Avengers 4 Trailer confirmed, for Friday

According to the new, and this time near absolute, speculations it’s certain now that the Avenger 4 Trailer will be coming tomorrow, on December 7, 2018, Friday. Some insiders told that it was going to arrive on Wednesday, December 5, but due to George H.W. Bush’s funeral and mourning, it was called off. Although no word from Marvel Studios itself was out on this.

But now it seems clear that there’s not much time left for us to witness the long-awaited trailer, in the history, that will also be giving us the title of the most anticipated superhero film of all-time (it’s even bigger than Avengers: Infinity War now, probably).

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The Prelude comic for the Avengers 4 which was released on 5th December basically, only trolled the fans as it was just a recap of the events of Infinity War. All the shots and scenes in the comic were same and to make it even worse, the prelude comic for Avengers 4 didn’t even mention the title of the upcoming movie! That was insanely shocking on the part of Marvel and the filmmakers. And it’s only made the fans and people all over the world even more impatient for anything official that they can see or hear, about Avengers 4; madness is spread all around now.

Earlier this week, Captain Marvel’s full trailer was launched and it was praised by everyone. Still, the real anticipation was only for the next big MCU movie till date.

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But it can be understood from the aspect of character importance that Marvel Studios wants to emphasize more on just Captain Marvel for the moment since her official and first ever movie will be arriving before Avengers 4, next year. And when the fans will get to know her better and in detail, it will be even great to watch her fight alongside our beloved Avengers, to save the entire universe.

But Disney and Marvel Studios also know that it’s high time now that something on Avengers 4 must be revealed. And this is the best time now to make this move since very strong and almost official speculations are there that Sony Pictures will be dropping the trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home this Saturday, during the upcoming Brazil Comic-Con which will be held from December 6 to 9.

So, it also becomes obvious that Disney and Marvel Studios work according to a continuity and release the Avengers 4 trailer first, before Spider-Man: Far From Home’s trailer comes out. And tomorrow is absolutely perfect for this.

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