Over 98% of Mass Shootings Happen in “Gun-Free Zones”

A research by the Crime Prevention Research Center (CPRC) reveals that 97.8 percent of mass captures take place in “gun-free areas.”

The research covers a 68- year duration in between 1950 via May 2018 Or else, it would certainly additionally consist of the November 7, 2018, mass capturing at Borderline Bar & & Grill, in which 12 were eliminated.

Breitbart.com records: November 19, 2018, strike at Chicago Grace Medical facility, where 3 were eliminated, would certainly not be detailed since it does not satisfy FBI standards for a mass capturing, however it should, however, be kept in mind that Borderline Bar and also Grace Medical Facility were both state-mandated gun-free areas.

According to CPRC, 97.8 percent of mass public captures from 1950 to Might 2018 happened in gun-free areas.

These consist of the Virginia Technology College strike, which eliminated 32 (April 16, 2007); the Ft Hood strike, which eliminated 13 (November 5, 2009); the Aurora theater strike, which eliminated 12 (July 20, 2012); the Sandy Hook Primary school strike, which eliminated 26 (December 12, 2014); the D.C. Navy Lawn strike, which eliminated 13 (September 16, 2013); the Chattanooga army base strike, which eliminated 5 (July 16, 2015); the Umpqua Area University strike, which eliminated 9 (October 1, 2015); the San Bernardino strike, which eliminated 14 (December 2, 2015); the Orlando Pulse strike, which eliminated 49 (June 12, 2016); the Park senior high school strike, which eliminated 17 (February 14, 2018); and also the Santa Fe Secondary school strike, which eliminated 10 (Might 18, 2018).

For the objectives of highlighting mistakes in a record by Michael Bloomberg-funded Everytown for Weapon Safety and security, CPRC additionally reveals numbers for a compressed amount of time, from January 1998 to December 2015, showing that also because much shorter duration, 96.2 percent of all mass public capturing happened in gun-free areas.

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