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Jerry Brown Pardons Democrat Senator Jailed For Voter Fraud



Gov. Jerry Brown pardons Democrat State Senator who was jailed for voter fraud

The Golden State Guv Jerry Brown has actually absolved a previous Autonomous legislator that had actually been imprisoned for citizen scams.

In a multitude Thanksgiving vacation excuses, Gov. Brown absolved 38 offenders and also travelled the sentences of 70 individuals still offering prison time on Wednesday.

Previous state legislator Roderick Wright was founded guilty of felony costs of citizen scams and also perjury in 2018 when a court established he lived outside the area he incorrectly declared to stand for. records: Some legislators at the time safeguarded Wright, claiming state regulation was uncertain. The Legislature has actually given that altered the regulation to make Wright’s circumstance lawful, and also the state Supreme Court removed the method for the excuse today.

Wright was punished to 90 days behind bars after that launched nearly quickly.

Brown’s excuses of evacuees, every one of whom showed up in the USA as minors, are his most recent initiative to aid immigrants whose criminal activities might make them qualified to be deported. He stated they have actually all finished their sentences and also end up being upstanding people deserving of clemency.

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The excuses do not immediately quit the expulsion process, however, they remove the state sentences on which government authorities could base expulsion choices. That offers the males’ legal representatives solid lawful disagreements prior to migration courts to attempt to stop their elimination from the nation.

Brownish absolved Tung Tanh Nguyen, that was founded guilty of murder and also break-in in 1994 in Orange Region. The excuse states Nguyen risked his life to conserve private citizens throughout a jail trouble, and also given that his launch “has actually ended up being a steadfast supporter for adolescent justice reform.”

Truong “Jay” Quang Ly, that was founded guilty of volunteer murder in 1997 when a traveler in an automobile Ly was driving shot and also eliminated one more chauffeur, currently has 7 dining establishments in Southern The golden state. Hai Trong Nguyen, that was founded guilty of break-in with a gun in Los Angeles Region in 1999, volunteers with anti-recidivism and also detainee re-entry companies.

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Brown states all 3 have actually acted well given that completing their sentences.

Previously this year, Brown attracted a mad feedback from Head of state Donald Trump when he absolved 5 ex-convicts dealing with expulsion, consisting of 2 that took off the Khmer Rouge program in Cambodia with their family members 4 years earlier.

Brown additionally absolved a male that simply shed his residence when The golden state’s most dangerous wildfire brushed up via the community of Heaven. Jason James Burnett was founded guilty of medication costs in1994 Brown’s representative, Evan Westrup, stated the timing of the excuse was unintentional, “however he was definitely delighted to listen to some excellent information offered what he’s undergone in current days.”

The guv is a previous Jesuit seminarian and also commonly concerns excuses around Thanksgiving and also significant Christian vacations.

The golden state’s longest-serving guv has actually currently released 1,593 excuses, consisting of 404 throughout his initial 2 terms as guv from 1975 to 1983.

Brown’s dad, Edmund G. “Rub” Brown released 467 excuses and also 55 commutations, however there have actually been lengthy stretches of extremely couple of in The golden state.

From 1991 via 2010, previous Govs. Pete Wilson and also Gray Davis released no excuses while Arnold Schwarzenegger distributed simply 15.

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Curley: Joe Biden, the pettiest president



Curley: Joe Biden, the pettiest president

President Biden, the man who was supposed to be the cure all for the country’s division and hatred, has taken pettiness to new heights over the last eight months.

Considering his predecessor’s penchant for late-night spite tweeting — that is saying something.

Despite titles like “empathizer-in-chief” that Joe earned from the mainstream media, the president’s disdain for the 74 million people who didn’t vote for him has become more obvious over the last few months.

And to think that in his inaugural address he said, ”The work ahead of us will be hard, but I promise you this: I will be a president for all Americans — whether you voted for me or not. I will keep the faith that you have placed in me.”

Like his promise to shut down the virus, Biden’s promise to be a leader for both sides of the political spectrum was a doozy.

To be fair, it would have been hard for him to pivot from the very division that helped him win the election. After all, the 78-year-old’s entire campaign was focused around how much he hated Donald Trump.

And thanks to America’s exceptionally dishonest press corps, the Orange Man Bad basement campaign worked.

But now we are eight months in to Jill’s Husband’s presidency, and not being Donald Trump is no longer cutting it for voters, as evidenced by Joe’s plummeting poll numbers.

Without Trump in charge, the current administration is desperate for a new distraction to keep America’s attention off of Joe’s declining mental acuity and his myriad of self-made disasters.

To put it simply: The administration needs a new villain.

Now, of course, the real object of Team Biden’s disaffection is the Neanderthals. Bidenworld hates the deplorable, credulous, unsophisticated boomer rubes.

But the Ivy League bureaucrats running the country know they have to nuance their disdain for us “ordinary Americans,” as Joe calls us.

Enter Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis.

Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro once wrote that, “They don’t hate you because they hate Trump. They hate Trump because they hate you.”

This same logic applies to the governor of Florida. Biden does what he is instructed to do. He puts on his angry voice and scream-reads his teleprompter address about evil Republican governors and patriotic duties.

The president shakes his head in disbelief and pretends he is disappointed in DeSantis for letting Floridians make their own decisions.

Press secretary Jen Psaki eagerly takes digs at DeSantis on Twitter and in her press briefings.

She doesn’t shy away from showing off her famous smugness when discussing the Sunshine State.

Strangely, she is far more diplomatic and docile when discussing the Taliban.

The administration has set their aim on any public figures, politicians or news outlets who undermine their terrible policies and intolerant ideas.

Recently, it was announced that the Biden administration would start redistributing doses of Regeneron across the country, effectively cutting the amount of antibody shipments available to Florida.

Jen Psaki’s explanation for this change was that their “role as the government overseeing the entire country is to be equitable in how we distribute.”

A much simpler explanation is that Biden and his handlers are frustrated that Ron DeSantis, who has long been a vocal supporter of therapeutics, was seeing success with Regeneron.

I am old enough to remember when DeSantis was getting smeared in the media for his support of the therapeutic. Remember this misleading headline in the AP “DeSantis top donor invests in COVID drug governor promotes”?

That story was published in mid-August. How times have changed.

As former Trump adviser Stephen Miller wrote, “They literally went from ‘Florida is just handing out the voodoo drugs’ to ‘Why is Florida hoarding all the voodoo drugs.’”

Now because cases in Florida are falling, President Petty has to step in and do what he does best: mess up a good thing.

Anyone who proves Joe Biden wrong is punished.

It’s the same reason why on Friday the administration implemented a two-week flight restriction over Del Rio, Texas, that grounded Fox News’s drone.

The drone was capturing footage of thousands of illegal immigrants from Haiti flooding over the border into the United States.

The images proved a lot of Trump voters right. So Joe Biden had to put a stop to it — the drone, I mean; not the surge of illegals.

The best part? Joe managed to stop Fox News’s drone, admit his own “righteous” drone strike killed innocent civilians in Afghanistan and ruin America’s relationship with France all before heading back to the beach for the weekend!

Biden ran on restoring norms, eating ice cream and ushering in unity.

All he has done is make us less safe, eaten ice cream and sown more division in this country.

PBS reporter Yamiche Alcindor once said while discussing Biden’s cabinet picks, “I was talking to a Democrat, who just said … it felt like ‘The Avengers.’”

If I had to pick a movie that this incompetent administration’s snobby attitudes, smallness and vindictiveness reminds me of, I think “Mean Girls” is more like it.

Listen to Grace’s radio show from noon-3 p.m. every weekday on AM 680 WRKO.

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UAlbany holds inaugural Race for Equity 5K, honoring past social justice victories and highlighting present challenges



UAlbany holds inaugural Race for Equity 5K, honoring past social justice victories and highlighting present challenges

ALBANY, N.Y. (NEWS10) – UAlbany hosted its first ever Race for Equity 5K Saturday, highlighting civil rights victories throughout American history, while also raising awareness about current social justice challenges.

Hundreds of walkers and runners took to UAlbany’s Uptown Campus for the school’s inaugural Race for Equity.

“I was told that there would only be 50 to 100 to register for a 5K, so I think that speaks volumes to the topic and people’s passion for civil rights and social justice,” said Amelia Barbadoro, the director of the Office of Equity and Compliance.

The event recognizing civil rights accomplishments that have happened throughout history, with organizers hoping to make the race more than just a 5K, “I wanted it to be more than just people running around a circle. I wanted people to run around this circle and learn something,” Barbadoro explained.

30 social justice stations were scattered throughout the course, highlighting some of the key victories, while also raising awareness about present injustices.

Barbadoro hopes the knowledge about some of those historical moments can help to press on against present day issues, “Sometimes it’s easy to get caught up in the injustices, to get caught up in what’s wrong and what we’re angry about. But there’s also a lot to celebrate, and I don’t want people to feel defeated. Don’t feel like there’s no way to win these fights.”

Each station featuring volunteers, cheering runners on, while also raising awareness about their designated topic.

“We got the abolition table, just speaking about Juneteenth and Freedom Riders and breaking free. It took a lot for colored people to get where we are today, and we’re still fighting,” said freshman Justin Neely.

Proceeds from this event will be dedicated to social justice scholarships for new and continuing UAlbany students. These scholarships will be available for students who show an interest in advancing or advocacy of social justice initiatives.

Organizers hope the success and support of this inaugural event will mean it will continue again next year.

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Open container law diverts millions from Missouri roads



Open container law diverts millions from Missouri roads

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — A news report says Missouri’s decision to allow open containers of alcohol in vehicles is diverting millions of dollars from road construction to safety programs.

KCUR-FM says an investigation found that Missouri has given up roughly $370 million in highway construction funds since 2001 for failing to comply with federal safety policies.

Missouri lets passengers drink in moving vehicles, which violates federal safety laws and forces the state to divert a percentage of road construction funds from federal programs to fund safety initiatives.

The diverted money goes to infrastructure improvements like guard cables and behavioral campaigns like DWI enforcement.

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Kiszla: Quarterback Teddy Bridgewater has taken ownership of Broncos and Drew Lock isn’t getting team back anytime soon



Pick 6: Odds the Broncos will win Super Bowl LVI entering Week 2, Rose Namajunas defends UFC title

This is Teddy Bridgewater’s team. He has taken ownership of the Broncos. And Drew Lock isn’t getting them back anytime soon. Not this year. Maybe never.

While Bridgewater produced magic on the field in his debut with Denver, the most significant moment of the team’s season-opening, 27-13 victory against the New York Giants might have taken place on the sideline, when outside linebacker Von Miller congratulated Teddy B on a job well done and declared: “I ain’t felt that in a while, since 18 was here, man.”

For more than five years, Miller and everyone in Broncos Country have been impatiently waiting for a worthy heir to Peyton Manning, who last wore No. 18 for Denver when the team won Super Bowl 50.

“I told Teddy the truth. He definitely has this vibe about him that guys want to play for,” said Miller, when asked about his conversation with Bridgewater. “Guys believe in Teddy. He’s a veteran in this league. He’s sat behind Drew Brees (in New Orleans). He was on track to win MVP with the Minnesota Vikings, so he knows how to do it. He carries himself in a way that people want to play for him, and people believe in him.”

Get a glowing endorsement from the Vonster and you’re golden in the Denver locker room. Despite the claims by coach Vic Fangio that the offseason competition between Bridgewater and Lock was a 50-50 proposition, it seems more apparent every day that maybe there really was never much doubt which quarterback would be the starter.

The truth often leaks in dribs and drabs, until the floodgates open in a moment of candor from Miller. Vonster insisted his kudos for Bridgewater were supposed to be private, despite the fact Miller agreed to suit up with a microphone for the road game against the Giants.

“I kind of forgot that I was mic’d up. I don’t like putting stuff out there. That was a moment for me and Teddy, but it’s out there,” said Miller, who meant no disrespect to Lock.

From the jump, conventional wisdom touted Bridgewater as the safer and wiser choice to open the season as the starter, with the Broncos facing three bad teams (the Giants, Jacksonville and the Jets) that would trot out three unproven NFL QBs (Daniel Jones, Trevor Lawrence and Zach Wilson) in September.

But barring an injury to Bridgewater, it’s difficult to envision him surrendering the starting job to Lock at any point during this season, especially after demonstrating against the Giants that he can be more than a solid game manager.

Consider Miller officially wowed by Bridgewater’s 4-yard touchdown pass to tight end Albert Okwuegbunam that put the Broncos ahead 17-7 in the third quarter.

“It was a fourth down in the game where he kind of like stuttered and stiffed armed a guy and threw it to ‘Albert O.’ That’s just heart. Nobody can draw it up. No coach on our coaching staff or in the NFL can teach you how to do that,” Miller said.

“Teddy had to fight to go out there and win for the football team. Some of the things that he says and some of the things he tells everybody before games …. Me personally, I just believe that, and I’m a hard guy to just believe everything that everybody says. You can definitely feel it with Teddy. I told Teddy, I think that was toward the end of the game. I saw him, and I just told him I’m a firm believer in giving people their flowers while they are still here. Teddy, he definitely deserves the love, for sure.”

Bad quarterback play allows doubt to fester in the one position where there can be no lack of faith by teammates.

For five years, Denver lacked a quarterback that had the full trust of the locker room

After Bridgewater was named the starter, I believed the debate was far from over and not only anticipated a QB controversy at the first sign of trouble, but also fully expected Lock would get a shot to be the leading man in the Denver huddle for at least a half dozen games this season.

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Howie Carr: The tawdry tales of the Friends of Karyn Polito



Howie Carr: The tawdry tales of the Friends of Karyn Polito

If anybody ever writes a book about the lieutenant governor of Massachusetts, they should call it, “The Friends of Karyn Polito.”

That would be a play on the title of the classic George V. Higgins novel and movie “The Friends of Eddie Coyle.” It’s about a small-time career grifter who keeps getting mixed up with sleazy criminals who were always jammed up with the law.

Sound familiar?

This month would be a big chapter in that new book, because right now the Friends of Karyn (FOK’s) are paying the price for their tawdry sticky-fingered misdeeds.

Just check out this photo gallery. All these FOK’s are taking the fall right now.

Let’s start with the former mayor of Fall River, Jasiel Correia. On Monday he’ll be in federal court in Boston for sentencing — the feds want him to do 11 years for running the city of Fall River as a racketeering enterprise, shaking down $600,000 from drug dealers, taking kickbacks from employees, failing to pay income taxes, etc. etc.

In 2016, the woman known to one and all as Pay to Play traveled to Fall River for Jasiel’s first inauguration. She tweeted out multiple pictures of herself with the young Democrat statesman.

“Great to administer the Oath of Office,” she gushed. “Looking forward to working together.”

In 2018, five weeks before his first arrest, Correia endorsed Pay to Play and the failed governor, Charlie Baker, for re-election.

Oddly, Karyn has not written a pre-sentencing letter of support for her pal. But then again, she was also a no-show at last week’s sentencing of another of her FOK’s: ex-Rep. Dave Nangle of Lowell.

Like Correia, Nangle was stealing hot stoves without gloves — and then coming back for the smoke.

When Nangle wasn’t committing wire fraud (10 counts), bank fraud (4 counts), making false statements to a bank (4 counts) and filing false tax returns (5 counts), he was giving $600 to Karyn Polito’s campaign and making TV spots for her re-election effort.

Sadly, Nangle will not be involved in Pay to Play’s next campaign – he’s spending the next 15 months in Club Fed.

Did I mention that in the House, Nangle served as chairman of the Ethics Committee? Of course he did. He’s an FOK.

Have you noticed how much Karyn loves selfies? She used to pose all the time with ex-state trooper Leigha Genduso. Remember her?  Leigha was a gangster’s live-in moll who was Karyn’s BFF because they’re both from Shrewsbury.

Genduso became a Mass. State trooper after committing perjury before a federal grand jury investigating her hoodlum sugar daddy.

Finally, this Friend of Karyn admitted to the G-men that she herself was a drug dealer and abuser, not to mention that she laundered money and evaded income taxes (just like those other FOK’s Correia and Nangle).

After admitting all her felonies, this FOK was hired as a $145,000-a-year state trooper. Another nationwide search!

Check out the many happy Internet photos of Genduso and Polito, often with former state police Lt. Col. Dan Risteen. When Genduso was finally forced off the job, her dear friend Risteen, another FOK, soon, uh, resigned from the MSP with a $161,598 annual pension.

Then Risteen became “director of research and security” for Teamsters Local 25, whose thug boss Sean O’Brien was once suspended from the national organization for threatening dissidents in Rhode Island.

Then there’s Polito’s close ally on the Republican State Committee, Tom “Mount ‘em” Mountain.

Just last weekend, Pay to Play had her picture snapped with the disgraced former GOP vice chairman at the 9/11 commemoration in the city of Newton.

Even after all these other embarrassing photos with all her FOK’s, Pay to Play had no compunction about having her picture taken with Mount ‘em Mountain.

Mount ‘em was in the news a lot this summer. First, he was thundering about how a state committeewoman from western Mass. had to resign because she was “immoral.” What she’d done was express her opposition to gay marriage.

Mountain went holier than thou because he wanted to depose the conservative GOP chairman, Jim Lyons. But then somebody got ahold of what appear to be Mount ‘em’s own social media postings. Yikes.

Now the state committee has a pending resolution at its next meeting Sept. 29 censuring Mount ‘Em Mountain for his scandalous behavior and demanding his resignation. One sure bet: Karyn will be a no-show in her pal’s defense.

By the way, at the top of this column, I mentioned the great novel “The Friends of Eddie Coyle.”

Check out Polito’s financial reports. On July 26, she grabbed $1,000 from a guy at Wayne Roofing Systems in West Roxbury. His name is Eddie Coyle. In 2017, Eddie Coyle gave her another grand.

In other words, Karyn Polito is one of the Friends of Eddie Coyle, and Eddie Coyle is one of the Friends of Karyn Polito.

Truth really is stranger than fiction.

(Listen to Howie 3-7 p.m. weekdays on AM 680 WRKO.)

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Hoang Murphy announces candidacy for MN House of Representatives 67A 



Hoang Murphy announces candidacy for MN House of Representatives 67A 

Hoang Murphy announced his candidacy for the Minnesota House of Representatives for St. Paul’s District 67A Saturday, challenging incumbent Rep. John Thompson should he be on the 2022 ballot.

The announcement comes after Minnesota House Democrats voted to expel Rep. John Thompson from their caucus on Sept. 14. Thompson says he will continue to serve in the Legislature as an independent.

Murphy, a lifelong Minnesotan and the son of immigrants who fled Vietnam, said in a news release he wants to focus on issues like affordable housing, creating union jobs and equitable education and resource allocation.

Thompson is representing St. Paul’s East Side until his two-year term is over in November 2022. He has not publicly announced his intentions for 2022.

In 2018, Murphy founded Foster Advocates, an organization intended to let people impacted by systems of oppression identify problems and create solutions, according to the release.

In 2021, he drafted The Fostering Higher Education Act, which starting in fall 2022 will allow Minnesotans under 27 years old who were in foster care after age 13 to attend participating colleges for free.

“We have a responsibility to upend systems of inequity. This responsibility is calling me to run for state representative,” Murphy wrote in the release. “Our kids deserve better, our community needs more resources, I am running because we can’t wait.”

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Man who kicked woman down NYC subway station escalator has been arrested, police say



Man who kicked woman down NYC subway station escalator has been arrested, police say

Police had previously asked for help identifying this man in connection with a Brooklyn subway station assault. (NYPD)

BOERUM HILL, Brooklyn (WPIX) – Police arrested a suspect accused of kicking a woman inside a New York City subway station, sending her falling down an escalator, authorities said Friday.

Police Commissioner Dermot Shea said on Twitter the suspect, identified by police as Bradley K. Hill, was taken into custody. Shea also thanked detectives for apprehending the man.

Video from the Sept. 9 attack showed the man had passed the woman on the escalator. After a brief verbal exchange, he kicked the 32-year-old woman in the chest, then fled from the Brooklyn subway station.

Warning: Video below contains graphic footage. Viewer discretion is advised.

The woman suffered cuts and bruises to her back, arms, legs, right knee and right thigh, as well as trauma to her left ankle. She refused medical attention at the scene, police said.

Hill, 32, of Brooklyn, was charged with assault and attempted assault, according to the NYPD.

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First family of Afghan refugees arrive in Kansas City, Mo.



First family of Afghan refugees arrive in Kansas City, Mo.

KANSAS CITY, Mo. (AP) — The first family of Afghanistan refugees has arrived in Kansas City as resettlement agencies in the area prepare for hundreds more.

Mayor Quinton Lucas tweeted that he was “proud” of the city for “welcoming all people” in announcing the family’s arrival. He said they represented the first of 550 Afghan refugees who will arrive in Kansas City.

More than 100,000 people were airlifted out of Kabul in a chaotic exodus late last month after President Joe Biden announced that U.S. troops would withdraw, and the Taliban seized control of strife-torn Afghanistan in just a few weeks.

Thousands more Afghans want to leave.

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Keeler: Brendon Lewis? Broken. Karl Dorrell’s coaching staff? Broken. Offensive line? Broken. Folsom Field? Broken. Time for CU Buffs to blow it up and start over.



Keeler: Brendon Lewis? Broken. Karl Dorrell’s coaching staff? Broken. Offensive line? Broken. Folsom Field? Broken. Time for CU Buffs to blow it up and start over.

BOULDER — The loudest cheer from the student section came early into halftime, when a Buffs fan wearing gold-and-black overalls and not much else came charging out of the undergraduate throng and onto Folsom Field.

Skippy McOveralls ran untouched into the north end zone before security corralled him out of bounds.

It was the closest anybody wearing CU colors got to breaking the plane all stinking day.

“Offensively, we’re struggling in a number of areas,” Buffs coach Karl Dorrell said after his era hit a new nadir Saturday in a 30-0 loss to Minnesota, the program’s first shutout home loss in nearly 10 years.

“And it’s not just the quarterback. It’s protection, it’s the run game, it’s receivers, it’s backs, it’s everything. It’s one of those things right now (where) we’re going to have to wipe the slate clean and start all over and try to figure out how to do some semblance of offense and how to get some things back going.”

The defense is gassed. The passing game is painful. The Buffs’ leading rusher on Saturday was the backup quarterback, freshman Drew Carter. Nine yards. Two carries. If you want a stat to sum up the day, start there. The rest, cover your eyes.

The Buffs (1-2) play like strangers, which is what happens when your head coach doesn’t trust your offensive coordinator, your offensive coordinator doesn’t trust his quarterback, your wideouts don’t trust their quarterback, your quarterback no longer trusts his offensive line, and your linebackers can’t trust anybody. A two-score deficit feels like five right now.

“You’ve just got to look at yourself in the mirror, as a man,” junior defensive stopper Carson Wells said. “And you’ve got to physically come back (Sunday) with a better mindset and get ready to work again.”

CU’s offense? Whatever this is, it ain’t working.

Blow it up. Start over. The Gophers (2-1), buoyed by a breakfast pep talk by alum and former Broncos linebacker Karl Mecklenburg, are better than they looked at home against Miami of Ohio. Not this much better.

Ohio State shredded the Gophs for 495 yards in the Twin Cities in the opener for both programs. Miami’s RedHawks followed that up with 341 yards on Minny in Week 2, 237 through the air.

The Buffs managed 7 net yards at the break. On 25 plays. They collected 56 more yards the rest of the way.

Over its last eight quarters, against a good defense (Texas A&M) and an OK defense (Minnesota), CU has run 108 plays for 323 yards — 2.99 yards per snap — and scored seven points.

“As the head coach, I have to look at everything,” Dorrell said.

Including the mirror. It’s not just them, Coach. It’s you. It’s all of you.

Freshman Brendon Lewis might be the quarterback of the future, but the present looks unsightly. His windup is slow and deliberate, his eyes usually locked and fixed on the target. It’s a credit to the kid that he’s only been picked off once through three games, but every snap feels like a giant roll of the dice.

And we’ve heard all the arguments, why this staff is hellbent on trying to turn a running quarterback into a passer. Brenden Rice, Dimitri Stanley and Daniel Arias are allegedly too good to waste as blockers or decoys? Maybe.

The Buffs are a Lewis hamstring pull away from trotting out Carter at quarterback against Power 5 defenses? That didn’t stop the coaching staff from chucking the teen into the mix after the score was 23-0.

And that’s where you feel the vacuum of JT Shrout’s shredded knee and Sam Noyer taking the transfer portal express to Oregon State. And again, we get it: The more you use Lewis’ best weapon, his legs, the more risk you take that one or both of those legs wind up mangled.

Mind you, that’s assuming this offensive line doesn’t get him flattened first.

“That was a complete beatdown,” Dorrell said. “In every phase.”

UNC was the warm-up. Texas A&M was the reach. Only the football gods handed the Buffs a gift at Empower Field, a backup quarterback who wasn’t remotely prepared for the circumstances. The Aggies escaped anyway.

But this one, against the Gophers, was supposed to be the first fair barometer for where this roster really was. A pair of bowl-hopeful middleweights trading punches for the lunchtime crowd.

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Sonia Chang-Diaz endorses Michelle Wu for mayor



Sonia Chang-Diaz endorses Michelle Wu for mayor

Jamaica Plain State Sen. and gubernatorial hopeful Sonia Chang-Diaz endorsed Michelle Wu for the mayor of Boston during a rally in the South End on Saturday.

“I want vision and delivery in my candidate,” she said of her endorsement of Wu. “It is a status quo-preserving lie that we cannot have both, and that we have to choose between those two things. We’ve got both right here.”

Chang-Diaz was referencing Wu’s ideas that can be seen as too “pie-in-the-sky,” such as free public transportation and extensive public housing. “I know that Michelle will be able to work with all levels of government to get things done because she has already been doing it,” noting that Wu is often “in the trenches” in working toward these policies.

Wu will face off against fellow City Councilor Annissa Essaibi-George in the November mayoral election after topping the vote count with 35,888 votes to Essaibi-George’s 24,186 votes. The two women knocked out Andrea Campbell, who came in third, Acting Mayor Kim Janey, who came in fourth, and John Barros, who came in fifth.

Chang-Diaz, who became the first Hispanic woman elected to the Massachusetts Senate in 2008, announced in late June that she would be running for governor.

Aside from Chang-Diaz, former state Sen. Ben Downing and Harvard professor Danielle Allen, all Democrats, have all announced gubernatorial runs. Former state Rep. Geoff Diehl has announced a run as a Republican. Gov. Charlie Baker, Lt. Gov. Karyn Polito and Attorney General Maura Healey, all potential candidates, have not yet announced their plans.

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