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Thought Provoking | Injustice: Are Gods Among Us?



Thought Provoking | Injustice: Are Gods Among Us?
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There’s no denying that there’s always a belief that makes you think of someone who actually surrounds you. In whose ‘omnipresence’ you feel blessed and cared for. That sense can be referred to as ‘God’, the ‘Almighty’, the ‘all-powerful’ and the ‘all-knower’.

In India when it comes to this religious belief, then it just escalates to a higher level because we agree that Gods exist (since there are multiple religions, for we are a diverse nation of different people united together).

But since the last four and a half years, this belief has become so much closer to actual existence that everyone would agree that the ‘real Gods’ are indeed among us, known to us! They are everywhere, knowing everything that we do, we think of, we try to think of or we dare to think of. They just somehow know us. The ‘Gods’ are highly concerned for us.

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There’s no denying that these ‘Gods’ are all but ignorant, since they keep track of anything happening around them, causing even a little bit of disturbance in the surroundings. They are always there for rescue, right? Right.

‘Gods’ are really among us, in our very own country, and that too in the 21st century itself! They are the ‘living entity’, in the form of ‘genuine and honest’ mortal humans. Everyone’s feeling so blessed, right? Right. No other country can be so fortunate like we are at the moment. Am I wrong in saying that? I don’t think so.

Whether it be a social outrage, developmental outcry, or economical outburst, our ‘Gods’ are the lifesavers (never letting us down). They just do something so spontaneously that we feel relieved afterward. That relief, though, can be of various emotions coming out. But it doesn’t matter since the ‘Gods’ are among us.

Is it an Injustice? Nope. Not at all. How it can be? There’s no single doubt about them being our protectors, right? Right. How can there be injustice when there are the ‘just’ rulers in a democracy like ours, who only keep the ‘people’ first above anything? For shutting the voices down, banning the mouths of dissent, letting the mob do the talking, and most importantly ensuring that all of it just continues to an intolerable level. It’s just so fantastic that the ‘Gods’ are thinking so much for us, ‘the people’.

Not only this, our ‘Gods’ have been so much involved with us that they always try to give us precious gifts, like financial schemes, agricultural schemes and also our beloved, religious schemes and offers too. I mean who else can do so much, other than the ‘Gods’? Seriously, we have to accept their existence or we shall go to some other place for our survival. Because we know what the wrath of the ‘Gods’ means, right? Right.

No matter how childish we behave in our own ‘offensive’ way, but the ‘Gods’ make sure that we come back to their said guidelines and follow them blindly, without any questions. And that’s the thing in religion, right? Right. We don’t ask our ‘deity’ but only serve them.

How can it be called an injustice? Absolutely not possible.

And since they are 21st ‘Gods’ of our country, they are also highly advanced with special powers and enchanting, mesmerizing spells that can sway anyone, no matter how.

And also, these ‘Gods’ have a large army too! This helps them to seek the best individuals, from among one of us, for recruiting. The tasks can be multiple but the priority always remains on the top, which is preaching. And it’s the best thing that ‘we the people’ do, right? Right.

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The good thing is that all this can turn worse for us ‘only’ when we don’t obey the rules of our ‘Gods’, and then we get punishment which is so enlightening that we make the promise to ourselves to not repeat the mistakes again, ever. That’s the best way of maintaining peace and harmony, right? Right. Our ‘Gods’ are so great. How can there be an injustice?

Our ‘Gods’ have been so kind and loving to us that we have never felt something like ‘homeless’, ‘anti-religious’ or ‘anti-nationalist’ in ourselves. It’s just sometimes that a few ‘negative vibes’ in the surroundings try to spread the sound of ‘questions’. Other than that, rest is just amazingly fine, right? Right.

Thus, there’s no Injustice, since ‘our Gods’ are among us. We should indeed feel secure, special and salvaged in fact, that we have them.


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