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US Officials Arrest Notorious Honduran Murderer In Migrant Caravan



US authorities arrested a notorious convicted murderer who was part of the Honduran migrant caravan, according to a Department of Homeland Security statement.

USA authorities collared a widely known started guilty awesome that came from the Honduran migrant campers, according to a Department of Homeland Security affirmation.

Authorities subjected the incredible was a Honduran across the country that was penalized to 16 years behind bars in his native country, before he was introduced in addition to travelled north in the migrant campers, before illegally crossing the U.S.A. border.

Limit Patrol reps collared a started guilty awesome from Honduras Saturday night after he illegally entered into the U.S.A. with numerous other individuals of the migrant campers,” according to a DHS statement.

San Diego Area Principal Patrol Agent Rodney Scott specified the started guilty incredible as “ dangerous” in addition to stated many thanks to the Honduran Consular workplace in Los Angeles for helping USA authorities acknowledge the widely known criminal.

” It was Limit Patrol reps’ campaign in addition to valued partnership with the Honduran Consular Workplace in Los Angeles that aided us acknowledge a hazardous started guilty wrongdoer transferring amongst the migrant campers.

The DHS affirmation earnings:

” Reps discovered documents recommending amongst the individuals, 46 year-old Miguel Angel Ramirez, was simply lately introduced from prison in Honduras. “Ramirez in the future admitted he was collared in addition to started guilty for murder in Honduras in addition to was introduced merely 4 months ago … “The San Diego Area Limit Patrol’s Foreign Operations Branch sustained the individual’s admission with the Honduran Consular Workplace in Los Angeles in addition to discovered that Ramirez supplied 16 years in a Honduran prison for his criminal task.”

The details is one of the most as much as day effect to the liberal tale that the migrant campers has great deals of ladies in addition to young people removing fascism in their house country.

President Trump in addition to the DHS have really been warning that the campers is actually packed with kids of managing age, a lot of whom have rap sheets, nonetheless conventional media has really chosen to handle the leftist positioning in addition to shoot down these truths.

According to the Daily Client, DHS similarly remembered that “ the numerous other 2 individuals collared, ages 22 in addition to 38 were Honduran nationals.

” Amongst those individuals was previously deported.

Numerous major Americans are currently making their methods to the U.S.A. within the campers with some presently in Tijuana waiting to cross the border.

The vacationers indicate to insist asylum by proclaiming “respectable stress and anxiety” in the U.S.A. to take advantage of a triviality which allows them to remain to remain in the country primarily unmolested for months in addition to sometimes years.

The expression of “respectable stress and anxiety” in addition to numerous other “magic words” by vacationers triggers treatments of UNITED STATE asylum guideline that require adjudication before a court.

The years-long treatment of adjudication placements an extra problem for authorities when it worries the concern of these vacationers, particularly those that turn up as part of a household.

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NYC ‘Marxist Mayor’ De Blasio: Churches that offer religious services could be ‘closed forever’



NYC 'Marxist Mayor' De Blasio: Churches that offer religious services could be 'closed forever'

Bill de Blasio, a democratic mayor of New York City, vowed to indefinitely shutter churches and bar them from conducting services if they did not comply with the government’s recommendations on coronavirus.

The far-left mayor said that while “we need our confidence in this time of crisis,” he allowed the NYPD to “disperse” congregations of worshippers and would not hesitate to order the building to be permanently closed.

“So, I want to say to all those who are planning the opportunity for religious services this weekend — if you go to your temple, if you go to your church and attempt to perform services after you have been told too much not to do so, our law enforcement officers would have no choice but to close down those services,” de Blasio said.

“I’m not doing that with much happiness. It’s the last thing I’d like to do, because I understand how important people’s religions are to them, and we need our spirituality in this time of crisis, but we don’t need meetings that can place us at risk, “he said.

“No practice of faith endorses something that endangers the members of that religion,” de Blasio said.

“So, the NYPD, the Fire Department, the Buildings Department, and everyone has been instructed that if they see worship services going on, they will go to the officials of that congregation and inform them that they need to stop the services and disperse.” “If that doesn’t happen, they will take further action to the point of fines and potentially shut down the building permanently,” de Blasio conti.

“Once again, that’s going to continue this weekend. Again, I’m sorry I have to tell you this, but anyone who hears this should take it seriously, “said the mayor.

“You have been warned; you need to interrupt programs, help people exercise their religion in various ways, but not in crowds, not in meetings that might place people at risk.”

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De Blasio Attempts To ‘Permanently’ Close Churches Seeking to Offer Religious Services



De Blasio Attempts To 'Permanently' Close Churches Seeking to Offer Religious Services

There are also civil liberties concerns as to whether widespread closures in American society to counter coronavirus dissemination are allowed under the Constitution. That said, there has been a grudging consensus that it has to be done, at least to the point that there has been no significant legal opposition to the numerous lockout measures across the United States.

However, I don’t really know what to do with the danger by New York Mayor Bill de Blasio to “permanently” close down every place of worship that seeks to serve in the face of a citywide moratorium on gatherings.

Yeah, if the congregation wants to work, says the mayor, you will do well.

“If you go to your synagogue, if you go to your church and continue to hold services, despite being advised too much not to do so, our law enforcement officers will have no choice but to close down those services,” de Blasio said Friday, according to a transcript from the news conference.

“I’m not doing that with much happiness. This is the last thing I would like to do, because I understand how important people’s religions are to them, and in this moment of turmoil, we need our religion. But we don’t need meetings that would place people at risk.

“There is no tradition of religion that endorses something that endangers the leaders of the community. So, NYPD, Fire Department, Buildings Department, everybody has been told that if they see religious services going on, they will go to the authorities of the church, they will tell them that they need to interrupt the service and leave. “And if they continue to serve until fines are given, well, poof. De Blasio said the penalties should be the first line of action. Let’s hope that will allow the congregations to stop meeting.

“If that doesn’t work, they’ll take punitive measures to the point of fines and eventually close down the building indefinitely,” he said.

De Blasio: churches and synagogues conducting religious services could be permanently closing—Matthew Schmitz (@matthewschmitz) March 29, 2020 Most of the places of worship in New York City are performing their services online, if at all, and locking down their doors, according to Politico. Still not any of them.

“Unfortunately, a limited number of religious groups, specific churches and specific synagogues do not pay heed to this guideline even if it is so universal,” de Blasio said.

“You were alerted. You’re going to need to interrupt services. Support people express their religion in many ways, but not in crowds, not in meetings that can place others at risk. “Yeah, there is no safer way for recalcitrant religion organizations now conducting services in the wake of a moratorium on mass events to stop than to say,” You have been warned. “There is no doubt that the First Amendment’s protection of religious freedom is powerful — too much so.

“There is little in the legislation or precedent to create a general and unilateral declaration of ‘state of emergency’ as an undisputed authority,” Hall wrote in Op-Ed for The Western Newspaper. “There is still nothing in the statute or tradition to justify a limit on the number of persons who can meet in a church, for health purposes or otherwise, as a justification for violating the constitutional right to freedom of worship.” Yet another First Amendment expert, Eugene Volokh, told The Associated Press that the facts surrounding the coronavirus explosion are murky in the seas.

If religious groups argued that they were being called out for special treatment, it would be one thing, Volokh, a law professor at the University of California, Los Angeles, told the AP.

Do you think the government should have the authority to ban the churches from meeting to discourage the coronavirus from spreading?

“But if, for reasons entirely unrelated to the religiosity of conduct, you are only putting the same pressure on everybody, it is likely to be acceptable,” he said.

Of example, it’s not clear if de Blasio’s comment was fully thought out. I would strongly doubt any church who has managed to meet in person in the wake of the coronavirus pandemic.

However, despite the questionable legal existence of any regulation restricting the right of speech, how can any official excuse indefinitely closing down a place of worship or a congregation, no matter how ill-informed their decision to start meeting in person was.

And in terms of things being counter-productive, if you’re going to face a court battle over a series of orders given by state and municipal officials in the last few weeks, the legal challenge of ending the right of a religious group to worship in perpetuity is the nearest you can get to a slam-dunk litigation argument.

What part of U.S. case law makes de Blasio believe this is going to come before the courts? We may be in terra nova because of the coronavirus epidemic, but the first amendment also holds here and closing down a school, synagogue or mosque indefinitely does not appear to align with it. Moreover, if anything comes before the court and the injunctive relief is issued, what is to guarantee that other organizations and people do not use it to reverse other state and municipal coronavirus orders? If this occurs, de Blasio could do a disservice of cataclysmic proportions to the cause of public safety.

So even though they’re not toppled — is that actually what de Blasio’s incompetent government needs to waste its time in court talking about? Whether or not the municipal council has the power to effectively extinguish a religious community?

It won’t sound as good in court as it does at a press conference — especially as the coronavirus issue comes to an end, but the ban on the congregation meeting won’t come under de Blasio’s attack. That will be petty dictatorship, pure and simple, in the middle of the coronavirus crisis.

I don’t believe that’s what de Blasio said at all, however, as he could be seen to say something of considerable severity.

This was another politician in front of a camera, trying to look tough. Here we have another public official who imagines himself in the chaos of Aaron Sorkin, who fixes yet another question by doing or doing something dramatic (if not legally sound).

My guess is that we don’t have to think about de Blasio really going through what he said on Friday. The Mayor can have his moment of President Bartlet’s cosplay as soon as anyone with the law chops took him aside after the press conference and said, “Ah, yeah, but about the closure of the church, Mr. Mayor …” There is, of course, the awful chance that de Blasio is crazy enough to follow ahead with this, however. After all, he personally launched a failed presidential nominating bid, operating under the misapprehension that what Americans were really calling for in a president was a bland mayor of the nation’s largest city. (Thanks to de Blasio, his misapprehension was significantly less costly than that of the other man in the sector who made the same mistake.) Had de Blasio wanted to do that, it might not only end up in litigation, it would be the beginning of a legal avalanche that hinders the ability of the state and local governments to handle coronavirus.

Any way, it is a heavy-handed challenge that is almost definitely illegal and does nothing but damage credibility and confidence in Gotham’s ability to deal with COVID-19.

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Trump’s Trying To ‘Take Over’ San Francisco Slum From ‘Sick Dog’ Pelosi Following Her Coronavirus Attack



Trump's Trying To 'Take Over' San Francisco Slum From 'Sick Dog' Pelosi Following Her Coronavirus Attack

President Trump lashed out at House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for questioning his reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, calling her a “sick puppy.” “In my experience, she’s a sick puppy. “She has a lot of issues,” Trump said on Monday morning’s “Fox & Friends” interview after being asked to respond to Pelosi’s criticism of his coronavirus response the day before.

The President has indicated that the federal government could take over the San Francisco slum area.

RT reports: Trump tried to smoke against Pelosi later when he blasted her for “playing the investigation game” and being dominated by “hard left” including New York Congresswoman and Green New Deal leader Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Pelosi has consistently criticized Trump’s response to the coronavirus outbreak, including saying over the weekend that the administration’s delay in getting equipment like ventilators and medical masks to state that they need them is “deadly.” The House Speaker also claims that the President did not take the virus seriously early enough, and his delayed “cost American lives” response.

The president’s most revealing criticism came when he doubled back to Pelosi and indicated that the federal government would “take over” the “slum” district of San Francisco, an economically depressed city that has been afflicted with allegations of an out-of-control homeless problem in recent years, as well as streets polluted with heroin needles and human feces.

“The federal government, we should get involved and take over the place and clean it up,” Trump said. “It’s such a mess, it’s too bad, and still she’s going to sit there and whine.”

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Lawmaker Die of Alleged Coronavirus Complications Following Denial of Medical Attention for Days



Lawmaker Die of Alleged Coronavirus Complications Following Denial of Medical Attention for Days

Michigan state senator has died of alleged coronavirus complications.

Democratic State Rep. Isaac Robinson, 44, of Detroit, died on Sunday, according to WXYZ.

Robinson’s mother, former state Rep. Rose Mary C. Robinson, said the congressman had had trouble coughing, but had declined hospitalization.

She said he had not been checked for coronavirus before being transported to the hospital by ambulance on Sunday, according to Crain’s Detroit Company.

It is with a heavy heart that we express our condolences to the family and friends of Rep. Isaac Robinson.

Robinson was a strong advocate of the societies he had represented. He gave a voice to the people of his district and advocated hard with all Michiganders.

He’s going to be missing.—Michigan Democrats (@MichiganDems) March 30, 2020 “I called EMS, they brought him to Reception at 6 a.m. And he was dead by 11, “she said to Crain.

“He wouldn’t be returning to the er. I’ve been saying for the past three days. I kept thinking, ‘You’re going to go to the clinic, go to the hospital.’ Of course, he resisted.'”A tough man, “she said.

Prior to his death, Robinson sponsored a series of bills to help constituents deal with the effect of COVID-19 on their financial well-being.

“The effect of this pandemic is being ravaged by working families and students in my district who have already been affected by high auto insurance rates. Any case that is cancelled brings my constituents ‘livelihoods into question, “he said in mid-March, according to the Metro Times.

Are you thinking about the coronavirus?

Michigan had 5,489 confirmed coronavirus cases as of Monday, according to Johns Hopkins. There were 132 virus-related deaths in Michigan, 56 of which occurred in Wayne County, including Detroit.

“It is with deep sorrow that I announce the death of Rep. Isaac Robinson, who was a strong voice for his neighborhood and constituents,” said Michigan House Democratic Leader Christine Greig in a tweet. “Our entire Democratic Caucus is saddened by the loss of our comrade and extends our heartfelt condolences to his family and friends.” Many on Twitter thanked Robinson after his passing.

I am deeply devastated and still in shock at the passing away of Rep. Isaac Robinson. He was so concerned about social rights, environmental sustainability and cultural rights. He was still speaking up for people. His intense activism has also been ignored.

Sending love to your mates.

—Stephanie Chang (@stephanielily) 30 March 2020 Michigan Rep. Isaac Robinson, who died of alleged Coronavirus infection, spent the last weeks of his life crusading “for employees affected by Coronavirus layoffs.” Let’s mourn @repWIR, a valiant decent comrade in the fight for cultural, social and racial justice. https:/—John Nichols (@NicholsUprising) 30 March 2020 Last week, Democratic State Rep. Tyrone Carter of Detroit tested positive for the virus.

“Physically, I’m all right,” Carter said to Crain’s Sunday, but noted that he was “devastated” by Robinson’s death.

“I’m on the way to rehabilitation,” Carter said. “Mentally, this one took the wind out of me. Detroit has just defeated a fighter.

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Dr. Ron Paul hits the nail on the head in an interview with No-Nonsense Coronavirus



Dr. Ron Paul hits the nail on the head in an interview with No-Nonsense Coronavirus

Dr. Ron Paul, a former Republican Congressman from Texas and a three-time presidential hopeful, argues that America’s reaction to the coronavirus pandemic is being used to bloat government expenditures and expand political control.

Paul is best known for his liberal views — he was elected President of the Liberty Party in 1988—and mistrust of the Federal Reserve, the central bank of the United States.

But in an interview with the editor of the Wealth Analysis Company, Lior Gantz, posted Friday on YouTube, Paul went a step further, calling new steps to monitor the spread of COVID-19 a “grab bag” for those in government.

Paul, a physician, acknowledged that the coronavirus pandemic was alarming, and he certainly recognized the severity of the situation as his own friend, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul, was in quarantine after having tested positive for the virus on March 22.

What Ron Paul said he was worried about is that those in government have exaggerated the risk and answer to their own political advantage.

“I think it’s blown out of proportion to the risk,” Paul said to Gantz.

“Some people tend to profit from problems like this, politicians who want more political authority and more influence over politicians who want to get major budgets to get their special agreements signed, because that’s what’s going on now,” Paul said of the coronavirus reaction from federal and state governments. “It’s a pack for grabs. “This is seen as an reason for those who have a special desire to use it. I think that’s unfortunate. “As of Monday, 29 states were put under” stay at home “rules, limiting residents ‘ability to get together, do business or even be out on the streets in an attempt to curtail the spread of coronavirus.

There is no limit in sight of these drastic measures, with President Donald Trump revealing on Sunday that social distancing measures had been extended of 30 April.

As a result of current constraints, jobless claims have risen to five times the previous level as companies are shut down or limited across America in the sense of increased social distancing.

To minimize the impact, Trump signed the Coronavirus Aid, Relief and Economic Protection Act on Friday.

“I just signed the CARES Act, the single greatest economic stimulus package in American history — twice the size of any stimulus bill ever passed,” the president said on Twitter after the bill was signed. “At $2.2 trillion, this bill would provide desperately needed relief to our nation’s families, employees, and industries.” I recently signed the CARES Act, the single greatest economic stimulus package in American history – twice as big as any stimulus bill ever passed. About $2.2 trillion, this bill would offer desperately needed support for our nation’s citizens, workers, and industries. # CARESAct https:/—Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) 27 March 2020 Though in some ways this legislation was entirely appropriate to account for the harm immediately done by the government’s pandemic controls, Paul said the economic collapse was a hold-up to current issues.

“I think there’s so much worry about the possible risk of coronavirus, and too little consideration and a real sense of why we’re in a very poor economic situation,” he said.

Paul has long criticized the power of the Federal Reserve and wrote a 2009 treatise called ‘Stop the Fed.’ As recently as August 2019 in his column for the Ron Paul Foundation, Paul cautioned that interest rate cuts and printing money were continuing the errors of the 2008 financial crisis.

In addition to the strong federal spending on the coronavirus relief program, the Federal Reserve reduced interest rates to 0 per cent on 15 March.

“It’s unlikely, it’s not going to fix the issues,” Paul said of budget stimulus and interest rate cuts, “and we’ve got so much borrowing, too much debt, too much inflation, too much coercion, too much drive for zero interest rates, because that’s what they’re doing.

“They fix the problem by investing even more, publishing even more, and bringing interest rates below zero, and they believe that’s going to solve the problem, but it’s not.” Do you agree with Ron Paul?

What Paul said is true — some of these problems were in effect even before the coronavirus appeared in the United States. He also pointed out astutely that this kind of crisis can easily be used to expand the strength and reach of policy.

While he is right to be cynical of government financial actions, the recession is unique in that much of the destruction was triggered by direct orders from federal and state governments. The response, then, must be to balance the government by fixing its own wrongs by not going any further.

Governments are, by their design, vulnerable to stagnation, and the people in charge are, by extension, desirous of greater influence over their constituents. It is also crucial that this crisis will not become an opportunity for all of us to run amok.

The coronavirus is certainly a serious threat, but it is important that the government is not allowed to grow unregulated in power and spending as a result.

Even after the last sanctions have been lifted and the final big epidemic has ended, America will be faced with the international implications. It is of the utmost importance to reconcile both the need to keep America safe and the need to keep America free.

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Shipping Containers Poised to Solve COVID-19 Hospital Housing Shortage



three squared

::: To efficiently and effectively resolve hospital bed and hospital staff housing deficits nationwide, cargo architecture firm Three Squared designs two custom-outfitted mobile shipping container units—one housing multiple hospital beds for patients, another for housing attending medical staff—complete with electrical and full bathrooms :::


Photo Copyright Three Squared Inc.

Amid throngs of daily reports lamenting the critical lack of hospital beds and similar space shortage concerns for morgues in the wake of COVID-19, with makeshift tents being erected on both fronts as a short-term “BAND-AID,” one company has been think-tanking what could be a hugely viable solution for all. Detroit-based cargo architecture firm Three Squared, whose steel cargo containers are typically used for innovative multifamily and mixed-use housing applications, is now proffering its state-of-the-art cargo container dwellings not only as relief units for hospital and morgue/mortuary overflow, but also as appropriately-appointed and climate-controlled housing units for doctors and nurses needing to stay close to those patients.

“Amid the crisis, we’ve been refocusing our residential lodging efforts to instead resolve the current hospital housing crisis,” notes Leslie Horn, CEO of Three Squared. “In consultation with several doctors who’ve shared front-line problems and needs in relation, and through concerted efforts to rally and align with other builders in the shipping container sector, we’ve identified two distinct gaps in hospital housing and successfully devised two specialized solutions to wholly resolve these needs.”

According to Horn, Three Squared’s first solution would provide direct and immediate relief for those hospitals facing a bed shortage. Specifically, a mobile cargo unit that is delivered via truck, hooked up to temporary plumbing and power, set on temporary foundations, and covered with a temporary tent structure. Each unit contains two hospital beds, also with a central bathroom with running water. The bathroom also has an exterior door so that doctors and nurses can decontaminate before leaving the unit at any time—a feature suggested by one of the consulting doctors.

Another doctor Three Squared consulted with voiced concern around the shortage of temporary housing for doctors and nurses who need to so stay close by patients while also maintaining necessary social distancing protocols. Thus, the company’s second proposed solution involves shipping container units set up in a similar fashion for use as the hospital staff relief—temporary housing for medical staff located near the patient hospital bed cargo units.

“After the pandemic has run its course and the hospital patient and staff-use shipping container structures have achieved their objectives, the cargo units will be picked back up and delivered to a final ‘afterlife’ resting place as housing for homeless, veterans, disaster relief, college dormitories, food growing operations and more. They can also be easily stacked and stand ‘at-the-ready’ to assist in future disaster relief efforts,” Horn notes.

States from coast to coast are facing the reality of hospital and morgue space shortages. As these facilitates scramble to increase capacity, even employing options that present a myriad of downsides and even added challenges, Horn asserts that it’s imperative for the solution to this issue be one that not only can be deployed quickly, but also effectively for however long it needs to be utilized.

“Three Squared’s extensive knowledge and experience in building with standard ISO shipping containers allows us to pivot our focus from affordable multifamily housing structures to fill this immediate medical need, promptly and most efficaciously,” Horn said. “Our particularized craft of architecture has the ability to expedite the construction process and get temporary and even permanent buildings to high need areas in less than half the time as conventional methods. This speed is key for meeting these demands and is one of the key advantages of cargo architecture.”

Not only that, Horn also indicated that the company has devised a streamlined process from design, budgeting and bidding, all the way through fabrication and delivery. With current operations, its team reportedly has the capability to acquire, modify and deliver two shipping container units per week—also with the highly scalable option to ramp up production to meet increased needs, as necessary.

Horn also underscored that, as a company, Three Squared continues to seek feedback and opportunity for collaboration to assist those tirelessly working to care for patients and manage the current COVID-19 healthcare crisis. “We understand that buildings of any scale are the product of no one person, but rather the efforts of many people working together to create the best possible functionality,” she said. “Our staff is devoted to being good stewards and use our residential housing skills, knowledge and experience to do anything we can to help support healthcare workers during these unprecedented times.”

Given Three Squared’s sustainable and eco-friendly housing units are billed as being “faster, stronger and more energy efficient”—and considering the specialized adaptations mentioned above—this cargo architecture company just might have devised the definitive quick fix to stave off this seemingly imminent disaster.


As the Executive Editor and Producer of “The Luxe List,” Merilee Kern, MBA is an internationally-regarded brand analyst, strategist and futurist. As a prolific branding and marketplace trends pundit, Merilee spotlights noteworthy industry innovators, change makers, movers and shakers. This includes field experts and thought leaders, brands, products, services, destinations and events across all categories. Connect with her at / Instagram / Twitter / Facebook / LinkedIN


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Coronavirus: Millions of Chinese people are raised against lockdown



Coronavirus: Millions of Chinese people are raised against lockdown
  • The Communist Regime in Hubei province placed lock-down conditions on China – a ground zero for the coronavirus epidemic – have protested strongly.

The original epicenter for the pandemic is Hubei’s capital Wuhan.

After weeks of curfew, thousands of furious people took to the streets.

The shutdown, as the Chinese government says that Hubei infections have fallen to zero, is technically lifted.

In videos shared on social media people flood over the Bridge, tip over police vehicles and rush over barriers for antimicrobial control: reports: According to the above-mentioned Twitter page of ‘Stuff China You Do Not Want to Learn,’ rumours that a clash between Hubei and Jiangxi police officers has caused an unbelievable tragedy. The Hubei Police have reportedly become upset with Jiangxi’s passing of policemen.

Some of the Hubei police officers seem to have joined the civilian protestors in their march into Jiangxi and naturally raised few objections as they wanted to shell some Jiangxi police vehicles and club anti-missile police with their own shields.

Noted Chinese dissident Badiucao heard reports that the war broke out, leading to the police opposition of Jiangxi police to open Hubei border despite Wednesday’s official lock-out. Badiucao notes that “no one believes in the official statistics” of Hubei coronavirus infections, not even in police, because of their reluctance.

After 8 hours of escalating confrontations, Radio Free Asia (RFA) announced that the protest was going strong: the Jiangxi police at a bridge checkspoint allowed an emigrant workers stranded when they were locked but declined to allow the people of Hubei to go there.

When a angry fight broke out, police in Jiangxi deployed riot police to block Jiujiang’s entrance.

Hundreds of people marching down the bridge approach road, watching the uniformed Hubei police face to back, shouting “Go Hubei! Go Hubei!-Go Hubei! “A Hubei citizen told RFAs from the province that they are still being stigmatized and discriminated against because in some other areas of China they are not being accepted and harshly treated even though they have exposure.

On Friday morning, RFA announced the outbreak of a bridge war, after Jiangxi Police “injected Hubei Police in the morning,” which reflected indignation at the care they got during the epidemic of coronavirus.

Globe and Mail of Canada cited an official from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) weeping in a loudspeaker and telling them it was “dangerous” to get to the bridge because of the “risk of contamination with a virus,” but the advice was not widely heeded.

“The people of Hubei have done a lot of research and have made a valuable contribution to winning the war against the disease.” The Communist Party has made an important paper on the bridge crisis and though social media posts were scrubbed, labeling it as “regrettable.” People from all walks of life have called for Hubei migrant workers to be admitted. It is evident, however, that certain residents in some regions have purposely or unconsciously discriminated against Hubei and built obstacles for Hubei to return to work, “writes the People’s Daily.

The World Health Organisation and other US media outlets have expressed increasing doubt about the CCP’s assertion to have been containing the outbreak by quoting health officials who have acknowledged thousands of asymptomatic patients routinely removed from official accounts for generating the number of the “zero local infections.” However, the number of cremated remains announced by the authorities to mourning families this week is considerably higher than the 3,200 confirmed CCP deaths.

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The JFK Arts Center Dems has worked too hard to avoid paying for the National Orchestra:



The JFK Arts Center Dems has worked too hard to avoid paying for the National Orchestra:

The conductor of the National Symphony orchestra at the John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington, D.C., on Jan 31, 2019, Gianandrea Noseda gestures through the Getty Images. Andrew Caballero-Renolds / AFP gestures. The John F. Kennedy Performing Arts Center told the National Symphony Orchestra leaders that they should not be paid more hours because President Donald Trump had signed a US$ 25 million bailout for the Centre. (Andrew Caballero-Renolds / AFP via Getty Images)

The artists will no longer collect paychecks after April 3, according to an email obtained by the Washington Free Beacon.

“Yesterday, after our meeting with Deborah Rutter, the Covid-19 Advisory Committee was broadcasted,” the email reads. “This is Mrs. Rutter has brusquely told us today that the last payment will arrive on April 3 for musicians and librarians, but we won’t collect pay again until the Center re-openes. “The email was sent just hours after the $2 trillion Coronavirus Funding, Aid and Economic Protection Act was signed by President Donald Trump.

Democrats put 25 million dollars in the CARES act for taxpayers ‘funds for the Kennedy Center, as they had originally announced before they gained Trump’s endorsement.

According to the Hill, “I’m a fan of that.” “Because I’m too much too tired, I didn’t waste time there. The funds were to be invested to “cover operating expenses needed to guarantee the stability of the John F. Kennedy Center for Performeing Arts and its affiliates, particularly for staff salaries and pensions, loans, contracts, leasing fees or utilities facilities. The funds were to be utilized to ensure that the John F. Kennedy Centers and its affiliates were able to afford to operate for themselves.

The e-mail added that members of the orchestra would proceed as their last April 3 search.

“It’s a shock to all of you as we get it,” read the email.

As the center was to get support from the Government, an unnamed veteran musician said to the Washington Free Beacon that the decision “blinds” musicians.

“We [are] very dishonest to get money and kill us later,” said the singer. “This is very disappointing.”

On 12 March, the Kennedy Center announced it would postpone all public concerts and activities by 31 March. The cancelations were then extended until 10 May.

Earlier this week, Rutter said that through delays, the Washington Post would forget about its $1.2 million in pay.

Rutter said, “I will be the first guy.” The Orchestra members intend to file a complaint with the Center on its recent decision. “My hope is that those circumstances don’t last, but I’ll be the realist.”

“Our collective bargaining deal does not allow for the Center Kennedy to opt to avoid paying us with just one week’s notice.” “While we are all expected to acknowledge that a judge decides that the management has broken the CBA, that it needs time to proceed.”

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Police Urge Brits to Report Suspected Coronavirus Lockdown Neighbours



Police Urge Brits to Report Suspected Coronavirus Lockdown Neighbours

British chiefs of police urge residents to snub and grab neighbors who think the lockout laws of coronavirus could be infringed.

Police in Humberside, West Midlands, Greater Manchester, Avon, and Somerset set up ‘Hotlines’ and “Internet channels ‘for people to make tip-offs when lock-downs are identified.

MSN reports: the portals have been created to respond to a spike in the number of calls to the non-emergency number 101 after the most significant decrease of civil freedoms of peace or wartime has been enforced by the PM.

People involved are asked to complete the electronic process that lays out the scope of the suspected violations.

We should supply police investigators with the precise location, date and time of the incident for suspected crimes committed by persons, organizations or businesses.

The cumulative number of people killed today with Covid-19 was 260 and the number of people who have diagnosed positively for the coronavirus has improved 24-hours history.

Britons who attempt to adapt to the coronavirus shutdown are disciplined by police officials and prosecuted in extreme cases over attempts to cough urgent staff.

Groups of two or more are scattered around the world by authorities, as local officials agree the authorities are ‘essentially helpless.’

Across Regents Park and Richmond Park in London, the people tended to flock to the British parks and plays and enjoy the warm weather, biking, and cycling.

Others marched down Brighton and Lyme Regis Dorset Promenade or stood on Bournemouth beach, and the police detained passengers as they kept solely enforcing socially destructive steps.

Derbyshire and Lincolnshire Police face accusations of zealotry for having used drones to spy on individuals on ‘non-essential journeys.’

President Martha Spurrier of Liberty said: “This new legislation undeniably constitutes the greatest limitation on our personal and social rights in a century.

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Lori Petty: A Firing Squad for Backup ‘Murderer’ Trump Republicans



Lori Petty: A Firing Squad for Backup 'Murderer' Trump Republicans

Hollywood actress Lori Petty claimed Saturday that because of his support for “murderer” presidential Trump, the Republicans have become a “death squad.”

The Orange Is the New Black Star encouraged social media republicans to oust Trump from office and assured them that they should become icons for Democratic lawmakers to do so.

“[President Donald Trump] is incompetent, incapable and insensitive about you or your family [does not give fuck],” she said.

Lori Petty: A Firing Squad for Backup 'Murderer' Trump Republicans

“If the Republicans got rid of it, they will be victims, not the death squad, but helping the assassin.” Notes This tweet was written by Petty in a few variants — twice — but did not execute one of Twitter’s idiocy. By adding the President’s account at the beginning of her message, it has retainable the tweet, which she has since removed, from appearing explicitly on her profile as “censorship.”

She wrote in his second attempt: “[President Donald Trump] is not healthy, incapable and concerned about yourself, or me, or anyone. “The Republicans, if they had got rid of it, wouldn’t have known why they should be heroes for us, and not the Suicide Squad to rescue this psychopath.”

She posted a “warm image” that would be even more noticeable, obviously, before recognizing the true reasons for her messages ‘reduced visibility. Yet lack of profanity influenced nothing; the distinction being that the president was not tagged at the outset.

She wrote, “He’s weak, unwilling and loving.” “So if the Republicans made it rid, they would be heroes to humanity, not the Death Squad. She is most notable for the part she played in 1990s films such as Point Break, A League of Their Own, and the cultic hit Tank Girl.

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