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Major Superhero Movies of 2018 That Were Just Amazing in Many Different Aspects!



Major Superhero Movies of 2018 That Were Just Amazing in Many Different Aspects!
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This year saw a lot of Hollywood flicks that swayed the audiences with different genres and contents, like every year, but the one category that really ruled the hearts and also the box-office registers, was the superhero genre. And 2018 turned out to be a game changer for the characters with supernatural abilities and powers and, their world altogether.

But there were some major superhero films that were just amazing and turned out to be heavily impactful too, as far as the people and culture are concerned.

Here are the top 4 superhero movies of 2018 that were just amazing and brought a new change for the moviegoers, in many different aspects.

Avengers: Infinity War

This movie needs no introduction since it’s a history that has created multiple milestones. The most anticipated film of all-time (well now, its Avengers: Endgame nonetheless) that saw fans just going beyond limits, turned out to be a benchmark in terms of creating a memorable ensemble cast into one single film’s storyline!

Everything about Infinity War is so perfectly great that it becomes actually hard to focus on the weak points, as there were mostly none, thanks to the fantastic performances by the entire cast. Also, the duo of Russo brothers, Joe and Anthony, was exceptional in directing a large cast with so much craft, while also keeping the story intriguing throughout the runtime of the film.

Apart from giving the best on-screen supervillain from Marvel, to match DC’s Joker by Heath Ledger, the movie also made the villain heavily impactful who, shockingly, gained more empathy and emotional support from the audiences too! Josh Brolin was praised by everyone for his portrayal of Thanos who decimated half of the universe’s population to bring balance in it.

The movie is currently the third-best movie of all-time, and the best superhero movie of all-time in the box-office history.

Black Panther

Another Marvel movie that not only became a worldwide box-office phenomenon but also became a cultural phenomenon too. It had an all-black cast, which was necessary as far as its storyline and characters were concerned.

The brilliant direction by Ryan Coogler was admired by fans and critics combined. He nailed it on every level, whether it was plot treatment, character development, the relevance of the story and eventually the objective of the film as a whole. It was more than a movie since it was highly needed in a modern time like the one going on currently.

The relationship of a son with his father, and with his brother is showcased in a manner that you really can’t escape it. This movie also gave us the second-best villain from Marvel, after Josh Brolin’s Thanos. Erik Killmonger, played by Michael B. Jordan, was so greatly portrayed that he swayed the audiences in a huge way.

Lately, Black Panther has gained a big recognition for prestigious awards too. It has been nominated for ‘Best Picture’ in the upcoming Golden Globes 2019. That simply speaks the entire thing about this superhero blockbuster.

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

The film that has been declared as the best Spider-Man film, in an animated style (and on a general basis too), is about the crossover of different dimensions of different Spider-Man characters, coming together. Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse, which has been directed by three directors, namely Peter Ramsay, Robert Persichetti Jr., and Rodney Rothman, is so greatly executed from the perspective of different ‘Spider characters’, that it becomes a celebration of the comic books themselves, dedicated to the most famous comic book superhero of all-time.

The movie, in fact, feels like a real comic book itself courtesy the VFX and animation styles used by the team behind them.

The introduction of a new Spider-Man ‘protagonist’ character in Miles Morales has successfully managed to connect exceptionally with the audiences and critics too.


The first underwater adventure taking the moviegoers into the world of Atlantis, the home of Arthur Curry/Aquaman, turned out to be a great surprise for everyone who was skeptical about its story and reactions after its release. But director James Wan succeeded in keeping the audiences in awe of his imagination of great visuals and underwater action sequences, which were so great to look at, on the big screen.

The movie may not be as great as the ‘other three’, mentioned above, but what works for it is the presentation. It has been so intelligently done that the negatives get easily overshadowed. And that’s the biggest win for a movie if it can do that.


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