Some Interesting and Awesome Apps that should be in your Androids

When it comes to inventions, humans have designed some of the best devices to aid our living style. Computers, Air Conditioners, Coolers and many more make to the list and it’s always growing.

One of such inventions is our dear Cell Phone. It is so important that we cannot even imagine our lives without it. Mobile phones have become mandatory in day-to-day life and it would not be wrong to call it a family member.

Android phones are the upgraded forms of the old style mobile phones. And we have various types of apps that complete our Android phones. These apps are related to personalization, gaming, entertainment, general knowledge and many more.

Here, I list some android applications that can prove to be useful and deserve a place in your app drawer. Here they are –

1. Launcher – Nova Launcher


It is one of the best android launcher apps and is very easy to use. It has tons of themes, wallpapers, icons and many more to go. Extremely helpful, with other features such as Customizable App Drawer, Infinite scroll, Improved Widget Drawer etc. It has its prime version as well.Get it in google play store


2. Assistant App: Google Assistant


Have gift own personal assistant in your phone with Google Assistant. Designed to help in navigation, communication and also a lot of other stuffs. Just tell your Google assistant and play games, listen to music, send messages, call friends or do anything you want, either by typing or just by voice message.


Get it in google play store

3. Keyboard app: Facemoji Keyboard


A really awesome keyboard app to go for. I have never seen a keyboard app having so many features and personalization. Probably the first Emoji-Centric Android keyboard with 3600+ emoji, emoticons, GIFs, stickers to choose from. Also you can choose and apply your photos as background, with a lot of animations and audio as well.


Get it in google play store

4. WhatsApp


No one on this world is unknown to WhatsApp, is anyone? The best instant messaging app for your phone. This one allows you to send text messages and voice messages, share photos or audios, share location, make voice calls and even send money. Awesome, isn’t it?


Get it in google play store

5. Video Calling App: Google Duo

The best app for video calling, a good replacement of WhatsApp video calling. It’s really easy to log in and register your phone number, and then make video calls just like you are making a standard call. Its unique “Knock Knock” feature lets you have a live preview of the caller before you receive the call.


Get it in google play store

6. Social media: Facebook

Well, I shouldn’t be telling about this app, because those rarest people who do not know about WhatsApp surely know what Facebook is. The most popular and most-used social media app. It includes several features, some making to the list are – find friends and other people and connecting to them on a click, or set your status by using Facebook Emoji or share photos and videos. The new Market place feature you to sell or by things in your locality.


Get it in google play store

7. Social Media – Instagram

Somewhat similar to Facebook. Follow your celebrities, see their stories and know what they are doing, or show people what you are doing, update your status according to your mood, share photos and many more through this app.


Get it in google play store

8. Music App: Spotify

The best full featured streaming app for music. Stream your own music, create your own playlists, follow your favourites or sync tracks through this app. Find a song and download it or store it in your playlist for free. Many more added features are present.


Get it in google play store

9. SoundCloud

Can not be called a replacement of Spotify, but is one of the oldest but awesome music app. Toy can find here the next big artists and follow them and listen to their songs. Famous artists like Marshmello, Alan Walker, Martin Garrix ask started from here. You’ll get awesome 150 million tracks here and the list is growing per moment.

Get it in google play store

10. Note Taking App: Evernote

Are you among those people who are very easy and like to take notes single headedly on your phones? Then the Evernote app is for you. Here you can take notes in various formats including text, photos, audio, video, sketches and more. Evernote also has home-screen widgets for quick access to your notes


Get it in google play store

11. Browser app: UC Browser

Why isn’t Chrome on the list? Because it is common. Let us see something new. UC Browser is a great browsing app, where you can surf the internet and can also check out the on going news all around the world on the homepage itself. It has an Incognito mode where you can browse safely and can keep your private searches hidden.


Get it in google play store


13. Video Player – MX Player

The easiest to use video player which supports all kinds of audio and video formats. It is customizable as well. It comes with a lot of features including editing of subtitle timeframes, fast forwarding and volume control gestures, gestures for zooming in and out of a video, on-screen kid lock and many more.


Get it in google play store

14. Password Manager app – LastPass

LastPass is a password manager and password generator that locks your passwords and personal information in a secure vault. From your LastPass vault, you can store passwords and logins, create online shopping profiles, generate strong passwords, track personal information in notes, and more. All you have to do is remember your LastPass master password, and LastPass will autofill web browser and app logins for you.


Get it in google play store

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15. Reading app: Kindle

It is originally a device itself, sold by Amazon with the name Amazon Kindle. Don’t have it? Don’t worry, because the Kindle app allows you to surf across 900,000 titles and books and then read them.


What do you think about these apps? And how many do you have in your phone?

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