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Microsoft and Docker team up to make Packaging and Running Cloud-Native applications easier



Microsoft and Docker team up to make Packaging and Running Cloud-Native applications easier

Microsoft Corp. is stepping up its commitment to the open-source software movement. It’s doing so amid an evolving information technology landscape that’s becoming increasingly reliant on the idea of distributed applications that run on multiple computing platforms.

Enterprises today employ a mix of different clouds and runtime systems and use a variety of provisioning tools such as software containers, virtual machines and serverless infrastructure. IT is becoming much more complicated as it evolves, and Microsoft believes all this has reached a point where developers need an easier and more general way to package and run their distributed apps on a variety of computing platforms.

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To that end, today Microsoft said it has teamed up with container software company Docker Inc. on a new “Cloud Native Application Bundle” that it hopes will become the de facto specification for packaging and running distributed apps. The bundle is compatible with everything from Microsoft’s Azure cloud and the Docker Engine to open-source platforms such as Kubernetes and OpenStack. With it, developers can more easily define which application resources need to be deployed to different runtimes, including public and private clouds, workstations, air-gapped networks and “internet of things” environments.

The specification, announced at Microsoft’s Connect(); 2018 developer conference today, comes with an open source reference implementation called Duffle that’s used to install, upgrade and uninstall CNAB bundles. There’s also a new Visual Studio Code extension that makes it easy to build and host new bundles, plus an Electron Installer for simple installation.

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Docker has already implemented CNAB for containerized applications and will expand the specification across its platforms to support new app development. The plan is to integrate CNAB with the Docker App tool so bundles can be packaged as Docker images. This will enable app development lifecycles to be managed using Docker Hub or Docker Enterprise, the companies said.

Open source is one of Microsoft’s central themes at this year’s Connect(); the event as the company accelerates its transformation from arch-enemy to one of the leading proponents of free software. As well as releasing the CNAB specification, Microsoft also announced it’s making three popular Windows UX frameworks available for free on GitHub, the open-source code repository platform it acquired earlier this year. These include Windows Presentation Foundation, Windows Forms, and the Windows UI XAML Library.

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Elsewhere, Microsoft said it’s expanding its .NET Foundation membership model, enabling anyone in the open-source community to participate in its governance and have a say in the future direction of its main developer platform.

“This means that, going forward, members of the community will directly guide foundation operations,” Microsoft said. “This new structure will help the .NET Foundation scale to meet the needs of the growing .NET open source ecosystem.”

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Microsoft is also releasing some important new tools to a couple of prominent open-source foundations. These include Virtual Kubelet, which is being donated to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation that governs projects such as Kubernetes. Virtual Kubelet enables developers to easily connect Kubernetes nodes with other services like Azure Container Instances, AWS Fargate and Azure IoT Edge, making it easier to scale clusters in cloud environments.

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The Open Neural Network Exchange is another beneficiary, with a new runtime being made available to the open-source community through GitHub from today. ONNX, as it’s called, is a format for deep learning models that allows interoperability between different open-source AI frameworks. Microsoft said the ONNX Runtime will help developers customize and integrate the ONNX inference engine into their existing infrastructure directly from the source code.

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Technologies Boosting OTA Testing and Configurations with rising solutions



Over-the-Air (OTA) Testing

The Over the air (OTA) test is a process to understand the performance and reliability of a wireless device. OTA testing is a way to know the designed or selected device’s performance, by measuring its signal and antenna efficiency. Since the OTA testing is a requirement for cellular telecommunications and internet association, it is authorized by many regulatory agencies, standard organizations, industrial bodies, and telecom carrier services. Anritsu & ETS-Lindgren combine to introduce 5G NR OTA measurement solution. Qualcomm Technologies to introduce lab for end-to-end OTA configuration for 5G mmWave. According to a report by Allied Market Research, the global over-the-air (OTA) testing industry is expected to grow at a significant CAGR from 2018–2025. Following are certain measures taken by the companies.

Anritsu & ETS-Lindgren combine to introduce 5G NR OTA Measurement solution:

Collaborating together, the companies are rising the ways to improve LTE solutions. Anritsu, a Japanese multinational company and ETS-Lindgren, an India-based private firm, announced a combination of Anritsu’s Radio Communication Test Station MT8000A for 5g OTA testing along with ETS-Lindgren EMQuest EMQ-100 Antenna Measurement Software. The accurate and flexible solution permits the user Equipment (UE) developers and manufacturers to distinguish and approve the 5G OTA conduction of their designs. This way, the existing customers become able to improve their LTE solutions to carry 5G new Radio (NR) due to this collaboration.

The MT8000A test platform by Anritsu supports the new 5G technologies, such as wideband signal processing and beam firming, which is needed by 5G NR enhance mobile broadband (eMBB). Apart from this, sub-6ghz (FR) and millimeter wave (mmWave) band (FR2) signaling RF tests covering 400 MHZ to 6ghz, also the 28 GHz and 39 GHz 5G NR bands are supported by MT8000A. Both the non-standalone (NSA) and standalone (SA) modes are supported by the MT8000A. It can also be coupled with LTE-A Radio Communication Analyzer MT8821C to provide an upgrade path to 5G for LTE customers. The MT8000A is a 3GPP Release 16-ready and is identified as the most stable, accurate and flexible 5G platform for RF testing in the industry.

Qualcomm Technologies introducing lab for OTA configuration for 5G mmWave:

A 5g mmWave lab and testing facility by Qualcomm, where Sony becomes its first Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) to take the advantage.

Qualcomm Technologies, Inc., a subordinate of Qualcomm Incorporated, has declared an enlargement of its 5G NR testing facilities, to involve a new lab-created for the end-to-end OTA configuration for 5G mmWave.

The new 5G mmWave lab and test facility will be located at the research and development (R&D) center of Qualcomm Technologies, in Farnborough, UK. The Wave Lab and test facility will indicate and assist the capabilities of commercialization of 5G NR mmWave, by allowing OEMs and European operators for testing and fine-tuning the mmWave devices and network configuration.

Qualcomm Technologies and Sony have announced that Sony will be the first OEM to utilize the lab, which is getting launched by 5G R&D facility. A pre-commercial mmWave mobile form factor devices will be provided by Sony, to the facility for capacity, throughput, latency and reliability test of mmWave in multiple deployments scenes.

mmWaves brings huge capacity, multi-Gigabit peak throughput, and low-latency connectivity to smartphones and Laptops for a heavy urban environment, indoor venues, and enterprises. Since 5G has the ability to carry higher data rates for users, it proves to be perfect for utilization in high-density indoor environments including stadiums and shopping centers, as a supporting technology for sub-6 5G utilizations.

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Fibocom selected Keysight’s 5G test solutions 5G RF DVT Toolset:

A 5G network emulation solution will boost the validation of 5G new radio modules (NR) in devices.

Fibocom Wireless Inc., a China-based IoT & Mobile Internet communication company, has selected the 5G network emulation solutions 5G RF DVT Toolset, by Keysight Technologies, Inc. an America-based technology company. The 5G network emulation solutions are subjected to boost development and validation of 5g new radio modules for the PC market.

Fibocom has selected Keysight suite of 5G network emulation solutions, in order to support its goal to supply connected mobile ecosystems with commercial 5G-powered internet of things (IoT) modules. The users can attain rapid validation of device performance and consistency results, by using similar test tools and test cases across the ecosystem. Keysight motives to provide a comprehensive mobile device performance validation capability in OTA test environments by combining its 5G network emulation solution with purpose-built and proven chambers.

OTA tests are important, as it tests the performance of a wireless device, that may degrade due to certain reasons. If the antenna’s that are providing the signal is placed in a miserable condition or the user carries or holds it in a wrong way, the device may suffer low LTE uplink and downlink speeds. Mostly the manufacturers of Internet of Thing (IoT) and M2M device requires OTA certified products as they reduce complexity, reform potentially costly design errors and meet the demands in the global market. The increasing use of IoT and Smart devices are one of the major keys for enlarging the global OTA testing market. Advancing the testing technologies will bring growth to the OTA market.

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New Partnerships And Innovations Taking Mobile Robotics To Next Level



Mobile Robotic

Robots capable of locomotion has always been a dream. Mobile robots are usually controlled by software and use various sensors and gears to identify and move around their surroundings. Mobile robots are a perfect amalgam of artificial intelligence and physical robotics. What’s more, with the advent of AI, mobile robotics can learn more with each step they take.

With one-time fictional concepts such as the delivery robot and self-driving cars are now part of the lives to some extent. Mobile robotics such as unmanned ground, aerial vehicles, and autonomous underwater vehicles are just a couple of examples. According to a research firm, Allied Market Research, the global mobile robotics market is estimated to reach $14.49 billion by 2026 with CAGR of 19.4% from 2019 to 2026. The recent upsurge in demand for mobile logistics by online retailers, the emergence of industry 4.0 in warehouse and logistics would be the major drivers.

Mobile robotics is emerging as a surprise in recent times. Developers are thinking of several novel ways to incorporate it in the system outside the industrial environment in several domains. Moreover, it is now referred to as a fast-evolving and solution-driven industry, involving much more than multiple software and hardware. Recently, the well-known automaker Ford acquired Quantum Signal to develop remote control software. In other news, Fetch Robotics raised colossal funding for mobile robots. The trend of mobile robotics is never-ending. Honeywell, the company that has been incorporating robotics in its ecosystem has now added a few more robots to cut down errors and improve efficiency.

Ford acquired the mobile robotic company

Ford, the American automaker company, recently acquired Quantum Signal, a small Michigan-based mobile robotics company. Quantum Signal has been known for its mobile robots that have clients including the U.S. military. What’s more, the company’s specialty is in developing remote control software for robotic automotive. Quantum Signal is also responsible for highly regarded simulated testing and development environment for autonomous robotic systems.

This is the prime reason behind Ford’s acquisition of Quantum Signal, as the company would help Ford in developing and deploying autonomous cars. In Ford’s blog post, it stated that Ford has been closely monitoring Quantum Signal and the work it has done. Quantum Signal would help Ford to build real-time simulation and algorithms for a driverless-cars control system. Moreover, Ford aims to take helping the hand of Quantum Signal to develop transportation-as-a-service platform along with software and hardware for autonomous vehicles and the platform.

Fetch Robotics bagged huge funding for mobile robots

Fetch Robotics Inc., the California-based company that deploys Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs), recently bagged around $46 million in Series C funding and till date it has raised around $94 million. The company was named as one of the top 10 ROS-based robotics companies in 2019 and had previously raised around $25 million in Series B round in 2017. The round was led by Fort Ross Ventures along with Softbank Capital, O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, Redwood Technologies, TransLink Capital, and Zebra Ventures.

Melonee Wise, the CEO of Fetch Robotics, stated, “Clients have responded well to our unique Cloud Robotics solution and we need to continue growing and improving offering”. According to the CEO, the competitive pressure has never been tougher like today’s age. Moreover, the company’s autonomous mobile robots and cloud platform offer the customers to meet their demands while keeping in financial objectives in check.

Fetch stated the new funding would be used for international expansion and improving capabilities of its Cloud Robotics platform that manages deployment and integration of the company’s AMRs to customer operations. In addition, the platform is expected to analyze the data gathered by AMRs to assist customers in gaining more insights into their operations and more operational efficiency. Along with the announcement of new funding, Fetch introduced new customer, Universal Logistics Holdings, a provider of customized transportation and logistics solutions for Fortune 500 manufacturers as well as retailers.

Honeywell incorporating mobile robotics error-free material handling

Honeywell is keeping its manufacturing processes agile and lean with the help of Mobile Industrial Robots (MiR). Moreover, Honeywell is optimizing workflow by automating the transfer of materials throughout the facility. Honeywell has been using mobile robotics for delivering materials from manufacturing lines to its warehouse, which involves several challenges for robots such as narrow corridors and double fire doors. Now, the company expected to include flexible logistics solution to navigate autonomously and move the robots close to people and for this MiR was the best suitable choice.

Since 2016, Honeywell has upgraded itself in terms of mobile robotics. It has developed a conveyor system for a fully autonomous workflow that involves minimal human interaction. Today, Honeywell has around 15 delivery stations in the production area offered by MiR. This automated workflow has helped eliminate the risk of human errors and the RFID tags and scanners ensure that the robots take products to the correct line.

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A Great Impact Of Spotify Web Player



A Great Impact Of Spotify Web Player

How well do you know Spotify?

Spotify is the well known and worldwide popular music streaming website, founded in 2006, by Daniel EK. Primary it was an audio streaming platform that provides Digital Rights Management (DRM) protected music and podcasts from record labels and music companies. This platform offers two services, the first one is basic and free, with some advertisements or sponsored music videos. On the other hand, you will get some advanced features such as advertisement free and enhanced streaming quality, via paid subscription. Users can browse by parameters such as artist, album, or genre, and can create, edit, and share playlists. At Spotify, you can take pleasure in music and movies go and check out 123movies or Rainierland.

Facts and Figures

  • Spotify was founded in 2006 but world wild launched on 7 October 2008
  • It has over 50 million tracks for accessing, which Spotify offers to its users
  • It provides facilities to all over the globe but mostly, Europe, Americas, Australia, New Zealand, parts of Africa and Asia, and on most contemporary devices, including Windows, macOS, Linux computers, iOS, Android smartphones and tablets
  • it had 232 million monthly active users, including 108 million paying subscribers
  • The company relocated its New York City offices to 4 World Trade Center in September 2018.
  • Half discounted rates for university students

How to listen to online songs on Spotify web Player

If you are very new to Spotify and you are looking for a song or podcast to listen then there might be a little problem. Before accessing any song, you required to login if you are an existing user or if you are new, then simply start with sign up process which may ask email from you. After creating a password, you are good to good and listen to your favorite songs or podcast. App for 

How to add Spotify extension to chrome

Web Player for Spotify is a feature reach player for Spotify. A web player can be downloaded as a stand-alone application on your computer. The Spotify Web Player is supported by Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Opera.

Spotify Partnering with Puma 

Yes, read it right! Spotify music streaming platform is partnered with the sportswear brand Puma to generate exclusive audio material for athletes, this collaboration is accompanied by some soccer players those are Romelu Lukaku, Antoine Griezmann and Luis Suarez create playlists of their favorite songs and also they will be interviewed later.

Crystal Palace F.C. defender Mamadou Sakho will be featured on Spotify. “Sport and culture are intrinsically linked, and this partnership celebrates the pivotal role that music plays for footballers, both on and off the pitch,” said Ruth How, who is the head of marketing and communications at Puma UK, Ireland and Benelux.

One of the best podcast platform

Storytelling is an art that has existed since the human species came into being. Through it, infinite fables have been transmitted around distinct societies. The art of storytelling has been mainly restricted to audio-visual performance in the present era. Consequently, somewhere is missing the enjoyment and happiness of making our own visuals. Spotify web player is the place where you will find thousands of podcasts and in the massive collection more than any other place.

Get Spotify Free Premium (on Android)

Note: “Please download the TutuApp and then install it on your Android devices and please make sure to turn on the Unknown Sources on your Android devices”

If you are using Spotify for a long time and want to try the premium version of Spotify. Below are the steps where you can get it for free.

Step 1. On the main page of TutuApp, search for the Spotify app on the search bar.

Step 2. Install the Spotify Music mod version. After the installation, you will find the Spotify app on your Android device.

Step 4. Firstly, you need to turn on VPN on your Android device and log in with your Spotify account. Then finally you will get the Spotify Premium with unlimited features for free (no jailbreak).

Get Spotify Premium Free (on iPhone)

Step 1. Open Safari and download TweakBox, Install it.

Step 2. Go to the home screen, Open TweakBox app and search for Spotify.

Step 4. Download Spotify Premium free or you may see Spotify++from there.

Step 5. After downloading, Spotify++ , open it. If it shows Untrusted Developers

The message, you need to go to Settings > General > Profiles to trust the developers;

Step 6. Enjoy free Spotify Premium.

Why Spotify web player?

  • Visually appealing user-interface
  • All-in-one radio and music platform
  • Different platform integration

Frequently asked Questions | Spotify web player

Q: Why is my Spotify web player not playing?

A: Generally, after enabling the settings, your browser should be able to load the Spotify Web Player without any problems. … Well, it could be caused by internet connections, Firewall settings or Spotify cache 

Q: Is Spotify Webplayer free?

A: Yes, you can enjoy streaming free music online, the web player works even if you have a free Spotify account.

Q: Did Microsoft buy Spotify?

A: Yes, with the whopping amount of approximately $41.8 billion.


Before closing the post here is the brief, Spotify web player is a platform for online music streaming and it is available worldwide. It consists of content like featured, podcasts, Charts, Genres & Moods, New Releases, and Covers.


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Emerging Information Technology Trends Who Are Here to Stay



tech trend

The IT industry is moving fast. Every second day, we see a new and even more incredible invention and innovation. This fast-paced nature of the Information and technology industry has made it hard to stay updated with every current trend. Regardless of whether you see yourself as an expert of technology trends, you are still missing out on so much. Every next moment, there’s a mind-boggling measure of improvements. So, as to abstain from asking yourself, “how could I miss this?” you must keep your eye on the biggest trends that are driving the eventual fate of IT. Here are only a couple of rising trends to watch out for what lies ahead.

Information Technology Trends

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence uses Machine learning and algorithms to complete tasks without human intervention. AI powered machines remove human efforts and manage the tasks themselves. Organizations are reviving around artificial intelligence in the working environment since it enables representatives to utilize their capacities for the most beneficial tasks, alongside the executives of these shrewd machines for an increasingly effective framework.

Therefore, the number of job openings for candidates who can work around AI is increasing. Companies are also engaging their employees in ML, AI, and ITIL certification training to work better around IT infrastructure. Many organizations are adopting the AI nature of the businesses and using AI to run their projects. This has not only helped them in cost-cutting for hiring more employees for the same task but also have reduced human errors.

Cyber Security

The increased number of data breaches and cyber-attacks have made the importance of planning and attaining cybersecurity for an organization a necessity. Today, each individual and organization is focusing on cybersecurity. Therefore, it has become crucial for companies to create a cybersecurity policy and every employee should follow the policy as well. Even clients and customers now approach companies with well-defined cybersecurity strategy. To be able to achieve better results, companies should hire more cybersecurity experts, enroll their employees in getting cybersecurity and other IT certifications, and implement the cyber-attacks proof infrastructure.

AR and VR

Augmented reality and Virtual reality are other big technology trends in the IT industry. Today, AR and VR technology are becoming prominent. Let us talk about both separately,

  • Virtual Reality: Virtual reality products are getting to be predominant. The software of virtual reality is making numerous enterprises ready for different situations before entering them. Virtual instructional courses for organizations can not only cut costs but also fill in the requirement for the workforce, and increased training. That’s why virtual-reality experts will be in intense interest in the job market in the IT industry. Specific fields are the primary spots where virtual reality has gotten on, however, specialists venture it will turn out to be increasingly material to other innovative advances.
  • Augmented Reality: Augmented reality is a progressively adaptable and practical approach of virtual reality, as it doesn’t completely submerge people. Augmented reality highlights intuitive situations that upgrade this present reality with pictures and sounds that provide a changed and whole new experience.

Big Data

The word “Big Data” wouldn’t come as a surprise to the people working in the IT field. This trend has been in the IT industry for quite a while now and it seems like it is not going anywhere any soon. Previously, only the bigger organizations were working on big data analysis. However, now it is more or less in-demand for organizations of every size.

With the help of big data, it has become very easy to locate the important data and data repository and project management have become super simple. Also, the collection of big data and its analysis has also become easy and is consistently improving. All of this has only added to the importance of big data and made it a surviving trend. This has also opened many job opportunities for experts with their specialty around big data.


Since the introduction of bitcoins, blockchain has become one of the biggest IT technology trends. It is a safe way of managing data and this trend will only be growing and gaining popularity in the next few years. Blockchain system let you add data without affecting the pre-existing data from the system. Therefore, companies are inclining towards blockchain since they can’t face any loss of shared data, especially when working on the cloud. Blockchain also offers data security during the transaction and presents a simple and painless transaction process to customers and suppliers.

Wearable Technology

Another big trend in the IT industry is wearable technology. Medical tools, smartwatches, fitness devices, and wristbands are all the example of wearable technologies. Undoubtedly, all these things have already become quite popular and it seems like this trend will only get stronger in the future. Therefore, it has become a good way for organizations to shift towards building and working for wearable tech. These things are not just affordable, but also easily assessable, promotes security, and more functioning too.

Internet of things

The IoT i.e. Internet of Things has made human lives easier by introducing driverless cars, smart cities, smart homes, voice control devices, and more. Thence, Iota has become another big trend of the IT industry. It has brought Wi-Fi and network-integrated devices like home appliances, cars, watches, become accessible to almost everyone.  These IoT products allow people to turn on and off the home appliances, sending a text, calling loved ones, functioning of the car, and more without adding any human effort. All you need to do is to command the device and it will perform the function for you.

Cloud Computing

To be honest, cloud computing is not new. It has been trending for a while now and is surely going to stay. Today, more and more organizations are saving and sharing their important information on the cloud. Numerous organizations have already embraced and even executed cloud computing for interaction among employees and clients. Organizations are now utilizing this degree of virtualization; however, they will further grasp it in the year to come. Less establishment crosswise over organization PCs is another positive aftereffect of cloud computing in light of the fact that the Internet enables direct access to shared data.

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How to Make Money through a Sports app?



sports app development

If you are a sports-loving person with a vast knowledge of different games like cricket, soccer or any other and you want to make some earning with it, then there are many sports smartphone applications available in the android app list to choose. There are some rules and regulations to follow and you can cash your gaming knowledge to win some quiz or manual games. This is the most populated era for sports app development, and you can draw the attention of millions of users to play in your app. So, there are some tricks to make your app more attractive to earn money from it. Let’s discuss the theme in this article. 

Live Streaming Videos: This is the most valid reason why 90% of sports lovers download and install sports applications from the web store. If you can give that facility to the people who cannot hook into the TV to watch their favorite sports and get the updated score, then you can draw their attention to download your app. After having a healthy amount of users, you can make money from the affiliate advertising on your live streaming screen.  

Prediction Match Games: There are so many ardent fans from various sports events like football, cricket, basketball, TT, tennis and more who is ready to pay some small fees to join a prediction matching game before the event starts. They will have some chance to win attractive gifts, tickets or coupons. If you can set such contests by planning with your sports app developers, then this could be a serious opportunity to earn a healthy amount of money. But you need to plan it powerfully in a proper way and time.

Go with Robust Marketing Plan and Tools: If earning money is your key motto, then you need to hire some high-quality marketing agents who can enhance your business’s profitability and opportunities. You need to use elegant marketing tools to promote your app in various sporting clubs and fan clubs to make it popular.

Live Posting Access: People always love to post an update in a live match for their friends to inform them about the current math situation. So, if you allow them to do it with an easy option, then they will love to use your app and recommend their friends about it. You can be popular enough to make money through block advertisements in your posting wall or writing box. 

Even after developing with some good and attracting features in your sports application, you need to consider some significant factors before you are going to launch this in the digital world to make fruitful revenue from it.

Location-based Sports: The location of sports is still the key aspect of any sports app nowadays. You need to find out the most popular sports according to a country to make it popular among the users. For example, if you want to develop a cricket app, then it is better to launch it in India, Pakistan or Bangladesh to make it a trendy one among the cricket lovers. For soccer, you need to focus on the European and South American continent. Otherwise, it will take a long time to make a healthy user database in your application. 

User’s Demand: How much money you are going to earn from your sports application depends on the demand of its users. That is why you need to survey the market carefully before investing money on any app development work. There are lots of sports applications that earn highly in this digital market. You just need to follow those apps to get some useful ideas about their activities and performance.

You also need to search out for your targeted audience who are going to make your app popular among their friend’s circle. There are two types of sports app you can find on the internet, Dedicated Apps and Aggregator Apps. Dedicated apps are specially designed to promote only one team to enhance their fan base. If you are a big fan of Manchester United FC then you can build an app to promote the team to the world and inform the new users about its great players and achievements. 

In Aggregator Apps, you need to offer comprehensive information and updates about various teams in a single application. You can feed about upcoming matches, tournaments, stadiums, tickets, where to find a discount option in tickets, etc. There are also some Must Having Features you need to know before start developing an app like this which are:

Language Option:  You need to include language choosing alternatives to make it highly supportive of different countries. Like, if you are targeting India then you need to include English and Hindi for the users to read. 

Instant Updated NEWS: Your mobile app should have instantly updated the news section to draw the attention of its users. The information needs to be presented in an easy, short and attractive way with easy-to-read content and pictures. It will be great if you can use push notification to catch their glance. 

Sports Betting: You can include some betting option button in your app after checking all the legal possibilities as per government and state government rules and regulations. Betting is one of the most popular ways to make quick money from your application.

A Hassle-free Handling and Access: Smoothness of a mobile application is the most vital factor to make it popular and to earn plenty of revenue from it. If your users got stuck to handle your app, then no-one will sign-up to play games in your app. So, ask your developer to create it easy to access and include a quick swiping facility for the users.


Earning money by developing a sports app is not an easy job in this highly competitive digital market. So, you need to be very careful about these factors while working on it. These tips and tricks can help you to fulfill your earning dream from a sports app. 

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