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Keith Ellison Caught Fraternizing With Extremist Antifa Leader



Keith Ellison pictures with extremist Antifa leader

Keith Ellison has actually been captured on electronic camera associating Luis Enrique Marquez– the leader of the fierce as well as extremist Rose city Antifa.

As prospect for Chief law officer, Ellison’s open assistance for Antifa, which has actually been assigned as a residential terrorist company by the United States Division of State, must worry all of us. records: On the heels of an extraordinary Minneapolis Authorities interview today in which policemans advised residents to not choose Keith Ellison, photos gotten by Major league National politics factor Laura Loomer reveal Ellison as well as Luis Enrique Marquez, a well-known leader of the Rose city ANTIFA that has a rap sheet as well as has actually lugged the Communist flag.

Ellison’s assistance of ANTIFA is clear, however as a prospect for Chief law officer, his connection with a terrible participant of ANTIFA, which has actually been assigned as a residential terrorist company by the United States Division of State, is worrying.

Luis Enrique Marquez not just has a background of apprehensions, however he is the topic of a number of YouTube video clips which show his ANTIFA organizations as well as fierce habits. Once more, this is that Keith Ellison was discovered associating at the Minnesota State Fair. Resources that want to stay confidential for their security informed Major league National politics that Ellison invested over a hr with Luis Enrique Marquez, whose following court day is arranged for November 28, 2018 according to Multonomah Court worker Anthony Tran.

Together with being a six-term legislator that stands for Minnesota’s fifth Area, Ellison is the initial Muslim to ever before be chosen to the UNITED STATE Congress, as well as has actually acted as the Replacement Chair of the Autonomous National Board given that2017 When he was promised right into workplace, Ellison declined to be promised in with a Holy bible, as well as rather required that a Quran be made use of as a means to stress “spiritual resistance.”.

It is vague exactly how Ellison, that has himself required fierce troubles made up of Islamists as well as ANTIFA to “quit Trump” remains in any type of means whatsoever certified to be Minnesota’s Chief law officer.

While marketing for the Democrats in 2015, Ellison stated, “Trump should be quit, as well as individuals power is what we contend our disposal to make him quit. We require mass rallies. We require them throughout the nation. We require them in Texas. We require them in D.C. We require them in Minnesota.”.

ANTIFA, which has actually been categorized by the UNITED STATE Division of Homeland Safety And Security as a Left wing residential terrorist company, is commonly existing at those rallies Ellison as well as his DNC associates have actually required as well as arranged. There are numerous circumstances, a lot of which have actually been captured on electronic camera, of ANTIFA participants strongly attacking Trump fans as well as reporters in public. In 2017, it was likewise exposed that the FBI has actually been examining participants of ANTIFA that they claim have actually been taking a trip to the Center East to educate with ISIS in an initiative to prepare for the damage of Head of state Trump.

Regardless of being categorized as a terrorist company, Ellison tweeted an image of himself presenting with the main ANTIFA manual, claiming, “At @MoonPalaceBooks as well as I simply discovered guide that strike anxiety in the heart of @realDonaldTrump.”.

Incorporated with his rejection to take his vow on a United States Constitution, in addition to his individual organizations with ANTIFA, Ellison should certainly be invalidated from the Chief law officer race, as it is completely dangerous as well as unreasonable for Minnesota’s leading police officer to have individual connections to participants of both residential as well as international terrorist companies. Together with his assistance of residential ANTIFA terrorists, Ellison is likewise connected connected with Linda Sarsour as well as Louis Farakkhan.

What a great deal of individuals do not learn about KEITH Ellison:.

— Ellison was an energetic fan as well as neighborhood LEADER of the Country of Islam prior to his political election to Congress.

— Ellison initially looked for workplace as Democrat in 1998 as Ellison-Muhammad, a self-avowed participant of the Country of Islam (This is simply among 3 recognized Country of Islam names Ellison has actually made use of with time).

— In 1992, Minneapolis Law Enforcement Agent Jerry Haaf was carried out at the Pizza Shack by 4 participants of the Vice Lords Gang. The gang’s leader, Sherif Willis, was revealed to have actually been associated with the preparation of the murder, however he was never ever billed due to the fact that authorities stated they did not have adequate proof. At the time, Ellison was a Minneapolis lawyer secretive method. Willis was a founded guilty killer that ran a gang front called United for Tranquility. Following this public implementation, within a month of Haaf’s murder, Ellison stood side by side with Willis, presuming regarding take part in the company of a gang presentation versus authorities. Months later on, Ellison talked at one more presentation on behalf of among Haaf’s awesomes.

— In October, 1992, Ellison assisted arrange a United for Tranquility presentation versus the Minneapolis Authorities. Ellison mentioned, “The bottom line of our rally is to sustain United for Tranquility in its battle versus the project of aspersion the authorities federation has actually been salarying.”.

Ellison openly sustained the Haaf murder offenders. In February, 1993, he talked at a presentation for among the offenders throughout their test, leading them in shouting, “We do not obtain no justice, you do not obtain no tranquility,” which is virtually verbatim what the contemporary Black Lives Issue activity incantations at their demos.

In 2000 Ellison talked at a charity event for Symbionese Freedom Military (SLA) participant Kathleen Soliah, that had actually been a fugitive on the run from justice for 25 years, on costs of trying to bomb L.A. law enforcement agent in1975 In his National Attorney Guild speech, Ellison had type words of assistance for police officer awesomes Mumia Abu-Jamal as well as “Assata Shakur” also known as Joanne Chesimard, that was desired for the murder of New Jacket State Cannon Fodder Werner Foerster in1973

As if every one of this proof supported by real photos ins’ t sufficient to make one see exactly how unsuited Ellison is for acting as Minnesota Chief law officer, Luis Enrique Marquez, that was reported to have actually invested an extensive quantity of time associating Ellison at the Minnesota State Fair was likewise visualized swing a communist hammer as well as sickle flag. Under communism, greater than 100 Million individuals have actually been eliminated as an outcome of starvation as well as political physical violence.

Minnesota citizens will certainly choose Tuesday November 6, 2018 at the surveys whether they wish to choose Doug Wardlow, a guy of order, or Keith Ellison, an extreme Leftist that has actually been charged of defeating females as well as has actually been photographed palling about with recognized jihadis, anti-Semites, as well as residential ANTIFA terrorists.

On Friday, the Minneapolis Authorities Union held an interview where they supported Doug Wardlow, as well as advised citizens not to choose Keith Ellison.

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Quid Pro Joe Biden’s Brother Linked to Taxpayer Loans Objections $54,000,000



Quid Pro Joe Biden's Brother Linked to Taxpayer Loans Objections $54,000,000

According to claims made in a new book Joe Biden’s younger brother, Frank Biden, saw his interests benefit from millions of dollars in taxpayer loans.

The substantial similarity between Frank Biden’s relations with Central America and Obama-Biden’s foreign policy is revealed in Peter Schweizer’s new book, Profiles in Corruption: the abuse of power by the political elite in America.

Reports from Frank Biden first looked at the area in 2009, as the administration of Obama began to re-establish US relations with Costa Rica. Under President George W. Bush, tensions between the two countries erupted, particularly on how to deal with drug trafficking.

President Barack Obama’s entry into the White House led him to fend the region in the hope of opening a new era of global cooperation. Joe Biden, who had long-standing connections with the region in his tenure as leader of the Foreign Relations Senate Committee, was the leader of the charge.

Shortly after the new administration took office, Frank Biden started to explore Costa Rica’s real estate opportunities. Frank, a lawyer by training, had no background in international development and decades of legal difficulties in his home.

As Schweizer states, Frank had great business opportunities given the professional and personal handicaps, in particular after his brother visited the country.

“Just in August, just months after the visit of Vice President Biden, a new multilateral partnership ‘ Real Estate Reform in Latin America’ between Frank Biden, the developer named Craig Williamson, and the recently planned Guanacaste Country Club was announced by Costa Rica News.” Schweizer writes in his book, a copy of which was purchased exclusively by the newspaper Breitbart News.

The venture–officially sold to investors and the public to protect the “breathtaking beauty” of Costa Rica–has led to nothing more than decimating the natural environment of the country, creating a luxury resort for wealthy foreigners.

“Frank’s real dream was to create thousands of homes, a world-class golf courses, casinos and anti-aging centers in the jungles of Costa Rica,” Schweizer says. “The Costa Rican government wanted to work together with the brother of the Vice President.” Frank Biden was well-connected with this project, which is still in the development phase, in the political landscape of Costa Rica. A letter from Luis Guillermo Solis Rivera, the country’s leader, commended the project even online in what seemed to be a botched attempt to solicit additional investors.

To implement such a project, Costa Rica would need to update and expand its electricity grid. Located on the Isthmus of Central America, more than 51 per cent of the country’s landscape is forested, with almost half of it not disturbed by human activities. As such, much of the area suitable for the Frank Biden resort was without electricity access.

Frank, possibly feeling an opportunity to make even more money, entered into a partnership with the National Power and Light Company of Costa Rica to build a solar complex in the north-west region of the country. The new facility would provide Frank’s resort with enough electricity to be built in the vicinity.

Although Frank and his company, Sun Fund America, had no energy experience, the Partnership with CNFL was secured.

“Frank had no background in solar energy, but it was clear who he was when he put the project in front of investors,” Schweizer writes. “His brother Joe’s name was a prominent part of his biography.” In October 2016, the government of Costa Rica signed a letter of intent to build a solar power plant for the country with Sun Fund Americas. The initiative, involving the GoSolar corporation, explicitly earmarked more than $6.5 million in taxpayer-funded loans that were approved by the Overseas Private Investment Corporation (OPIC) administration in 2015.

Frank then turned his attention, after having found Costa Rica a fertile land, to other parts of the Caribbean, such as Jamaica. The business pivot of Frank once again coincided with a new development in the political career of his brother.

The Obama administration announced in June 2014 that it launched, under the direction of Joe Biden, the Caribbean Energy Security Initiative (CESI). The program was officially intended to support energy sustainability projects in the region, with American tax dollars contributing to the preparation of deals for local projects.

One of these projects was the construction of a 20-megawatt solar power plant in Jamaica with a $47.5 million loan from the OPIC. Earlier in the project’s announcement, Sun Fund Americas confirmed that it has entered into the power purchase agreement for Jamaica to build a 20-megawatt solar facility. Frank Biden’s Caribbean projects received a total of more than $54 million in US taxpayer loans between 2009 and the end of Obama’s administration.

However, the loans are not the only example of Frank Biden’s business interests, as Profiles in Corruption show, intersecting with the political influence of his brother.

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VA Sheriff: Democratic unconstitutional laws on gun control won’t get enforced



VA Sheriff: Unconstitutional Democrat Gun Control Laws Will NOT Be Enforced

Sheriff Richard Vaughan of Grayson County, VA has cautioned that the gun-grabbing proposals of the Democrats proposed in the State General Assembly are “illegal.” Sheriff Vaughan promising unconstitutional laws as these are NOT followed by law enforcement officials in addressing thousands of Second Amendment supporters on Monday in a pro-gun rally.

“If the bills pass as written, they will not be enacted. They are constitutionally unconstitutional, “said Sheriff Richard Vaughan.

WATCH: Grayson County, VA Sheriff Richard Vaughan: “If the bills are passed as proposed, they will not be implemented. The reports: Virginia sheriffs: We support the second amendment: On Thursday, the legislators of the state Senate passed their first pair of bills in the wave of gun control legislation to be tabled for the voting. One bill would restore the former one-handgun rule of the state for the first time, while the second would allow local governments to ban weapons in public buildings, parks and permitted events–including political protests. The vote was straight line of the party, 21-19.

Gov. Ralph Northam declared a national emergency and banned all guns including Capitol Square arms. He cited, but did not elaborate on, “credible and significant threats.”

Outside, however, the gun-owners were seen in their holsters with rifles slung over their shoulders and guns.

No violence and no arrests have been held so far on the Monday rally despite estimates of the attendance of about 25,000 people.

President Trump warned on Monday: “Democrats in Virginia’s Grand Commonwealth are working hard to take away their rights to the second amendment. That’s just the start. Do not let it happen in 2020, REPUBLIC VOTE!”The Democratic Party in the Virginia Great Commonwealth are working hard to remove your access to your 2nd amendment. That’s just the start. Don’t let it happen in 2020, vote REPUBLIC!

January 20, 2020, Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump)

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Robert De Niro accuses President Trump for abussing his influence blatantly



Robert De Niro accuses President Trump for abussing his influence blatantly

Actor Robert De Niro took the opportunity to once again slam President Trump.

The latest attack took place at the Screen Actors Guild Awards on Sunday during an acceptance speech for his lifetime achievement award.

Upon receiving his lifetime award for his “abuse of power,” De Niro blasted Trump in front of the court of the Senate.

He claimed that he had to speak with his platform.

Press TV reports: De Niro took the opportunity of taking another swipe in Trump, without naming him, after receiving a standing ovation on the stage for his acceptance speech.

“Democratic syndical members are more likely to support affordable care legislation, fair taxation, humane immigration rules, a safe environment, plurality of people, reproductive rights, responsive weapons and fair pay. We owe our support to them and owe our vote to them, “he said.

He also said that the US was in a’ directional situation’ and then accused Trump of blatantly abussing his presidential power.

“I can imagine you thinking, yeah, okay, let’s not get into politics and all that. But we’re in such a dire situation that I have to say something so deeply concerning myself and so many others. And I thought the other day I said it pretty well to Variety, so I’ll quote myself. It’s right and it’s wrong and there’s good sense and there’s power misuse. And as a citizen, I have as much right to express my opinion as any other person— an actor, an athlete, a musician, any one else? When I see a flagrant abuse of power, I’ll use it when I have a bigger voice because of my situation. “This happens at a time when Trump is being accused of the abuse of power, and blocking Congress, only when a US President has been tried for a third time.

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Dershowitz: I have ‘ Secret ‘ emails from Epstein which will put ‘ Prominent People in Handcuffs ‘



Dershowitz: I have ' Secret ' emails from Epstein which will put ' Prominent People in Handcuffs '

Alan Dershowitz has Jeffrey Epstein’s “classified” e-mails that include VIPs, including household names, and when released “prominent people in the handcuffs”

“I can prove that and I will prove it,” Dershowitz promised Thursday morning in an interview with’ Good Day in New York.’ Dershowitz repressed allegations of having sex with underage girls by billionaire Jeffrey Epstein, a pedophile convict.

Dershowitz, who recently joined President Trump’s defense team, says that he’s framed and he has e-mails that put “prominent people in handcuffs.” “It’s emails that are secret to date but prove that I’ve not just been framed, but who’s mentored me.” “There are signs. These people go to jail when the e-mails come out because for financial reasons, this was a complete scheme, and I can prove it and will prove it. When the emails come out, get me back on the show, it’ll be so fun for the boy with famous people in handcuffs. The allegations, first made by Virginia Roberts and then by Sarah Ransome, “are totally compiled,” Dershowitz said. “Look, her first woman accusing me, her lawyer admitted to witnesses that she was wrong, that she was just wrong, and that I couldn’t be here,” he said. Dershowitz recently appeared in the Law&Crime Network and discussed how he had records to show that Roberts did not say that he was there.

“The second woman,” he said, “was a woman who wrote to the NY Post stating she had Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton and Donald Trump sex with underage girls. Dershowitz blamed Attorney David Boies all of that, and suggested that the accusations were his job, because Boies “would be mad at me because I have filed bar charges, immoral bar charges against him.” Dershowitz believed that Boies “threatened me, because I removed the Bar complaint he would consider it.”

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9 Points to Remember If You are Thinking of A Govt Job in India



Low Inflation: Years of strong jobs, low inflation is yet to come

All those who want to get a Govt job in India, must read these points before start preparing for an exam.  This will help you save your precious time and your parents’s hard earned money.

1. Realize your Aim. This is a very important step. It is important to analyze your capability and decide what exactly you want to be in your life. If you have no aim, no goal, you will reach no where.

2. Know everything about the job profile ( Duties, responsibilities). Next step is to know everything about the job profile. When you know everything about the Job profile you get to know the importance of that position.And during preparation always keep in mind those things that you will achieve after you clear the exam. This thing will keep you motivated. Self motivation is very important to clear any govt exam or to get a govt job. Generally students start preparation with too much aggravation and in couple of months they just dump everything. And some students prepare irregularly (Means prepare 2 months and skip 1 month, prepare for another 1 month and skip 2 months) , they take couple of attempts, get frustrated, feel boredom and say “this is too difficult”. Exam is not difficult, difficult is to keep yourself motivated, difficult is to be regular and punctual in your preparation. So if you start preparing for any exam, and gets frustrate in couple of months or couple of attempts, just don’t stop preparing. Keep yourself motivated and trust yourself.

3. Read the Prescribed syllabus carefully. Analyze all Subjects. Analyze the topics you are weak in, and also the topics you are Good in and make a table. As you need to work hard on the topics you are weak in. If you have 2 tier exam (Prelims and Mains), take them altogether. Do not think like “first I will prepare for pre and if I get through I will prepare for mains” . This statement means you don’t trust yourself and you are not going to prepare well. Have faith in yourself and take both tiers together. Two reasons why should prepare for both tiers together (i) You won’t have enough time to prepare for mains (ii) However the syllabus is approximately same but you find more difficult questions in mains. So if you prepare for the hard exam (Main) you will be able to clear the easier one (Prelim) without any difficulty

4. Analyze time. Analyze how much time you have for the upcoming exam and how much time you need to prepare for that particular government exam. Make a time table and decide your study hours in a day and stick to that time table. This will help you complete your syllabus or preparation on time.

Here’s the Quick Info-graphics

5. Division of Topics. Divide your topics from all the subjects in the days you have to prepare. Prepare all the subjects altogether For e.g if you have subjects and have 5 hours a day to study. Then read all 4 subjects for 1 hours, in the last hour revise what you have studied and practice some questions. Because if you prepare subjects one by one, and when you reach to subject 4, you will forget everything that you have studied 1st subject. There you will take more time to revise 1st subject.

6. Study Material. Find the right and authentic source to prepare for the govt exam.Do not multiple publisher’s books for one subject. Watch Youtube videos, there are plenty of videos on Youtube where you can learn tricks. Remember buying more and more books will not get you through. Buy less books and make sure whatever study material you are buying contains relevant content.

7. Practice Often as it will improve your performance and will increasing your speed in answering the question. Afterall, govt exams are all about knowledge, Speed and Time Management.

8. Join test Series. Prepare for a week and take test on Weekend. This will help you find your where you are lacking and will help you find your weaknesses and it is very important to mitigate weaknesses.

9. Take Regular Mock test for atleast last 20 days before the examination.Doing this will improve your accuracy and will help you find where will you stand in the real examination.

All these point will contribute towards your govt job preparation. I got these points from those candidates who already cleared some or other government exam. And I am sure if you trust yourself, be serious and punctual and prepare for the exam properly, you will get through.

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