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WATCH: Captain Marvel Trailer 2 is Here and it’s Mindboggling!



WATCH: Captain Marvel Trailer 2 is here and it’s mindboggling!
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And here it is after a long long wait! Captain Marvel official full trailer has arrived now and it’s just mindboggling. Marvel Studios released the trailer a few hours ago, online on YouTube. Brie Larson shines in full force and it will make you really anticipated for the film.

The trailer video starts with a train sequence where Brie Larson’s Captain Marvel aka Carol Danvers (who’s a Kree herself) punches a Skrull who’s disguised as an old lady! Then the scenes shift from there, in a back-and-forth manner, also showing some elaborated sequences this time from the first teaser trailer.


We also see Samuel L. Jackson’s Nick Fury, having an interesting interaction with her throughout the trailer, in the background. She tells him about her team of ‘nobel warrior heroes’, after which we are shown its members also which were seen in the first teaser too.

Nick Fury also seems skeptical in a scene where he asks Carol whether she knows how to fly a plane, to which she replies, “Yes”.

Then we also hear another voice telling Carol about her past and if she wants to know all about it. It seems this is Jude Law’s character of Captain Mar-vell. There are flashbacks in between. There is also Ben Mendelsohn’s Talos, a Skrull, in a sequence.

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And eventually, we see Captain Marvel’s full-fledged avatar in her classic red, blue and yellow costume, and is all charged up with her powers in entirety, and she says to Nick Fury, “I am not going to fight your war, I am going to end it.”

Eventually, Carol is then seen fighting with the Skrulls again in her full armored mode and she looks incredible and super-heroic in every way possible.

But there is also a surprise at the end of the trailer, which was absolutely inevitable and turned out really cute. For that, you have to watch the trailer now. Watch it here and drop your reactions in the comments section below.

Captain Marvel releases on March 8th, 2019 and is directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck.

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