that the Niagara Falls was losing its charm. 

OEIS Investigations, Security and Protection – Safer Niagara Falls, ON

Dinah wishes to establish a city where the children can grow and have a bright future. The 42-year-old Dinah wants to turn Niagara Falls into a city that offers its residents the best academic and professional opportunities, that eliminates the desire in them to abandon their city.

It was due to the passion, dedication, and love for the city that led to the establishment of OEIS. The security firm was founded in the year 2001. Since then, it has been taking care of the security of the city: corporate level crimes, fraud investigation, internal theft, inventory valuation, and uniformed security guards. The company’s prime focus is to offer private security to celebrities and rich, influential people. Also, OEIS provides training services to people in Niagara and parts of the world to take up jobs in the security sector. 

Dinah stated, “crime and criminal activities are increasingly assuming a new height, a responsibility too big for government alone to shoulder. If individuals are not willing to let go of their comfort zone in support of the government to eradicate crime and control criminal activities, it is only a matter of time before crime consumes everyone. A crime-free society is our collective responsibility.” To provide an opportunity for the residents of Niagara Falls to play a role in improving the security situation of the city, the organization offers training for security guard training. Moreover, it provides courses for people to step into the private investigation field and offer first-aid, hand-cuffs, and baton training. For Dinah Lilia Mansour Maurice, the security of this city and this country is one of the most dominant factors that had led the city towards its downfall. She is making all her efforts to make Niagara Falls a safe place for locals as well as tourists. 

Lilia Foundation – Working to Eliminate Child Trafficking 

Dr. Dinah is also playing a role in addressing child trafficking through her non-profit organization, the Lilia Foundation. Through her platform, Dinah has helped more than 9352 children escape human trafficking. Not only did the foundation save these children from the human trafficking cycle, but it ensured that these children received proper medical care. 

Dinah Lilia Mansour Mourise encouraged world leaders to collaborate to address the human trafficking issue, which is one of the biggest global concerns. For the past two decades, she has been serving as the primary force that brings community leaders together to make this world a better place. 

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7 Unusual Get-Well Soon Gift Ideas for Sick Kids



Get-Well Soon Gift Ideas for Sick Kids

Illness is just as same as a part of life as happiness is. The only problem is that people lose patience during the former one, especially kids. Kids are full of energy, when they get sick, they lack energy. It is difficult for them to lay back or remain on the bed. SO, to keep them, enthusiast, at the time, here are some unusual get-well-soon ideas.

1) Tape Activity Book

This is one gift that can keep your energy gifted kid engaged. It can be any kind of illness, the exciting contents of the book. This book comes with varieties of shapes, colors and designed tapes. With the help of these, the kid can make varieties of illustrations that will not only kill his/her boredom but also will provide him/her knowledge. This is an amazing get well soon gift idea for sick kids.

2) Weighted Plush Toy

A plush toy is something that everybody likes, irrespective of your age. A plush toy always reflects the amount of energy. Now when a kid is sick, it is not possible for him/her to get up and bring the soft toy to him/her again and again. SO, what you can do is you can place a weighted plush toy. This is amazing to bring your frustration out of yourself. Also, the studies have shown that such activity enhances the stimulation of central nervous system activities. It boosts both the sensory and visual benefits as well.

3) Coloring Pillow

When a kid is sick, she/he is very much impatient as her/ his energy release is temporarily stopped. Then your best effort you can put into is to channelize their energy. This coloring pillow is an amazing one. You can definitely get various types of these pillows, where there are permanent drawings and some coloring pencils. And these colors are completely washable, so the sick kid can repeat as many times as it is possible. As long as the pens have colors or as long as the kids become fit again, whichever is sooner? This will keep the kid engaged in creativity.

4) Kids Activity Gift Basket

A basket full of activity gifts will keep an unwell child engaged in the days of his/her medication and therapy. The advantage of this gift basket is that it has varieties of gifts. So the child will not become bored easily, as it is difficult to match up to their activity level. And there are varieties of gift baskets according to the age of the kid. The best qualities are found in online sites. You can send get well gifts USA if you are not able to physically visit the kid.

5) Candy Bouquet

Who does not like candies! Be it 8 to 80, it is the favorite guilty pleasure that anyone can have. Candy bouquets for kids are available in various colors, tastes, shapes, and varieties. First, the arrangements will make the thing interesting to them. Secondly, it will be best if you make the whole arrangement with his/her favorite candies. He/she will be the most elated to receive such a happy gift along with the message of getting well soon.

6) Cookies

Cookies are one of those delicacies that reduce your boredom along with giving you substances to your body. It is tasty, healthy and also making everyone in the room happy. It has varieties of flavors. You can get a mixed basket of cookies as well if the customization option is available online. As the time of illness is boring and tiring, it energizes both the body and your spirit, when the taste buds get the taste of these amazing delicacies. This no doubt will be an amazing get well soon gift.

7) Flower Bouquet

Flower heals everything in the best way possible. It is the only thing that can express every emotion, feeling, a message in the perfect way possible. When someone is sick, the most important thing they need then is the blessing and good thoughts from the well-wishers. And when it kids, only the floral bouquet will not work at all. You need to send some activity gift along with this floral bouquet to keep his/her enthusiasm and life energy up. As online sites have separate and specific categories of floral bouquets, it is better to order flower online.

Sickness is not in our hands. But when we are sick, our positive energy goes down. These get well soon gifts will bring the energy up in us in this crucial time.

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Four Ways a PR Agency Gets Ready for a Media Launch



When a celebrity is making an appearance, you know a lot of things need to be done before the actual event. The event could either be revealing the celebrity to be the next big endorser of the brand or simply promoting a new product line. Either way, a bunch of media and bloggers will be invited to the event. Here are a few ways the PR agency gets ready for the number of attendees who are expected to grace the big event:

Setting up the Reception Table

They are expected to hire napkins for the reception table. After all, the person in charge of the reception will encounter many people signing up for the attendance sheet. When the event is over, corporate giveaways will also be given to the attendees. It will not take long to do this as long as you know what needs to be put there. The materials that are going to be put at the reception should have been prepared the night before. The PR agency will most likely assign two to three people there. Aside from the giveaways, and the attendance sheet, there should be some welcome drinks there for the guests to feel welcome. That will certainly set the mood for the rest of the events.

Dressing Up Nicely:

Depending on the occasion, the PR agency dresses appropriately for the event. You can expect them to want to look great for the guests. Of course, it should not be good enough for guests to want to flirt with them since that would be unprofessional. You can never tell whether some guests would want to do business with them in the future. You can already tell what you can expect from the event. If they are dressed formally, you can expect something grand to happen. You can’t blame them if they spend hours just getting ready in front of the mirror. They would want to look their very best to leave a lasting impression on the guests.

Finalizing with the Suppliers

There will be suppliers for the event including the caterers, the sound system, and the venue itself. Everything needs to be finalized for the event to go smoothly. As a result, they would need to call all the suppliers the night before the event to make sure they still remember what they are supposed to do. They would need to arrive at the event long before it starts so that you would not need to worry about a thing. It would certainly be a hassle when they get late, and you would need to make last-minute arrangements. This would include the professionals you hired for the event like the photographer and various technicians.

Thinking of the Schedule of Activities

In every event, there will always be a schedule for the activities that will happen. For example, the first thing that may happen will be a talk from the CEO of the company. After that, the PR agency must think of all the things that would need to happen regarding the agenda of the client. By the end of the event, the mission should have been accomplished. There will always be someone who will tell the guests that it is time to eat. You can expect everyone to hesitate about getting food since they are shying about doing so. They would always wait for someone to give the go signal. Before the event ends, closing remarks would usually come from someone who has a high position with the company. It is certainly not easy to get ready for an event and a PR agency would usually take weeks or even months to prepare for it. There is a reason they take their time in doing so because they would want the event to be successful. They know that if something goes wrong then, it would fall on their hands. Setting up an event is not easy because it involves communicating with so many people so, you have to give it to them for their efforts. It would be a shame not to appreciate all their efforts in making the event as successful as it can be.

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When Art Imitates Life – Jim West



What is imitation? In hindsight, it is often a central concept found in Poetics. It is about creating a relationship between human creativity and the world. In the English Language, it is merely an art of copying or mirroring an observation. For Jim West, the American sculptor, imitation goes far and beyond the traditional understanding. He believes that art is one of the purest forms of imitation where the artist creates his world, driven from real-thoughts and experiences.

In 1884, Robert Louis Stevenson, the famous Scottish novelist wrote in his essay ‘The Humble Remonstrance’:

“Life is monstrous, infinite, illogical, abrupt, and poignant; a work of art in comparison is neat, finite, self-contained, rational, flowing, and emasculate. Life imposes by brute energy, like inarticulate thunder; art catches the ear, among the far louder noises of experience, like an air artificially made by a discreet musician.”

As a full-time sculptor, involved in educating inner city, at-risk and incarcerated youths and an advisor for historic preservation, Jim has contributed significantly towards the preservation of key arts and monuments all over the world. For him, it’s more than just a professional obligation towards the craft. The work he puts forwards clearly portrays the hidden and complex realities of the society.

Jim was classically trained as a sculptor by studying and apprenticing under master artists and craftsmen in New York and on the West Coast. While most artists find their inspiration in their surroundings, such as life itself or Mother Nature, American sculptor Jim West found his inspiration in abstract things. His work is designed in a way that it engages the viewer on an emotional, intuitive and intellectual level. For him, art enables us to feel, challenges us to think, and encourages us to react.

To understand the purpose behind Jim’s art and how it imitates life one must pay close attention to Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, E=mc2. The theory sheds light on what people perceive as the work of gravity is basically the curvature of time and space. Based on West’s interpretation of relativity, he created a larger-than-life, multi-faceted sculpture of Albert Einstein, split at the waist being both pulled and pushed from floor to the ceiling.
We live in a community where people will view the same sculpture more than once, hoping to see a different symbolism at every instance. One such work of Jim West was the sculpture famously known as the “Point of View.” The sculpture is a depiction of the monumental meeting between Seneca leader Guyasuta and George Washington that took place in 1770. Two men, once allies then fought against each other only to meet again along the Ohio River.
Point of View is one of the highly acclaimed pieces of artwork that clearly shows West’s intention to bring people outside their comfort zone and explore. However, like all other pieces of artwork, this too carries the perception of its artist. Jim himself commented on this sculpture and said.

“I wanted them to be face to face and closer than normal to depict a conversation that shows the intensity and a bit of uncomfortableness.”
Jim, like most artists in their artistic prime, has at least once depicted the relationship dynamics between a man and a woman using art. “Of One” is a one of a kind sculptures made by Jim West showing the balance of power and responsibilities between a man and woman. If you look at the sculpture from one view, you’ll see a man supporting a woman; from the other view, the roles get reversed.
His distinct fusion of art and technology redefines figurative art and the element of storytelling through intense abstract work that ignites unique emotional and personal responses.

One of the most monumental pieces of artwork by Jim West is entitled “The Bond,” which is a depiction of a monumental event in American history. This piece is installed at the entrance of the Pennsylvania Masonic Museum and Library, which is across from Philadelphia City Hall. ‘The Bond” was commissioned in 2013 by the Grand Lodge of Pennsylvania. “Everything I do is about the story or the narrative,” Jim said.

The sculpture has a rich story that takes its viewers to the time when Ben Franklin traveled to France to negotiate the French involvement in the War of Independence. When the French troops were sent, Gilbert du Motier, Marquis de Lafayette, the troop leader, gave George Washington, the Commander in Chief an apron, depicting the bond between two nations. The sculpture shows Benjamin Franklin receiving the same apron from George Washington. West explains how a single piece of cloth bonded three men and two countries.
Jim has been creating and installing artwork since 2006. Regardless of the subject, the richly textured sculptures of Jim West unravel the layers of intention that resonate, evoke, and stimulate thoughtful introspection among audiences, often discovering they too have lived through the same story.

To ensure the authenticity of every journey and deliver the same intensity as intended, Jim designs and imagines every aspect of the story behind the sculpture. He facilitates the production of every piece from a captivating start to a successful finish.

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2019: The Year in Review for Socati Corporation




Texas’ own hemp and CBD provider, the Socati Corporation, is bringing its premiere brand of flavorless water-soluble CBD and other cannabinoid products to the marketplace this year. Nationwide operations are running at a greater pace than ever before, and the company has expanded into two new facilities to provide a staging ground for its rapid expansion. Socati had a great year in 2019 and is poised to make it even better next year.

Blue Marble Biomaterials Joins the Socati Family

In 2019, Socati celebrated the purchase of Blue Marble Biomaterials and its 22,000 square-foot facility in Montana. Located in Missoula, this food-grade GFSI-certified production site has been used to make sustainable and natural specialty compounds for global consumable markets. This extra space has already allowed Socati to scale up production and become one of the leading suppliers of cannabinoid ingredients. Socati maintains a proprietary process to remove THC from shemp products, reducing that particular cannabinoid to non-detectable levels, while leaving the remaining plant structures intact. The Blue Marble team joined Socati when the acquisition occurred, and the Missoula facility now maintains a staff of 47 experienced employees.

Maintaining Quality While Expanding

There are four things that Socati demands of every product it releases: safety, consistency, precision, and quality. That is why, when the team was investigating the possibility of launching a CBG-rich product, they made sure to refine their distilling process and deliver a truly memorable service. Socati can now raise or lower the content of CBD, CBG, and associated cannabinoids to the precise specifications of customers. The company has also developed sophisticated encapsulation techniques and technologies to add water-soluble cannabinoids to consumer products that have already been finished. This new technology allowed the company to create a crystallized mix that can be added to water to create a CBD beverage. All of these new products and the company’s mainstay broad spectrum oil products are made to exact specifications and delivered promptly to customers who have come to expect the best.

The Socati Corporation and the Future of Hemp

2020 is going to be an amazing year for hemp and cannabinoid products. New marketplaces are blossoming around the world and the nation. Onerous legislation is being lifted, as states rush to let new hemp products in, and Socati is going to be a big part of these growing markets. Socati is confident that it has overcome the variety of small issues that made the incorporation of cannabinoid and broad-spectrum hemp products into mass-market food products such a challenge, and its products can be added to food without significantly altering taste or the texture. To quote Socati CEO Josh Epstein, “Socati meets the standards necessary for satisfying the increasing customer demands for CBD products. Our new ingredients leverage modern technologies in the beverage and food industry.”

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Tips to Find the Best Mobile Horror Games in 2020



Mobile Horror Games

Playing horror games is a great way to keep yourself entertained, especially if you love some adrenaline rush. Finding a horror game that’s best for you can be difficult regardless of your experience in gaming.

For so long, I searched for the right horror game to keep me at the edge of my seat. Recently, my friend referred me to a list of the top horror games on Appgrooves. I’ll share the link so you can check the list out:

Top 10 Horror Adventure Games

Here are tips to help you find a horror game that will give you that thrill.

Search for the Best Games on Different Platforms

Your favorite game might not work best on your smartphone because some horror games are only supported by specific platforms such as the PS4 or a personal computer. If you don’t have these gaming platforms, you can still enjoy your game by downloading a PC, Nintendo or PS4 emulator that allows you to play Nintendo and PlayStation games.

Using a gaming platform simulator on your mobile phone will give you access to older games on the platform, and is an excellent option if you’re looking to explore gaming on PlayStation, Xbox, PC, and other gaming platforms. You’ll be able to see the types of games offered by different consoles before spending so much money on buying one.

Play Popular Horror Games to Know the Games You Prefer

How do you get to know the game that keeps you at the edge of your seat? You have to play several games to find out. The more popular titles you play, the more likely you are to find the right horror adventure you enjoy. For example, you can play Cry of Fear (set in an ancient Scandinavian town) if you have a thing for psychological thrillers. If you prefer an RPG game style, you can try Stay Close, a popular game by an independent developer.

Regardless of your flair, there’s a game out there for you. You can easily lay your hands on the game you like by spending time playing games by the most popular developers. It’s a quicker way of finding the best games compared to just trying out random titles.

Try Titles You Can Play With Friends and Family

You don’t want to ruin a family game night with an inappropriate game for kids. You can have an unforgettable game night experience with your family by using apps that allow you to play a horror adventure. Some apps allow you to create the story, develop the scene, and dictate the mood – just a typical Hollywood horror movie.

Several apps allow you to enjoy fun-filled and scary moments with your entire family. Games like Scooby-Doo offers something for adults and kids alike. Another game that provides a complete entertainment to the family is Nancy Drew. There are tons of other games by indie developers specifically designed for the family.

If you’re looking for the best horror adventure games to enjoy with your friends, there are different apps built just for that. Whether you’re looking for a sci-fi Halloween game or a classic, there are plenty of games you can choose from.

Now you can launch into a whole new world of horror gaming. Remember to employ these tips when searching for a good horror game, and you’ll find that terrific game sooner than you expect.

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How to choose Whiskey?



Whiskey is a strong alcoholic drink that is obtained from barley, corn, rye and wheat. To make this truly unique product, malting, distillation and aging in oak barrels are involved.

The average aging of whiskey distillery should not be less than three years, while the alcohol content in the drink is at the level of 40-50% (but there are some varieties with a strength of 60%). At the middle stage of production, it is possible to obtain a light shade drink, while it acquires a characteristic brown tone during infusion in oak barrels.


Scotland and Ireland are considered the birthplace of whiskey, while the production of the drink is actively developing in the USA, Canada and even Asian countries.

Whiskey can be divided into several groups, depending on the country of manufacture:

  • Irish is made from rye, barley and barley malt. This category of drinks has a mild, perfectly balanced taste, as well as a multi-faceted persistent aroma. Bright representatives of the Irish category – “Bushmills”, “Jameson”, “Finnegan”;
  • Scottish scotch tape distillery produced from barley malt and barley. Most scotch has a peaty aroma, as well as an unobtrusive smoky flavor. Bright representatives of Scotch whiskey – “Macallan”, “Chivas Regal”, “Hankey Bannister”;
  • American whiskey is produced from rye, corn and wheat. The composition of the drink is approximately 51% of corn alcohol. This product is often characterized by a sweetish flavor, while the most popular representative in this category is considered to be “Jim Beam”. The legendary “Jack Daniel’s” also refers to the American direction, since it is 80% composed of corn-spirit, but it is called as “Tennessee Whiskey”;
  • Canadian is an interesting drink made from rye. Such a product is labeled “rye” on the label;
  • Japanese is an original gourmet solution that resembles classic scotch tape in taste, color, and texture. A prominent representative of this category is Nikka, which is sold both on the Asian market.

The main varieties of whiskey

Based on what product is taken as the basis for the manufacture of the drink, it can be divided into four categories:

  • Grain, when cereals are used as a base;
  • Malt, when the drink is made from pure barley;
  • Blended, that is, a mixture of grain and malt;
  • Bourbon is an American whiskey that is made from corn grains, but it has some differences in production technology.

Malt whiskey is considered the “Gold Standard”, and it, in turn, is divided into several groups:

1.    “Single Malt” – a classic and one of the most common options, which is made from malted barley. Most often, the drink is based on a blend of alcohols of different aging periods, mixed from different barrels;

2.    “Single Cask Malt” – is made on the basis of alcohol from one oak barrel. It has a persistent taste and aroma, but at the same time it is less widely sold than the previous species;

3.    “Pure Malt” – the purest mix of single malt whiskey, which is combined into a single blend. A striking representative of this category is the iconic Ballantine’s.

The whiskey of the Blended variety, that is, a mixture of malt and grain varieties, stands out clearly. This is one of the most popular species, which occupies a large part of the market worldwide. Elite varieties of blended whiskey incorporate a large percentage of malt alcohol.

It is important! If the whiskey is blended, this does not mean that it is of poor quality. For example, top brands of whiskey, known throughout the world (Chivas Regal, Johnny Walker, White Horse) are also blended.

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Exposure plays a role

The age of whiskey is determined by the maturity of the youngest alcohol in the blend. For example, if the label “Chivas Regal” indicates 18 years, then the youngest alcohol in the blend was in the barrel for at least eighteen years. The time after a drink has been bottled is not taken into account.

Important facts about exposure:

  • whiskey is aged in oak barrels from 3 years;
  • the exception is bourbon, which has a minimum aging time of 2 years.
  • most manufacturers insist on drinks for 5-12 years to get a perfect drink according to their taste and aroma characteristics;
  • with young varieties it is necessary to be careful because a short aging time can negatively affect the quality of the product;
  • A drink aged 20 years or more is considered a collection item.

Taste, aroma, strength

The classic aroma is the so-called Scottish when in the bouquet notes of charcoal are felt. Irish whiskey also has pronounced peat notes in the taste. The taste may vary, while at the beginning of the bouquet notes of wood, fruit and vanilla may be felt. Depending on the length of stay in barrels, the strength of different grades can be from 40 to 60 revolutions.

Irish technology for assessing taste, strength and aroma:

  • We evaluate the visual characteristics: color, overflow, transparency;
  • We study the aroma of a pure drink without diluting it with juice or cola;
  • Savor: take a sip and hold it in your mouth for several seconds, gradually swallowing the liquid;
  • Add ice or some water, try again.

Note! To assess the qualities of a drink, it is best to drink it in its pure form, use whiskey stones as a cooling element. And to determine your perfect whiskey, experts recommend trying several varieties at once. No wonder the Scottish wisdom says: there are no people who do not like whiskey; there are people who just have not decided on the grade to their liking.

If you want to dilute a strong drink, this can be done either with ice or with cold spring water. Why water? Because in whiskey, there are many different impurities with different densities, as well as the ability to dissolve in water in a special way.

As for the glasses, there is a Hollywood style of using this drink from a glass container with a thick bottom. Experts believe that it is in the curved “tulips” that the complex aroma is correctly concentrated.

Whiskey is perfect with hot dishes of beef, lamb, as well as smoked fish, warm salads, chocolate, berries.

Is it worth starting from the cost?

The high price does not guarantee that you will definitely like this expensive drink. The best option for a classic tasting is mid-range drinks: “Jameson”, “Jack Daniels”, “Ballantine’s”, not much more expensive than “Chivas Regal”.

If the task is to choose whiskey for a gift to the gourmet of this drink, you can give preference to collection options aged 20 years or more.

In all stores, the cost of whiskey is approximately the same, differing hardly by 15-20%. If you are offered an incredibly cheap option, the price of which is one third less than in retail outlets, then this is probably a fake. We wish you a pleasant tasting of the cult strong alcoholic drink!


But no matter how classic dem, it will not please you if the glass is half full of unsuitable whiskey. Let’s break up how to choose the right one, your whiskey.

Scotch, bourbon, rye whiskey, malt, blend. The world of whiskey is limitless, full of many classifications, styles and origins. All these features can be difficult to understand, especially for those who are just starting their acquaintance with this drink. Below you will find a lot of useful information necessary for choosing your first whiskey so that your first date with the “water of life” goes like clockwork and leaves behind a pleasant aftertaste.

There is no bad whiskey. Some whiskeys are just better than others.

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