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Maharashtra: Farmer earns Rs.6 on selling 2,657 kg of onions; sends it to CM through money order



Maharashtra: Farmer earns Rs.6 on selling 2,657 kg of onions; sends it to CM through money order
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The pathetic conditions of farmers across the country is not hidden from anyone, still, they are not getting any aid from the government itself in getting a decent price for their crops and produce. And now in Maharashtra, a farmer from Ahmednagar district has sent a money order of Rs.6 to CM Devendra Fadnavis, in a manner of protesting against the hugely dropped onion prices and paltry returns.

The farmer Shreyas Abhale could earn only Rs.6, after selling 2,567 kg of onions at the rate of Rs.1 per kg and after adjusting market expenses.

“I earned Rs 2,916 when I brought 2,657 kg of onion to Sangamner wholesale market. After making payment of labour
charges and transportation charges at Rs 2,910, I was left with just Rs six,” Abhale told PTI.

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He also told that he was disappointed and decided to send that amount (Rs.6) to the CM to draw his attention to the situation of onion prices and how the farmers are suffering in the district.

“I have spent almost Rs two lakh for the onion crop and have earned just Rs six. I do not know how I am going to
clear other dues.”

He had sent the money order to the Chief Minister on December 7, after he sold his produce.

Farmers from Ahmednagar district, who grow onions, have been affected heavily by excessive production.

Before Sheyas Abhale, another farmer, Sanjay Sathe, had sent the amount of Rs.1,064 (which he earned from selling 750 kg onions to the Disaster Relief Fund of the PMO), to PM Narendra Modi, by money order. Sathe is from Niphad taluka in Nashik district and he also did the same to mark his protest.

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Two onion farmers from Nashik district have committed suicide in the last two days, due to indebtedness and very low rates in the markets.

A farmer from Puntagaon village brought the onions to a weekly Sunday market, along with a flex board.

“I am deeply hurt because of this government’s policies and a little concern it has towards our plight. In the last four years, we hardly got better rates for our produce,” the farmer, Popatraon Wakchowre, said.

He also told that he put up the flex board and sarcastically thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and chief minister Devendra
Fadnavis for keeping the prices so low.

“I am stooped to the level of a beggar because of this government. I own some agriculture land but I have to seek
donation to clear my dues. I cannot repay just by selling my produce,” he said.

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